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geo seeks truth
geo the mystic samurai speaks to you about his quest for knowledge and wisdom. join him for insightful, honest conversation about whatever is on his mind.
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Reunited again, hosts geo and danichi will reflect on the highlights and lowlights from the 12th Baktun, and imagine what's possible for humanity in the new count.By geoster.
Moon rocket? Say what? Join geo & danichi for the first time in a while as they share their scans of this situation.By geoster.
First post geo2.0 episode. A quick debriefing and status check with danichi to see what's been going on with the world.By geoster.
Jedi Religion? Mind Tricks? Geo and Danichi's medi-chlorian counts off the charts? WTF? Tune in and find out...By geoster.
Hazel's first podcast. We'll see what geo and danichi can discuss tonight to keep it interesting. Join us for some joy and conversation. Are we a metaphysical variety show now?By geoster.
Still no baby for geo. We'll spool up a show with guests and danichi and some other fun stuff. You'll see.By geoster.
Geo expects a baby to be coming so TBR's own Art will be assisting Danichi in putting the show out. Still, we'll have guests, madness, and callers. Join the fun! Maybe geo will call in with an update.By geoster.
The first 25 minutes are plagued by technical SNAFUs but if you listen through that you'll hear one of our best shows and the most live listeners to geo & danichi EVER! Thanks for supporting us! ####original show summary follows#### No baby as of yet. So we'll keep focusing on the goodness. Call in and share with Danichi and Geo.…
Geo's waiting for the baby. Danichi's battling demons. Angels and angles and ankles and ankhs. What's the connection? Check your subconscious at the door and come into awareness with us tonight at 9:30 pacific.By geoster.
Baby watch. Geo is counting days to his daughter's arrival. Danichi is supporting everyone and needs our support too. Let's all join in for some serious positive shifting.By geoster.
Geo had a breakthrough. Actually felt like enlightenment. At any rate, tune in and hear whether you can tell the difference in him. Danichi will have some updates and guests will be welcome.By geoster.
Danichi welcomes Thomas and Gabriel and any other guests tonight while they cover some new discussions. Geo is on assignment getting his head screwed back on straight. So join the fray and send some warm thoughts Geo's way and help Danichi and crew rock the house!By geoster.
Time to catch up from last Friday's fiasco. Hopefully the BTR Boogeymen don't mess up our flow. Some Roswell follow up (it's NOT what you think...) and Danichi's health status update. And would you believe geo is evolving? Listen in!By geoster.
Our March 1st segment featured Thomas (aka smiter), "Billy240Z", and "Danichi" in a content-rich discussion of mixed subjects. It went so well, we decided to continue the discussion with those folks another 2 hours.
Danichi's feeling better. We'll change the nature of the conversation a bit more tonight. Join the fun!By geoster.
Danichi is going to share some Roswell tips and we'll welcome him back formally as the show ramps back up to our regular schedule.By geoster.
Geo takes the baton again. Update on Danichi's health.By geoster.
Danichi is still missing. We'll have Dennis "Danger" Madalone on the show though, telling some stories about Danichi, and about his life as a stuntman in Hollywood, and his thoughts on Star Trek.By geoster.
Geo and danichi return to the regularly scheduled format. Topics TBD.By geoster.
Danichi is back, geo is back, we've got some amazing stories to share from the last two weeks. Gonna be pretty interesting. Did I mention my trip to another galaxy yet???By geoster.
Geo will introduce you to some of Danichi's music from 1998.By geoster.
Working without Danichi, Geo managed to NOT screw the pooch. We had a great Tarot reading and some good discussion. Also announced some future guests and upcoming shows. I enjoyed this one! Thanks for your support everyone! Keep Danichi in your hearts and minds!By geoster.
Geo's gonna play some of Danichi's tunes. This will be a test show but the chat will be active if anyone shows up!By geoster.
D'oh! Guest had to reschedule! We'll be on normal geo/danichi chatter today. It WILL be a fantastic show!By geoster.
Ending a great week with the power of positive thought and how to profit from it. Second hour we'll cover current events, paranormal and other interesting Danichi tidbits.By geoster.
Was Danichi snatched by aliens? Or did the conspirators just tire of his endless rants? We'll take callers to help us locate this show's missing co-host.By geoster.
Interesting development. Danichi is MIA so geo will be running the ship. Join in and listen for the shortened to an hour as well.By geoster.
Recap on the overtime segment from Friday, and some thoughts from Danichi on what's in the future for the show.By geoster.
Tonight we'll follow up on the web Danichi is weaving together: Pecard/Axelrod/Davis, Milabs, and what you need to know.By geoster.
Danichi breaks down what is going on over all the story arcs. Toxic lady. Colares Incident. Commander Davis/Axelrod/Pecard. Star Trek "Schisms" episode. Brannon Braga. Geo hints at the direction we are going with regards to alien watchers.By geoster.
Back from a long weekend, geo & danichi will be recapping the notes from the last couple weeks' shows and talking about the future. Also will be launching our beta blog site for listeners to interact and help us build a community to support positive information access.By geoster.
Wednesday we will explore Danichi's research materials known as "Matrix Links". This process allows an open mind to pull in multiple apparently unrelated variables and weave them together to pull the hidden meanings to light.By geoster.
Tonight geo and danichi dive deeper into what Danichi experienced in the desert, and how that has affected him. We'll look for a caller or three. We'll delve into aspects of the collective consciousness and how things are influencing it.By geoster.
geo and danichi talk about time travel and cosmic rays in today's editionBy geoster.
Everything Al Bielek. Reviewing an interview regarding the Philadelphia Experiment that was conducted in 1991.By geoster.
Tonight we will be unscripted and covering random topics and geo will do a tarot reading. And we'll be in the chat room. And we'll take calls. And it will be fun. Danichi has seen the future and this show is good.By geoster.
UPDATE! today published information regarding Gulf War Illness (see blog for link). As Danichi has been dealing with this issue for 15 years, we will be discussing this for most of tonight's call, and how that impacts/influences his abilities such as RV, etc. Tonight we'll be talking about Reverse Projections, Time Travel, do some more ...…
We'll be looking at genetic experimentation, remote viewing, tarot readings and more insanity on the fringe of your reality. A caller will have a tarot reading done for them. So call!By geoster.
geo and Danichi discuss their upcoming website plans and the inspiration for their subject matterBy geoster.
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