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Alive & Direct
Alive & Direct on Blog Talk Radio provides Life Support by introducing as resources to our community and audience beings living their visions and walking paths of authenticity, courage, healing, inspiration and creativity. The tone of the show honors the sacred in each of us, but also leaves room for our fun and lively. We intend to create a world of connection by communicating and inviting other bright lights to join in celebration of life, on air.Alive & Direct on Blog Talk Radio complemen ...
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Creative Entrepreneurs Online with Christine Laureano
Welcome to Creative Entrepreneurs Online where each weeks I give you lessons, tips, strategies, insights and ideas for creating content, and marketing your creative business, by keeping you unique rather than blending in with the crowd. And having the courage to live the life you truly want. I m your host Christine Laureano. This has been on my ...…
It doesn't really matter with dick joke we told on this episode or who's stuck what in where. Franking none of the bull shit we talk about really matters. The only thing that matter are these 50 names. The name of the people who lost there life because of who they are. This wasn't 50 people at war over seas or some kinda of terrible natural dis ...…
שומעים עולם Shom'im Olam-WorldWaves
Mike Laureano/Dust Bowl/Road Signs/University Studios Lowell Levinger/Grizzly Bear/ Get Together/Granpa Raccoon Records Avery Hill/Hello & Goodbye/Dreams & Ghosts/Self Joanne Rand/Cripple Creek/Southern Girl/Self Clara Baker/Don't Wait For Goodbye/Temporary Things/Self Billy The Kid & The Regulators/Me & The Devil Blues/I Can't Change/Self Brad ...…
Our original, live broadcast of this Episode was attacked by aliens, so I'm sharing with you this, the second part of my conversation with myself. New questions, new rules, new experience. Tune in to hear me, live and direct, on Alive & Direct on Blog Talk Radio!
Let's call this one an au(dio)biography. I feel like sharing some of my story and am so tired of trying to type it. Tune in, listen to me talk to and about myself. *After 30 mins, the original broadcast was interrupted by intense distortion. I didn't hear it, kept talking, but the recorder only captured the distortion. Maybe the work of aliens, ...…
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