Best darkside podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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An engaging podcast that looks at True Crime, Serial Killers, and the darkside of History. We discuss True Crime, Murders, Serial Killers and Bizzare stories from history.
Twisted are a Glasgow based Events organization, Hosting Hardcore and Hardstyle parties since the 1999. Parties Twisted are responsible for include Darkside, InfeXious, Motormouth, Reactor, Wonderful Days and Ibiza Goes Hard.
The Dark Side
The Dark Side is an Adult, alternative lifestyle educational podcast - involving discussion on relationships, play, sex, and open communication.
This is not a safe space. discussing trending dark and controversial side of Psychology
A podcast reviewing all four seasons, in order, of the iconic 80s horror anthology show Tales from the Darkside. Hosted by Jen Hansen, Matt Rose and Matt Naas.
Join us as we talk everything cinema! From blockbuster hits all the way through to the classics! Please remember we also have a listener Mail Segment we would like to do, so please email any and all questions to and title it "Listener Mail". Your email won’t get a response but it might just get answered on the show!
Let Delia take you on a journey to the dark side and beyond… With her sinister humor and hilariously dark stories of taboo, there’s no filter in Delia’s world. Topics ranging from necrophilia to the deep dark secrets of her demented mind. Delia’s Dark Side is guaranteed to have your sides splitting while soiling your pants!
Darkside Drive
A weekly dramatic anthology series, featuring a new original story and cast each week, performed live-to-tape at CJSW’s Studio One.
The Darkside Records Podcast is a monthly podcast recorded at Darkside Records, an independent record store located in Poughkeepsie, NY. The podcast is a roundtable discussion of music, vinyl records, the music industry, and whatever else hosted Justin Johnson, JB and Roberto and features interviews and conversations with store staff, bands, industry professionals, and more. Darkside Records, located at 611 Dutchess Turnpike (Rt 44) in Poughkeepsie, NY is an independent music retailer and CI ...
House Track
Dark Side Of Music
Dark Side Of Music
The Dark Side of Science presents scientific controversies and current affairs from an evidence-based perspective.
Dark Side Radio Network Hosted by Dave Starling is an On Line Radio Show about all things Paranormal, from Aliens and UFO's to Spirit attachment and Hauntings
Dark Side of the lens is a blog for the aspiring home photographer, scrapbooker or photo enthusiast. The backbone of this blog is based upon the free video tutorials to assist the "not so advanced user" to learn how to best use Adobe Photoshop Elements to improve their photos through digital image editing. Look for our free Podcast in the iTunes Music Store.
The unfortunate noises inside my mind.
Darkside Drive
A weekly dramatic anthology series for radio, featuring stories of suspense, horror, intrugue, technology, and science-fiction. Produced at CJSW Calgary. Artwork: Tom Bagley
Join us in our quest to find the perfect combination of movie and album that play together in perfect synchronicity! Each week we test out different pairings and see how far our minds will go to make meaning out of nonsense.
Talking about all things belly dance related
Games, Gaming and Owning your friends. Come along for the ride.
Dark Side of Design
Dystopian futures, current trends, and outlying elements for designers. Each week opens up discussions on difficult, uncomfortable, and emerging topics for those in the user experience industry. Produced by Raft, a design and strategy consulting firm.
Its the Tech Podcast for the best sites, software, and useful tips&tricks. As well as the latest tech news and informative stories to inspire and to improve the way you use computers!
Dark Sided Podcast
Join the Dark Sided team on their adventures through Australian Esports
Official podcast of Polish DJ and Producer Tomasz Gudowski. Enjoy!
TechTalk: The Dark Side es el programa nocturno que se transamite en vivo donde Carlos Fernández de Lara, Gabriel "Vraymar" Yáñez, Mauro Mendoza (por lo regular), Pablo Corona (por lo irregular) y alguno que otro invitado se reúnen para echar la plática de café. En un tono completamente irreverente, soez y vulgar, estos pseudo expertos de la tecnología —pero geeks al 100%— hablan de los temas más interesantes en el mundo de los gadgets, videojuegos, social media y demás temas tecnócratas.
Darkside Flow and MC LA take you on a journey through Jungle/DNB music for two hours every week. This podcast is originally broadcasted Fridays in Toronto from 9-11pm EST (2-4am GMT) on award nominated site With international guests such as Skibadee and Shabba D as well as a stellar line-up of local guests, each show goes through the full spectrum of the music.
WELCOME TO HELL KITCHEN! You can understand here how much pepper can be sharp, how much salt can be bitter, how much strongly vinegar can be felt. ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR DESIRES! HELL KITCHEN SHOW IS A HOT COCTAIL OF DRUM and BASS MUSIC AND A DRIVE! TUNE IN! Every Thursday at 20:00 (GMT), 23:00 (Moscow) at
Darknet Diaries
Explore the dark side of the Internet with host Jack Rhysider as he takes you on a journey through the chilling world of privacy hacks, data breaches, and cyber crime. The masterful criminal hackers who dwell on the dark side show us just how vulnerable we all are. #infosec #security #hacking #privacy #Internet #hackers #breaches #threats #security #malware #trojan #virus #crypto
Killers, Cults and Nutjobs takes a look at the dark side of humainty. Each week, Scotty J and Phill takes a look at a true crime case and try to figure out the minds of those who commit these crimes.
Enjoy exploring the dark side of the male mind with Andy Goldstein. This podcast brings you the best bits from the show. Listen to the full show from 10pm each weekday on – the world’s biggest sports radio station.
Big Up Podcast
Dubstep, wonky, funky, whatever you want to call it.
Martinis and the Macabre is a biweekly podcast featuring morbid murders, mysteries, and mayhem. Hosted by Erica and Billy, who cordially invite you to their cocktail party to drunkenly discuss the dark side of humanity. Cheers!
Dorkside Podcast
Dorkside Podcast is a podcast dedicated to all things nerdy- hosted by the staff of the Darkside Records (check out our other monthly podcast dedicated to music, vinyl, and independent record stores). Recorded at Darkside Records, 611 Dutchess Turnpike (Rt 44) in Poughkeepsie, NY. !!WARNING: THIS PODCAST CONTAINS MULTIPLE SPOILERS!! Music by Dead Empires ( to "Dorkside Podcast" on iTunes: ...
The quasi dark side of Red Bull fandom.
Checking out the dark side of DC
News of the Galaxy
News of the Galaxy, a Star Wars Podcast, is a fan based Podcast out of Seattle, Washington and Washington, D.C.
Two Bros cover all of the mysteries of the universe. Paranormal, Aliens, Conspiracies, Cryptozoology, Famous Murders, Urban Legends, Monsters, Demons, Occult and Strange Occurrences. Nothing is off limits. The Bros are driven by crude humor and the ability to laugh at everything. If you flirt with the dark side of humor and lack maturity, this podcast could potentially change your life. Instagram: @brohiopodcast Twitter: @Brohiopodcast Email:
Murf's Fan Cave
Murf's Fan Cave featuring Raiders Fan Radio and more! 909-345-3346
Comedy Death Star
Exploring the dark side of comedy, because whatever doesn't kill us makes us funnier! A production of Actors Comedy Studio.
The Thirteenth Hour is a podcast brought to you by NYT Best Selling author Debbie Viguie. Come join her as she takes a walk on the dark side.
Gamers First
Weekly Conversational Gaming Podcast and News
DNR Radio Ep1
Podcast by Russ Darkside
MOVIES. MUSIC. POP CULTURE. FROM THE DARK SIDE. Hosted by artist "Ghoulish" Gary Pullin, writer/DJ Aaron Lupton and DJ/former Hostage Life bassist Eric Gaudet.
The 13th hour tolls for someone… is it you? It is the dark side of midnight and time to face your innermost fears. Here, shadows overpower and banish the light, freeing the monsters of your imagination. When the 13th Hour strikes, so does the fear inside us all. The 13th Hour is Giant Gnome Production’s original horror anthology. Have a story you want to submit? Let us know!
Kylo Trump
Kylo Trump shows the way to the dark side of politics in a humorous way – Donald Trump’s words in Kylo Ren’s voice. Always under a minute.
Southern Hollows is home to the dark side of southern history. These true stories, often little known, take listeners into historical moments and introduce them to historical figures that are important to remember. We'll hear stories of the well-known history periods of Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Civil Rights, and Native American Removal, but also stories of individuals who oppressed and disenfranchised -- and the historical settings that made it possible. For listeners who love stories from ...
Sirens of Scream
3 lady geeks explore the dark side of comics, games, film and tv. The spooky and sinister, the gory and gross; nothing is off limits.
The new make-believe crime podcast exploring the dark side of our favorite fairytales, cartoons and children's movies.
Dark Wax Recordings weekly podcast.Dark Side Drum and Bass with an eclectic sound and uplifting vibe. Listen to recorded live shows, studio mixes and podcasts
The Dark Side of New Zealand. True crime, disasters, and the supernatural
The Compass
The Compass is a podcast that asks: What do artists do to keep themselves from going to the dark side? How do they find balance when they may be creating beautiful things, but not necessarily making their entire income from their art? Hosted by actress Leah Walsh.
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The third episode of a brand new podcast series from the RSA, 'Polarised'. Matthew Taylor and the author of 'Born Liars' and 'Curious', Ian Leslie, investigate the forces driving us further apart – and what can be done about them. In this episode: Is it inevitable that the internet and social media drive us to the extremes? Or do they just hold ...…
Would you like me to tell you the little story of right-hand / left-hand? The story of good and evil? The story of Mitchum vs Hopper? Tonight, three bros get in touch with their dark side and ride down the river of hate with Charles Laughton's expressionistic masterpiece THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER. You can find it streaming on Amazon if you want t ...…
In episode 367 of the Functional Nerds Podcast, Patrick Hester and John Anealio chat with NY Times Best Selling Author – Jim Butcher! His new book – BRIEF CASES – is a collection of short stories set in the Dresden Files Universe which includes a brand new story. Our interview begins at the 15:32 mark if you want to skip ahead… About BRIEF CASE ...…
Support Office Ekiti Via Patreon: Tracklisting Tuff Crew - Show Em Hell Gangstarr - I Got U Three Times Dope - Improvin N Groovin LL Cool Jay - Nitro D.O.C - Whirlwind Pyramid Beastie Boys - Barrel Of A Gun Chubb Rock - Nothing Can Stop Us Now Big Daddy Kane - Young Gifted & Black Ultimate Force - I’m Not Pla ...…
Ah man, still on a bit of a vintage afro kick, but within this episode you'll dive a bit deeper as I've got a new one from Spiritualized strung in there with some olde folk and ah yes, The Black Pumas, a new band that you'd better keep your ears peeled for. Cuz if one thing is certain, it's that I'll bring you the goods when I find them, before ...…
On this episode:Two episodes ago we discussed consumerism. The takeaway was that this model is not sustainable as it poses a danger to the environment, natural resource, and humanity as a whole. So in this episode we explore the mesh economy as an alternative to consumerism. In addition, we discuss blockchains possibilities as a 2.0 version of ...…
Kevin and Phil go to the dark side as they come up with the Greatest Heel Turns of All Time. They'll talk about makes a great heel and how to execute one.Follow the Goatcast on Twitter @goatcastpod or send us an email at
Brand new funny chat podcast from comedians Wendy Wason & Maddy Anholt. With 10 years between them, Wendy tries to guide Maddy to the light side, or is it the dark side? Let’s hope not. New topics every week.
Brand new funny chat podcast from comedians Wendy Wason & Maddy Anholt. With 10 years between them, Wendy tries to guide Maddy to the light side, or is it the dark side? Let’s hope not. New topics every week. In this week's episode: How to lose weight Healthy eating or dieting? Causes of inflammation in the body. Diet tips and tricks. Plus the ...…
Everybody wants the dream life...However, there are things you certainly don't know about the dark side of that dream life you are so eager to create. I wasn't really prepared for it because nobody warned me and it hit me hard
Today people often seek the spiritual but forget there may be a "dark side" to the spiritual realm. How can we protect ourselves and our neighbor from involvement with those things that are truly evil?
Dean-O talks Due Process, iPhone security, "United Europe," and the Bayer/Monsanto merger. Then, shit gets heavy. Everything here is important, but this will not be a walk in the park. Still, enjoy it! A write-up on the main topic will be published on the Rogue File late 6/18. DONATE TO THE SHOW! If you find value in the pr ...…
Welcome back to The Weekly Rapture, our fortnightly pop culture news and reviews podcast! Download this episode (right click and save) This week we chat about Star Wars trolls, the His Dark Materials casting for the upcoming BBC adaptati ...…
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