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Heart Of Diamonds
Corruption at the highest levels of government, greed in the church, and brutality among warring factions make the Congo a very dangerous place for television journalist Valerie Grey. Amid the bloody violence of that country's endless civil war, Grey uncovers a deadly diamond-smuggling scheme that reaches from the heart of the Congo to the White House by way of a famous American televangelist. Aided by an altruistic doctor, Grey is pursued by the soldiers of the country's dictator, the merce ...
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Valerie is reunited with David and boards a U.S. Army helicopter bound for Kinshasa. After one more bloody surprise, she goes on the air to reveal the truth about the televangelist and his diamond mine. At home in New York, she reaches a decision about her future.
Valerie and Jaime escape in an old pickup truck with Christophe and Nancy, only to be pursued by Alben and Yoweri. They make it to Tshikapa, but tragedy strikes on the way.
Leaving the children with the fisherman’s family, Valerie and the rest walk through the bush to find a villager with a truck to take them to Tshikapa. The Lunda Libre have been there before them, however, and Scavino and Alben arrive soon thereafter. Valerie flees when Scavino’s helicopter is shot out of the sky and the opposing forces do battle.…
Valerie and her companions evade Scavino’s helicopter attack onthe river then hide out with a local fisherman. In a rare moment of peace,Valerie and Jaime yield to their growing passion.
David makes his way to Bukedi, where he learns Valerie is still alive. Scavino tortures Bobby until he confesses that Valerie is at Mai-Munene. When the agent arrives in the village, he forms an uneasy alliance with Alben to chase her down.
Valerie and Jaime escape into the night with Nancy, Christophe, and Kafutshi’s grandchildren. In Washington, David decides he must go to the Congo and retrieve Valerie’s body.
Bobby is captured by Scavino in Kinshasa. When the agent learns Valerie is still alive, Bobby tries to lead him on a wild goose chase. Meanwhile, in Mai-Munene, Valerie discovers diamonds inside the stolen nkisi. When Alben finds one of the dolls is missing, he sends his soldiers rampaging through the village to find it.…
Once back in Mai-Munene, Valerie takes twin boys Juvenal and Kenda to their grandmother Kafutshi, who is making dolls for Alben. One of the boys steals a nkisi that he later stashes in a hammerkop nest. Christophe sees him hiding the doll, then observes Yoweri disposing of a body in the river nearby.…
Valerie meets Jaime’s assistant Pieter Jakobsen in Tshikapawith supplies for the children at the clinic. There she hears official news reportsthat she was killed at Bukedi. In Washington, David Powell is devastated by the same news.Bobby, Valerie’s cameraman, flies to Kinshasa to repair a vital piece ofequipment.…
On the way to Mai-Munene, Valerie stops at the refugee camp in Bukedi, run by an American aid worker who looks a lot like her. Not long after they leave, Scavino arrives in the camp and mistakes the camp director for his target, Valerie Grey.
Valerie and her crew stay just a few steps ahead of American agent Steve Scavino as they make their way toward Mai-Munene through the war-ravaged countryside.
Jaime returns to Mai-Munene to discover Christophe has returned and the village is fullof refugee children.Valerie begins her Congo coverage withanother interview with Moshe Messime, who refuses to allow her to leave thecapitol. She escapes anyway and begins a cross-country trek through the warzone to Mai-Munene.…
On her way back to the Congo, Valerie clashes on camerawith televangelist Gary Peterson about his diamond mine. Later, she and herproducer Nancy confront U.S. Presidential advisor Charles Hook about a shipmentof nkisi dolls from Mai-Munene.
Valerie and David meet Jaime the next morning in Central Park and the two men spar over African politics—or is it over Valerie?
Before Valerie can return to Africa to resume reporting on the Congo War, she is forced to attend a charity gala in New York. Jaime Talon is there and a few more sparks fly.
Jaime treats the wounds Valerie received chasing the killers through the bush. Once home in New York, she stalls David Powell when he proposes to her. Meanwhile,U.S. President Billy Baker announces he’s sending American troops to the Congo.
A little girl runs into the school where Valerie is filming her story about the nkisi and reports that rebels have killed her mother. Valerie and her crew steal Alben's vehicle and rush from Mai-Munene to find the killers.
Valerie and her crew start to shoot their story at the mine, but are stopped by Congolese captain Yoweri, the fierce commander of the troops guarding the facility. Thomas Alben reluctantly intervenes and gives them a tour that ends at a school where village women make nkisi, rag dolls that are filled with something special.…
The commander of the rebel army, the Lunda Libre, is nowhere to be found in Tshikapa, so Valerie goes to Mai-Munene to do a story about the diamond mine owned by the American televangelist.
Valerie meets Jaime Talon in Brazzaville, where he has gone to raise money for his clinic. A few sparks fly as he tells her about the diamonds mine owned by American televangelist Gary Peterson and the missionary who runs it. Valerie decides to go to Tshikapa, the nearest town to Mai-Munene, when he describes the rebel fighting in the region.…
Valerie interviews Congolese President Moshe Messime at his palace in the capital city of Kinshasa, thensurvives a mortar attack with her producer, Nancy and videographer, Bobby.
In New York, TV journalist Valerie Grey loses a promotion to anchor the MBS-TV Evening News and complains to her lover David Powell about the way it was handled. To bury her troubles, she decides to go to the Congo to cover its war.
In the small diamond-mining village of Mai-Munene, Dr. Jaime Talon treats boy soldier Christophe, a victim of the Congo’s civil war, and hears yet another story of the war’s depredations. As he finishes, a Congolese army convoy brings missionary Thomas Alben to the village to oversee the diamond mine.…
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