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DaveyC's Podcast
TalkTalkFM - formally TFM: TalkTalk Forum Members. A monthly (now Archived) call for users & posters on both TalkTalk Forums. TalkTalk is a UK ISP Last recorded 3rd December 2012This Podcast was created using
Jonas and Dave are Failures. Or are they? Let's find out. (Hint: they are).
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From Cultdom a bonus 'Timewarp' mini-report recently re-discovered. A short report by Dave AC originally for Podshock Feedback covering the first Doctor Who Event at Fab Cafe Manchester (way back in May 2009)By
Here are Mike 'Rand al Thor' daveac and the newly regenerated 7th Doctor to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Seasons Greatings and Happy Holidays!By
A Studio Report of the first Long Island Doctor Who Convention held Nov 2013. Cultdom members Perry Gerakines, Jessica Burke and Anthony Burdge. Hosted by daveacBy
Please join me as I welcome this week's special guest, Dave AC Cooper from the Cultdom Collective podcast (among many others) as we discuss all things Season 14 - a season that I've discovered may well be one of my favorites ever. Goodbye Sarah Jane and Hello Leela.....then there's that bit in the middle...... Feedback at: thequestisthequest@ya ...…
With the end of 2012 I am making this the last episode - thanks for listenning! Best wishes for Xmas and the New Year! Cheers, Dave ACBy
Cultdom interviews Dr. Rebecca Housel - known online as The Pop Culture Professor - a well respected writer, educator and panel moderator. Talking here with Dave AC about her appearances at Wizard World, her philosophy writing in books on True Blood, Twilight & X-Men - plus we cover TV Series like The Vampire Diaries, Angel, Forever Knight whil ...…
Ian, Mike & daveac go creepy and corny on Halloween - knocking on the door of 1313 Mockingbird Lane and then running, hiding and commenting on - what happens next.By
Ian, Mike and daveac settle at the stern of their holiday barge whilst munching on the last frozen meals from the freezer. With cast iron stomachs on a cast iron boat we talk all over Luther - Series 1 Episode 3By
The6thDoctor, 7th Doctor, Logan (from The Media Outsiders Call ID: 81865) and KissofJudas gather round the Warp Core to Discuss the Star Trek TNG 25th Anniversary Screening that they attended on Monday July 26th. Oh and DaveAC is here to :)By
Ian and daveac interview Jon Preddle - author of Timelink Books 1 & 2 (The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to the Continuity of Doctor Who) and creator, researcher, writer of the BroaDWcast website - a comprehensive online guide to the foreign airdates and worldwide transmissions of Doctor WhoBy
With Mike back from the Vet with a Red Eyed dog, daveac back from the Cross Keys Pub & Ian back from a mysterious rendezvous up on the Moors - the team meet at our secret headquarters where our lady scientist helps us to investigate Sherlock 'The Hounds of Baskerville' S2 Epi. 2By
Ian, Mike & daveac grab their car-keys, change out of their tennis whites, buy a few bottles of Blue Nun and nibbling on petite fours talk all over LOM Series 2 Episode 4 (UK version)By
After getting Dicky Fingers to crack open our wine Ian, Mike and daveac hide (Hyde - get it?) in the Bank during a Blag and give a running commentary on Life on Mars Series 2 Episode 2By
'Do you come here often?' Ian, Mike and daveac go dancing with the bad guys. Is this Social Commentary? LOM Series 1 Episode 4By
Ian, Mike and daveac go back to the source of the river in a forest - Doctor Who 'Forest of the Dead' Series 4 Episode 9By
Ian & Mike hope the Hotel will pass inspection from DaveAC in time for them all to get going on this weeks Commentary: The God Complex.By
Ian, Mike & a clueless daveac all gather in the study at midnight for this weeks commentary Doctor Who - The Unicorn and the Wasp. Series 4 Episode 7By
Ian, Mike and daveac battled for generations to bring you this epic commentary on Doctor Who 'The Doctor's Daughter' - Series 4 Episode 6By
The 3 brained collective of Ian, Mike and daveac hath come together to sing over 'Planet of the Ood' Doctor Who Series 4 Episode 3By
Consul Ian, Tribune Mike and Praetor daveac retreat from the Senate to debate 'The Fires of Pompeii' Doctor Who Series 4 Episode 2By
Partners in Podcasting - Ian, Mike & daveac - chew the fat over Doctor Who Series 4 Episode 1 'Partners In Crime'By
Three pip-squeaks from the world of podcasting - Ian, Mike & daveac - pool their resources and dive headlong into a commentary on this explosive final episode of Series 1 of Sherlock.By
With our gangers now just goo - Ian, Mike & daveac borrow three spare heads found all boxed up & talk all over Dr Who Series 6 Episode 7 'A Good Man Goes To War'By
The almost sober Ian, the almost alive daveac and the almost capable Mike again let their gangers do the talking - all over 'The Almost People' Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 6 - a Cultdom Commentary.By
Ian, Mike & daveac's gangers do all the work on this Cultdom commentary whilst the lads themselves watch Dr Who Series 6 Episode 5 'The Rebel Flesh' drinking lot's of wine or water.By
Ian, Mike & daveac are 'In The House' talking all over 'The Doctor's Wife' - Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 4By
The 5 Professors, a DWPA Easter Special (With kind permission from Graeme Sheridan) Staring Ian "The6thDoctor" Bisset, Dave "AC" Cooper, "Professor" Dave Keep, Elizabeth "Lillybet the Wonder Girl" Peloso & Doctor Thomas.By
With the very sad news of the death of Elisabeth Sladen the Collective come together pay tribute to both the actress herself and our own Sarah Jane Smith. This is a second tribute following on from the Studio tribute by Ian, Mike & daveacBy
Ian, Mike & daveac gather together outside a nearby Hermits cave, bare their teeth and bring you another Doctor Who Commentary 'Utopia' Series 3 Episode 11By
Ian, Mike and daveac talk & remember Elisabeth Sladen the actress and her importance to the world of Doctor Who in playing the much loved companion Sarah Jane Smith. The Collective will add their thoughts on Sunday's Live Show.By
Ian, Mike & daveac close their curtains, lock their doors & prop open their eyes with matchsticks as they brave The Weeping Angels in the Doctor Who Series 3 Episode 10 story - Blink!By
Doctor Who 'Family of Blood' Series 3 Epi. 9 (Part 2 of a 2 part story) Ian, Mike & daveac bear witness to the brave lads fighting the 'enemy at the door' & the noble sacrifices made by others in this heroic adventure.By
Doctor Who 'Human Nature' Series 3 Epi. 8 (Part 1 of a 2 part story) Commentary by Ian, Mike & daveac whilst in detention after school.By
Ian, Mike & daveac don their respective mood patches ready for this Cultdom Commentary on Doctor Who Gridlock - Episode 3 from Series 3By
Ian, Mike & daveac conclude their tribute to The Brig with the second half of the Cultdom Battlefield commentary. Broadcast in 1989 - 6th to 27th of Sept. it was the last appearance of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in Dr Who.By
Ian, Mike & daveac pay tribute to The Brig with a commentary on Battlefield. Broadcast in 1989 - 6th to 27th of Sept. it was the last appearance of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in Dr Who. Commentary for Parts 3 & 4 next week.By
Ian, Mike & daveac return to Doctor Who commentaries at the beginning of Series 3 with Episode 1 'Smith and Jones'By
Ian & daveac finally emerge into the light clutching our empty wine bottles & drinking a toast to the end of this wonderful mini-series JekyllBy
Ian 'The 6th Doctor' & daveac Jikyll & Jekyll their way through another Cultdom commentary of this great BBC seriesBy
Lend us your ear as Ian & daveac get all flushed about Jekyll Episode FourBy
Mike 'Rand__alThor' & daveac welcome Ian 'The6thDoctor' back & hear his views on recent episodes inc. our review on Dr Who 'A Christmas Carol'By
Dr Who Commentary 'The Next Doctor' For Christmas 2010 The Cultdom Collective Podcast with daveac, Ian 'The6thDoctor' & Mike 'Rand__alThor' bring you the last of our Dr Who Christmas Commentaries. NOTE: Sorry for audio issues on this commentaryBy
Ian 'The6thDoctor' Mike 'Rand__alThor' & daveac sent out The Cultdom Collective Podcast Christmas message for 2010By
Dr Who Commentary 'Voyage of the Damned' For Christmas 2010 The Cultdom Collective Podcast with daveac, Ian 'The6thDoctor' & Mike 'Rand__alThor' bring you the fourth of our Dr Who Christmas Commentaries treats.By
Dr Who Commentary 'Time Crash' For Christmas 2010 The Cultdom Collective Podcast with daveac, Ian 'The6thDoctor' & Mike 'Rand__alThor' bring you the third of our Dr Who Christmas Commentaries treats.By
Dr Who Commentary 'The Runaway Bride' For Christmas 2010 The Cultdom Collective Podcast with daveac, Ian 'The6thDoctor' & Mike 'Rand__alThor' bring you the second of our Dr Who Christmas Commentaries.By
Dr Who Commentary 'The Christmas Invasion' For Christmas 2010 The Cultdom Collective Podcast with daveac, Ian 'The6thDoctor' & Mike 'Rand__alThor' bring you the first of our Dr Who Christmas Commentaries.By
Ian, daveac & Mike again appear ghost-like and talk all over Dr Who Doomsday. Part Two of a two-part story 2.13By
Ian, daveac & Mike appear ghost-like and talk all over Dr Who Army of Ghosts. Part One of a two-part story 2.12By
Late on Sunday night Ian & daveac with drinks in hand look back over the first year of The Cultdom Collective PodcastBy
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