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He's the Godfather of Pittsburgh Sports.... Listen or else.
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Comedian Steve Hofstetter chats with Davian Dent. First released on The Blank Planet podcast in April 2015.By (Davian Dent).
Sam (a Christian) and Dave (an atheist) talk about how their differing spiritual views affect their relationship. They also briefly discuss Tiangong-1 and the 2018 Australian ball-tampering scandal Our podcast of the week is Film Snuff website Sponsored By: Subscription links: Subscribe to the podcast in Overcast Links: Evolution ...…
This week he successfully launched the world's most powerful rocket. But who is Elon Musk and what does his work mean for private space travel? John Kennedy, Editor of Silicon Republic, gives Dave an insight into the man and his innovations.
Christmas Podding: the 2017 round up from your favourite record label. Featuring the voices and talents of STEVEN WILSON, AVIV GEFFEN, RICHARD BARBIERI, ANATHEMA, PAUL DRAPER, DANIEL TOMPKINS, JORDAN BETHANY TURNER, MARIUSZ DUDA, DARRAN CHARLES OF GODSTICKS, BRUCE SOORD, AND THORSTEN & ULRICH OF TANGERINE DREAM. Richard Barbieri on Mick Karn Tr ...…
A few cool stories that will hopefully re-align what you define as what you actually earn. On today’s episode Russell talks about doing what you said you were going to do instead of trying to lie, cheat, and trick your way into money. Here are some of the other insightful things Russell talks about in this episode: Why Russell gave back 8 figur ...…
Kordell Stewart with More Analysis of the Steelers Win Over Cincinnati - The Difference between JuJu's Hit on Burfict and the Hit on AB in the End Zone - SI's NFL Power Rankings - Breaking News on JuJu, Sports History and Birthdays
Stan Fills in for Gerry Dulac and Dale Lolley Post-Mike Tomlin Conference - Tunch Ilkin Joins Stan - JuJu Smith-Schuster Puts a Hurtin' on Vontaze Burfict
In the conclusion of this special two-part episode, Stephanie Simbari and Lindsey Jennings continue their discussion with Moses, Coach, and Frank about the people in power who silence women, the concept of "putting out the vibe", and slut-shaming. @RoastBattle Brian Moses @racebanning Coach Tea @coach_tea Frank Castillo @frankccomedy Stephanie ...…
Kscope Podcast Ninety One – Lunatic Soul and The Pineapple Thief Special Featuring alluring interviews with Mariusz Duda, Bruce Soord and Darran Charles. Lunatic Soul is the solo project of Mariusz Duda, the creative force behind one of Europe’s biggest rock bands: Riverside. Fractured is the fifth Lunatic Soul album; a personal catharsis follo ...…
Gene Collier Joins Stan to Weigh in on the National Anthem Protests - Phone Calls and Feedback on the Protests - A Big Goose Egg for the AFC North - Sports History and Birthdays
Stan Addresses the National Anthem Protests - Tunch Ilkin Joins Stan to Break Down the Loss to the Bears - Varying Opinions Nationally on the Protests - Week 3 NFL Factoids
By day a local mechanic and by night a techno enthusiast. Ivan Paredes a.k.a Darvan is based from El Paso, Texas along with his daughter. Music brought to you by Ivan Paredes (Darvan)
Ep32 - 10 September 2017 - "I'll Name This Later" by Darran Griffiths
Ep31 - 3 September 2017 - "Privilege and Pirates" by Darran Griffiths
Ep30 - 27 August 2017 - "Licence to Bang" by Darran Griffiths
Ep29 - 22 August 2017 - "Seriously Joking" ft Travis Jay by Darran Griffiths
Ep28 - 20 August 2017 - "Food Politics" by Darran Griffiths
In the second hour0:00 - We discuss the Pirates with callers.18:35 - We start a discussion about a Steelers trade.24:26 - We talk to Chris Adamski about the Steelers.39:09 - We discuss this day in history & birthday's.Thanks for listening! Tune in tomorrow for Savran On Sports.
In our first hour0:00 - We preview the show.18:07 - We discuss the Pirates upcoming stretch.26:21 - We talk to John Perrotto of FanRag Sports about the Pirates.40:03 - We preview the next hour.
Stan and Joe Rutter of the Tribune-Review Talk Steelers, The Pirates Playing a Home Game in Williamsport? - Michael Bennett and Marshawn Lynch Protestng the National Anthem - Sports History and Birthdays
Is T-J Watt an immediate impact player for the Steelers? - Are the Pirates realistically still n the NL Central Race? - Stan talks Pirates with Kent Tekulve - Stan Makes a Correction and Trivia
Ep27 (Part 2 of 2) - 13 August 2017 - "Gone Too Far" by Darran Griffiths
Ep27 (Part 1 of 2) - 13 August 2017 - "Gone Too Far" by Darran Griffiths
Dave an I are back talking the new Dr.Who, the Cable movie images, the failure of Valerian, The Ohio Toy and Comic Show and much more! A fun show as always!
Ep26 - 6 August 2017 - "Drive Thru Podcast" by Darran Griffiths
Ep25 - 30 July 2017 - "Uber Pool Prostitute" by Darran Griffiths
Stan Previews Today's Show - Stan and Tunch Ilkin Talk Steeler's Training Camp - Will Mike Tomlin Get a New Deal? - Social Media and Trivia
Opening Monologue on the Pirates - What Are the Pirates Waiting for to Make a Move? - Mike Prisuta from Steelers Training Camp - A Listener Comment or Two
Ep23 - 16 July 2017 - "Mermaids and Racism" by Darran Griffiths
In our second hour0:00 - We discuss the Bryant and Ben debate.16:39 - We talk about the ACC Football conference.23:20 - We discuss the Steelers with Matt Williamson.38:22 - We do this date in history & birthday's.Thanks for listening! Join us again on Monday for Savran On Sports.
In our first hour0:00 - We preview the show.16:54 - We discuss the Pirates going into the second half.25:53 - We talk to Robby Incmikoski about the Pirates.40:11 - We do today's trivia question.
In our second hour0:00 - We talk with Dave Molinari about his article meeting Ron Burkle.18:53 - We talk about the Pirates.28:54 - We talk about the massive contracts in the NBA.37:36 - We discuss this day in history and birthday's.Thanks for listening! Join us again tomorrow for Savran On Sports.
In our first hour0:00 - We preview the show.4:49 - Guy joins us for the hour for Stan & Guy love the show! We discuss Pens, Pirates, and old memories from SportsBeat!
In our second hour0:00 - We talk to Jason Mackey about the Pens changes.18:18 - We talk about Conor McGregor.24:23 - We talk to Rob King about the Pirates.37:21 - We go over today in history & birthday's.Thanks for listening! Join us again tomorrow for Savran On Sports.
In our first hour0:00 - We preview the show.18:14 - We talk about coaching Kessel.24:31 - We discuss the All Star game with Bob Smizik.40:06 - We discuss today's trivia question.
In our second hour0:00 - We talk to Ray Fittipaldo about the Steelers upcoming season.15:11 - We start the discussion of people's first baseball game.27:15 - We continue the first game discussion.37:18 - We wrap up the show with today in history and birthday's.Thanks for listening! Join us tomorrow again for Savran on Sports!…
In our first hour0:00 - We preview the show.17:40 - We talk about the Home Run Derby.23:35 - We talk to Teke about the All Star Game & the Pirates second half.39:37 - We talk about the selling of the Miami Marlins & a crazy buyer that has popped up.
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