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LotParty, helping dealerships move around their virtual lot.
Lotparty has the best weekly automotive sales show plus tips to help managers and sales people improve sales. LotParty is hosted by Jasen Rice, owner of Lotpop, Inc a company that helps automotive dealerships improve new and used car sales. Automotive tips and trends
What's the history of stop lights? What are some common myths about car dealerships? Join Scott and Ben as they take a closer look at all things automotive in CarStuff, a podcast by
Be Less Typical - Car Sales
Insights, innovative ideas & solutions for automotive dealers, spoken candidly by car people for car people.
Service Drive Revolution
Chris Collins, the leading Automotive Service Manager Coach and Service Advisor Trainer in the world, and Gary “G-Man” Daniel discuss little known service drive secret weapons to help pull your service department ahead of the pack. Everything from hiring technicians, increasing dealership CSI, building relationships for long term customer retention, to increasing customer pay sales and more, is all discussed here on Service Drive Revolution. All from the automotive industries #1 go-to guys f ...
Todd Vowell's Automotive Marketing Tips
Effective Automotive Digital/Direct Marketing is the topic. Todd Vowell, CEO of Digital Car Leads and Buy Mail Direct Inc has been working with Car Dealers and Ad Agencies nationwide for over 27 years. Find out the "Latest and Greatest" in all things Digital and Traditional direct marketing. Todd Vowell has been traveling throughout the country for over 3 decades, first marketing Jackie B Cooper, then eventually moving into automotive marketing. Vowell has created, produced, sold, and execut ...
Motormouth Podcast Car Buying Tips and Tricks
Discover the how to secrets of buying a car with our insider podcast describing the tips and tricks of the trade directly from the largest dealer in the West Texas Panhandle.
Cars For A Living
The podcast dedicated to helping people turn their automotive passions into new careers and business ventures! Rob Kibbe of The MuscleCar Place and Dan Kahn of Kahn media host of the show and gives tips, resources, and interviews to help people get their adventures off of the group, or up to the next level. Whether people are interested in starting a restoration shop, creating speed parts, owning a classic car dealership, or developing the next great automotive technology, this show can help!
Dealer Hacks
Chris and Mike are friends who work in 2 different sides of the automotive world. Chris on the dealership side and mike on the vendor side. They agree on a lot of things and dis-agree on a lot as well.
Traffic Builders, Inc. | Strategies and Best Practices for Automotive Service Marketing
Traffic Builders, Inc. is an automotive marketing agency that focuses on educating the service managers and general managers in dealerships.
What's the history of stop lights? What are some common myths about car dealerships? Join Scott and Ben as they take a closer look at all things automotive in CarStuff, a podcast by
AutoAlert Podcast
News and information from AutoAlert, the automotive industry’s first and only Proactive Portfolio Management [PPM] Solution for the modern dealership. AutoAlert PPM maximizes your CRM and DMS data insights, strengthening every aspect of dealership sales, retention, communication, intelligent marketing, and customer experience. AutoAlert and Your Dealership: Stronger Together.
Mop Swingers
A horror podcast, that can terrify even the most brave soul to the bone. Each week, another sanity destroying story, about Peter and Adam, brothers from Detroit. They have big plans to write and direct movies out in Hollywood. But until then, they are just a couple of mop swingers, trying to survive working in a haunted car dealership. A scripted podcast about a few very important things. How can you survive your horrifying job, and keep showing up every day? How can you keep the dream of es ...
Common Sense Compliance with EFG Companies
EFG’s Vice President of Compliance, Steve Roennau, leads our podcast series to provide dealers with a common sense approach to maintaining compliance. Listen to interviews with dealer principals, general managers, finance directors, and industry leaders on the best, practical approaches to developing realistic, effective compliance practices that also enhance dealership profitability.
Auto Marketing Tune-Up
Auto dealers and marketers can improve their digital marketing with the Auto Marketing Tune Up. Every week learn about personalized, data-based digital marketing covering topics ranging from social media and online ads to cutting-edge use of big data, customer tracking and segmentation and behavior psychology. Improve your digital literacy and learn how to market your dealership effectively online with the Auto Marketing Tune-Up.
Curt Peyton
Curt Peyton Automotive Professional Resources. Shares real world experiences from automotive dealerships. Developing professional sales people. Training professional managers. Providing Marketing tools to Maximize your Market-Minimize your cost. Professional expertise in variable operations and fixed operations.Why Marketvision TM. Having trained and consulted with Toyota, Honda, General Motors, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, GMC, Buick and independent dealers. Mr. Peyton i ...
Crazy Gone Love
Ceil Clark is fed up with dating the twenty-something hipsters and slackers that litter the streets of Los Angeles nightlife like empty, discarded cans of Red Bull. Against the wise advice of her best friend, Lupe, she makes a pre-meditated decision to seduce, tag and bag her newest boss---Wayne Hayter; the cool and always collected thirty-something, corporate-loving, sports-car-driving, designer duds wearing, General Manager of the Porsche dealership where Ceil merely tolerates her 9 to 5 g ...
The FRONT by Lead The Team with host Mike Phillips
One of my personal and business goals is to make a positive impact on people. Make an impact on my family, on other people, businesses, and in my community. I am a Digital Strategist and former General Sales Manager in the auto industry. I am considered by many an expert in automotive call centers and phone sales (BDC). I’ve done just about everything in an automotive dealership setting, and I still really enjoy selling cars! I love the study of psychology and the art of sales and negotiatio ...
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Meet TERESA CRAWFORD, a personal Carcierge and CEO of Let’s Go Buy A Car! Teresa is a veteran automotive professional who eliminates the dealership negotiation hassles and tailors your vehicle purchase to your lifestyle and driving habits. In this day of critical time demands, no one has the level of expertise and experience that Teresa has nat ...…
English Lessons with Adam - Learn English with Adam [engVid]
Does your language have idioms that come from technology? We use technology in so many parts of our daily life, so it's natural that many English expressions have come from this field. Learn these idioms to make your English sound more fluent and natural. This lesson has all the bells and whistles. If you don't know what that means yet, there's ...…
Moving Iron Podcast #20. On this episode, I sit down with Tom Kelsey of Land Pro in Upstate New York and Wayne Brozek of Corp. Service Manager at 21st Century Equipment in Socttsbluff, NE. Today we are going to discuss Right to Repair/Right to Alter Legislation and how it will affect dealerships and the industry as a whole. Both and Wayne and T ...…
PaschOn PodCast with Brian Pasch
If your dealership is using Google AdWords you owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast. Today, I dive deeper into strategies to inspect the performance of Google AdWords campaigns. This strategy can also be used to inspect Facebook, YouTube, or any online advertising strategy used at the dealership. This podcast is supported by an article ...…
Episode 160: How to save on fuel costs and get better mileage with your RV Probably the top question motorhome owners are asked is “what do you get for mileage?” Although gas prices are dropping again, the big spike they had after the hurricanes this summer reminds all of us that one of the biggest expenses our RV lifestyle has to deal with is ...…
Gears and Beers Automotive Podcast
It's absolute insainity this week, very little coherence to be found here! However, if you came to us for anything other than drunken sillyness, that's really your problem! This week the news is electric! We discuss Toyota, Mazda and Denso's partnership to standardise electric vehicles. Dyson (yes, the vacuum company) is working on an electric ...…
Southern California Real Estate Report
This Podcast talks about: Car Dealerships are being replaced with Multi-family units Pacific Beach is getting more high-end housing
Black Law and Legal Lies
This week Dan on Drugs, Just-Ann, and Anonymous discuss ex-convicts in the workplace, the EEOC, and releasing unrestricted medical records to your employer. We also take a look at revenge porn... no literally... we spent an hour just looking at photos. Ex-cons in the workplace: Can you discriminate against criminals in the hiring process? Which ...…
This week on the Truck News Podcast we cover:Automated platooning trial described as a success…so farScania unveils new-gen P-seriesAlliance Truck Parts adds new Aussie made productsFuso eCanter takes to the U.S. roadsNew A26 engine begins road-trip to International Trucks dealerships
You are deeply loved, completely accepted, and fully forgiven by God. We don’t work to earn God’s love. We happily give our best because we are so deeply loved. So the gospel transforms the way we work and think about our work. } Transcript September 23-24, 2017 Pastor Joe Wittwer God and Your Work #1—God’s Plan for Your Work Introduction and o ...…
In this podcast, I will be explaining a new product from AutoHook called Traffic Conversion Analysis (TCA). With real-time integration with dealership CRM platforms, TCA will inform dealers when consumers in their CRM have purchased a vehicle. This will eliminate waste and allow sales leaks to be addressed. TCA will also dealers to update CRM r ...…
Peter and Adam fight through another graveyard shift at the haunted car dealership, talk movies, and battle monsters.
Key Performance Indicator [ 10:40 ] 1. Manage the Number of Patients That the Doctor Must See Per Day 2. Identify Their Biggest Limiting Factors A. Phone Scripts B. Checklists C. Pick Out Frames D. Turn-Key Marketing E. Conversion Numbers F. Number of Leads 3. Automate Your Saving Money – Save 10% of Your Gross Revenue 4. Set Up a Consistent Ma ...…
AutoSuccess: The Podcast
Patrick Fletch of AlloyGator Wheel Protection speaks with us about ways to offer more to your dealership's service customers.
We capoff Santa Fe Brewing's Happy Camper IPA & Ayinger's Oktober Fest-Märzen. We list the top ten beers in the world. We review Drake's Dealership, a brewpub in downtown Oakland. We also tip a 40 to Bobby "The Brain" H
Workshop Info: Air Date: Thursday September 14 at 1pm Eastern/ Noon Central/ 11am Mountain/ 10am PacificFeaturing: Charles Feuss, J.DProgram Length: 60 MinutesSKU: DLI2If it has been years since updating your Employee Handbook, you could be seeking rather than avoiding problems… Big and Small.Employees and managers have many expectations of eac ...…
Welcome to the Elevator World News Podcast. This week’s news podcast is sponsored by http://www.elevatorbooks.comEFESME: NEW STANDARDS CHALLENGING FOR SMEsOn September 1, EN 81-20 and -50 became the only codes that give presumption of conformity to the Essential Health and Safety Requirements of the Lifts Directive for the de ...…
AutoSuccess: The Podcast
Brian Barlow of Pineapple Crush talks about the difference between advertising and modern marketing, and how to reach consumers with your dealership's message.
Rover took Gia out for ice cream. Equifax says cyberattack may have affected 143 Million in the USBeth Mowins becomes the first woman to call an NFL game in 30 years.Florida car dealerships parked cars in public garages during Hurricane Irma and people weren't happy. Jeffrey recants his make out story. Charlie gets a package.…
R010: Ready - Chris Joannides Chris Joannides says the most selfish aspect of his life is giving back. As director of the Riverview Hope Campus in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Chris gives back. A lot. And he asks others to give. The key to change, according to Chris - car dealership owner turned licensed therapist - is being ready. This Wyoming native ...…
It's your daily FastCast; a quick hit from today's show! Time to play mind games with opponents & video games.Today's episode of 'The Show' On Demand is brought to you by: Peake Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat of Wayne County. A five star dealership Just a short drive down scenic route 104 in Sodus.…
While 9/11 memorials & Hurricane Irma were all over your TV, did you miss Avril Lavigne's comeback?! Cuse takes a loss, but we think it's time to start playing mind games with the other team. Josh is dealing with shirt drama this morning. We almost run in to Scooter Baby in Tess' neighborhood. To beard or not to beard? We cannot figure out if ' ...…
AutoSuccess: The Podcast
AutoMap's Mark Sargeant speaks with us about finding the right inventory tracking solution for your dealership.
The Tomorrow's Jobs Podcast
Chris Rosario, a state representative from Bridgeport and chair of the Black and Latino Caucus, joins Brett to talk about what it was like growing up in the state's largest city, the latest on the state budget, his favorite Bridgeport Bluefish memory, and more. Here's a transcript of the interview: Brett Broesder: Hello, and welcome to the Tomo ...…
It's your daily FastCast; a quick hit from today's show! Pull-out game & nap vans!Today's episode of 'The Show' On Demand is brought to you by: Peake Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat of Wayne County. A five star dealership Just a short drive down scenic route 104 in Sodus.…
This week, Buzzy discovered that the Health Care system in this wonderful country is a little broken. Car dealerships can be difficult and Bethy stirs up controversy by asking if multiple Nissan Leafs should be referred to as Leaves.
The 2018 Honda Fit has a starting price of $16,190 and is available at your local dealership right now.Honda was built on being fun to drive and sporty, and this is no exception.Honda is fortifying their passenger car lineup with their 3rd generation refresh for the Honda Fit.The Fit is efficient, inexpensive, and fun. It's the "most Honda, Hon ...…
It's your daily FastCast; a quick hit from today's show! Milky Buns, Missed Connections & kids.Today's episode of 'The Show' On Demand is brought to you by: Peake Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat of Wayne County. A five star dealership Just a short drive down scenic route 104 in Sodus.…
Balloon animals kinda never get old as we go through Rosa's son's birthday extravaganza. The newest craze of The NYS Fair is something called the Milky Bun & the TV news can't get enough. One winner claims the $758 million Powerball & we ask you guys how you'd spend the money. Missed Connections has a couple of truckers alone on the open road. ...…
It's your daily FastCast; a quick hit from today's show! It's Fair Time!Today's episode of 'The Show' On Demand is brought to you by: Peake Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat of Wayne County. A five star dealership Just a short drive down scenic route 104 in Sodus.…
The gates have officially opened at the Great New York State Fair & we do the cliché morning radio discussion of what foods we like the best! Lynyrd Skynyrd are at The Fair, but people are still complaining. Steroids are fine in sports & we want to see more of them. We check in on Florida after a dude steals a car & another dude can't park whil ...…
Diva Tech Talk interviewed Meredith Harper, Chief Privacy and Security Officer for Henry Ford Health Systems ( With strong science and math aptitudes, Meredith began her tech journey in 2nd/3rd grades and then “I ended up being bussed, with kids all over the city of Detroit, to a middle school for gifted children.” Meredith graduat ...…
Banks are beginning to feel like used car dealerships. If your bank is caught offering a "special," take caution before you trust the promotion to move you closer to retirement. A.K.A. RUN. Trust me, I know and love bankers. But the reality is banks are not looking out for your best interest the way a financial planner is legally obligated to - ...…
It's your daily FastCast; a quick hit from today's show! The Key Fob & we Tesstify.Today's episode of 'The Show' On Demand is brought to you by: Peake Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat of Wayne County. A five star dealership Just a short drive down scenic route 104 in Sodus.…
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