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Radio Free Hebrides
Short updates from the land of black pudding, shark hunting, Gaelic singing, whisky salvage, wicker men, clansmen, slow trains and MacBrayne's.
Wound Care Education Institute (WCEI) We provide a week long comprehensive course in skin and wound management for LPN/RN/PT/PTA/MD/PA Upon completion of the course, those qualified candidates can sit for a national certification exam, and become a WCC (Wound Care Certified). WCC's are the largest Wound Care Certified group in the United States.
Katrina: The Debris
Katrina: The Debris is stories about what was left behind by the storm and the floods that followed, aiming to pick up some of the narrative threads of the storm and follow them into the present and future.
Space Debris Darkroom Talks
DARKROOM TALKS is is a podcast series from SPACE DEBRIS in Istanbul. Up-to-date art talks about the industry, innovative projects, artists/ most current work - specifically artists and curators' most recent projects related to @SpaceDebrisArt
Debris In Turn 3
Brooklyn's Most Popular NASCAR Podcast. Matt and Dan give their take on the latest in NASCAR news from the Cup series down to the local short track.
Technological Debris
Technological Debris
Space Debris Darkroom Talks
DARKROOM TALKS is is a podcast series from SPACE DEBRIS in Istanbul. Up-to-date art talks about the industry, innovative projects, artists/ most current work - specifically artists and curators' most recent projects related to @SpaceDebrisArt
EM Weekly's Podcast
EM Weekly is a podcast hosted by Todd De Voe that brings news, interviews, discusses trends and issues that impact Emergency Management, first responders, military, education, public safety, communications, disaster volunteer organizations, public health, humanitarian groups, NGOs, professionals, students, and researchers.
THE TATTERED MUSE is a radio show dedicated to interviewing artists of all types. From writers, to photographers, to singers, artists and much, much more, THE TATTERED MUSE strives to bring the best in up-and-coming and pre-established talent.
Are You Real | Finding Your Purpose | Discover Your Talents | Christianity | Christian | Believer | Faith | Christ Follower
Jon Fuller is on a mission to be a true example of Christ in his life and in his work. He introduces you to men and women of faith who have walked different paths to find a true Christianity that they live out each and every day. Some paths have been bumpy and filled with debris, but through it all, grace and faith have been a sustaining force in the lives of these men. You won't find any fake and phoney Christianity here.....just real people with a heart for God and living out His call on t ...
Did you know unicorns appear in the Bible? Or that your personality type could say something about your relationship with God? On C-POP, Taylor and Jessilyn discuss, debate and sometimes deride pop culture with a strong sense of humor and a focus on Christ.
Island Voices Audios
Audio clips for learners of Gaelic and English - and anyone else interested in the Hebrides...More info:
I Never Noticed: My Alzheimer's Journey with Mom
Professional Speaker from Lakeland, FL. Author of " I Never Noticed ". Through the lessons and trials of my families struggle with Alzheimer's Disease, I learned that there is so much we see, yet fail to notice. My mission, clear your mental debris and clutter, then discover the sensational power of your natural senses. Learn how to more fully occupy your each and every living moment.
Not An Animal is a label born from the party debris left uncleaned from London’s infamous Bad Passion parties.
FOR THE PEOPLE... law in plain language
Listen. CALL. talk LIVE. DiScUsS.CALL IN LEGAL TALK/COMMUNITY ISSUES INTERNET RADIO SHOW.Philadelphia Attorney Debra D. Rainey hosts a Fun, funky, FRESH, Legal Talk/Community Issues show, the anti-legal talk show tha is bodl, raw, real and rowdy to say the least!. For the People. law in plain language endeavors to break down the law in plain language, but with flair, education and entertainment. Listeners and fans alike get invovled by sending in questions and comments that are read/discusse ...
Cake & Polka Parade with Fatty Jubbo | WFMU
Your simmering pimply-faced blob of a host, Fatty Jubbo, presents a classy program of children's records, no-wave, noise, prog, 20th century classical avant-garde choral pieces, concrete sound poetry, weird foreign pop and audio debris. Crackpots, incompetents, geniuses... and they speak the gibberish too!
« Here we are ! Born to broadcast ! We’re the the settlers of these universes ! »*Musique Hanszimmeresque. Images comme dans la fin de 2001* Rescapés des débris du forum Hors-Sujet d’un célèbre meuporg, nous dérivâmes de concert vers des lieux moins inadmettablement modérés pour répandre sur la toile les voies de la Digression (et dix graisse-scions, croyez-moi, c’est hénaurme). Tchoupi le gnome géant, Miltefar le caribou suédois (ou le renne québécois ?), Jaylini le tueur-à-gages-mais-jamai ...
Stamped Caution by GALLUN, Raymond Z.
When an alien spacecraft crashes in Missouri a team of army investigators is dispatched. Among the debris they find a Martian infant and decide to raise him in their lab. Is he too strange to form a relationship with humans? Maybe, but he does have cute eye-stalks. – Stamped Caution was first published in the August 1953 issue of Galaxy magazine. (Summary by Gregg Margarite)
A podcast dedicated to good philosophy, and making fun of bad philosophy, including the bad philosophy we call "religion". Also news and politics and other fun things to argue over!Nonsense Debris is hosted by Eddie West and whoever he can rope in to help this week. In theory, comes out twice weekly. In practice, comes out...less than that. View posts at View Eddie's other work at
Angry Artcast
Here at Angry Artcast, we believe that there is good and bad art, and that the public confusion about this question makes it hard for ALL artists because no one knows how to value art, historically or financially. So poor art is foisted upon us and declared great art thanks to marketing, and wonderful, rich, nuanced and relevant art, created by skilled and insightful artists everywhere, is passed over and even derided. At Angry Artcast, the aim is to clarify what is good art, what is bad art ...
Spherical Tomi: A Novel of Despair
"Star Wars is over. Star Trek is dead. In Spherical Tomi, Jack Mangan has opened up a new frontier."- Ernest Hogan, author of Smoking Mirror BluesA top-secret AI project.A deadly power struggle between warlords.Tomi was once lead combat programmer for the Shogun Ryogi, on the front lines of his conflict against President William the Black of Cerberus. When she failed to prevent William from killing the samurai she loved, she abandoned all sides, all loyalties, all hope. In her fury, Tomi des ...
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In this episode of Surgery 101 we are joined by Dr. James Wolfli, a Plastic Surgeon from the University of Alberta, who will be discussing Wounds and Dressings. After listening to this podcast you should be able to: Discuss wound classification Review tissue and patient status Explain the decision tree including primary closure, debridement, an ...…
Special Operations Medical Association
If you sit on a patient long enough, infection has a greater chance of taking hold and progressing to sepsis, or may receive a patient who has already been sick for days. Doc Jaybon walks us through the full spectrum from infection and SIRS to sepsis, shock and death. Despite firm CoTCCC recommendations for early antibiotics, in the past we may ...…
Join us for an in depth discussion of NSTI with Dr. Eileen Bulger, MD, Professor of Surgery at the University of Washington and Chief of Trauma Surgery for Harborview Medical Center and Dr. Rondi Gelbard, MD, upcoming NSTI PMG Team Leader and Assistant Professor of Surgery at Emory University. We discuss the timing of debridement, antibiotic ma ...…
This is a very challenging problem. Young people with severe shoulder problems. Arthroplasty or arthroscopy? In this debate, the nuances are in full display. This is one of CCJR’s best. Congrats to Seth Greenwald for this excellent program.
00:45 - Introducing the Wood brothers and their work Upgrade Rails Ben’s Twitter Joshua’s Twitter 3:05 - Upgrading Rails without breaking it 6:25 - Working with clients with technical debt 12:20 - Frequently seen projects and clients 14:45 - Upgrading clients from older versions of Rails 22:50 - Why do clients push off upgrading? 28:10 ...…
www.N2Hinterland.comGet Your Free Audible Book at: 13 of the N2 Hinterland podcast captures the post-elections thoughts of host Chris Johnson. In Chris' most recent travels he encounters a captivating statue in the San Francisco airport while waiting for his ...…
I originally wrote this on 12 October 2012, the tenth anniversary of the 2002 Bali bombings and I had it on the Old Yummy Lummy blog. I thought I should update the post a little and bring it over to my current blog. I’d welcome comments and feedback. This post is not like my regular food posts. Today I’m recalling the memories and experiences f ...…
Five articles from the February 2016 issue summarized in five minutes, with the addition of a brief editorial commentary. The 5-in-5 feature is designed to give readers an overview of articles that may pique their interest and encourage more detailed reading. It may also be used by busy readers who would prefer a brief audio summary in order to ...…
This Won't Hurt A Bit
This episode explores bites. The good and the bad, the Arachnid the Annelid, and the Diptera. How dangerous is the widow spider bite? Do we still use leeches today? We answer these questions and also unveil the squirmy truth about the maggot's role in wound debridement.
80 years ago Ernest Codman proposed that calcific tendinopathy was initiated by tendon degeneration. This has never been validated. In recalcitrant cases, would surgical decompression lead to better outcomes than simple debridement of the calcium? Is this another case of "makes sense" turning out to be wrong?…
One of the most common causes of a thickening or distorted nail is a result of a toenail fungal infection. They can come from a number of causes such as trauma, sports injury, pressure from shoes or improperly fitting shoes, and other less common symptoms such as psoriasis and diabetes. However thickening may not only be a sign of a nail fungus ...…
If you suffer from a mild or moderate infection, or prefer to avoid the risks of oral medication, your doctor can suggest topical treatment, such as an antifungal nail polish or ointment. The antifungal nail polish is applied on the nails and the nail cuticles daily. Every week you need take off the polish layers and begin a fresh application. ...…
This podcast covers the JBJS issue for January 2014. Featured are articles covering: The Risk of Knee Arthroplasty Following Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction - A Population-Based Matched Cohort Study; recorded commentary by Dr. Magnussen; Rehabilitation Following Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair - A Prospective Randomized Trial of Immobilizatio ...…
Scott Tenner, MD, MPH, FACG, co-author of the American College of Gastroenterology's new Clinical Guideline on the Management of Acute Pancreatitis, published in the September issue of AJG, talks with co-Editor Dr. William Chey about the increasing prevalence of acute pancreatitis; the appropriateness of CT, MR, ERCP, and genetic testing in dia ...…
This podcast covers the JBJS issue for June 2012. Featured are articles covering: Motion Versus Fixed Distraction of the Joint in the Treatment of Ankle Osteoarthritis; recorded commentary by Dr. Harris; Osteochondral Autograft Transfer Compared with Microfracture; Does Timing to Operative Debridement Affect Infectious Complications in Open Lon ...…
In this tutorial the types of orthopaedic operations are discussed. Some commom orthopaedic procedures that a junior doctor who has to perform emergency surgery, such as a debridement of a wound are discussed. These include tendon and nerve suture.By Robertson).
Providing battlefield orthopaedic care poses special challenges; not only are many wounds unlike those encountered in civilian practice: ? Most wartime injuries were due to high-energy blast or ballistic mechanisms. The majority of injuries were caused by exploding ordnance (frequently, improvised explosive devices, IEDs; blast: approximately 5 ...…
We published a potential algorithm for the treatment of open fractures with potential wound decontamination. It combines the V.A.C. Therapyand the V.A.C.Instill therapy. The treatment starts after initial debridement, stabilisation and intraoperative wound cleaning with an antiseptic fluid. In the initial surgery a V.A.C. system with 125 mmHg c ...…
This podcast covers the JBJS issue for August 2010. Featured are articles covering Prevalence of Staphylococcus Aureus Colonization in Orthopaedic Surgeons and Their Patients - A Prospective Cohort Controlled Study; Institutional Prescreening for Detection and Eradication of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus in Patients Undergoing Ele ...…
Main principle of infection surgery has always been radical debridement. ?Ubi pus, ibi evacua?, often cited by surgeons is not enough. All necrotic and infected tissue should be resected in case of limb or life threatening infections. Surgical and sharp debridement has become the gold standard, especially in complicated skin and soft tissue inf ...… The Wound Care Education Institute welcomes Bill Richlen PT, WCC, CWS to the show. Todays show will cover some of the key questions that surrounds sharp debridement and give you a sneek peek of what is in store of Bill's session at the Wild on Wounds National Conference in Las Vegas NV September 23-25, 2010. Details can be f ...…
Dr. Ron Sherman joins us for a quick chat on what to expect at his up-coming session at our annual convention called Wild on Wounds (WOW)Sept. 23-25, 2010. And listeners can learn more about his practice and organization.
Surgeons from a wide variety of specialities including: Thoracic, General, Cardiac, Colorectal, Plastic, Vascular, Orthopaedic, Abdominal, Gastroenterology, Visceral, Trauma, Emergency and Oncology participated in the ISWF to discuss and debate. Wound management topics raised by the attending surgeons1 during the two-day forum included: ? The r ...…
Methods From November 2001 to December 2009, 330 patients (age range from 10 days to 86 years) received a vacuum assisted closure system for the treatment of sternal wound infection. Treatment consisted of opening of the entire wound with removal of all sternal wires, surgical debridement and implantation of a V.A.C. Therapy System with a black ...…
The treatment of open fractures relies on debridement, inadequate debridement leads to a high complication rate, however adequate debridement frequently requires complex plastic surgical reconstructive techniques to fill the resultant defect. Standard protocols for debridement use longitudinal wound extensions along or parallel to standard fasc ...…
For more than seventeen years the V.A.C. Therapy System has been used successfully in treating wound infections. Preparing wounds for closure means to clean wounds, to achieve wound retraction and minimize following surgical procedures. When infection is under control, the wound should be closed at the earliest time possible. Sometimes a simple ...…
This podcast covers the JBJS issue for January 2010. Featured are articles covering Should an Ulnar Styloid Fracture Be Fixed Following Volar Plate Fixation of a Distal Radial Fracture?; The Relationship Between Time to Surgical Debridement and Incidence of Infection After Open High-Energy Lower Extremity Trauma; Outcomes of an Anatomic Postero ...…
According to the International Consensus? Guidelines for DF, the cornerstone of ulcers? management are the control of infection, revascularization, offloading, systemic and local care; all of the issues must be addressed to cope with this complex and evolutive pathology, in an integrated model of care. Infection should be managed as aggressivel ...…
Material and Methods: The V.A.C. Instill enables a 3 stage-working cycle. Vacuum therapy / instillation of antiseptic fluids / hold time. We have always been using Polyhexanid (Lavasorb) for instillation. 15 patients with severe diabetic foot infections were treated with V.A.C. Instill. All patients presented with limb or even life-threatening ...…
Now negative pressure therapy has penetrated the traumatology field, war surgery, thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery and craniofacial surgery. Exposed bones, tendons, vessels, pericardium and pleura can be safely covered by using this technique with a non-adherent interposed layer. Soldiers injured during battles in Iraq and all conflicts in t ...…
Method: This study describes the outcome of 61 patients treated from 1st November 2005 until 1st November 2006. AII types of patients were included: bolster after split skin grafting, traumatic infected wounds, dehisced wounds, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, decubital ulcers, wounds after amputations and sinus pilonidalis. Necrosis or the need ...…
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