Best debris podcasts we could find (Updated October 2017)
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Katrina: The Debris
Katrina: The Debris is stories about what was left behind by the storm and the floods that followed, aiming to pick up some of the narrative threads of the storm and follow them into the present and future.
Technological Debris
Technological Debris
Debris In Turn 3
Brooklyn's Most Popular NASCAR Podcast. Matt and Dan give their take on the latest in NASCAR news from the Cup series down to the local short track.
Space Debris Darkroom Talks
DARKROOM TALKS is is a podcast series from SPACE DEBRIS in Istanbul. Up-to-date art talks about the industry, innovative projects, artists/ most current work - specifically artists and curators' most recent projects related to @SpaceDebrisArt
EM Weekly's Podcast
EM Weekly is a podcast hosted by Todd De Voe that brings news, interviews, discusses trends and issues that impact Emergency Management, first responders, military, education, public safety, communications, disaster volunteer organizations, public health, humanitarian groups, NGOs, professionals, students, and researchers.
THE TATTERED MUSE is a radio show dedicated to interviewing artists of all types. From writers, to photographers, to singers, artists and much, much more, THE TATTERED MUSE strives to bring the best in up-and-coming and pre-established talent.
Are You Real | Finding Your Purpose | Discover Your Talents | Christianity | Christian | Believer | Faith | Christ Follower
Jon Fuller is on a mission to be a true example of Christ in his life and in his work. He introduces you to men and women of faith who have walked different paths to find a true Christianity that they live out each and every day. Some paths have been bumpy and filled with debris, but through it all, grace and faith have been a sustaining force in the lives of these men. You won't find any fake and phoney Christianity here.....just real people with a heart for God and living out His call on t ...
I Never Noticed: My Alzheimer's Journey with Mom
Professional Speaker from Lakeland, FL. Author of " I Never Noticed ". Through the lessons and trials of my families struggle with Alzheimer's Disease, I learned that there is so much we see, yet fail to notice. My mission, clear your mental debris and clutter, then discover the sensational power of your natural senses. Learn how to more fully occupy your each and every living moment.
Not An Animal is a label born from the party debris left uncleaned from London’s infamous Bad Passion parties.
A podcast dedicated to good philosophy, and making fun of bad philosophy, including the bad philosophy we call "religion". Also news and politics and other fun things to argue over!Nonsense Debris is hosted by Eddie West and whoever he can rope in to help this week. In theory, comes out twice weekly. In practice, comes out...less than that. View posts at View Eddie's other work at
Cake & Polka Parade with Fatty Jubbo | WFMU
Your simmering pimply-faced blob of a host, Fatty Jubbo, presents a classy program of children's records, no-wave, noise, prog, 20th century classical avant-garde choral pieces, concrete sound poetry, weird foreign pop and audio debris. Crackpots, incompetents, geniuses... and they speak the gibberish too!
Stamped Caution by GALLUN, Raymond Z.
When an alien spacecraft crashes in Missouri a team of army investigators is dispatched. Among the debris they find a Martian infant and decide to raise him in their lab. Is he too strange to form a relationship with humans? Maybe, but he does have cute eye-stalks. – Stamped Caution was first published in the August 1953 issue of Galaxy magazine. (Summary by Gregg Margarite)
« Here we are ! Born to broadcast ! We’re the the settlers of these universes ! »*Musique Hanszimmeresque. Images comme dans la fin de 2001* Rescapés des débris du forum Hors-Sujet d’un célèbre meuporg, nous dérivâmes de concert vers des lieux moins inadmettablement modérés pour répandre sur la toile les voies de la Digression (et dix graisse-scions, croyez-moi, c’est hénaurme). Tchoupi le gnome géant, Miltefar le caribou suédois (ou le renne québécois ?), Jaylini le tueur-à-gages-mais-jamai ...
Spherical Tomi: A Novel of Despair
"Star Wars is over. Star Trek is dead. In Spherical Tomi, Jack Mangan has opened up a new frontier."- Ernest Hogan, author of Smoking Mirror BluesA top-secret AI project.A deadly power struggle between warlords.Tomi was once lead combat programmer for the Shogun Ryogi, on the front lines of his conflict against President William the Black of Cerberus. When she failed to prevent William from killing the samurai she loved, she abandoned all sides, all loyalties, all hope. In her fury, Tomi des ...
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Infinite Energies with Lisa Benitz Radio Show What if you could look at your bathroom as a place beyond the definition of what this reality believes it should be. What is overflowing in the bathroom? Are you open to a new design concept? Lisa Benitz embodies kindness and caring for unlocking the self-imposed prison we create with our debris. Sh ...…
This week, it's now been six years since a devastating tsunami hit the coast of Japan, now "rafts" of debris—carrying living cargo—are washing up on US shores. The Festival of Death and Dying returns to Sydney this year, urging us to acknowledge our mortality and begin a real conversation about death and dying. Finally, more than 90,000 Austral ...…
Checkpoint Flashback is a podcast where we go back in time to bring you some wonderful content from yester-year! With three years of radio under our belt, we hope that new listeners enjoy these snippets of the show in its earlier days. “This week on the show, things are getting a little glitchy in the studio! Luke’s entire beard disappeared and ...…
With the round of 16 complete, Matt and Dan discuss Dover and who they predicted to advance to the round or 12.
This week's guests on The Florida Roundup with host Tom Hudson include: Marc Caputo, Politico Nancy Dahlberg, The Miami Herald Andy Reid, The Sun-Sentinel Editoral Board Patricia Mazzei, The Miami Herald Tim Padgett, WLRN Joey Flechas, The Miami Herald More than two weeks after Hurricane Irma, piles of debris remain on sidewalks, corners and pa ...…
Will Smith – GCI Consultants, LLC Talk about Irma and water leakage that occurred throughout Florida What is a “hurricane window?” How do the structural requirements for windows compare with water resistance? Why can’t operable windows be made with higher water resistance? What happens when severe windstorms such as a hurricane exceed the ratin ...…
Playlist: Neil Young - Human Highway Hugo Blanco - Cumbia Con Arpa Margo Guryan - Sunday Morning Eroc - Abendfrieden Roy Montgomery - Winding it out in the High Country Kit Ream - Memories Jean Claude Vannier/Serge Gainsbourg - Avant de Mourir Richard & Linda Thompson - House of Cards Opal - Happy Nightmare Baby Warning - Magic Castle Killing J ...…
Infinite Energies with Lisa Benitz Radio Show What if being in thriving mode is easier than you can imagine? How many of you are just getting by in your life? How many of you are maintaining in your life? Or even trying to be in survival mode? Are you interested in having a life based on thriving mode? Lisa Benitz embodies kindness and caring f ...…
Debris In Turn 3
It's been a few weeks since the last show, enjoying the Indian Summer NYC has provided us but we're back for the second race of the playoffs and to predict who won't make it to the Round of 12.
Tread Perilously joins up with one more starship the episode of Andromeda called "The Sum of All Its Parts." When the Andromeda Ascendant encounters a debris field, the crew meets an ambassador of The Consensus of Parts. They have heard of Dylan Hunt's mission to restore the Federation and offer an alliance of sorts, but their true interest is ...…
Houston's Morning News welcomes Harris County Public Health Executive Director Dr. Umair Shah to discuss the health hazards of Harvey piles of debris being left in neighborhoods.
Top 3 Turf War – 00:23 American Made comes to theatres on Friday so Jay & Ivana delve into the three best Tom Cruise movies. What’s new with us! – 19:37 This Just in… Last Week – 22:31 James Woods starts a twitter war by criticizing a gay relationship between a 17 yr.old & 24 yr.old depicted in Armie Hammer’s upcoming movie Call Me By Your Name ...…
Infinite Energies with Lisa Benitz Radio Show How many windows, doors are you defined by that limit your view on the world? Lisa Benitz embodies kindness and caring for unlocking the self-imposed prison we create with our debris. She shows us an easier way to create the life we have always known was possible. By removing emotional and physical ...…
For Episode 3, we take a look at brand stories from Tesla and Netflix that show how a brand can demonstrate empathy, accessibility, and action to build a stronger connection with the public. Plus we also look at 3 practical tips for live broadcasting. Show links: (Segment 1) Billionaire Elon Musk responds to unhappy Tesla customer on a Friday n ...…
Carl Woods, a Palm Beach Gardens City Council member tells Joel Malkin that the city came out okay after Hurricane Irma, but debris clean-up will take a while and cost a lot.
On The Record on WYPR
Where there are people, there is debris, and where there is debris, there are rats … We meet Theo Anthony, the creator of “Rat Film,” a documentary that investigates Baltimore’s rat infestation, juxtaposed with its history of racist urban planning. And we talk with Karen Houppert, a journalist who documents the abundant rat carcasses she encoun ...…
The Bermuda triangle has long been a hot topic for many speculators. In this episode, we cover some of the disappearances, some scientific theories, and then some of the more ridiculous theories. Whether or not you believe the Bermuda Triangle is actually something to be concerned with, it is definitely a topic that is fun to discuss and specul ...…
Categorized – 00:26 This week on Categorized, we talk about the best movies that start with the letter “G”. What’s new with us! – 20:08 Jay may have the world’s stupidest problem Him-Possible & Her-Possible Trivia – 24:27 Jay & Ivana each answer 5 trivia questions in 45 seconds. Play along, friends & let us know how you did. Film Freaks – 29:06 ...…
SHOW NOTES Author, speaker, and creative Randall Kenneth Jones has built a marketing and public relations portfolio that includes such respected household names as TJMaxx, Pier 1, Walgreens, Carter’s, GEICO, Sears, The Washington Post & The Wall Street Journal. After Jones’ 2010 move from Washington, D.C., to Naples, Florida, the award-winning ...…
Infinite Energies with ~ Lisa Benitz
Infinite Energies with Lisa Benitz Radio Show When you are moving from place to place and not settling into one location, are you running from or running to something? Are you constantly moving and searching for the one place? What's the gift in this? Lisa Benitz embodies kindness and caring for unlocking the self-imposed prison we create with ...…
Top 3 Turf War – 00:27 Mother hits theatres on September 15th, so we decide to discuss the top 3 Paranoia Movies of all time. What’s new with us! – 22:21 Jay doesn’t like TIFF; he’s crazy. It’s App Time – 26:20 Kobo launches a monthly audiobook service that takes on Audible directly. We’re launching a new segment and we invite you to listen or ...…
Shortly after Hurricane Irma devastated the Caribbean, the islands were awash with tales of looting and claims of discrimination in the repatriation of islanders. In the dual nation island of Saint Martin, the storm has unearthed deep-rooted frustrations. This week’s Spotlight on Africa is a special report on the Caribbean, home to Africa’s fir ...…
The Arcadia begins to settle down as debris is cleared and injuries are taken care of, while our group begins to figure out how they managed to travel 70,000 light years.
The Arcadia begins to settle down as debris is cleared and injuries are taken care of, while our group begins to figure out how they managed to travel 70,000 light years.
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