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Split Decision MMA
Every Friday we put out a new show. We bring you up to speed on everything Mixed Martial Arts for the week. Get you ready for the Upcoming fights in the #UFC , #BellatorMMA ,WSOF ,RFA , #InvictaFC and more...
Hosts Mandii B and WeezyWTF, two corporate, 20-somethings making their stamp in New York city discuss their crazy sex lives and stories. Listen weekly as they also have guests from all walks of life join them in the studio and share their stories about sexuality and dating. Raw and unfiltered "Sex in the city" style
• 30 Minute Weekly Show, by Dr. Matthew D. Gonzalez (www.Enthead.Club) and Rafael Santos (, who are both Crypto Currency Fanatics, Block Chain Enthusiasts, and Financial Investors and Traders. • Being an Enthead (someone who has an entrepreneurial mindset), and Crypto Currency Altcoin trader and investor, is about doing the research to build your skills, knowledge, and understanding in the crypto currency and blockchain space. • Dr. G. and Rafael have a combine ...
The Decision
This is The Decision: The podcast where people try to convince host Alex Kapelman to finally abandon The Knicks, and become a fan of their favorite team. The Decision is produced by Alex Kapelman. Original music from Louis Stein, Alessio Romano, and Scott Kapelman. There will be five new episodes of the show every weekday until Tuesday, October 17, when the final episode will be released. Until then, follow Alex on Twitter at
Game Time Decision
Game Time Decision (@GTDPod) is a weekly discussion of all things Vancouver Canucks Hockey. Usually joined by a knowledgeable guest, hosts @ThatMikeParis and @RyanBiech cover everything you need to know about the Canucks and NHL Hockey
Welcome to Decision 2016 - Speeches of the Presidential Election! On this podcast you will find every speech from all the Democratic and Republican candidates as well as each of the debates in full. Decision 2016 - Your home to the Presidential Election!Share and Enjoy!
Deadly Decisions
A podcast that focuses on the thought processes of a killer. What exactly does it take for innocence to rapidly transform into guilt? We will take a look at killers with similar crimes only with different backgrounds, methods, and outcomes in a multitude of series comprising of the episodes that are contained within. Cheers everybody, and stay tuned!
If you are looking for a Financial Planning Podcast for normal people in Ireland you may have just found it! Take control of your financial future and develop successful habits with your money. Join Paddy Delaney on Ireland's award-winning Personal Finance & Financial Planning Podcast & Blog. He aims to cuts through the sometimes confusing jargon of financial products and services, to help you make informed financial decisions, for you........No nonsense, straight up fact, and a little bit o ...
Decisive Podcast Series is here to make your underground music experience more enjoyable and with your help I am working hard to achieve this goal as the DPS community continues to grow. A lot of time is spent communicating with the dedicated Decisive Podcast Community in order to be more Authentic, Consistant and Efficient without sacrifice, in quality of the Music, Interesting Interviews , Presentation, Artistry, and more importantly getting you involved in all the fun. Although I have a g ...
Gabe Morency can speak intelligently on everything from women’s table tennis to Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Strap in for a ride with co-host Cam Stewart like no other, as they tear through the world of pop culture, gambling, fantasy sports, politics, and everything in between. As heard on the FNTSY Sports Radio Network, weekdays from 4:00pm to 6:00pm EST.
Bad Decisions
Bad Decisions is the podcast that helps marketers understand why we choose what we choose, why we think what we think, and how to exploit this stuff for fun and commercial gain.
Forget the x's and o's. No Decision is all about the quirkier side of professional and college sports. Hosts Chris Rongey and Brad Barnes talk the oddities that make athletes, fans, and sports media tick.
You've got a tough choice to make and you feel stuck. Learn about the traps we fall into when making decisions (and how to avoid them), how to make better decisions (in both your personal and business life), and get your decision questions answered. Let us help you make the best choice possible!
MTR now covers sports, as Dpalm of the Super Tuesday and Character Corner podcasts turns the unique lens of the Movie Trailer Reviews Network to the space between the white lines. Join Dpalm and a rotating cast of co-hosts as they tackle the latest results and the biggest sports news of the week. Learn a little, laugh a lot, and remember that sports are supposed to be fun again.
The weekly broadcast from Valley of Decision Church in Salt Rock, West Virginia. Join us each week as we discover and learn that we are A Community of Sinners, Made Children of the King.
I’m here to talk about the lifestyle and longevity of your health. What could it look like? Find out here on Spoon Full of Decisions (Routine Refresh)
Readings of the Supreme Court slip opinion syllabi. With no personal commentary. Decisions of the Supreme Court in mostly non legal language. occasionally reading the full decision for bigger cases.
If you want to learn how you can become a better leader in politics and business with help of emotional intelligence - EQ for World Leander Podcast is for you. Nina Andrijanic is dedicated to bring you top politicians and business leaders who have already implemented these EQ strategies and will show you how it is done in the real world of politics and business. If you want t learn more about how to make better decisions, impact your community and change the world, then stick around, it's go ...
You’ve probably started with great intentions, telling yourself you’ll stash away more for retirement and buy fewer lattes (because some writer said buying lattes is a bad thing). But life happens. It’s not as neat and tidy as the financial experts on TV seem to think. You’ve got a lot going on in your life, and you need more than simplistic, cookie-cutter instructions to keep you on the right financial path. Kate Stalter escorts you to the right path for your money. She talks to experts and ...
MTR now covers sports, as Dpalm of the Super Tuesday and Character Corner podcasts turns the unique lens of the Movie Trailer Reviews Network to the space between the white lines. Join Dpalm and a rotating cast of co-hosts as they tackle the latest results and the biggest sports news of the week. Learn a little, laugh a lot, and remember that sports are supposed to be fun again.
This podcast explores the human decision making process and several analytic techniques and offers suggestions for improving prediction across a range of contexts.
Our goal at Dollars and Decisions is to be your reliable resource for personal development through intelligent investing and trading.Learn. Invest. Trade.
Pensions Expert is the Financial Times' specialist title for UK workplace pension schemes. Our thought-provoking podcasts are designed to inform trustees and advisers of UK defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes. Download to listen to debates and discussions on a range of topics, from investments to pensions law and regulation.
Tech Decisions Podcast
Readings of the Supreme Court slip opinion syllabi. With no personal commentary. Decisions of the Supreme Court in mostly non legal language. occasionally reading the full decision for bigger cases.
Podcast by American College of Emergency Physicians
The Bad Decisions podcast focuses on guests' personal stories of their worst decisions and what they've learned from these choices. We also discuss guests' humorous mistakes and their best decisions in life. It's like a therapy session with more laughter. Hosted by Chicago comedians Danny Kirschner and Basia Sroka.
Each Friday from Sept. 9 through Nov. 11 between 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. ET, Decision Florida will bring the candidates, their political operatives and the top political journalists to discuss live the 2016 election and to hear from you, the Florida voter.
This work is Edward Creasy's best known fundamental work of history. It describes in detail 15 battles of world history, beginning with the Battle of Marathon of 490 BC and ending with the Battle of Waterloo of 1815. Each chapter is illustrated with rich historical detail and a timeline of events. - Summary by Carolin
Decision 2007
With every General Assembly seat on the ballot and some pivotal races right here in Hampton Roads, there's a lot at stake. Before you decide, be sure to listen to the candidates talk about the issues on HearSay with Cathy Lewis beginning Monday, October 22nd, from Noon – 1pm on 89.5 WHRV FM, public radio for Hampton Roads.
Split Decision
Pettis Vs Moreno Episode 1August 5th 2017
Decision 2009
This fall, HearSay is your resource for local election coverage. We'll be bringing you conversations with all the Hampton Roads candidates running for the House of Delegates. We will also interview candidates for Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor, and Governor. HearSay airs from Noon-1PM on 89.5 WHRV FM, public radio for Hampton Roads.
Sound Decisions
Each Sound Decisions episode focuses on a songwriter and a song. Combining lyrical analysis and music theory geekiness, we take a close-up look at how artists create the songs we love.
The McKinsey Podcast, our new flagship podcast series, takes you inside our global firm, and features conversations with experts on issues that matter most in business and management. McKinsey & Company is a management-consulting firm that helps businesses, governments, and not-for-profit organizations realize their most important goals. Topics covered in this series include strategy, technology, leadership, marketing, operations, organization, and the role of business in society.
We are the Game Time Decision podcast. Just three guys talking hockey. In association with Last Word on Hockey.
Seminars, workshops, interviews and other material produced by Monash University's DSS Laboratory.
A podcast of lectures and tutorial sessions looking at the use of information technology to support managerial decision making.
Innovation, IT, Operations and Decision Analysis
The Gut+Science podcast explores employee engagement insights you can act on, from CEOs you can trust. Get ready for high energy interviews led by employee engagement evangelist Nikki Lewallen—ones that’ll have you rethinking what it means to build successful people-first cultures.
Welcome to the Daily Decisions podcast. Where I make good and bad human decisions and where it all leads to
Hosted by Sarwar Kashmeri, the Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decisions podcast series will headline issues together with the leaders whose decisions today will mold the foreign policy of tomorrow.
Your #1 Podcast
On Management Decisions (formerly Executive Decisions) we discuss topics that pertain to employers, especially upper-level managers, human resources professionals, and executives to gain an understanding of their roles and strategies. It's an inside look into their thoughts and behaviors which make them and their businesses successful.
A weekly podcast covering the big debatable refereeing decisions in the Premier League.
A group of friends give advice on great value wines, beer, alcohol and cigars. Then they get drunk.
The podcast that will help college students grow in their leadership journey!
Making decisions - for iBooks
Just another WordPress site
Career, business, leadership and personal development experts help you live life by executive decision. Life By Executive Decision is on hiatus until May 7, 2008. We hope you'll enjoy archived shows and visit us online at
Biased opinion from unqualified loud talkers.
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HAPPY MONDAY MOTIVATION! Welcome back to No More Excuses weekly podcast and thanks again for SHARING this most awesome podcast! Last week did you DRAW THE LINE?! Did you leave your past, decisions you're unsure of, perhaps a bad habit where it belongs? Good now it's time to MOVE ON! It's late April and I'm saying it again... it's time to DO! Ok ...…
Helicopter online Ground School brings you an audio file of our free live training Tuesday event, where three CFIs discussed Aeronautical Decision Making and a recent Helicopter Accident. has complete FAA approved online courses in video form for the Private pilot, commercial pilot, instrument pilot, and certified fligh ...…
"Starting work doesn't generate value, starting work only costs money. Finishing work generates value." - Klaus LeopoldFirst, there was personal productivity.Then, everyone started talking about Agile teams.Today, it's time to take it even higher.In this episode of the Lamp, we are talking about business alignment with Klaus Leopold. Klaus is a ...…
In August 2017, an Italian prosecutor ordered police to seize and impound the Iuventa, a ship operated by the German nonprofit Jugend Rettet, in Trapani, a port in western Sicily. The Iuventa is used to rescue migrants attempting the perilous sea crossing between North Africa and Italy, but the prosecutor said he was investigating the organizat ...…
Eoghan Corry, editor of Travel Extra, talks about the decision by Irish Ferries to cancel sailings due to a delay getting a new ship delivered
Matt wrote the book he wishes he would have had starting out as a product manager. To be a successful product manager you need several competencies. We tend to be “T-Shaped” people with capabilities in several areas and much more depth in one area, such as development, design, research, etc. Product managers early in their career focus on learn ...…
This week Wendy Queen, Director of Project MUSE; Barbara Kline Pope, Director of Johns Hopkins University Press; Dean Smith, Director of Cornell University Press; and Sayeed Choudhury, Associate Dean for Research Data Management and Hodson Director of the Digital Research and Curation Center at the Sheridan Libraries offer their thoughts on the ...…
BCG-004 STOP WAITING TO BE CHOSEN Welcome to Episode number four of the BOOMER CAREER GUIED PODCAST, where we’re going to be talking about the BOOMER CAREER BOOST SECRET #1 So, If you’re thinking about launching a job search, this is the perfect episode to start you in a positive direction. I want you to keep in mind that: THE KEY TO A SUCCESSF ...…
Michael Stallard is cofounder and president of the Connection Culture Group, a leadership training and consulting firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut. He gives keynote speeches, teaches workshops and consults at a wide variety of business, government, healthcare and education organizations including Costco, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Cent ...…
So you had enough. So much, that you made a decision to shut the outside world off. You would not read another newspaper, watch a television, listen to a podcast. You didn't want to talk to family, friends or neighbors on what was in the news; no current events or happenings in the real world. Even going to the local coffee shop was a chore, so ...…
Throughout my ministry I have had some form of thefollowing question is it okay to use the music of ungodly composers andsongwriters in your ministry This question could certainly be asked of otherChristian artists and creators such as authors and preachers The question islikely not derived from thoughts of their work but rather their lives In ...…
This week on the Five Heart Podcast, Hooch and Hoss talk about today’s Spring Game. The guys review the Red and White rosters. Who has the advantage in each position? Why do we think some of the roster decisions were made, and what does it mean for the overall depth chart going forward? Also, Scott Frost was interviewed by Bruce Feldman for Spo ...…
TKO #37 - WE'VE KUMA FOR YOU ALL All aboard the short bus!!! Make sure your seatbelts are fastened, your helmets secured, your windows are in the up and lickable position and make sure you have that stupid look on your face, cause it's yet another of THAT podcast's episodes... On the program, we discuss the per usual toy news for aHwhile, and A ...…
7 Steps Proven Framework For Online Marketing We apply these 7 steps everyday for 100+ local service based businesses in order to help them differentiate, grow and scale. Each step is very important!! We know that location no longer bring you customers. 8,600 brick-and-mortar stores will close their doors in 2017, which is a staggering figure. ...…
Marc talks with whistle-blower, transgender activist, and candidate for U.S. Senate, Chelsea Manning about being homeless, transitioning in prison, and the decision to reveal U.S. military secretsBy Real News Network).
Listen to today's devotional, "Decision Making".
Dan Shevchik, Partner and Senior Vice President at Sports Media Advisors, talks about his pivotal career decision to join the SMA firm after attending Stanford Business School. Doug Perlman, a former contact from Business School, and partner at SMA, took a chance on him and a leap of faith with a few clients and a whole lot of potential. He cre ...…
In this week’s episode, David Emm joins David to discuss how smart-homes are monitoring our every move and breath (or so it seems), how Facebook is using AI to sell advertisers possible future purchasing decisions of its users as well as why we need to bring ethics into data and AI. Also, something about toilet seats. Below are the links to the ...…
Today we welcome T.J. Eberle back to the podcast. As you learned last week, T.J. has been involved in the angel community in Charlotte since 2011 when he sold his company NouvEON. As a recap into last week, T.J. enjoys being the crazy uncle who can come in and mentor and advise company founders but ultimately being able to step aside and watch ...…
Anne C. Beal, MD, MPH, is dedicated to improving health care in the United States, particularly for vulnerable patient groups. Her career is devoted to providing access to high quality health care and has included delivering health care services, teaching, research, public health, and philanthropy. Dr. Beal is Senior Vice President and Head of ...…
Denie leads the award-winning Dulin Group of Long & Foster | Christie’s International Real Estate, a team of experts making home buying and selling both seamless and memorable. Denie’s extensive sales record in the Metropolitan Baltimore area speaks for itself. Her market experience and knowledge span from homes in the Inner Harbor to farms and ...…
Today’s show was sponsored by Teach Me How To Budget. If you are ready to gain freedom in your finances once and for all then enroll in our brand new personal finance course Teach Me How To Budget. Everybody knows that habits are hard to break, and that's especially true when it comes to money habits. Whether you're overspending the monthly bud ...…
In this episode, we look at how to use insights from behavioral science to improve your life. We look at what it means to have a “good day” and figure out how to reverse engineer more good days, by examining decision making, the power of rest and recovery, intention setting, setting boundaries, and much more with our guest Caroline Webb. Caroli ...…
A more chaotic week than normal, but I'm making some writing progress. I also made a decision on making an audiobook. I decided against doing one right now, and get into more on why in this video. Thanks for watching and have a great week!Find out more about me and get a free book at:http://alissagrosso.comIntro music in this video by the great ...…
Business Editor David Murphy reports on claims were raised in the Dáil at Leaders Questions that Minister Naughton had discussions with a PR executive acting for INM about his decision to refer the company's proposed takeover of Celtic Media to the BAI
Justin McCarthy of our Political Staff on how the European Council President, Donald Tusk, says the "the UK's decision on Brexit has caused the problem, and the UK will have to solve it"
Aisling Kenny speaks to another woman, who made the decision to keep her baby after a crisis pregnancy
Hey there, remember us? Yeah, we know. We thought we were done with the hiccups in the schedule, but this thing called February happened. Things didn’t get better in March. And April was not shaping up to be any kind of improvement. Sure, we had content in the hopper, we had stuff we wanted to talk about, and we wanted to talk to you all. Probl ...…
Mano Watsa, presently serves as the President of PGC Basketball. He joins Brian Levenson to discuss coaching and PGC basketball. If you don’t know about PGC, they provide intense, no-nonsense basketball training for players and coaches. Their basketball camps are designed to teach players of all positions to think the game and to be leaders on ...…
The most meaningful parts of your life can't be created with one giant leap. Success is built one decision, one day – one bubble – at a time.By (Focus on the Family).
Wrath - Episode 16 ( Season Finale ) Rick's group follows the false plans given to them by Gregory, leading them into a trap. As the Saviors fire, their weapons backfire due to their ammo being sabotaged by Eugene. The surviving saviors surrender, while Rick chases down Negan; the two brawl and Rick manages to slice Negan's neck , but immediate ...…
Adam Hoge and Adam Jahns go on location to record live from Durty Nellies in Palatine. They talk to the longest-tenured Chicago Bear of all time, Patrick Mannelly, as well as WGN’s Jarrett Payton. They share thier thoughts on the Bears offseason moves, including the coaching change and the new players. Patrick and Jarrett also predict who the B ...…
How can we be the best parents for our children? No one knows the exact answer or a secret formula. However, what we do know is that there is no perfect parent out there who does everything right. On this episode, I share how I make a difference in my child's life, along with the little changes I've made that's got me killing it at the mamá lif ...…
This week we discuss AMD's release of their long-awaited Spectre variant 2 microcode patches, the end of Telegram messenger in Russia, the on-time arrival of Drupalgeddon2, Firefox and TLS v1.3, the new and widespread UPnProxy attacks, Microsoft's reversal on no longer providing Windows security updates without A/V installed, Google Chrome's de ...…
This week we discuss AMD's release of their long-awaited Spectre variant 2 microcode patches, the end of Telegram messenger in Russia, the on-time arrival of Drupalgeddon2, Firefox and TLS v1.3, the new and widespread UPnProxy attacks, Microsoft's reversal on no longer providing Windows security updates without A/V installed, Google Chrome's de ...…
Making a decision is key to a better you and the people around you.
Jeremy Stöhs is an Austrian-American defense analyst at the Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University and its adjunct Center for Maritime Security & Strategy. I interviewed him about his new book “The Decline of European Naval Forces.” 1:28 – Jeremy talks about where his interest in history started. His parents were his first inspiration ...…
Pushing the limit, when winning goes wrong, and changing decisions.GB Rower Jonny Walton, Kickboxer Fraser Weightman and Alan Pearson of SAQ join Mike McCarthy.
Sean Conway (@Conway_Sean) is an endurance adventurer who, among other things, has cycled, swum and run the length of Great Britain in a triathlon of incredible feats. His books, Lands End to John O’Groats, Hell and High Water, and Running Britain, each tell the tale of these three journeys. Sean previously attempted to cycle around the world b ...…'s Across the Middle Host Jon Kuzma discusses the Broncos foolish decision to release C.J Anderson, Josh Gordon's amazing comeback, ad Josh Docston's emergence.
An "Emotional Vortex" is when two people get into an triggered state and cannot make decisions with their logical minds. They essentially have a flashback to being a wounded child and cannot understand what is going on. It is extremely common in intimate relationships and even in business. Seibo and Brandon talk about recognizing vortexes and s ...…
To become a great decision maker you need to rid yourself of these nine bad habits.
On this episode of UNSCRIPTED, Kimberly and Frankie talk about how fear can hinder our decision making, and they've got a vision for something better.
Why the decision by LeBron James to take his talents to South Beach was a great business move for the NBA, how close was Pat Riley to coming out of coaching retirement and why Knicks fans should thank Isiah Thomas for helping the team pull off the Carmelo Anthony trade
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