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Defence IQ is an authoritative news source for high quality and exclusive commentary and analysis on global defence and military-related topics. Since being created in 2009, Defence IQ's online community and military forum has rapidly grown to over 45,000 defence professionals. Sourcing interviews and insights directly from senior military and industry professionals on air defence
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The Weekly Recap: We pick up where we left off after our all-too-brief summer recess and what better place to begin than with the UK MoD's recent round of personnel cuts. In a rare demonstration of political fuming, Defence Dateline's Jonathan Dowdall unleashes on the LabourBy
2007 proved to be a watershed moment, not just for the Estonian Ministry of Defence, but also for governments around the globe who are serious about building their cyber defences. Heli Tiirmaa-Klaar is the Senior Advisor to the Undersecretary at the Estonian Ministry of Defence. In thisBy
Open architecture for naval air platforms can be translated into two words: real competition. Gerard Walles is the Avionics Department AIR-4.5 Staff Director for Open Architecture & Information Assurance for US Naval Air Systems Command in Pax River, Maryland. In speaking withBy
The Weekly Recap: From false Libyan missiles to the folding of US Army's Joint Forces Command, we fully immerse ourselves in the week's noteworthy headlines. Defence Dateline columnist Jonathan Dowdall also has the opportunity to try out his German when it comes to commenting onBy
Enhancing survivability is a big issue, especially in the face of defence budget cuts. This is especially the case for Italian forces currently. Lt General Gucciardino is General Manager of the Procurement Agency for Land Systems within the Italian Army and, in this interview, heBy
The Weekly Recap : We've given our beloved weekly recap a bit of a shake and stir - and all in the name of noteworthy defence news coverage (and perhaps a bit more bias). Disclaimers aside, we are proud to bring Defence IQ's own Keith Mallon on board for this week's show inBy
How do light armoured vehicles keep weight down and maximise armour protection? It's all about absorbing energy over large areas of the armour surface. Dr Roelf Mostert is project coordinator for the Damascus Armoured Development Consortium and he explains how projectile andBy
The Weekly Recap After a long and exhausting rhetoric-filled week in the news, columnist Jonathan Dowdall and Senior Editor Robert Densmore try their best to pick up the pieces. Neither were sure whether the war of words waged by William Hague would actually bury European Union ambitionsBy
The Weekly Recap This week, we take on some hefty themes, but start with a niche report that Defence IQ offered on the Azeri plane crash in Afghanistan. It involved a healthy bit of investigative journalism on our part, but we always enjoy a challenge. We then kick it over to JonathanBy
The Weekly Recap Our weekly defence and security news saga continues as Jonathan Dowdall and Rob Densmore hash over the past seven days of headlines. At the top of the list is the bold Taliban attack on Kabul's notorious Inter-Continental Hotel, followed by a breakdown of conjecturedBy
She's been at ground zero in the thick of the rescue efforts following the 9/11 attacks in New York City. She's been supervising unmanned rescue activities at the Fukushima Power plant in the aftermath of Japan's disastrous tsunami. Now, we've finally caught up with DrBy
Non-traditional Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance technologies are designed to respond to an increased need for accurate, real-time intel in today's counter-insurgency campaigns. Currently, commanders in the field are working in an operational vacuum. While dedicatedBy
The Weekly Recap is's new approach to the latest defence and security news. The world is an incredibly confusing spectrum of defence politics, current affairs and military activity. Our weekly news mashup aims at breaking down the big issues for you - and our sourcesBy
According to recent estimates, some 5,000 civilians have been kidnapped in the Republic of Colombia since 2000 - with hundreds more kidnappings likely having gone unreported. Enter Wade Chapple - Director of the Personnel Recovery Center for the US Embassy in Bogota, Colombia. In thisBy
Lt Col Uwe Schleimer of the German Air Force is the Group Director for the European Air Group. This multilateral body works toward enhancing interoperability between partner nations, particularly in JPR (joint personnel recovery) and SERE (survive,By
James McLeod-Hatch is Outgoing Chief of the Target Audience Analysis at Combined Joint Psychological Operations Task Force at ISAF in Kabul, Afghanistan. He speaks to the Counter Propaganda Master Narrative, which is the blueprint for psychological operations in Afghanistan. WeBy
Nigel Inkster is from the International Institute for Strategic Studies and has served in the British Secret Intelligence Service, focusing extensively on transnational issues, and eventually taking the post of Assistant Chief and Director for Operations and Intelligence. NigelBy
More than half of all casualties in Afghanistan are attributed to IED attacks - and this accounts for increased scrutiny of counter-IED efforts at ISAF HQ in Kabul, Afghanistan. In this exclusive interview, Defence IQ's Richard de Silva had the opportunity toBy
The knowledge gap is widening. Daily change and complex messaging in volatile regions like Afghanistan and Libya produce an environment that is difficult to assess by 'experts' locked behind HQ compound walls. Bob Bevelacqua is a former US Army special forces operator and anBy
Urban survival challenges are an emerging priority that military trainers are keen to address. With two NATO flight crew having ejected over hostile territory in Libya during Operation Odyssey Dawn, joint personnel recovery (JPR) experts are looking to refine current NATOBy
How far and to what extent can autonomy be reasonably employed in modern warfare? Professor Noel Sharkey, head of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at University of Sheffield, has been wrestling with the ethical ramifications of this issue for the past 30 years. When it comes toBy
Brigadier General (ret) Galatas Ioannis is Senior Advisor and RIEAS-CBRNE Scientific Coordinator. He specialises in Allergy and Clinical Immunology, and, for more than 20 years, has served as Head of the Department of Allergy & Clinical Immunology at the Army General Hospital ofBy
In our interview with LtCol Jason Schuette, USMC, we got a fascinating insider's look into next generation electronic warfare capabilites that are being fielded out of the Pentagon in Washington, DC. LtCol 'Dizzy' Schuette is an EA-6B Prowler pilot who has been assigned withBy
Canada has now officially embarked on its own mini and small UAV deployment programme. Here, Major Roger Otis, Project Director of the Canadian Land Force family of UAVs, speaks with Richard de Silva about future land requirements for Canadian forces. He describes how mini and small UAVsBy
We caught up with Robert Young Pelton on his recent venture in Somalia. He describes the changing face of conflict reporting - and his work in building information gathering networks at the grass roots level. His new indigenous reporting network, Somalia Report, takes on the challenge ofBy
Colonel Neale Moss is commander of the UK Attack Helicopter Force and, in this interview, he and his wingman, Major David Amlôt, talk about Apache helicopter armaments and their deployment in Afghanistan. Specifically, they address the small precision weapon class of ordnanceBy
New operational concepts are increasingly requiring multinational forces to share tactical comms on many essential levels. Modern radios will meet a new standard, to include software defined radios - but other contingents will rely on older legacy systems. Existing national waveformsBy
Lieutenant General Dick Appglegate, British Army, is the former Chief of Materiel (Land) at DE&S (UK Defence Equipment and Support organisation) and was a member of the Army Board, having served as Quartermaster General. He was also the NATO sector commander inBy
Defence IQ had the privilege of speaking with John Bumgarner, Chief Technical Officer of the US Cyber Consequences Unit, a non profit research organisation dedicated to studying economic and strategic impacts of cyber warfare. John boasts a wealth of experience in this area andBy
Featured in this interview is US Navy Commander Adam Scott, who is a platform coordinator at VX-20 Air Test and Evaluation Squadron in Pax River, Maryland. Included in his remit are the E-6 Mercury, T-6 Texan and the T-34 Mentor, and this discussion zeroes in on E-6B TACAMOBy
Unmanned systems are quickly making the circuit among civilian agencies. NASA is a prime example of a major research organisation that is moving away from satellite systems in earth remote sensing. Sensor packages can be customised per each UAS platform and NASA operatesBy
Lieutenant General Johan Kihl is the Former Chief of Staff for the Swedish Armed Forces. He has been instrumental in introducing 'Network Enabled Capability' into the Armed Forces and has served as the Head of Long Term Planning, Deputy Director of the Joint Forces DirectorateBy
Colonel Barbara Jones is the Squadron Commander for the US Air Force's 43rd Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron. Her unit responds to natural disasters at home and abroad, and also transports casualties from the front line to higher levels of care. ThisBy
John Bumgarner is the Chief Technology Officer for the US Cyber Consequences Unit , an independent research unit focused intently on the strategic and economic effects of cyber-attacks and cyber-assisted physical attacks. John extracts the cyber thread in recentBy
Combined arms simulation and training are proving increasingly vital to European armies looking to field new crews in existing armoured vehicle platforms. Captain Chris Lukose of the Royal Netherlands Army speaks with our own Rich de Silva about how thisBy
Joint forces exercises are an incredibly critical key to successfully integrating air and land combat components, as well as joining multi national units in a single dynamic arena. In this interview, Major Kirk 'Rambo' Soroka of the Canadian Air Force addresses theBy
Defence IQ had the opportunity to discuss a critical component of the AFRICOM (US Africa Command) mission with USAF Major Andrei Mitran - and that component is air mobility. Major Mitran is Chief of the Air Refueling Control Team within the 617th Air Operations Command and heBy
In this technical discussion of the German Army's IdZ body armour system, Armoured (Panzergrenadier) Captain André Lehmann opens up about his experiences with wearing this new system in operations in Afghanistan. From mobility to adaptibility, this interview goesBy
This interview features commentary from RAF Group Captain (Retired) Chris Granville-White, CBE, who chaired the 8th Annual UCAV Conference in London. Here he discusses the political and legal landscape impacting UCAV development and application, as well as Taranis and NeuronBy
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