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Degenerate Radio
College basketball insight for the Atlantic Coast Conference and nationwide. We believe in the madness that extends beyond March, going 2-for-1 with a minute left, and feeding the post repeatedly. The only podcast with a 100% effective field goal percentage.
We are the fantasy golf degenerates podcast! we will help you make better decisions with DFS golf! Provide Strats, picks, analysis, and a good time! #HotTakes
Degeneration Bets
Degeneration bets is a gambling podcast ran by Nick "Lamb" Dais and Anthony Impastato. We breakdown all things going on in the sports universe from a betting perspective.
Degeneration Radio
This is a comedy show with no restrictions. Unlike conventional types of radio we are completely uncensored. We discuss technology, sports (including racing), and just make fun of everyone and everything. Listen and enjoy content free of political correctness and restrictions. Follow us on Twitter: @degenerateradio or @rickyradio We can also be found in the iTunes store by searching Degeneration Radio and please rate us. leave a voice mail here +1 (803) 993-8253
I'm the co-host of "Jimmy B & TC" and "The Ken Miller Show with Trent Condon" on 1700 KBGG and broadcast high school sports in the state of Iowa.
Degenerates Talk
Degenerates Talk has a simple mission - to put a group of people in a room to try and make sense of everyday topics, from the specific to the broad, in a light hearted way.Every week we will look to release Podcasts, Posts, and extra content covering multiple arenas and topics. We have purposefully given ourselves a "no holds barred" mentality, meaning that we will discuss anything from everyone's favorite color (and why), to trying to solve terrorism.There's a degenerate in all of us. Googl ...
Learn about macular degeneration, its symptoms and risk factors, treatment options, and how to live with or care for someone with this eye disease.
Degenerate U
We drink. We gamble. We talk about sports.
Degenerate News
News that main stream media may not be telling you about
Comedy podcast on current events, past stories, and everyday life
Degenerate Life
Degenerate Life podcast hosted by producer-comedian DeVan
Degenerate Comedy
The Degenerate Comedy Channel scours the digital world to find the most brain-meltingly hilarious comedy videos on the internet and deliver them direct to your eye and ear holes. The Degenerate Comedy Podcast collects these funny bombs and packs them into bite-sized, candy flavored, easy-swallow comedy gel caps. You're welcome.
Degeneration Radio
This is a comedy show with no restrictions. Unlike conventional types of radio we are completely uncensored. We discuss technology, sports (including racing), and just make fun of everyone and everything. Listen and enjoy content free of political correctness and restrictions. Follow us on Twitter: @degenerateradio or @rickyradio We can also be found in the iTunes store by searching Degeneration Radio and please rate us. leave a voice mail here +1 (803) 993-8253
sports, sports betting, sports gambling
Plug your headphones in and turn your soul volume down. The Degenerate Nation podcast harnesses a bizarre blend of pathos and perversity, social commentary, improv, and "interviews" with characters from the vast underbelly of our Degenerate Nation.. You're welcome.
Podcast by Crow Worthy Sports
Hark thee, fair listener! For there is adventure afoot. We be degenerates with a taste for danger, tomfoolery, and taverns! This here Podcast is of the Dungeon Dwelling monsters and their plunder. Shut your deadlights and hear ye' well, as our actual play covers hard cover printed 5e content, Adventure's League modules, and perhaps even some Homebrew! Heather: Nikki Gnomage & Ziggy Stardust Meow Meow, Pyro Magus and familiar extraordinaire! Cury: The destructive Rhogar, survivor of the blood ...
Guys who play games
Fantasy Football Degenerates (@FFDegenerates) organizes fantasy advice from around the web to make it easy for you to make the best decisions. We promote the best experts based on one simple question, “How good is your advice?” We track the accuracy of the top fantasy football experts by using an innovative system that analyzes millions of their player predictions. Our objective system analyzes both Preseason (draft) and In-season (start/sit) cheat sheets. Don’t trust any one expert? We cons ...
Weekly NCAA football and NFL picks.
The Degenerate Football Statistics Podcast on
Shea in Irving Show
Shea in Irving is the degenerate guru known by many as the infamous caller on the Dan Patrick Show. Shea discusses the important things in life like betting 75% of your net worth on a football game, finding a bookie in rehab, spotting the point shavers, and finding action all year round whether it be Little League World Series or Women's Championship Curling. He cares about one thing above all else, speaking the truth and he usually doesn't have a choice because he is so drunk on whiskey. Po ...
Embrace Your Inner Degenerate
A podcast made by degenerates about anime, video games, and all things fanboy. Not sure if you want to watch that anime? Otaku into it!
The Back Doctors podcast is weekly conversations with doctors from around the world sharing patient stories as they inform, educate, and offer hope for the millions of people who have back pain.
The Fighting Cock
This is The Fighting Cock. Flav, Spooky, Ricky, Thelonious, Bardi and Alex on the rotation. Windy dropping weekly yoof knowledge bombs. Engineer Al remotely editing and mixing our degenerate dissection of all things THFC. Occasional star guests included. Love the shirt.
'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on-air personality and the host of "Cousin Sal’s Sure Thing," Sal Iacono breaks down the world of gambling across a variety of sports, including NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC, boxing, wrestling, and competitive hot dog eating. Each week, Sal offers up odds analysis as well as his best bets, and brings on celebrities, Vegas experts, and his pack of degenerate friends, who are shameless about discussing their latest wins and losses (mostly losses).
Barstool Pick Em
El Pres, Big Cat and Rico Bosco break down the College Football slate from a degenerate gamblers point of view
LazyCast Podcast
LazyCast is a weekly podcast featuring Dalton and Emi from Jaltoid, Danielle from DoopieDoOver, and Jess the Degenerate!
Stop Macular Degeneration & Other Eye Disease Naturally
Occasionally Awesome
Join these two L.A natives as they interview their comedian, actor, artist and degenerate friends in search of the parts of life that are occasionally awesome. Also they talk about jeans and Radiohead a lot.
A collection of three of Nietzsche's writings concerning the music of Wagner. In particular, he relates Wagner's music as degenerate, unrefined and unintelligent and relates it to a gradually degenerating German culture and society. The translator provides a detailed introduction. - Summary by the Reader
AMD eSeminar Series
Johns Hopkins AMD eSeminar Series: Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) poses a huge public health risk within the aging population.
The Good Ole Gamers Podcast is the #1 southern retro gaming podcast, featuring a couple of degenerate rednecks who bring shame upon mankind for your audio entertainment needs.
"Where there's always variety in life..." ***Send FAN MAIL to OR Coffee Talk with Chelle, P.O. Box 48508, Fort Worth, Tx 76148, USA...TIPS accepted via to & funds will go to Life-Story BOOK Fundraiser,THANKS for your support!!!
true stories from a world class degenerate.
This is a Podcast for the visually impaired and their families and friends, but also for the sighted community to help them understand us better.I have RP and cataracts and is for me a pleasure to do this show, listen and enjoy!
Sorry For Your Luck
A podcast for the fancy degenerate.
This Ain't Iowa
Embrace Your Inner Degenerate
-A safe haven for MMA Hardcores, degenerate gamblers, and technique nerds who love the game. -Pre & post UFC fight card breakdowns and weekly Top-5 categories.-Hosted by Dan Tom (@TheMMAnalyst) and home to many more..
Debate The Slate
For degenerates, by degenerates. Presented by BroBible.
Subscribe for discussions from the Men of Leisure. Including but not limited to Sports, Fantasy Football, Degenerate Gambling, and so much more.
The Sports Gambling Podcast for Degenerates, By Degenerates
DeGen & Juice
Stuckey and Collin preview the upcoming college football card from a betting perspective with some NFL and other degenerate things sprinkled in. Pour a drink and come get in on the action.
Let yourself get closer to our works of Paul Klee in an informative and entertaining way. The content of the podcasts offer listeners the classic work descriptions and background information on selected exhibits of Paul Klee.
The casually degenerate gambler's NFL podcast.
A LIVE podcast for the fancy degenerate.
A degenerate Scotsman and his lazy lackluster co-host discuss and perform crafts, hobbies, tell stories, and others. Laugh along with or at us!
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When I started the Love Handles podcast, I unintentionally labeled them seasonally, as in, at a certain point, the podcast would end to pick up again for another season later. The thing with setting things up seasonally is it allows for pauses, and moments to clarify, create, expand and breathe new life into something, which is exactly why this ...…
PLUS Celine Dion is back. The CMT Awards will be June 6; the performers were announced. Ashton Kutcher gives Ellen DeGeneres a gift that leaves her speechless.By
Cousin Sal is joined by the Degenerate Trifecta to discuss the NBA conference finals (5:00), Harry’s roulette system (10:00), the winning ways of the Vegas Golden Knights (23:00), way-too-early college football lines (36:00), and Draymond Green's number of technical fouls (40:00).
The Degenerates do a lot of dice rolling in this combat packed episode! Having returned to the Raider camp, they find themselves inside of the Dragon Hatchery. They fight henchmen, monsters, and get some good old revenge beheading on against an old friend of theirs. Also, Dragon eggs, magic missiles, and healing potions! Swearing and bad dice r ...…
Rotator cuff tears By Dr. Emran from Disclaimer: Information from this show is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or go to the nearest emergency department with any questions you may have. Overview The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint which is large and unique. The rotator cuff ...…
Episode 29: Energetic, uplifting and driving is what the latest episode of StreetWyse Sessions brings you! With some outstanding new music, from the worlds most iconic labels, tune in and see for yourself! 1) Jordan Suckley & Sam Jones - Wilma (Hi Profile Remix) [Damaged] 2) Ikerya Project - Drakonia [Abora] 3) Dash Berlin feat Bo Bruce - Comin ...…
Join Dave, The Caregiver's Caregiver, along with his lovely co-host, Linda Byce, as the interview author, Paul Wallis, as we discuss Hope for those how have been blinded with Macular Degeneration. Youtube Link:
A new player joins the Degenerates podcast! The Degenerates return with a new companion to investigate the Raider camp once again. Will they find the information they seek? Will they lose yet another companion to their villainous foes? Will they harass more of Michael's NPCs? Find out in episode 8 of Dungeons & Degenerates!…
In 1937, Hitler's Nazi party launched an art exhibition on "degenerate" art to clarify for the German public by defamation and derision exactly what type of modern art was unacceptable to the Reich. Join our hosts as they discuss how Hitler used modernism as political propaganda and the role art served during the Holocaust.…
This week, Jerry flies solo as he continues his One Star Review Series, trying to fathom some of the worst one-star reviews around Animal Kingdom. Join in as we meet some of the most uneducated, uninteresting, unreasonable, unmagical and unintelligent self-important guests that have ever stepped foot in the Most Magical Place on Earth. All this ...…
Good news for all of our degenerate listeners out there. Your state now has the power to legalize sports gambling. So how soon can you put some money on the Cubbies? This week Ryan and Zach talk all about that PLUS we talk about "Deadpool 2" and in honor of Mother's Day we watched the documentary "Mommy Dead and Dearest"…
Sobbing at "Little Women". Why Andy makes the best lover.
This week Brandon and Deej have three articles covering some of the most important and interesting events of the past week.First, we take at look at the immediate ramifications of the repeal of the sports gambling ban.Then, we’ve got author’s audio at 21:15 from American University Professor and Director of The Anti-Racist Policy Center at Amer ...…
Uncovering old people porn at a yard sale. VHS tapes of hot senior love. Doggystyle with walkers
On this week’s episode of This Week’s Episode, Kris brings Karen and Evan to the Cobra Kai dojo to see if it has what it takes to live up to its legacy. Plus, all manner of renewal and cancellation news, Matt Lauer is officially a creep, George R.R. Martin gets SyFy-riffic, and more! This week’s episode Cobra Kai – Ace Degenerate (S01E01) Next ...…
Noah has three kids, at least an hour, a brown slug, do not eat the raccoon, Andre the Degenerate, space mountain, sweaty dudes, she does not let him, if I had to kill Mike for $20, the filth that is Mike, threw them up into the rafters, the loudest noise you could possibly hear, can't explain your way out, avoiding eye contact, a million diffe ...…
The Nickel Dime Degenerate and Greg Ditmer join Connor to discuss the Dubs after Game 1 of the conference finals. Nickel Dime also shares his thoughts on the breaking news that sports gambling has been legalized and takes us through the 11 most degenerate sports bets he's made in his life.
Be sure to check out Jason's content over at including Brad's ownership projections along with various strategy content throughout the week!
Pandora’s BoxA Tragedy in Three ActsBy Frank WedekindPlay translated by Samuel A. Eliot JnrPrologue translated by Leanne Yau and Alan Weyman and rendered into verse by Charlotte Duckett.Presented by The Online StageThis play is the sequel to Earth Spirit, in which the adventurous and manipulative Lulu marries and rids herself of three husband, ...…
In this interview, naturopathic physician Carrie Decker, ND, describes some of the actions she takes with patients to help reduce the risk of developing dementia and cognitive decline. Her integrative approach includes nutritional and lifestyle assessment, assessment for common risk factors or other potential exposures, and nutritional suppleme ...…
This week, Jerry and Simone finally settle the score once and for all as they torture themselves YET AGAIN with their patented Radio Disney Game. Join in with the fun and see how you score as the two MouseRantsKeLeaders are forced to listen to the Radio Disney Top 30 and find out just what truly awful music is pumping into the brains of today's ...…
Degenerate Nation covers the Royal Wedding
For the first time ever, we crossover the show between the two main podcasts that Keith records. For those keeping score, those would be HPN Quest for Truth, where it’s listed as episode 167. Over on Retro Radio Podcast, the show is listed as Retro OTRDiary 36. Keith introduces the reason for the crossover, and why he thinks that over a half ce ...…
"Leverage the negative. Embrace the positive." - Nigerian-Jamaican American App Developer, Brandon NsekpongOn today’s show we have Brandon NsekpongBrandon is an App developer and entrepreneur living in Austin, TXA few years ago, Brandon founded and created ModobuddyA mobile app that connects motorcycle riders with each otherI sat down with Bran ...…
A packed show recorded live at the Boswell Book Festival featuring ... Dame Judi Dench on acting and how Macular Degeneration has robbed her of books and reading. Andrew O'Hagan on his new book and how formative an early job at Blind Veteran's UK was for his writing. Jackie Kay - Scotland's Poet Laureate on the importance of poetry in audio. An ...…
At the Boswell Book Festival, Dame Judi Dench tells Red Szell about her work, her memoir and about how Macular Degeneration has robbed her of books. Clipped from Read On #67
Every Friday, the finest degenerate journalists on the internet serve up loud, irreverent, hilarious takes on gaming, drinking, pop culture, and everything in between. In this episode: Warren from the Down In Front Podcast drops by to talk with us about Nintendo's new online service, Drake's cultural impact on gaming, and to play another rousin ...…
Toxins are everywhere around us and they cause inflammation and degeneration of the brain. In this episode you will learn how to reduce toxins in your life and help your body better adapt to the chemical stress on your brain. For more information visit or To join us for the Detox Project Heal ...…
Can you put lipstick on a pig? Sure, but it's still a pig. The old saying has so many applications this week, as we discuss many teams in need of more than false facelift. The Whitecaps, the Blue Jay, the Raptors, the list goes on. These three in particular had a very bad week, and an in depth look shows the problems go beyond a simple change. ...…
It is Wine Wednesday with Meg and Ash. Here on this podcast episode the girls discuss the craziness of Work-Life Balance. Is there even such a thing? Ash Ellen DeGeneres once said, "Life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and lows. The pina and the colada." We could not agree more! Also...the Pinot and the Noir...the Sauvigon and ...…
On this episode Chris gets Tassoula & Matt to open up about their experience at U2’s eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE. Also - we get some help from the livestream audience on what’s going on with that One video. This episode of The atU2 Podcast is sponsored by: Mimo Live: Video streaming and production provided by Mimo Live. Learning how to use mimoLive ...…
After a slew of technical difficulties, Chris & Craig finally get up and running to dive in to an all NFL extravaganza. The guys save fantasy football talk for a different day, and spend the pod discussing Week 1 game lines, season long over/unders, early Super Bowl odds, the MVP, rookie of the year, and first coach fired. Enjoy you football de ...…
On “The Puppy Episode” of the sitcom Ellen it was reveled that the main character Ellen Morgan, played by Ellen DeGeneres was gay. Total Rewind is a podcast from The Message – a movement to empower teens to become empowered adults. Check out more at You can find us on Twitter @messagemovement and @totalrewindpod Orig ...…
Kris goes solo again while Erik shrugs off some minor surgery, and just like the NYC Hardcore of the early to mid-80's tried to distance itself from a degenerating punk scene, Kris goes against the season's theme of Pop Music and gets a bit self-indulgent. Crown of Thornz - Intro to JuggernautAgnostic Front - Gotta GoCro-Mags - World PeaceNause ...…
Welcome to another podcast for This Week in Crypto. We have a lot to chat about in Episode 7, and we hope you enjoy the show. This week we will be talking about:- JP Morgan Chase Working on Blockchain- Binance Goes Down- Coinbase Adding SegWit- Microsoft Embracing Blockchain for Identification Purposes- Comcast Ventures is betting on blockchain ...…
Greg boasts his superior taste buds and Matt wants to abort other peoples' babies. The two deride Elizabeth Warren for being a dork politician. We discover that Matt's music taste hasn't evolved since adolesence and find further proof that Greg is a vampire. Learn how to make fun of your friends for not cleaning their houses. Matt wants to get ...…
Listener League: Fanshare Sports Free for 1 Month Free |…-6c30966f4d23At FanShare Sports, we do the time consuming stuff so you don't have to. Each week, we curate hundreds of pieces of daily fantasy sports related articles, tweets, and podcasts. By attaching content from the indus ...…
Two-time Emmy Award-winning Studio City is the only creative agency that produces new content and spots every day for every major studio. But while the team is producing day-and-date spots for top syndicated shows such as Warner Bros.' Ellen DeGeneres and Sony Pictures Television's Dr. Oz, they are also cutting trailers for upfronts and doing o ...…
Bioquark: Bioquark is a regenerative healthcare company focused on developing proprietary natural biopharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare products, targeting the regeneration and repair of complex human organs and tissues. Ira Pastor, CEO of Bioquark, is also a 30+ year veteran of the traditional pharmaceutical industry. He left pharmaceutic ...…
A Special Message From the Producers: Hello, it is with much embarrassment and humiliation that we come before you today to say that the following episode of Monkey Feet Hands will be presented to you with no alterations other that the appropriate thematic music at the proper designated moment of said episode. That is to say: This episode is un ...…
The disenchanted degenerates talk power rangers, gun law ideas,Golden State Killer, and Hacksaw Ridge/aspects of war and combat.
Episode Notes: (:15) Pain is your friend (YEAH RIGHT) (7:00) Kanye cuts a promo for Trump (this is pre “slavery is a choice”) (14:30) We get caught up on Doxing, Morrissey and Chance the rapper. (16:30) INCELS!?!? FOH (17:30) Jason gets hornswoggled into watch raffles on Reddit (24:00) The boys discuss the oxymoronic ‘Beta Takeover’ (27:00) We ...…
Every Friday, the finest degenerate journalists on the internet serve up loud, irreverent, hilarious takes on gaming, drinking, pop culture, and everything in between. In this episode: The guys have a pretty important (and extra lovey-dovey) edition of the Weekend Recap, discuss what it would take to get Nintendo to take steps into the streamin ...…
Tyler B Badd and Smokin Joe go over who they believe is the four best factions in professional wrestling. Who will make the list? Are there a few automatic groups? Will we go with the obvious choice like: The Four Horsemen, Degeneration X, New World Order,The Corporation? Who will earn our fourth spot on the Mount Rushmore of Factions?…
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