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Helping listeners to improve their communication skills and become Captivating Speakers. Learn how to grab and hold attention and be memorable. Listen in to our interviews with Captivating Speakers across the globe and learn their secrets. If you wish to succeed, learning what it takes to captivate is the key.
Out Of The Blue | Transformation Stories
Sometimes the desire for a different life, something spectacular or of world-changing influence, lies buried within a person's heart and mind, causing a sense of imbalance. Left unexpressed, this has caused many an aspiring individual to sink into a state of depression or disconnection - spiraling into "the blue". This podcast shares stories of those who have been through that state, made changes in their lives, and gone on to start living to their full potential. They have transitioned "out ...
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Daniel Mentz hosts our regular Friday slot with Chanti Niven and Desiree Luethy. This Friday we're in for a big surprise because we do not know what Daniel has up his sleeve. We can guarantee it's going to be a romp. Grab a cup of coffee and listen in or call in on 646-649-0066 Comedy Improv improves your confidence, exercises your brain and he ...…
Desiree Luethy and Chanti Niven speak about how to help kids confront their fears to become confident speakers. How to encourage open communication at home and provide encouragement so that your child has the best chance at success.
Join Daniel Mentz our Captivating funny man and his cohorts, Chanti Niven and Desiree Luethy for a regular dose of Friday funnies. Every Friday at 7:30 am tune in for a great start to the weekend. Please also free to call in with your own New Year's stories. We'd love to hear them.
We all want our kids to be confident and learn how to speak well. Chanti Niven and Desiree Luethy run the Captivating Kids program to help kids achieve their full potential and during this show we will be discussing ways in which to raise a confident child to become a confident and successful adult. Model the behavior you wish to see you in you ...…
Our regular Friday show hosted by Daniel Mentz with Chanti Niven and Desiree Luethy. This is our last show for the year.
It's that time again. We're hosting Friday Funnies with Daniel Mentz and the girls, Chanti Niven and Desiree Luethy. Today we're talking about the holidays and the crazy stuff that happens. Tune in to kick your weekend off or call in at 646-649-0066
Monday on Accent ON! host ILONA EUROPA had a pleasure to invite to our studio two powerful and beautiful ladies: CHANTI NIVEN and DESIREE LUETHY ChantiNiven.comPlease check our facebook page for more info and "LIKE US" LUETHY is the Chief Operating Officer and trainer for the Captivating Speakers and Captivati ...…
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