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Smash the traditional career ladder and build your own with advice from experts committed to helping you find the career success you desire.
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This week, co-host Diane K. Danielson hosts Laura Browne, also known as "The Raise Lady" to talk about how to approach your boss for raises and other perks at work. Laura is the author of "Raise Rules for Women: How To Make More Money At Work."
Diane K. Danielson will host Paige-Arnof-Fenn, CEO of Mavens & Moguls LLC, an international marketing firm. This week, they'll be talking about mentors, partners, and advisors: how to build the relationships that matter.
This week, Diane K. Danielson hosts Polly Pearson, the Vice President of Employment Brand and Strategy Engagement at EMC, one of our countries fastest growing companies. We'll talk about how Polly is engaging everyone at EMC to build their "employment brand" as well as different ways EMC is using social media to recruit employees and interact w ...…
This week, Diane K. Danielson hosts author Robin Gerber, author of Eleanor v. Ike and Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt way. We'll be talking about Eleantor Roosevelt's unique leadership style, what we can learn from it and just how different our world might have been if she had been the first woman to run for president.…
This week, co-host, Diane K. Danielson, ceo of will feature guest, Karen Salmansohn ( Karen is the author of a number of books including her latest, The Bounce Back Book: How to Thrive in the Face of Adversity, Setbacks, and Losses.
This week, co-host Diane K. Danielson will have Peter Clayton of Total Picture Radio ( They'll be chatting about the growing use of video in social media and other hot career trends.
This week's guest will be Attorney, Leanna Hamill who will talk with cohost, Diane K. Danielson about how she uses blogging and other social media to boost her business. More about Leanna at:
This week, co-host, Diane K. Danielson hosts author and negotiation expert, Carol Frohlinger to discuss how to use negotiation to your advantage in the workplace.
This week co-host Diane K. Danielson, CEO of, talks with guest Alexandra Levit, author of the new book "How'd You Score That Gig?" Alexandra will take us inside the privileged world of those who hold their dream jobs (but who are also just like you and me) and outline the exact steps you can take to join them.…
Join co-host Diane K. Danielson and her guest, author, Joanne Gordon of Be Happy At Work: 100 Women Who Love Their Jobs, and Why. They'll be discussing ways to find happiness in your career, or signs you should make a change.
This week, Diane K. Danielson will host Hannah Seligson, author of New Girl on the Job: Advice from the Trenches. Our topic will be Disaster Planning, Proofing, and Recovery. Sometimes our careers don't go the way we would like. Hannah and Diane will provide tips to keep you moving forward.
This week, Diane K. Danielson is joined by Lyn Chamberlin, founder and principal partner of skye|PR to talk about personal branding and your career. Lyn is an Emmy-award winning television producer. She has more than twenty years of experience in the design and execution of strategic public relations programs, sales training and leadership coac ...…
Social Media - What You Need to Know and Why with Guest,Lena West, CEO of XynoMedia. Lena joins host Diane K. Danielson to talk about what you need to know about social media. Blogs, social networks, podcasts and online video are here to stay and they're infiltrating the workplace. Lena and Diane will chat about what changes are going on in cor ...…
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