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Radio Diaries
First-person diaries, sound portraits, and hidden chapters of history from Peabody Award-winning producer Joe Richman and the Radio Diaries team. From teenagers to octogenarians, prisoners to prison guards, bra saleswomen to lighthouse keepers. The extraordinary stories of ordinary life. Radio Diaries is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. Learn more at
The Dirtbag Diaries
This is what adventure sounds like. Writer Fitz Cahall presents stories from unclimbed cliff faces, wind-swept ridges and the people who call the mountains their home.
Darknet Diaries
Explore the dark side of the Internet with host Jack Rhysider as he takes you on a journey through the chilling world of privacy hacks, data breaches, and cyber crime. The masterful criminal hackers who dwell on the dark side show us just how vulnerable we all are.
Face the Nation Diary brings you the latest political news and analysis from CBS News’ John Dickerson. Subscribe for the latest on what’s going on in Washington, around the country, and across the globe - and how it could impact you
An overview of the The Vampire Diaries television series.
StartUp Diary
Get the inside scoop of what it's like to build a business from scratch to a ten person team. It's not all pretty, but it's real.
We are the girls of The Holistic Health to inspire you to live for the greener good by eating more greens, living more green, & spending your green responsibly!
Diary Of A Madman
The recorded diary entries of a person known only as "the madman."
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Swinger Diaries
Have we got a story for you...
Jaime and Krista are headed to Mystic Falls! Once again, Krista is going into this adventure unspoiled, while Jaime has seen the whole series. Get those Daylight Rings on, and stock up on the vervain because we're headed for some vampires!
Radio Diaries
First-person diaries, sound portraits, and hidden chapters of history from Peabody Award-winning producer Joe Richman and the Radio Diaries team. From teenagers to octogenarians, prisoners to prison guards, bra saleswomen to lighthouse keepers. The extraordinary stories of ordinary life. Radio Diaries is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. Learn more at
Depression Diary
WARNING: I try to talk openly and honestly about my depression. I think talking about my depression in so much detail may trigger peoples' depression or make it worse. everything else I want to say, or am ready to say, is in the podcast.
Jen Kirkman sits in bed, talks to you, well into a microphone about what's on her mind.
Radio Diaries
First-person diaries, sound portraits, and hidden chapters of history from Peabody Award-winning producer Joe Richman and the Radio Diaries team. From teenagers to octogenarians, prisoners to prison guards, bra saleswomen to lighthouse keepers. The extraordinary stories of ordinary life. Radio Diaries is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. Learn more at
The Diary Of A CEO
A few years ago I was a broke, university dropout, living in one of the worst parts of the country, alone, with nothing but a laptop & a dream. Fast forward a few years, I’m the 25 year old CEO of one of the UK’s fastest growing companies, and that company is called Social Chain.My world is intense, sometimes crazy, always challenging and always unpredictable.This podcast is simple, every Sunday I’m going to share my personal diary with you and I want to give you an insight into what it’s li ...
Welcome to the Cashflow Diary, where new and experienced investors come to take confident action towards their goals. Your host is a family man, a real estate entrepreneur, investor, coach and instructor. As a master facilitator of Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow 101 game, he’s inspired many to begin their journey into creating cashflow for themselves and their families. Mr. J. Massey has nearly a decade of experience in the areas of financial services and real estate. He currently serves as Pres ...
Muni Diaries
The Muni Diaries podcast is where you'll hear true stories that happened on public transportation in San Francisco and the Bay Area, presented by the editors of Since our launch in 2008, we've gathered stories from over 4000 transit riders. Riding the bus with a black crow on your shoulder? Eating a pint of ice cream with the butt end of a lighter on the N-Judah? Exchanging the fine points of making a perfect lumpia with your bus driver’s mom? These are just a few of the eve ...
In 2005 a 13 year old Laura Kirk started writing a diary, chronicling her life in a small town just north of London famed for a beautiful cinema and a 12th century castle built by William the Conquerer’s half-brother. Her adolescence in Berkhamsted was a fairly quiet life of school, boys, MSN usernames, sport, growing up awkwardly and using words like 'phwoar' and 'lush'. Laura kept a diary for six years, right up until she went to university. Now, along with her friend (unhelpfully, also ca ...
This podcast contains the continuing audio journal of Samuel J. Tannin, Commonwealth resident, as he tries to find the people who killed his wife and took his child from Vault 111.
Every week Abby discusses what’s been going on in her life, talking about living as a transgender woman in today’s culture. Finding doctors, dealing with microaggressions, family, and much much more. Each show she discusses the top new stories in the LGBTQ and Trans circles, encouraging critical thinking on major issues rather than pushing opinions and conclusions onto others. This show strives to be less of an activism fueled production and more of an educational production.
In the face of a smear campaign by the International Department of Superhuman Oversight, Adira Collins, aka Forge, releases her audio journal in a bimonthly podcast.
Flash Diaries
Nick and Charlie of Diaries fame take on the CW's The Flash, as well as all the DC comic universe on CW, including Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.
Crime Diaries
Crime Diaries is a podcast primarily centered around "glamourized" crime, wealth, fame & relationships that turn deadly.
Scott Johnson talks about his life!
A practical Kabbalist is consciously separating his two personalities into unification as per the spiritual tradition of his ancestors. (Reality Podcast, 21+)
War Diary WWII
A bi-weekly podcast read from the diary of Edward R Kofke recording his experience in World War II as the tail gunner of a B-24 Liberator, the 'Shoo-Shoo Baby'.As part of the 779th squadron of the 464th' Bomb Group - 15th Army Air Force, Kofke and his crew survived 50 dangerous missions over hostile NAZI targets from Italy in 1944-1945.
Dream Diary
In 2004, someone releases a weird video game... then disappears. Over the years the game will spawn a passionate fan base, inspire a new genre, and change lives. For more than a decade, fans will search to no avail for its enigmatic creator. Until the start of 2018, when something unexpected happens... Whether you’re a big indie game fan or barely play games at all; whether you’re looking for podcasts like Serial and S-Town to scratch that itch or are simply interested in the psychology of f ...
The first-ever adult title on "Diary of an S and M Romance" is the true story of a young widow reclaiming her life in a red-hot world of kinky sex. She's a feminist doing things that many feminists would consider beastly, and loving every second of it. In "Diary of an S and M Romance", Dollie Llama explores the complex connections between romantic sweetness and furious, nasty sex. Part introspective journey of discovery, part tender love story. Part manifesto of empowerment, ...
Desert Lady Diaries is a weekly 30-minute interview with women who live in the desert. Find out why they came, what they do here and why they stay.
A spoken journal from a bad bitch, about her feelings, experiences, and everyday things. This podcast is on life from the eyes, mind, heart, and soul of a 25-year-old female, who is searching. For what? She's figuring that out...they do say though, "what's yours shall not pass you". So with all that said, and you already being here, click play.Watch the visuals for each episode on Youtube and Facebook.#diaryofabadbitch
History is never quite as real as when it is told by those who live it. The Diary of Ruby Side Thompson, who lived from 1884 - 1970, tells her story as an English housewife and mother of seven sons living in Romford, London during World War II - her revelations on the war and daily life. Produced by
diary of fate
Diary of Fate is a mystery and horror program where Fate narrates and always wins by the end of the story. These are great suspense filled stories about average people who are subject to the mysteries of their Fate.
The Rose Hill Diaries is a radio-drama style show following our narrator, Zedediah Stone, as he investigates the mysterious inner workings of the now-shuttered Rose Hill Asylum for the Mentally Insane. Zed thinks he knows what he's getting himself into, but not everything on the grounds of Rose Hill is what it seems...
World War I was one of the most savage and brutal wars in human history. There were millions of deaths and the tragedy was compounded by the fact that these were all young men in the flower of youth. Both sides suffered heavy losses and this war is also notable for being one in which many new and terrible weapons were introduced by both to slaughter each other. Gallipoli Diary by John Graham Gillam is one of the many personal narratives written by survivors of this bloody conflict. Published ...
Nightshade Diary
Podcast and video versions of classic ghost stories, urban myths, folklore and more.
Every week Abby discusses what’s been going on in her life, talking about living as a transgender woman in today’s culture. Finding doctors, dealing with microaggressions, family, and much much more. Each show she discusses the top new stories in the LGBTQ and Trans circles, encouraging critical thinking on major issues rather than pushing opinions and conclusions onto others. This show strives to be less of an activism fueled production and more of an educational production.
The Social Entrepreneurship Diaries is a podcast about social entrepreneurship, focusing on European practices and research. In Europe, there is a fascinating diversity within the Third Sector / Social Economy / Solidarity Economy / Social Enterprise and Social Innovation fields. Andreia Barbosa, a journalist and writer in quest of ideas for sustainable, ecological and inclusive ways of life, brings you a personal account of her discoveries in these fields. Co-produced by SE.lab, EMES Intern ...
Unpublished memoirs of WW2 comrades. Dunkirk, N.Africa, Sicily, D-Day; Interviews & memoirs. Infantrymen, Engineers, Lancasters, Ships’ Captains & more. WWII.
Verbal Diary
A tech podcast by two people who don't really do tech anymore, Si Jobling and James Norton
My Internet Diary
Welcome to My Internet Diary, hosted by Jordan Daniel.Join us as we take an in depth and unqualified look into the internet searches of our guests. Each week we click the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button of their minds to find the sometimes weird, but always wonderful, reasons behind each search.
DC Diary
Hear firsthand from Washington, DC politicos on what it's really like to live and work in this town.
Get the true story of Adam and Eve, straight from the source. This humorous text is a day-to-day account of Adam’s life from happiness in the “GARDEN-OF-EDEN” to their fall from grace and the events thereafter. Learn how Eve caught the infant Cain, and Adam takes some time to learn exactly what it is.
Six Sided Diaries
A group of six adult folks get together to play pretend nerd barbies. Join our adventurers on an original quest to solve a mysterious illness plaguing the town of Breyburn. Watch as they fumble awkwardly along and destroy any plans a DM may have prepared. Will this strange assortment of travelers be able to solve this mystery, or will they perish in astonishingly foolish ways due to poor dice rolls? Find out on Six Sided Diaries!
Timeless Diaries
A weekly podcast about the NBC tv show Timeless.
Hijabi Diaries
The Hijabi Diaries: Muslim women, speaking for themselves. The Hijabi Diaries is a radio podcast that invites ordinary Muslim women to talk about their lives, their work, their families, their dreams, why they wear the hijab, and what it's like to be a Muslim woman in America at this moment in time - when Islamophobic prejudice is on the rise in the USA.
Introducing the 1st food podcast from Dubai with a focus on food stories from the city and the surrounding region. Hosted by Arva and Farida Ahmed, sisters behind Dubai's original food and culture tourism venture, Frying Pan Adventures - Follow our journey by subscribing over iTunes, Stitchr, Sound Cloud or Google Play Music - or just visit us right here, at, for our latest episodes.
Practical down-to-earth gardening advice for the amateur gardener. Plus interviews with gardening personalities and visits to events and gardens. Presented by popular YouTube gardener Sean James Cameron, Binaural Diaries is my collection of field recordings, or ‘sound photographs’.Much of this work is created using a technique called 'binaural recording'. This is a method of recording sound that uses two microphones, arranged with the intent to create a 3-D stereo sound sensation for the listener of actually being in the environment that was captured. Listen using headphones to enjoy this effect.My current field recording setup comprises of a pair of Sound Pro ...
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This week's brand new Anger Diary ... Crunch Crunch Crunch. Get every Anger DIary on demand 24-7 at
In this episode, I discuss how my attitude changes have been coming along, and how hanging on to negativity will wear you out. Listen Up!
Denver’s brand new Quarter back Casey Kreiter walked into the Denver Bronco’s office and sitting there was John Elway and he was interview a new quarter back! Bj said once he saw a note that said he was about to be fired, and Sean’s son had something happen, he read his GF diary and it said she was going to break up with him.. so he dumper her ...…
Director Mark AC Brown and actor David Whitney talk about how they made their new quite brilliant indie film Guardians. How Mark made a film for his degree but it was a great experiment and not to be seen again. How he wrote a feature script for Nu Image but the ‘Expendables’ ruined it and how it is best to write something to make yourself for ...…
Joe and Erik make this episode a documentary special, starting off with the new William Friedkin effort, The Devil and Father Amorth. More time is spent, though, on a few recent streaming TV nonfiction efforts, Wild Wild Country on Netflix and The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling on HBO.
hls presents "newport diaries" episode 3 by Hls habitual linesteppers
Ledge Party is cooking up more investment schemes. Bob’s incredible thoughts: Naps / sign language / Potato restaurant (7:30) Mercury Retrograde and Tax Day collide (21:00). Uber Diaries Update (23:50). Pop Culture Ann-alysis: True Thompson / Kanye’s Derelict line (32:10). Wheel of Web Content: Fitting in at a new job / Zac Efron (42:20). Hip h ...…
Ulie and guests Scott Rhodes (SuperSeven, Sandra West Diaries) and Phil Cook (Malice the web series) talk fan made homages to science fiction, fantasy and action/adventure movies and television series. Orginially aired January 21, 2017 on WERA 96.7.
As a singer and songwriter i do have a lot to say!Tiny diaries i am going to share with you!
Evolve! Nurturing the New in Consciousness, the Arts, and Culture hosted by : Robin White Turtle Lysne, M.A., M.F.A., Ph.D. Evolve! brings you people and ideas on the cutting edge of change opening the shells of the past to move our culture into the now. We are all in great need of sustainable ideas for change. The arts and evolving consciousne ...…
In this episode, we talk about why committing to time is the first commitment that needs to be made before any change. And what happens if you DON'T commit to the proper amount of time. Don't miss this show, it will help you forever. Listen Up!
Harry gets sucked into the diary! Special Guest: Dueling Genre Boss-Man, Scott Carelli! You can find us at or Email us at Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Or join our Facebook Group: Harry Potter Minute and the Listener’s Army If you’d like to show your support, you can find us on Pat ...…
Our approach to starting a new business. We reveal how we started selling products online and sharing all our learnings along the way. The often perceived huge hurdle of just starting and how you can use the tools available to quickly move from an initial idea to an online business. The mindset required to start any business and practical tips ...…
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With Google Sheet's sharing capabilities and some solid, easy-to-use templates, you can stay on top of your budget, schedule, to-do list, and more. use Microsoft Excel to manage your life template gallery Vertex gallery Vertex template gallery Chrome add-on dropdown menus might opt for ...…
On this week's Pop Culture podcast, hosts Jordan Lee, Sarah Diaz and Austin Saunders are joined by Executive Producer of the show Ben Goodman for a talk about WrestleMania! We also get Sarah's Pop Culture News of the Week, Jordan's Music Corner, and our weekly Pop Culture Recommendations of the WeekPop Culture recommendations of the week:Sarah: ...…
Dealing with Broke, Lonely, Angry & Horny. How I over compensated abd left myself neglected.What is Broke,Lonely, Angry & Horny?
Louisiana Tech strength and conditioning coach Kurt Hester joined The Hot Route for a special edition of Boston Scott's NFL Draft Diary series. He talked about Scott's arrival in Ruston in 2013 and flipping the switch on his mental toughness.
This week’s guest truly believes in doing what you love without compromise. Jenipher Lyn had always been a creative force, using her creative energies to make and sell jewelry at an early age, but she found her voice as an illustrator during a challenging time in her life. From then, she discovered her purpose was not only to create but to enco ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Dark Secret LoveSubtitle: A Story of SubmissionAuthor: Alison TylerNarrator: Rebecca EstrellaFormat: UnabridgedLength: 6 hrs and 28 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 09-13-13Publisher: Insatiable Press LimitedRatings: 4 of 5 out of 38 votesGenres: Erot ...…
Erin Gruwell welcomes you to the inaugural episode of the Freedom Writers Podcast! Carlos, one of Ms. G's first students, tells a story about a moment in class that changed his life forever. It started with a drawing, an embarrassed classmate, and a question that surprised everyone: "What is the Holocaust?" Then Erin shares a harrowing discussi ...…
Dr Mark Goulston wrote the book I wish I'd written, "Just Listen". He also wrote the other book I wish I'd written, "Talking to Crazy". His work has affected millions of people directly. He is a psychiatrist, has trained hostage negotiators, hobnobbed with the good and the great and his work is a powerful addition to any salesperson or sales ma ...…
Comics FRED STOLLER, JOE DEVITO AND AARON BERG. Plus Congressman Ted Lieu's Chief of Staff MARC CEVASCO. Comic, Actor, and Author Wayne Federman played Garry Shandling's brother on "The Larry Sanders Show" and is one of the producers of the new Judd Apatow HBO documentary "The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling" which explores Garry's lifelong purs ...…
This week we spiked our coffee with butter-shots and explored what April Fool's Day is all about. Come hang with us as we chat about unique theories, ultimate "dad jokes", and a cool thing called a spaghetti tree.
An interactive podcast series for bloggers and photographers. This episode focuses on working with blogger agencies. Upcoming episodes will feature topics raised by listeners. Follow the show on Twitter: @MyCoffeeDiaries and you can also find me on Twitter and Instagram: @mossonyi.
We go back to the basics! Flave and Errik swap notes on some fundamental game mechanics and discuss how they get the most out of them. Also featured ⇒ squad play, what went right since last episode, and what went horribly wrong. Talked about during the show: ↪ Diary of Robert L Mackay Find us on Twitter @AfflictedCast or email us at sufficientl ...…
Jess and Andrew took a trip to the movies to see "Ready Player One", "Love, Simon", and "Isle of Dogs". Wish that we could say we loved all three of these, but that would be a gigantic lie. Warning: Andrew might go "full rant mode" during the "Isle of Dogs" review. Our conversation is at least twice as entertaining as the film. AndrewWatchesMov ...…
It’s one of the greatest hoaxes in history. How did one man make millions by fooling journalists across the globe into believing he had the authentic diaries of Adolf Hitler? And, in the spirit of this ultimately useless purchase, we discuss some of the strangest items you can buy on the internet. Let me tell ya, that gets interesting.…
Halloooo, Neighbors! It almost feels like spring..sort of. This week, the neighbors convene to discuss the Roseanne reboot; Judd Apatow's The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling on HBO; Jamie Lee Curtis's new activism; new Dr. Katz episodes on Audible; and the Best Worst Thing We Saw This Week. And of course, the mystery to end all mysteries---Who B ...…
Mandeville, LA, The Mike Church Show – Season 2, Episode 561. Stations of the Cross read by James Matthew Wilson (Introduction) You can follow along at the Clarion Review Follow him @JMWSPT Listen to complete stations by subscribing today! How Do I Listen To The Mike Church Show, When It’s Live? Click Here! |... Read More…
Mandeville, LA, The Mike Church Show – Season 2, Episode 561. HEADLINE: “France Honors a Catholic Soldier Murdered by a Terrorist” by Marie Meaney • Gendarmerie – formed in 1791 • His group responds to terrorist attacks. • Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame then took the unusual step of offering himself in exchange for the remaining hostage.... ...…
Mandeville, LA, The Mike Church Show – Season 2, Episode 561. HEADLINE: “Tyranny Comes Home: The Domestic Fate of U.S. Militarism” by Christopher J. Coyne & Abigail R. Hall • What freedom did that dead soldier gain for you? • Is there an invasion of San Diego beach coming I don’t know about? • How... Read More…
J.P. Devine shares memorable moments of Easters past, from vomiting and illness to traditional dinners and life partners.
Chaz talks to Carly who has the opposite problem of diarrhea. Stick around for the suprise ending! Andy joins Chaz as they interview Brandon who poops his pants with help. Is the juice worth the squeeze?
Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents a vodcast for your insider look into the day to day reporting of the hottest scoops, exclusives and reports from the leading reporters in the industry on all things movie news! It’s Popcorn Talk Network’s Meet the Movie Press, hosted by The Tracking Board’s Jeff Sneider and Forbes’s Simon Thompson. Each wee ...…
Today we look at board game design based on the word "never-never land". : an ideal or imaginary place
'IT'S ERIK NAGEL' with MATT OG & GITTLES INTRO [0:00:00] Intro SEGMENT 01 [0:01:44] 'Toys R Us' update. Brick & mortar music stores. Homestar Runner / Strongbad. Don Imus retires. National 'Air Sex' competition. Unboxing a real doll. Don Imus signs off. BREAK [1:13:16] Break BONUS [1:15:47] Bonus Segment SEGMENT 02 [1:20:09] TV/Movie updates. ' ...…
Douglas Winiarski answers your questions about religion in early New England with details from his book, Darkness Falls on the Land of Light: Experiencing Religious Awakenings in Eighteenth-Century New England. Darkness Falls on the Land of Light is the story of how ordinary New Englanders living through extraordinary times ended up giving birt ...…
Amanda’s Picture Show A Go Go Episode 143: Celluloid Ceiling-Home Again (2017) Amanda and Justine are back with another edition of the Celluloid Ceiling. This time they discuss triple F-rated Rom Com, Home Again. Justine points out the level of privilege the characters in the film have, Amanda is reminded of Bridget Jones’s Diary and both ladie ...…
This week we have another packed show, Weird news, electrifying penises, and a story of two friends who's identities we kept to ourselves to protect the dirty.
OK, it took a few hours and I basically put this episode through a wood chipper to make it fit. With a whole 0.51999999999998 MB’s to spare, here it is. I trimmed out almost ten minutes. Anyway, I’d like to say in writing, thanks for listening! Tim Flood: Host, GM Adam Conrad: Wavelength B. Nicholas Earl: Mr. Bowregaurde Sam D’Antuono: Coach Ra ...…
The Easter bank holiday is upon us, work is crazy but we wanted to jump on the mics and give you all a bit of a conversational podcast for the weekend. We talk busy schedules, TV, podcasts and... Porn Hub?!
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