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Books,Dragons,and Diet Coke; book club and panel
Podcast for Books,Dragons,and Diet coke blog. We discuss a monthly book for our book club and even have a bi weekly pod on what we are currently interested in.
Talk Fit
Like to talk fitness? Do you need inspiration to achieve your weight loss or fitness goals? Then you have come to the right place!
Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast
Melanie Fletcher, Jerry J. Davis, Patrick Gaik and Stacy the News Anchor talk about day jobs, night jobs, writing, reading, SF, fantasy, sex, anime, movies, TV, beer, coffee, Diet Coke with Lime and whatever else passes through their tiny little minds.
The Gnerd Podcast
Terry Blas is a gnerd (gay + nerd) and has friends that share in his gnerdiness. He is the writer and illustrator for the webcomic Briar Hollow. When he is not drawing, he is watching either Star Trek, Doctor Who or My Little Pony, drinking Diet Coke, reading comics or being a geek about television shows that cast former Buffy cast members. Together with his domestic-partner-in-crime Colin, they talk about comics, video games, gay news, movies. Co-hosts include various friends who sometimes ...
VeeJay The DeeJay
It all started in a McDonald's in Brooklyn, NY while eating a quarter pounder with cheese, no pickles, super sized with a diet coke.VeeJay, the young disc jockey born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, started pursuing his DeeJay career since 1999 and started no different than any other DeeJay's in this world, mixing at home and enjoying his hobby. As he listened to favorites such as Alex Sensation, DeeJay Precise, DeeJay Lobo and other major DeeJay's, DeeJay Uneak started taking his hobby to anoth ...
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Welcome to part two of our Super Bowl special! We've got a ton of ads to go through, including spots from Kia, Diet Coke, Budweiser, Intuit, T-Mobile, Netflix, and much more. If you like this episode, let us know! Leave us a review wherever you're listening. It would mean the world to us. Show notes: ...…
Jen & Kyle discuss the problems of The Hobbit, try out a new Diet Coke & celebrate episode #50 by looking back at some moments from the past.
Week 79 of the breaking point and we are back at it learning about some of the strangest things on this Earth. Diet Coke apparently makes you live forever and Full Article »
Love From New York, We Did Saturdays Right.
Kate and Noah get snowed in and taste test the new diet coke flavors. They then discuss the mixed reviewed episode of Jessica Chastain and musical guest Troye Sivan. Get 'em, Hoss! Rate and review us on ITunes for a chance to star in your own gothrotica story written by Noah. @luvfromny…
Our Brains Unsupervised
In this episode we stumble over our words while discussing Mentos in Diet Coke, Flat Earthers 3.0, branding livers, Scooby Doo, failing at operating doors, how to be elected to political office without running for office, the Lions stadium disappoints one last time, playing with fireworks, all the ways we attempted to put each other in the hosp ...…
Comedian and writer Shelby Fero joins the show to discuss types of gum, types of Diet Coke, Rachel Ray/Roy, and eventually, "Jessie's Girl", Rick Springfield's romantic ode to (????)! UNPUNCHABLE JAMS: "Unforgettable" by French Montana ft. Swae Lee, "Who Can It Be Now" by Men At Work, "There There" by Radiohead…
Richard Dixon talks about the TJ Maxx 22-pound bag of candy, Artisan Diet Coke, Nestle looking to sell, the transformer fire at Newark Airport, and the Big Stupid Question of the Day!
She's a mom, she's a small business owner, and she happens to be one of Dana & Jayson's biggest fans, and most vocal critics. Anytime we 'miss' something on the show that SHE thinks we should have talked about, we can expect a phone call from the Real Housewife of Encinitas. This morning, she weighed in on Diet Coke's new marketing strategy.…
Diet Coke is introducing some new millenial-friendly flavors. #Coke #DietCoke #flavors #marketing #millenials #CokeZero #CocaCola #drinks #beverages #advertising #diets #health
WBV Comedy Podcast
WBV Podcast 103: Kars for Kids, How we met, Nicole get me a Diet Coke, Choose your WBV FB post and much more... Subscribe on iTunes Like on Facebook Twitter: @wbvpodcast Instagram: wbvpodcast Feedback and show suggestions:
Ever gone shopping for someone else and decided you deserved a gift too? In this episode, Mel and Dan explore the dark side of altruism, and how the decisions we make are often guided by a desire to balance out our emotional states.
In this episode, we talk about Apple AirPods as a fitness tracker, nutrition trends for 2018, and Diet Coke vs. Sweet Tea.
Too much bullying in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!? More to the Moore Defeat than just abuse allegations. President Trump really likes Diet Coke.
On episode 15 of the Puhr Report, Andrew is back bringing all the news worth sharing. From Christopher Plummer's Golden Globe nomination, Al Franken's resignation, Trump's Diet Coke Addiction, The Thomas Fire, and the recent New York terrorist attack. Help support us by becoming a Patron! Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Podbean! Get us on Sti ...…
Double-click any word for Google translator Protests over Jerusalem Source: The New York Times Nabil Mounzer/European Pressphoto Agency Although the protests in Palestinian territories decreased, rallies in cities across the world denounced President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In Sweden, a masked gang hurled Mo ...…
Is @DietCoke bad for you @DoctorKarl?‏#woodfordfolkfest @WoodfordFF @drkarl @woodfordfolkfestival
Marley tries to get some food in her diet coke. We drink pickle coke. Who knew about Matt Lauer? Star Wars and American Idol promo is very cringeworthy. This is Us upadate. We still love Curb Your Enthusiasm. A guy shares an embarrassing photo with his mother. What women won't show you at the workplace.…
Dueling Genre Productions
Shaun walks to the shop and picks up a diet coke and a Cornetto. GUEST: Ali Colluccio Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Join our Listener Group: The Cornetto Minute Listener’s Pub Support us on Patreon! Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producer: Ed Foster
The Regained Wellness Podcast - Your Path to Health, Fitness & Weight Loss
Alright, all you coke heads out there this one for you! Wait, that came out wrong. Coke Zero Sugar is a “new” product that capitalizes on the diet soft drink market and takes the reigns from Coke Zero. Is Coke Zero Sugar healthy you might ask? Well yes and no and that’s what this podcast […] The post RW 134: Is Coke Zero Sugar Healthy? appeared ...…
This week’s interview is with Brian Louden and Jon Lung, the new hosts of Discovery's Mythbusters. Mythbusters, as you probably know, is the popular show that aims to uncover the truth behind myths and legends, by mixing scientific method with ingenuity and experimentation. Mythbusters has taken on the big questions of our time, like Can combin ...…
Kara Goldin broke her Diet Coke habit by making her water "less boring" by putting fruit in it. It was the ‘aha’ moment that lost her 50 unwanted pounds and built a $100m company destined to be a $1bn unicorn. Kara is founder and CEO of hint®, a healthy lifestyle brand that produces unsweetened water, and now a sunscreen spray without harmful o ...…
The Name of the Pod - A Babylon 5 Podcast
Synopsis: In which the planet Babylon 5 orbits around begins revealing its ancient secrets, setting off a power struggle over who will control it. Lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5 page on “Voice in the Wilderness part 1” And part 2: I ...…
Aditya on family business, the aviation industry, and his dating life in NYC as a John Belushi lookalike. Sam and Bonner join to discuss the origin story of Sup in Business. 4:00 Adita has the lowest Uber rating in NYC. Aditya’s Uber rating is so low because he takes one for the team (aka his drunk friends) 6:40 Yankees are back! And actually l ...…
Weapon of Self-Distraction™ Podcast
The growth of streaming music = growth for the music business; comedian Ralphie May dies...Pluto didn't throw up while I was gone this weekend and there's nothing like a McDonald's fountain Diet Coke. Visit and
Weapon of Self-Distraction™ Podcast
The growth of streaming music = growth for the music business; comedian Ralphie May dies...Pluto didn't throw up while I was gone this weekend and there's nothing like a McDonald's fountain Diet Coke. Visit and
The Small YouTuber Podcast - Find Awesome Small YouTube Channels
In the eighth episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast, I talk to a small Australian YouTuber and competitive eater, James from Jamoefro. James’ channel is based primarily on crazy challenge videos from spraying himself in the eyes with homemade pepper spray to eating boiled mountain dew! His channel is unique in the fact that unlike other challen ...…
The Small YouTuber Podcast - Find Awesome Small YouTube Channels
This very special episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast was recorded at the first ever VidCon Australia! It was such an awesome event and I got to meet so many amazing YouTube creators. In this episode, I ask some fellow small YouTubers “What’s your favourite thing about being a small YouTube Creator?” I loved making this episode because I was ...…
Level-Up Fitness Geeks
This episode, we talk about artificial sweeteners: the good the bad and the ugly.
Shut Up and Eat This
What makes them chewy? What makes them sweet? What makes them so angry at diet coke? Why was the vending machine so reluctant to give them to me? Ellen sits down with a friend to chat about (and experiment with) Mentos. Shownotes: Chat to me! // // ...…
Rat Watch: The Podcasts By Rats for Rats
Episode 1 of Rat Watch: Cars 3 spoilers, alternative title "Lick My Nips." NSFW?Sheika and Charlotte eat cake through-out the recording, went to see Cars 3, Charlotte spilled diet coke everywhere, Sheika dropped cake on the floor and they see a total of 3 rats.To experience sexy Jollibee for yourself:…
Dusty is back, Scar is hungover, and Brock is all jacked up on Diet Coke. Join the boys as they discuss their weekends, the eclipse, Nevada Derbyville repping the SBTB colors, and then they go Coast 2 Coast.
Atomic Rubbish
Gabe is back. Michael Rapaport rocks the cold open with another rant. Steve Bannon is out! Pat Robertson has an owie. Ric Flair is in the I.C. WOO! What is psoriasis yogurt? What is the Rob Lowe of food? Who is the Diet Coke of Racists, and what is a Hick-spanic? Find out on this week's Episode of the Atomic Rubbish as we try to shellac the wor ...…
BITCHIN' BREW IS BACK! In the first episode as an independent podcast, Danny sits down for a cup of lapsang souchong and a chat with videographer, journalist and self-described 'Diet Coke fiend', Jamie Hölker.Bases covered on this podcast include genealogy, Danny Dyer, late 90s pop music, McDonald's breakfasts, being unfashionably late to the T ...…
Childhood fistfights, working like an immigrant, Diet Coke before lethal injection, sex > coffee, self efficacy, fitness myths, the sequined butt trend and good Jewish girls. 🔥 @syattfitness
Flight Attendants hate when passengers order diet cokes on flights
Jay Towers in the Morning
Mr. Lister's Quiz Shootout was a tough one today!! Find out who wins. We also put Allyson to the test with Coke Zero vs. Diet Coke. Enjoy the show!
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