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Deniece Senter Ministries
Prophetess Deniece E. Senter, Founder of Dinah International Ministries. Prophetess Deniece E. Senter, is a Desert Storm Veteran, attended Luther Bible College. She is SenterChord Publishing's Best-Selling Author and an International Speaker. The Lord has commanded her to “Go and get His Dinah's-" hurting, abused and forgotten women (Gen. 34th Chapter). ​Prophetess Deniece E. Senter is a native of Chicago, Illinois and often testifies about her difficult childhood. Deniece was sexually, phys ...
While You Are Single Podcast
O. J. Toks is the happy husband of Dana. He is the founder and president of O. J. Toks Ministries, which presents and hosts While You Are Single, both a podcast and worship service for singles. Toks is also the author of While You Are Single: A Guide to Finding and Keeping the Right Mate for Your Life, and Rejected for a Purpose: How God Uses Rejection to Help You Find and Fulfill Your Destiny. His mission is to inform and inspire people to find and fulfill God's purpose in every aspect of t ...
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Foster magnificent joy, ever-present and arising within you. Join Rev. Evelyn as she talks with Rev. Dinah Chapman, founder of Joy Abundantly Expressing, about what joy is, what it means, and how it expresses through her ministry, the music, her life. Rev. Dinah shares her inspiration, her Call of Spirit, and how her joy played a part on her jo ...…
Heroes and Villains of the Bible
One century earlier, God had met with Abraham and said, “Now, your descendants will spend four hundred years in Egypt in bondage before I will bring them out as a nation.” And this is the beginning point of that period of time. So, God goes over the promises, restates to Jacob now what He’s promised to Abraham and to Isaac and again to Jacob hi ...…
Touching the Stillness
Our beloved host celebrates three years on air this week, and in honor of this milestone, she is featuring Touching the Stillness listener Dinah Chapman who, inspired by the work of this broadcast and our host's prayer and meditation ministry, created a tribute song and included it on her new album.By Rev. Paulette Pipe.
Fourth Sunday in Lent Let’s talk about God. What kind of God do we worship? That question is by no means frivolous. In fact, it is a matter of life and death, because the kind of God that we worship determines how we live our lives, how we face our deaths, and how we laugh with God through it all. As Jesus told the Parable of the Prodigal Son, ...…
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