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Discusión iOS
Tu canal de tecnología y del Mundo Apple en español donde disfrutaras de debates y temas de los que tantos gustan con un pastel de humor y la seriedad que tanto nos caracteriza.
HMMR Podcast
Strength and conditioning talk with Nick Garcia and Martin Bingisser of HMMR Media.
We discus Strange Things
A brother and a sis discussing movies, books, TV shows, whatever else we want! :)
Brandon Laws and Dan Ziehl share a love of movies, TV shows, and sports and they discuss the world of entertainment on Talkin' Entertainment from Rip City. Oh yeah, and they love the Portland Trail Blazers.
Join us every week for the St. Tom's RCIA class as we discus the Catholic Church, her teachings, and what it means to be Catholic.
R U Awake
A political journal and discussion from a layman's libertarian standpoint
A popular D-STAR net where we discus and help advance the understanding of D-STAR
Dave Koss & Matt Milstead of the tutorial website discus the world of Cinema 4D and Motion Graphics. Regular topics are anything from Cinema 4D tips & tricks to features & woes. After Effects, Render Engines like Octane and Vray, or even Hardware configurations. We'll even get into industry discussions like clients, contracts, and work efficiency. Join us at least once a month while we catch up on what we've learned and what we're learning.
Comedy Troupe in NYC with lots of time to watch and discuss TV and Movies. X_FILES PODCAST: 2 Philes and A New BornLong time X-Files fans Walt Frasier and Laurice Fattal are joined by fellow improv comedian and baby-phile new comer Patrick Reidy. Together Walt, Laurice and Pat rewatch and discuss episodes of the series as well as its impact while visiting 1990s memory lane.INDIE FAN BOY: Walt Frasier hosts fellow comedy geeks discusing everything superhero and sci-fi.
Six Pack Philosophy is a show about the philisophical side of politics in America. American politics were first developed as a political philosophy discussed in taverns between great men over great beers. Join us as we discuss history, politics, economics, philosophy, and beer. Every episode we pick a topic to discus and rate a beer. All beer ratings are posted on our website with references for the history and philosophy discussed in the show. Let’s take politics back to the philisophical r ...
God's Barn Church
Rev Michael Mitchell discuses topics for today's Christians
Entertainment at it's Best, Technology at it's Finest!
Entertainment at it's Best, Technology at it's Finest!
Conspiracy ?
Your host Scott Ryan and Tyler Charles discus the Super bowl half time shows, aliens, the government, satanic rituals , and lots more. No truthers here just a few local Grand Rapids Comedians talking about conspiracy's and throwing out a few of our own. so check out Conspiracy?
CoolinWithErnest shares personal experiences and discuses news/topics of our society.
The greatest, wittiest and most ridiculous Sabrina the Teenage Witch podcast in the realm!Join Phil Dean, Graham Riley and Chris Evans every Monday as they discus what made Sabrina so great and the 90s so ... unique!Follow us on twitter @sabrinawatch and search for Sabrina The Teenage Watch on Facebook to stay up to date and to get in touch!
Discusions about anything related to marine saltwater and reef tanks. Here we will discuss everything from basic Fish Only tank care to advanced reef system care. We will also discuss equipment and DIY type projects.
Happy Horror TIMe!
Tim Murdock discuses random topics with a variety of guests and will probably go off topic of horror films of all decades.
Tom and Conner discus all things League of Legends related.
Running Through It
Running Through it is about the art of running but it's also about so much more than running. Join me as I discus my coaching philosophies, my life philosophies, the sport of Track & Field, and genuinely dissect the intersection of all 3.
Balk Talk
Does the world need another sports podcast? We think so. Join Phillip, John and Ideen as they discus the world of sports, but mainly Denver sports.
Practical Lunacy
Discusions regarding politics and other current events with Luna, Storymaster, and Mikal
Wes Anderson sits down with composers to discus their music and the composers that inspired them to write music.
Gamer Radio
Join John and Alex each week as they discuses various video game topics.
Soccer is the most widely participated youth sport in America. With the burgeoning popularity of the sport, the Youth Soccer in America Podcast begins an educated discusion on all aspects of the game.
Nerds From Nowhere
What is a nerd? Someone who loves D&D, sci-fi, fantasy, and video games? While we at Nerds From Nowhere may love all of these things, we like to think of a nerd as someone who is passionate about something. So whether you are a sports nerd or a Star Wars nerd, a fishing nerd or an anime nerd, a music nerd or a science nerd, we want to share that passion and excitement with you. Join us as we discus all facets of nerd culture, even the ones you wouldn't normally associate with nerds.
this is a general football chat where I and sometimes guests talked about football topics for that week or issues which I would to discus
Grown Woman ISH
Welcome to the Grown Woman ISH podcast from Velvet and TrueLadyLeu. You will hear a variety of topics from sex to politics to health. This podcast is uncensored and unfiltered. On this podcast there will also be some guest speakers to provide expert advice. If you have any topics or situations you would like us to discus, please email
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Andrew Langer discuses several issues before Holly Harris comes in-studio to chat about justice reform. Plus, Justice and Drew talk about student walkouts and gun control protests.
Jeana Miller is a full time coach with Carmichael Training Systems (CTS). She is a wife and mother of 3 but still finds time to train, race, be a successful coach, and help run Non Dot Adventures. We sat down with her to discus all this and more. The post Jeana Miller appeared first on Freehub Podcast.…
In this episode Timmy T joins us! He is the other 1/3 of the “Sac”, our BBQ brother and all around good guy. We discus the “drive by Ribbing”, his time being a Roady with Metallica and Guns N’ Roses. We then go deep on life experiences, the untimely and tragic loss of his father and then, of course, shit stories……
The prominent Khalil Hachem discused the opioid crisis and mental health challenges with activist and pharmacist Ghada Abdallah, president and founder of C-ASIST Nancy Berry, and Imam Ibrahim Kazerooni of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn.Dr. Nasreen Suwan discused the best methods for parents to deal with mental health and opioid issue ...…
Say Hello to the Bald Guy, Bow to your King! This week, the guys discus the "Greatest Royal Rumble Ever" the road bumps for Rousey, and the year that was Drive By. Also, they give their thoughts on which match should close Wrestlemaina
Fianna Fáil Leader, Mícheál Martin joined Richard Curran from our Cork studio to discus the party re-shufflle.
The Astros begin the journey to go back to back versus the Rangers in a winning fashion earlier today. Listen to the boys discus the final roster cuts and will Yuli Gurriel be back sooner than we expected? We had a Ken Giles apperance today in a non-save situation. Let's just say it feels like October again. How did the AL West foes fare in the ...…
In this episode we try to discus a very slow week in all wrestling programs. But its not surprise with all big shows just a week away. So tune in to hear us scratch and crawl through the shows. But next week is the go home show for Wrestlemania. Tune in next week to find out what our picks will be for the matches. Trust me, you don't want to mi ...…
We discus Easter traditions. We have a special guest share with us the Easter story. We also go down memory road and share some fun stories from when we were young and spent time doing a Easter Cantata!
In this second of a two-part series, we continue to discus the book of Romans with Dr. Marshall Wicks. This time in the podcast we talk about Paul’s struggles with the flesh in Romans 7, what it means to be a living sacrifice in Romans 12, and answer the question: is God done with Israel?
The Cambridge Analytica controversy has shaken Facebook to its core. Its share price has dropped steeply, amid market worries that new regulations will impact on future performance. Given its European operations are regulated in Dublin, this places massive importance on the Irish authorities. Ian Kehoe and Jack Horgan-Jones discus the Facebook ...…
In this episode the gang discus Big Baby Drug Dealing private flight and Popeyes, Shannon Sharpe Blacks and Lebron, Ty Lue Health in our segments Take it To The Tape and Heat Check.Take That 4 Data!!
Es un “Variety Show” emitido en prime-time por las tardes en directo desde nuestros estudios en Madrid, de lunes a viernes a partir de las 18:30 GMT+1. El programa es interactivo, dinámico y didáctico, donde figuran tanto traducciones, expresiones, pronunciación, errores comunes, noticias y negocios, como el ya popular “By Request”, sección en ...…
We ask and discus: Is editing before and after pics ethical
In the ninth episode, we discus those single lines in the lyrics that reach out to us and make the song. There is a Spotify list for this one too, so be sure to hit it up and catch those lines for yourself. Spotify List Berk Reviews - A great podcast mentioned in this episode.
In this episode, my good friend Omar Cruz is joining me to discus his upcoming nuptials and wants to set his expectations of what he wants out of marriage. Lifesplaining – Episode 3
Marriage Ministry Discusion podcast by Word Alive Ministries Church
Elon Musk discuses the future of technology, in particular the current development of Tesla cars, Innovation, SpaceX transport, interplanetary travelling, Solar City, as well as Artificial Intelligence fears and interest.I personally, can't think of a better person to talk about the future of technology. Elon Musk has truly become the real Iron ...… Welcome to the Grown Woman ISH podcast from Velvet and TrueLadyLeu. You will hear a variety of topics from sex to politics to health. This podcast is uncensored and unfiltered. On this podcast there will also be some guest speakers to provide e ...… Welcome to the Grown Woman ISH podcast from Velvet and TrueLadyLeu. You will hear a variety of topics from sex to politics to health. This podcast is uncensored and unfiltered. On this podcast there will also be some guest speakers to provide ex ...…
Danny and Tommy Ryan catch up with Owen Allen and discus Akumina and how it fits into the picture with the Office 365 Digital Workplace ...
Back after a short break Steve Coughlin and Chris Fallica break down the entire NCAA bracket, make some picks, discuss some props and discuss where they agree and disagree. Plus discus some of Chris' upcoming travels including Vegas.
Welcome to another episode of the Live Your Potential podcast! In today's episode I share 7 tips for savoring the present moment. Yes! you are creating your future every day, but here I talk about doing so while savoring the moment. I’ve heard it said that, “yesterday, with all its successes and struggles, victories and failures, is gone foreve ...…
We flash back to out second recording of the year. Jenn was a little tipsy during the recording. We discus New Years resolutions * The death of doughnut day at Jenn & Johann's work * How marriage effects friendships * Is pouring out your coffee littering
Welcome back for another episode of the GGtMC!!! THis week Todd and Large William discus two more picks from the listeners, they chat about Akira (1988) directed by Katsuhiro Otomo and Pin (1988) directed by Sandor Stern!!! Emails to Adios!!!
On this week's podcast, we discuss Raptors ball, including three impressive wins against the Charlotte Hornets, Atlanta Hawks and the Washington Wizards. We then look at the recent play of forwards Pascal Siakam and CJ Miles, as well as taking a look at the roller coaster season for Norman Powell.We then look at general NBA news including the s ...…
Your child is watching you eat your dinner and you get to thinking when can I give my baby solid food? Today we are joined by board certified pediatrician Dr. Karla Keaney with Esse Health Mason Road Pediatrics. Join us as Dr. Keaney discuses the different signs to look for to see if your child is ready for solid foods and what foods can be int ...…
On this episode of Armenian Nights… Our Mexican Co-host Victor is back in the studio, and fresh off of a midnight run to sneak back into the country. We discus what would be our very own “Comedy For Drummers”. We begrudgingly discus Mike and his homo-erotic man-love for the WWE, and Paul spits diamonds on this weeks “Freestyle-Fuckup” on episod ...…
Coach & Maui discused Sean Miller's future in Arizona, NCAA One & Done Rule, The NFL's new pizza sponsor and much more! Coach gave a shout out to Robert Kraft for having a baby then realized he was not the father , which provided a hilarious reaction. Enjoy!
The guys start second hour talking about the FIFA World Cup in Russia. They continued on with the NFL combine and a little Saquon Barkley/Browns talk. They discused Lamar Jackson and the NFL's mold of QBs. Ruben Dominguez of FOX 26 joines the show talking "music challenge". They ended the show speaking of NBA referes and epedemic of bad calls,a ...…
This week the boys catch up and talk about Dragon Ball Super and how Nick destroys Cody in any Card Game. Cody finally watch’s Black Panther and Brian explains why the finale battle was way too long and could of been cut by 15 minutes and it would still be too long. Also how Marvel is giving Black Panther a sequel already similar to what they d ...…
Sheaya Biddle is a former (and maybe soon to be) podcaster, future author and creator of the Facebook group 'Grief Resilience'. The group stresses positivity in the face of copy with grief and loss. This week I discus the loss of Sheaya's mother and the grief shaming that ensued and how she was able to cope with that by having close friends and ...…
Mark and Nic sit down and discus failures as artists, record fairs, old tour stories, and poor life choices.
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