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The Dishmaster
Dishing the dirt. One celebrity at a time.
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The Dishmaster returns with a rundown of all the most talked about entertainment news, including the Donald Sterling controversy, Lindsay Lohan's reality show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta throwdown, Tori Spelling's marital woes, and James Franco's erratic selfies.By (The Dishmaster).
The Dishmaster talks all the latest television gossip, including Cee Lo Green's departure from The Voice and X Factor getting the axe. She also gives a full music rundown, covering Miley Cyrus, Drake, Katy Perry, and more.By (The Dishmaster).
The Dishmaster returns with a full rundown of celebrity news, including Shia LaBeouf's red carpet entrance with a paper bag on his head, Jay Leno's tearful goodbye, The Biggest Loser's controversial extreme weight loss, and Miley's Marilyn-Monroe-inspired naked magazine cover. Tune in for more.By (The Dishmaster).
Aaron Barnhart joins The Dishmaster for a special guest appearance, where they discuss Khloe Kardashian's shocking divorce, Kanye West's madness, Joe Jonas' long lettered declaration, and Kirstie Alley's war with her former best friend, Leah Remini.By (The Dishmaster).
All the latest music news (Sway v. Kanye West)By (The Dishmaster).
Kanye West's new video, Alec Baldwin's rant, and Terrance Howard's Robert Downey Jr. FeudBy (The Dishmaster).
Miley Cyrus smokes weed, Tom Cruise sues tabloids, and George Clooney throws down.By (The Dishmaster).
Tom cruise sues the tabloidsBy (The Dishmaster).
Julianne Hough went blackface?!By (The Dishmaster).
The dirty dish on this week's entertainment news.By (The Dishmaster).
The Dishmaster returns with a full rundown of all celebrity news.By (The Dishmaster).
Ice T v. CocoBy (The Dishmaster).
By (The Dishmaster).
Special Guest: Aaron BarnhartBy (The Dishmaster).
Is Joe Simpson gay?!By (The Dishmaster).
Mariah Carey v. Nicki MinajBy (The Dishmaster).
By (The Dishmaster).
Paris Hilton v. The Gay CommunityBy (The Dishmaster).
Vanity Fair v. Tom CruiseBy (The Dishmaster).
Seal v. Heidi KlumBy (The Dishmaster).
Kristen Stewart v. Robert PattinsonBy (The Dishmaster).
The Dishmaster v. The DishmasterBy (The Dishmaster).
Real Housewives v. The ViewBy (The Dishmaster).
Dominic Monaghan v. Matthew FoxBy (The Dishmaster).
The Dishmaster v. Tyra BanksBy (The Dishmaster).
By (The Dishmaster).
Alex Hwang from Run River North (formerly Monsters Calling Home) joins The Dishmaster for an interview at Brick & Mortar Recording.By (The Dishmaster).
By (The Dishmaster).
A weekly roundup of celebrity news from The DishasterBy (The Dishmaster).
By (The Dishmaster).
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