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A discussion at the intersection of art, culture, and commerce.
Radio Dispatch
Radio Dispatch is a daily podcast covering progressive politics, hosted by siblings John and Molly Knefel. The show features journalists, authors, organizers, and artists, as well as John and Molly's own original reporting and analysis. From civil liberties and privacy to civil rights and intersectional feminism, Radio Dispatch covers the news from a point of view that values recognizing and discussing power and privilege. John and Molly's journalism can be found at Rolling Stone, Buzzfeed, ...
From the PBS investigative series FRONTLINE - a new narrative podcast that expands the series’ tradition of tough, fair and deeply reported long-form journalism. Every episode will explore a different domestic or international story, told by producers and reporters around the globe. Produced at FRONTLINE’s headquarters at WGBH in Boston and powered by PRX. The FRONTLINE Dispatch is made possible by the Abrams Foundation Journalism Initiative.
Foreign Dispatch
Foreign Dispatch is a weekly podcast of the biggest news and best stories as covered by National Public Radio's Foreign correspondents from around the world.
A podcast about foreign policy and world affairs. Every Monday we feature long form conversations with foreign policy journalists academics, luminaries and thought leaders who discuss the ideas, influences, and events that shaped their worldview from an early age. Every Thursday we post shorter interviews with journalists or think tank types about something topical and in the news.
Tired of the daily news doom and gloom? Looking to explore curious stories from weird corners of the internet? Every Monday through Thursday, we bring you stories about Power, Culture, and the Future. We guarantee you’ll feel smarter and more hydrated.
This is a podcast about creepy, mysterious and dark stories from across the East Texas region and from the lives of myself and my friends. New episodes are posted on Fridays, every 2 weeks. Enjoy.
Paul Jarvis’ Sunday Dispatches is a short, weekly show that helps creatives kick some ass at the intersection of creativity & commerce.
Personal and lively conversations with yoga’s most respected teachers and students. Get to know them and the Ashtanga Yoga practice in new and unexpected ways. Hosted by teacher and student, Peg Mulqueen. More at
I’m Morgan Givens. A storyteller and performer in Washington, DC. Every two weeks I’m going to bring you a story, that explores the countless moments and connections we all share. Moments that often go untold because they might not fit who we are, who we believe ourselves to be, or where we think we're going...
All hands on deck!The ABC has a new prototype they're developing code-named Last Resort. It was created by specialist Showrunner Shawn Ryan - you may remember him from the Shield debacle in FX a few years ago - and it's headed by Andre Braugher, so it's not to be taken lightly.Join Captain Andrew Johnson and Executive Officer Greg Harbin as they observe this new potential threat. Their mission is one of reconnaissance: to study, analyze and discuss Last Resort to determine if it's the game-c ...
Dispatch Radio
Dispatch Radio is an outdoor adventure story podcast and media platform conceived in Boulder, Colo. At the heart of the show are personal stories from a wide variety of backgrounds and activities. It’s about bringing people together, sharing stories, finding common interests between different outdoor communities, and having a good time. Through our growing network of contributors (“dispatchers”), we cover the world of outdoor adventure and endurance sports through the eyes – and voices – of ...
A podcast on all aspects of the Great War from the UK's leading First World War history society The Western Front Association (
From the PBS investigative series FRONTLINE - a new narrative podcast that expands the series’ tradition of tough, fair and deeply reported long-form journalism. Every episode will explore a different domestic or international story, told by producers and reporters around the globe. Produced at FRONTLINE’s headquarters at WGBH in Boston and powered by PRX. The FRONTLINE Dispatch is made possible by the Abrams Foundation Journalism Initiative.
Marketplace's Molly Wood hosts a new weekly feature: dispatches from the weird world of business and tech in the Bay Area.
Dispatch in Depth
“Dispatch in Depth” is the only podcast that delves into the why and how of emergency dispatch. Each episode we will talk with a different researcher about the work they’re doing to make emergency dispatch as safe and effective as possible worldwide. “Dispatch in Depth” is the official research podcast of the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch.
Pursuing the truth from the comfort of our homes.
On Dispatches from the Underground host, NYC punk Joey Steel, and guests explore the depths of underground, sub, and counter-culture while also trying to grasp a UG perspective on the mainstream and pop culture we are subjected to endure. Dig deep/Get down.
Delta Dispatches
As Louisiana's Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) advances its draft 2017 Coastal Master Plan, the next few months will be critical in the fight to restore Louisiana’s coast. To keep you engaged and informed, we will bring you discussions on important aspects of coastal restoration, the latest coastal news and events, interviews with relevant experts, business and community leaders, and more.
Dispatch from the Zombie Apocalypse provides a space to reckon with our demons, call out our enemies, and work together to build a better society. DZA is 100% fact-based and firmly grounded in the reality-based community; it rejects "post-truth" politics and holds everyone to account. Each episode contains suggested antidotes, as the purpose of this show is social change, not simply intellectual discourse. *DZA's host is Dr. Jason Scorse, who holds a PhD in Environmental Economics with a min ...
A selection of short audio podcasts taken from Frank Skinner's new book, The Collected Wisdom of Frank Skinner: Dispatches from the Sofa.
A new podcast endeavor from the University of Alabama's Vida Magazine.
We've never turned a sinner form our doors.
Dispatch with Sergio Jordann Podcast! you can listen and know more about Wrestling contact me @SergioJordann or for any inquiries
Your daily news roundup from the TribLIVE Valley News Dispatch edition.
Tim and Tom discuss the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers. Part of the RandomChatter Network. Not associated with HBO.
Mathias Eichler and Douglas Scott talk about their adventures.
Comedians and actors Jason Klamm and Allen Rueckert discuss their favorite sitcom, NewsRadio.
A podcast bringing you fascinating stories from Latin America.
Get behind-the-scenes happenings at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as you hear how some of our stories came together. Hear from our reporters and editors on various topics such as politics, features, what's coming online, in print and more.Current series are 2-Sport Town, Net Front Presence, Political Fix, Making Babies, 2 Bens and Commish's Classics.
RPD Dispatch
A podcast created for Resident Evil fans. Each episode, we pick a specific game or movie in the series and give our thoughts. The latest news, community involvement and at times special interviews and exclusives.
Utopia Dispatch
Podcast by Utopia Dispatch
Cyber Security Dispatch brings you to the front lines of cyber security. In our podcast we interview leading experts and practitioners who are fighting attacks, securing systems, and exploring the cutting edge of cyber security and cyber warfare.
News and Interviews from the Observer-Dispatch Utica, NY
Every week NPR contributor (and former San Franciscian) Sandip Roy brings you a little taste of the 'new India' – a letter home from his other home.
Global Crisis. Bible Prophecy. Health and Preparedness. You're just in time...11th Hour Dispatch
Podcast by Republic City Dispatch
Join Badger Debs, Puffin McGee, and the rest of their ragtag gang of resistors as they dodge the forces of ignorance, intolerance, and downright stupidity to build community with stories of our rich and diverse American history.
Comedians and actors Jason Klamm and Allen Rueckert discuss their favorite sitcom, NewsRadio.
A multi-genre fiction podcast for those who enjoy audio storytelling. Updates twice monthly.
The Ernst & Young ITS Washington Dispatch brings you the latest developments in US international tax news.
Nashville's New Thing
The Ernst & Young ITS Global Dispatch brings you the latest developments in international tax news.
Planning, Productivity, Motivation, What's Your Why Not?
A monthly show with each episode running about 20-30 minutes, each month being a new story within a shared setting that continuously build on one another. The setting is the eponymous city, an American metropolis that one day simply vanished from the regular world. The inhabitants woke up to discover themselves in a strange new world where they are surrounded by an impassable desert, mysterious creatures can attack out of nowhere, and the sky is bleak and powered by that same dark sun. Each ...
Dispatch Source
A news podcast for Mac and iOS developers. New episode every 1–2 weeks.
Dinosaur Dispatch
A short podcast featuring profiles of dinosaurs you'll come to know and love.
Field Dispatches
The show with insightful industry stories and exploits from the events industry from the Olympics to Glastonbury. Come and join the house warming party over at our new home on Facebook @musicsportandtravel. Another grand plan from Tessellate Agency (with a bit of help from UnderArc Media)
Vanguard Dispatch
A concise Destiny podcast for Guardians on the run.
Comics Dispatch
Each week join Andy, Daniel, and a special guest as they discuss the latest industry announcements and PR.
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Welcome to another episode of Within the Trenches, true stories from the 9-1-1 dispatchers who live them. Episode 187 is an Open Mic episode. This episode features funny stories and blunders from 9-1-1. This was recorded at the Indiana NENA/APCO conference. Episode topics – Funny 9-1-1 stories Open mic blunders As always if you have any comment ...…
On the advantages of speaking Spanish in a Major League clubhouse; on showing your face after infuriating an athlete; on opining on a sport you know little about; on profiling the widow of Darryl Kile shortly after her husband's death.
Welcome to the Elevator World News Podcast. This week’s news podcast is sponsored by http://www.elevatorbooks.comNEW ELEVATOR SYSTEM FOR STATE CAPITOL BUILDING IN BISMARCKThe 21-story, Great Depression-era North Dakota state capital building in Bismarck is getting a new, four-elevator system to replace an old one that include ...…
Welcome back kiddies! Apologies for the radio silence lately, but we have been set back a bit lately due to poor weather and work situations. This time we’ve got quite a bit of news and such to share with you, some groovy tunes, and the return of a couple old segments that we haven’t tried for awhile. And be sure to stick it out til the end to ...…
Good morning, RVA! It's 50 °F, and serious wind is in the forecast again. Expect temperatures in the upper 60s to be tempered by Big Time Gusts. Water cooler Yesterday, I was confused by the compromise reached with House of Delegates Republicans to expand Medicaid that would lower subsidies to low-income customers while raising subsidies for mi ...…
In the thirtieth episode of MAKTAC, we talk about S19E12 of COPS. A Kansan criminal's girlfriend nearly takes a sledgehammer to the face, an underage dummy tries to eat weed in front of officers, and a Florida woman tailspins into bad performance art. We also talk about binging reality TV, what our favorite games are, and then have a one-sided ...…
Your high school friend won’t stop posting about lizard people and crisis actors. Ivana Rihter gives us the logic behind it. Read Ivana's story. Hosted by Casey Johnston. Produced by James T. Green. Send us your feedback at @OutlineDispatch. And if you love us, rate us five stars in Apple Podcasts, and tell a special life person about us.…
In Episode #6 we look at recent statements by Mark Mcguire concerning his breaking of Roger Maris's home run record. We consider why the weathers effect fantasy baseball. And lastly, I try not to loose my mind over Cardinal Tommy Pham's statements to the St Louis Dispatch and Sport Illustrated.
Morning John joins us to discuss Trump’s language around the war in Syria and the reactionary backlash to boycotts after David Hogg bested Laura Ingraham. Also, a new chancellor for New York City schools, and catching up on listener mail including #NoCopAcademy and the Kentucky teachers walk out. Palestine/Gaza Protester at Anaheim, CA Protest ...…
This week we're coming to you from the fields of Flanders, just hours after the Ronde. Caley Fretz and Dave Everett chat about the race, marvel at Belgian bike culture, lament bikes lost in canals, and dream of hearty stew. Plus, Caley has a dispatch from his ride in one of EF's Tesla team cars during the race, Koen De Kort talks about recon ri ...…
On today’s Delta Dispatches, Congressman Garret Graves stops by to talk with Jacques & Simone about how Rep. Graves supports Louisiana’s coastal issues through his various congressional committees. He also talks about the challenges and opportunities of the Louisiana coastal region to be a world leader in community resiliency. Scott Kirkpatrick ...…
Hello Unprecedented listeners. We’ve been in the process of transitioning this podcast to a new home and a new format. From here on out, you can find future episodes of Unprecedented over on the Legalspeak podcast, hosted by’s Vanessa Blum and Leigh Jones. Every three or four weeks, I’ll be dropping in with a dispatch from the intersect ...…
ThisWeek Community News host Abby Armbruster and guest panelists Andrew King, Neil Thompson and Rebecca Zimmer toss around their views on the best style of pizza and which central Ohio pie-makers have the best ones. Armbruster is a page designer and social-media coordinator for ThisWeek Community News. King is a ThisWeek staff writer covering W ...…
ThisWeek Community News host Abby Armbruster and guest panelists Andrew King, Lorrie Cecil and Rebecca Zimmer chat about the central Ohio brewery scene and give their "expert" opinion on local suds. Armruster is a page designer and social-media coordinator for ThisWeek Community News. King is a ThisWeek staff writer covering Westerville and Wor ...…
California State Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de León outlines the state’s efforts to protect its progressive agenda on climate, immigration and the economy as it girds itself from policies being implemented by the federal government. De León, a Democrat, is also running for the United States Senate but must first win one of two spots in ...…
This week on Post Scripts hosts Mike Colombo and Christopher Ave were joined by Post-Dispatch Washington Bureau Chief Chuck Raasch discussed the week that was in Washington involving President Trump.Jefferson City Bureau Chief Kurt Erickson joined the show to discuss new developments in the invasion of privacy case against Missouri Gov. Eric Gr ...…
Travis plans on hoeing it up like Greitens to celebrate the day of his birth. The guys wonder if they could do a podcast with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. TT hates Easter egg hunts and finds eggs to be disgusting in general. Dexter Fowler’s wife Aliya is great follow on Twitter. Let’s create a podcast featuring Mrs. Fowler. Benjamin Hochma ...…
Aggression towards Iran and the US-Israel-Saudi Alliance Dr. Gareth Porter is an award-winning historian, an independent investigative journalist and policy analyst who specializes in US geopolitics and national security issues. During the Vietnam war, he was Dispatch News Services Bureau Chief in Saigon and later a co-director for the Indochin ...…
Last Day On Earth Podcast #62 by Marcio MartinezQuiet Dawn - Human | First Word RecordsdBridge - Creature of Habit | Exit RecordsZed Bias feat. Zoe Violet - Driftin | Exit RecordsCooly G x dBridge x Kabuki x Kid Drama - My Love | Exit RecordsColour Of Blood feat. DRS | Dispatch RecordingsCalibre - The Spirit | Signature RecordingsNuage feat. Ve ...…
Sports columnist Rob Oller talks with Dispatch sports reporter Andrew Erickson on the NCAA Women’s and Men’s Final Four Tournament, how it is opening day in the MLB, and discuss the upcoming Masters Golf tournament. Finally, we talk about walk out songs in the world of sports.
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, known as UNRWA, is facing a crisis. This is the humanitarian agency that provides relief for Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. This includes running hospitals and schools that serve about half a million children. Typically, the United States has provided about one ...…
The officers who killed Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana will not be prosecuted, a RedState writer apologizes for spreading conspiracy theories about David Hogg, Morning John, and listener mail. Alton Sterling Memorial photo by WClarke courtesy of Wikimedia Commons00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch00:30 - Today’s holidays05:55 - Morning ...…
Hank StrangeWMMF : Leftwing Nazi’s Push Ammunition Control Leftwing Nazi’s Push Ammunition Control : Democrats Introduce Bullet Control Bill as The Ammunition Background Check Act Hank StrangeWMMF Ep.167with Eltenda Fabrizio & Walter from Safety Harbor Firearms LIVE from the Big Daddy Guns Studios in Gainesville Florida. Leftwing Nazi’s Push Am ...…
Post-Dispatch Cardinals reporter Derrick Goold joins the program, remembering the great run that Albert Pujols had with the franchise, Plow Boy's mom has posted on the Fan Page yet again, Doug still has the hots for Raquel Welch, Fantasy Baseball chatter and Plowsy's inappropriate team name, Iggy talks bowling balls, when does The East Side Pod ...…
Annex: the saga of a neighborhood and its residents, set outside the fictional port city of Harborview, Oregon in the early twentieth century. Nancy pesters the newly returned Diana Putnam, while Tom, Jane, and Henry face bitter defeat as the Reverend Gaumont eludes justice shortly after dispatching a young financier on a mission against the Pe ...…
Fox pundit, world renowned war-hawk, and now Trump’s National Security Advisor. We take a look at John Bolton, and the bomb first ask questions second kind of policy he advocates. Plus Stormy Daniels goes on 60 Minutes, we’ve got the highlights, some discussion, and questions about the bigger picture. Then it’s a celebrity high-note, and a pack ...…
Dan Daley, a senior fellow at FairVote, joins the program to discuss how the Supreme Court Gerrymandering Case Could Change Politics In The Future. Also, C4 stops by to discuss Baltimore's emergency dispatch getting hacked over the weekend.
Jacaranda FM — The Eastern Cape Department of Health has confirmed 11 people, including three children, have been killed in a bus crash on the R61 between Ngcobo and Elliot. "We dispatched three helicopters and ambulances, we treated the scene as a disaster. We took a total of 35 people to hospital, some of them in a critical condition. Some pa ...…
We continue our series with a discussion about health as a component of the social contract. We take a step back from the hyper-partisan political debate around health care and instead explore whether there are ways to reimagine and reframe a social contract of health that challenges the status quo, adopts new tools for substantive change, and ...…
Tim and Tom discuss the first episode, “Currahee.” Download or Subscribe! Download MP3 ♦ Subscribe via iTunes ♦ Subscribe via RSS ♦ Subscribe via Email Subscribe to the entire RandomChatter Network here: iTunes ♦ RSS ♦ Stitcher ♦ Email Follow or Contact Us! Email: Facebook: T ...…
Hank Strange WMMF: Protest All You Want We’re Keeping Our Guns FreeForAll Monday: Protest All You Want We’re Keeping Our Guns! March for our Lives Anti gun rallyHank StrangeWMMF Ep.165 with Kentucky Firearms Network, Kevin Dixie & Walter Keller LIVE from the Big Daddy Guns Studios in Gainesville Florida. Full Episodes on iTunes : ...…
Join Al and Bear as they go over every position and give out their favorite plays for you to target for tonight's 8 games in the NBA.
I got my start in journalism covering John Bolton when he was the US Ambassador to the United Nations. At the time, I was a reporter for the political monthly The American Prospect. I sometimes quip that I owe my career to Bolton because covering his time at the UN was my entry point into covering the United Nations more broadly. My reporting a ...…
Episode 58 - Jamey BradburyDan Sterenchuk and Tommy Estlund are honored to have as our guest, Jamey Bradbury. Jamey Bradbury is a writer who lives in Anchorage, Alaska. Her fiction has appeared in Black Warrior Review (winner of the annual fiction contest), Sou’wester, and Zone 3 and won an Estelle Campbell Memorial Award from the National Soci ...…
What fate brought together, war has torn apart. Jove and Imala must now decide between their duty or their desire. But perhaps there's a third, more dangerous option...
Welcome to the city beneath the black sun. Lost in a dark world, surrounded by an endless desert filled with countless threats, the citizens still standing are forced to make a life for themselves in a strange and hostile land where terror and wonder wait behind every corner. The winter has stretched on for so long that it can be hard to fathom ...…
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