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Welcome to The Dive, a weekly podcast hosted by Jatt, Kobe, and Azael that takes a closer look at the world of League esports and the NA LCS. Releasing on Thursday every week, the gang will be diving into the biggest international news, meta shifts and solo queue trends, and in-depth analysis of the NA LCS.#TheDiveLOL
The DM’s Deep Dive with Mike Shea is your monthly master class in dungeon mastering from veteran game designer and DM, Mike Shea of Sly Flourish. Each episode, Mike and a guest DM expert take a single topic of interest to dungeon masters and dig deep, covering lost nuances and digging for hidden gems we might all have missed.
Deep Dive
A politics podcast from the New Statesman that digs beneath the day-to-day. Every two weeks, Ian Leslie and Stewart Wood explore the ideas behind the news with the help of expert guests.
The Crease Dive
Podcast by The Crease Dive
Grab your logbooks and gather around as James and Brando chat about your favorite subject and theirs, scuba diving. Each episode, these guys will share with each other an interesting and relevant story, tale, adventure or experience from under, in or on the water. It’s just like hanging out with a couple of cool buddies at the dive shop, on the dock or at the pub. Listen, learn and have fun with James Mott and Brandon Schwartz on The Great Dive Podcast. See and experience more at thegreatdiv ...
AFL Deep Dive
An AFL Podcast deep diving into the game before the drama.
Dungeons, Dragons, and Dives, a D&D 5e adventure podcast exploring Faerûn and beyond for treasures, ancient civilizations, and good eats with good friends.
Podcast by Whale Capper
The DSU podcast “Deeper Dive” is a weekly dialog between the moderator Walker Uhl and Professor Nick Dungey. Each week we will discuss a current event of global significance. Moving beyond the traditional left – right ideological debate, we identify the deeper core philosophical ideas that give rise to the events themselves and the partisan arguments that surround them.
Dana Falsetti
Kyle Martino of NBC Sports takes a deep dive into some of the most debated topics bouncing around the soccer community. The former MLS and USMNT player examines a variety of subjects each week with thorough insight and analysis. Subscribe and dive in!
Dungeons, Dragons, and Dives, a D&D 5e adventure podcast exploring Faerûn and beyond for treasures, ancient civilizations, and good eats with good friends.
The Deep Dive
A new take on Top 5s, culture, world famous film reviews, guests, and the two of us.
The NAUI Dive Team Report is a weekly podcast to inform the general public and divers on trends and issues affecting the sport. The Report, hosted by NAUI Instructor Greg Martin, includes interviews with dive industry leaders and special guests and covers a variety of topics including dive training, safety, equipment, innovations, travel and environmental awareness.
Join regular hosts, Mike Blumenthal and Mary Bowing, As they dig into issues that affect Local Search and Local SEO!
Diving Into Baroque
Emerging from the Renaissance and predating the Classical period, the Baroque era gave rise to composers, instrument makers, ideas and sounds that would change the course of music forever. Join me in a celebration and study of this magnificent era.
Mud Dive
A podcast where we dive into muddy issues and explore.
Tower Dive Podcast
Painfully honest and blissfully ignorant. We'll say what you wanted to without fear of offending. Tower Dive, podcasting without restraint.
"Welcome! Divas, Dropkicks & Dives is a weekly podcast dedicated to entertaining the masses (That's you!). From parts unknown, we are here to be the best wrestling podcast there is, the best wrestling podcast there was, and the best wrestling podcast there ever will be. Join Kevin & Michael, the tag team chumps, as they guide you through the glitz, the glamour, the glory & the garbage of professional wrestling! So join us. We're ready to Bo-lieve you! Part of The 8bit Geek network."
This podcast is the audio extract from the Deep Dive series of videos on the VR Roundtable YouTube channel. In these short episodes, one of the hosts of VR Roundtable picks a Virtual Reality related topic to discuss and share opinions on. You can view the full videos at
For the world's best scuba diving you need to go to Asia - and there's so many amazing places to dive, it can be hard to know where to start. Each episode of Dive Happy helps you get acquainted with a particular dive hot spot, explaining what makes it so special, what you can hope to see and some practical notes on how to get there and what to think about when planning a trip.
NBA Deep Dives
NBA Deep Dives is an NBA podcast hosted by Nick Agar-Johnson where the writers of Hashtag Basketball dive deep into the teams they write about.
DIVE Travel TV
Adventure Travel program for the whole family
Just a Caffeinated Sneakerhead podcasting / talking all things DUKE. Follow & Tweet @BlueDevilDive
Hennepin Dive TV
This site is designed to bring the world of hyperbaric and undersea medicine to other acute care providers and those interested in diving and dive medicine.
Deep Dive
Welcome to the Deep Dive. Here, I highlight the greatest new releases of the past week, from smooth jazz to heavy metal, nothing is out of bounds. With any luck, I'll introduce you to music you never knew you'd love.
Dive Bar Zoo
Just giving you a glimpse of what its like being minds of greatness. Dive Bar Zoo is a collection of randomness for all to enjoy. Life, sports, pop culture, politics, movies, video games, and much more are covered.
81年デビュー以来、常にシーンの最前線を走り続けるTHE MODS。そんなTHE MODSの森山達也が地元福岡で番組をスタート!音楽に関するまじめな話から、地元ならではの話まで、日曜日の夜、ロックな時間を提供します。
The Under Pressure Divecast is a free podcast dedicated to sharing the fun, excitement, education that SCUBA diving offers and most importantly to making the sport of SCUBA diving accessible to everyone! The surface interval’s over… get out there and dive!
Podcast by Whoa!mance: Romance, Feminism, and Muff Diving
KJZZ's Monday Morning Dumpster Dive
Crypto Deep Dive
In this podcast, I talk about a crypto in depth each episode.
This year's great line-up of speakers for The London Diving Chamber Dive Lectures at the Royal Geographical Society includes: Frank Gardner, Rick Stanton, Monty Halls and Terence Stamp. Rick Stanton on Cave Diving of Cogol de Veci (Dolomites) and Record-Breaking Dive in Wookey Hole, Frank Gardner OBE on his ScubaTrust experience and Monty Halls – The Great Ocean Adventure – the making of the series. The event is held in support of Scuba Trust - a charity devoted to giving people with physica ...
Reality Deep Dive
Podcast by Reality Deep Dive
Deep Dive Podcast
The No Fluff, No B.S Approach To Getting What You Want From Your Business and Life
Welcome to Deep Dives, Film Exploration presented by The Justus Nerds League Show. Mike will have fun with special guests exploring some of your favorite actors and directors by deep diving into their films. Maybe your favorite film will be explored? Join me on this discovery on why I love films
Besides being an AFL Premiership player, co-host of Sportsday, AFL Footy commentator and host of Saturday Morning at the Football, Karl Langdon is also a very keen fisherman. Often out and about way before dawn with his mates and spending many holidays chasing the big one. Karl talks fishing from 5am every Saturday morning.
We talk all things SCUBA diving in Guernsey and around the world with various guests. Some episodes will be fairly technical, while others will be a bunch of mates chatting about the stuff we're up to.
Dive In, a podcast hosted by Callum Ogilvie and Max McKay. Released occasionally! We talk about everything from The House of Commons to Cheap Cake to Serious Head Injuries. Email Questions to: Produced by: Callum Ogilvie, Max McKay & Ciaran Campbell.
FPL is an art...of diving. It's unlikely you'll ever be happy playing but at least you can learn to laugh at the results all while spending way too much of your life on a game that carries very few implications in the real world. . Join us for a weekly podcast covering analytics, updates, and suggestions to make your FPL season dive worthy. And always remember: You should dive.
Podcast by Talkin' Trash with Waste Dive
Coin Dive
CoinInsider is the authority on blockchain news. In our podcast series, we touch base with leading figures in cryptocurrencies, track breaking new projects and funds, and explore the A-Z of blockchain technology.
DFS Dive
DFS Dive is a weekly 30-45 minute analysis of fantasy football prospects for cash games on daily fantasy sports platforms. Whether you are new to daily fantasy sports, have some experience, or are a seasoned veteran we can offer you tips that will hopefully bring your lineups to the next level. Each week a cash game lineup submitted by an average DFS player, Christopher de Haan, will be examined by our DFS wizards, Tyler Buecher and Brad Castronovo. New episodes will be released prior to Sun ...
Space Dive
Space Dive - The ultimate World record
Deep Dive
A Brief Chat About Whatever
Deep Dives
Providing a powerful and widely engaging platform for exploring ideas, practices, and initiatives that provide deeper engagement with our faith and our world.
Head coach Lars Jorgensen continues his weekly podcast, which features a look at the University of Kentucky Swimming & Diving teams and so much more.
A soccer program where two hosts share cutting banter over in-house original beats. Informative and entertaining, Diving for Glory provides a raw look at soccer as an obsession. Divided into 10 sections, the dialogue covers a host of soccer related subjects which get both seriously discussed, and ridiculed... sometimes simultaneously.
High-Fi & Stage Dives Is A Weekly SOCAN Licensed podcast about music with a shorter format. Hailing from Edmonton Canada. It’s a candid look at my thoughts, stories , memories & feels on music . I will talk about that song you had stuck in your head at one point or another or maybe a song you never heard before
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EP57 - 2018 Post-NBA Draft Podcast w. Tyler Metcalf Host Nick Agar-Johnson (@NBAJohnson) brings Tyler Metcalf (@tmetcalf11) back onto the podcast with their next-day reactions to the 2018 NBA Draft prospects review. The two cover all of the lottery picks and draft day trades. Then, they go through some highlights and lowlights of the non-lotter ...…
As the men aqualungers begin to compete for depth, it doesn’t take long until we get our first fatality. What is it that lies in 50 Fathoms that we men yearn to see? Ah, but wait. It is not just the men that long for the deep.
WWE wasn't the only promotion to put on an awesome wrestling show last weekend. Debbie from Brainberry Tarts guest-stars this week to share her & Michael's experience from the Ring of Honor "State of the Art" show in Dallas. The guys cover the WWE stuff too, including a big announcement from NXT, everything from NXT TakeOver: Chicago and Money ...…
I can’t describe this. Just listen
NBA Draft prop market deep dive with Joey Knish (@JoeyKnish22)... covered life as an advantage bettor in the US facing offshore space before breaking down process and looks for the betting the upcoming NBA Draft.
This week on The Dive the gang are back and talking about the unfortunate circumstances around the Clutch vs. Echo Fox match, the marksmen meta worldwide, Patch 8.12, and, as always, wrapping things up with a look at the NA LCS.
We discuss the world cup and the Top 5 worst customer service experiences.
In this special episode Isabeau interviews long time friends Nigel and Maarouf about the time in their early twenties when they read a romance novel out loud to each other. The novel? Paradise--by Judith McNaught a snazzy bit of 90s Regan Romance--bootstraps and all. This second chance scorcher takes place in Chicago--and boy howdy does it deli ...…
Divers! Round 14 starts tomorrow, Thursday 21st of June, so it's time to run through the 6 games and discuss just how much percentage some teams can gain this week?! Probably on paper not the most amazing Round, buuutt there is always a surprise? Maybe the Gold Coa.....yeah nah they'll get smashed. This was recorded as always on Monday night. J ...…
Dive time! Round 13 is done and its time to go through the 6 games. Brisbane, Pies, Dons, GWS, Dees and North all had the bye. We go into a few of the better games pretty heavily with a bit more time available. Plus we breakdown the practise match at Etihad and the Cooked Cup at Metricon. Enjoy! a small donation keeps ...…
Most of the first round robins are in the books, we Deep Dive into week 2 of Group Play with special guest TheMill. Thoughts and angles broken down on a full weeks worth of World Cup action.
Welcome to the sixth episode of the podcast, Coin Dive!In this episode, we talk to Simon de la Rouviere about his views on Ethereum, crypto collectibles, and what his views are on the influence of the individual on blockchain projects.You can subscribe to CoinInsider on both iTunes and Stitcher.For the latest news, insights and ...…
Christian Häfner ist Gründer von FastBill und Happy Coffee und lebt mit seiner Frau Heidi nach 18 Monaten Weltreise in Peniche in Portugal. Als digitaler Nomade kann er von jedem Ort der Welt aus arbeiten und hat sich damit den Luxus geschaffen, stets in unmittelbarer Nähe zum Meer zu sein und damit seinen Tag nach den Wellen zu gestalten. Sein ...…
EP56 - 2018 Pre-NBA Draft Podcast w. Tyler Metcalf With the 2017-18 season now over, all eyes have turned to the 2018 NBA Draft. Host Nick Agar-Johnson (@NBAJohnson) brings Tyler Metcalf (@tmetcalf11) onto the podcast to preview the draft. They dive deep on each of the lottery teams before doing a quick review of the rest of the first round. Th ...…
What do you get when you mix Nitrogen, Oxygen, Jacques Cousteau, Fargues, Shatner, Picard and a little dash of Hope Root? Answer, the Deep Air World Record. Was it the guts? Was it the glory? Was it for science or for ego? Save your comments for later, Insults like that are only effective where emotions are present. Is this confusing? Don’t wor ...…
It's a big weekend for wrestling, both for the non-WWE variety (Michael is attending a Ring of Honor show), as well as two big WWE events. Kevin regales us about his trip to Colorado, and we get to find out how high he was while he was there (Altitude, of course). The guys recap New Japan's Dominion show, which included historic wins by Kenny O ...…
This week on The Dive the gang return to give you their 2018 NA LCS Summer Split power rankings, and attempt to decode whatever the hell is happening in the meta right now.
We dive deep into Solo: A Star Wars Story with Adam Kroeger!
Before heading off to Secomber, our heroes pay a visit to an old friend...
Before heading off to Secomber, our heroes pay a visit to an old friend...
Andy and Whale are joined by the white hot golf handicapper James (@jmazzjd) to breakdown some basics of approach to betting golf and then a deep dive preview of the US Open.
In this episode, Dana touches on her personal experiences with a silent illness, including isolation, ableism, and learning to put yourself first. No logo found The post Dana Falsetti on Chronic Pain, Silent Illness, & Ableism appeared first on Dana Falsetti.
DIVE time! Round 13 starts tomorrow as the first of a bunch of Thursday night game are back. It's a blessing from Footy Yoda as this round on paper looks great. Speaking of Footy Yoda he plays his 350th this week! We go deep into the big games as we had the time with only 6 games this week. Brisbane, Pies, Dons, GWS, Dees and North all have the ...…
Welcome to the fifth episode of the podcast, Coin Dive!In this episode, we talk to Tone Vays about his views on Bitcoin, ICOs, Ethereum, and whether he feels like the cryptocurrency sphere is anything like Wall Street.You can subscribe to CoinInsider on both iTunes and Stitcher.For the latest news, insights and coin prices visit ...…
DIVE time. Round 12 review! We go through the 5 games from Round 12 and discuss what matters out of the Round and go into the 2 practise games at Spotless stadium and Etihad stadium.Enjoy! a small donation keeps this crazy hobby continuing and allows it to get deeper@afldeepdive on all social media Web www.afldeepdive ...…
We have the first ever call in interview at Dive Bar Zoo. Who was the first? None other than Big time!!! Listen to the fight of the century between Big Time and Captain Arabia over "Bron Bron". Sit back and enjoy. That's what Manny and Greco did while those two argued.
What happens when you are so desperate for dive buddies that you decide to teach your wife to scuba dive? No, not us! We take a trip back in time and look at the ways women were viewed a few decades ago. Also, we have a special guest host this week!
World Cup 2018!!! Joined by special guest Kaleb Gering to deep dive into soccer handicapping... detailed breakdown of the groups, futures market and game-by-game betting angles, enjoy!
After an unintentional week off (Thanks AT&T!), the guys are back! They recap being at Comicpalooza 2018 with the rest of The 8bit Geek Network, laugh at how little has happened on WWE programming over the last 3 weeks, get hyped for New Japan's Dominion show this weekend, and try hard to not be repulsed by Ronda Rousey's rough commentary. #WWE ...…
We discuss the Top 5 most hated movies of all time, and the latest video game review. A Bill Clinton quote and big changes in our world like how we love you.
In this episode Morgan and Isabeau welcome a dear friend to discuss one of her favorite romance novels. In this particular discussion we tackle cultural appropriation, colonization, and of course always female empowerment. If you've ever watched The Mummy and thought "IT ME!" this is the episode for you! Travel to the sun swept sand dunes of Co ...…
We come to you with a NBA Finals recap, Manny shocks the world, and some quick movie talk. Greco joins Captain Arabia and Manny
Our heroes head to Daggerford to continue their quest, but run into some trouble on the road... Will the party's first random encounter be their last?
Our heroes head to Daggerford to continue their quest, but run into some trouble on the road... Will the party's first random encounter be their last?
Divers, its Round 12 Preview time! 7 games this week, Carlton, Dogs, Hawks and WC have the bye. We go through all 7 games and go pretty deep into Queens Birthday which looks like it will be a fantastic match up. We give our tips and chat potential ins etc.THEN as we had 2 less games give our thoughts on the current ladder standings and chat aro ...…
Mike Shea - aka Sly Flourish - is joined by Dragon Con organizer and Adventurer's League Veteran Paige Leitman to discuss what lessons in-person RPS sessions can learn from streaming shows, and vice versa.
DIVE time! Round 11 is done and we went through each game and gave our thoughts. All the good, bad and the Ablett Cup...We go deep into some overall 2018 team strategies/thoughts too as some of the games were pretty big blow outs and there wasn't AS much to discuss without repeating ourselves.Enjoy! a small donation k ...…
We bring to you the goodness in this episode. Greco Joins Captain America and "Wakanda's greatest export" Manny. Enjoy yourselves and you're welcome
Have you ever been caught whacking your mask off? Seriously? Have you ever seen a Gator? In the water? What does all this mean? It’s a metaphor. A metaphor for diving. Specifically, the Laws of Diving.
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545} Tino bereist seit mehr als 10 Jahren tropische Gefilde mit dem Surfbrett und ist nun aufgrund eines schweren Unfalles, den er glücklicherweise überlebt hat, für einige OPs längere Zeit in Deutschland. Der Unfall hat ihn ein weiteres Mal aufgeweckt und ihn zu e ...…
Lloyd and Isaac talk about the shadow side of 2000 years of Christian history and how we might avoid some of the pitfalls of the past as we look to the future.
Dive Preview time! Round 11 is almost upon us and theres 9 games to break down! Last Round before the bye rounds begin so lots to chat about and a lot of consequences post R10. We go through ins outs, give our tips and ponder who wins the Ablett Cup?Friday June 1Sydney Swans v Carlton, SCG (7.50pm)Saturday June 2Western Bulldogs v Melbourne, Et ...…
It's our Sweet Sixteen! And on this week's episode we talk about Courtney Milan's delicious and scintillating "The Suffragette Scandal". Do you love men with damage? Do you love women with gumption? This book is for you! Let me tell you what Free is Victorian England's His Girl Friday and Morgan and Isabeau freaking love it!!!…
We discuss the latest Amsterdam Film Festival: Manifesto. Wynton Marsailes' quote and the Top 5 things we'd steal!
Our heroes set out to find the mysterious Ropesmith before leaving Hayseed to begin their epic quest.
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