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Doki Doki Game Club
Doki Doki Game Club is a retro video game podcast done in the book club style. Our hosts take turns selecting a classic game, we play it, then record a conversation about it.
Oko Bortei-Doku's Podcast
Welcome to the Oko Bortei-Doku Podcast
Oko Bortei-Doku's Podcast
Welcome to the Oko Bortei-Doku Podcast
Ryan Gregory Doka
Talking about Social Media, giving you tips, tricks and personal opinion. Join the conversation! 💣
Mc Dok
Inspirional/urban bangers
Dok's Sports Fan Show
Let's talk about sports. Any topic or issue related to sports. Let me know what you think and how you feel. I'm a big sports fan and want to hear what real sports fans think. Email me at with questions, comments or suggestions.This Podcast was created using
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33. Nora En Pure - Tears In Your Eyes32. Dua Lipa, Andy Light, Upfinger - New Rules31. Twoloud, Dj Kuba, Ne!Tan - Mirror On The Wall30. Tom Crusher - Higher29. Dj Dark, Md Dj - Say My Name28. Rita Ora, Dj Mexx, Dj Modernator - Anywhere27. Grivina, Rakurs, Ramirez - Я Хочу26. Ektonix - Vuono Matyn25. John Christian - Funkastarz24. Don Diablo - S ...…
This Week:Gaming PC vs. Console The Fright Club Veronica (Spanish Horror Flick on Netflix) Cabin In The Woods HellraiserOnce again....MigosSocial Currency in the form of Beauty CapitalMusic Logic Vs. Joyner Lucas The Appropriation MachineBring On The Social Media Dynamics (aka The Debate)
Michael Giannulis (Gee-uh-NEW-liss – kind of like “Gee, a new list” because after all, he’s in marketing!) has overcome the odds and loves to share that story to inspire others. Mike especially thrives on connecting with entrepreneurs to motivate them to “do big things” in the world. Mike’s story begins in an average family where he had to work ...…
Listen every week as The Vinyl Junkie rummages through his personal vinyl junkyard to explore the weird, wild, wacky, and always wonderful world of wax. You will hear everything from pop to punk. From Elvis Presley to Elvis Costello. From The Flamin' Groovies To Frank Sinatra. It's memories, magic and mayhem, every week, here on The Snap, Crack ...…
Why is Sayori aware?
You think this game is a happy dating sim? You are so wrong. You may think the game is already dark but it gets even darker. I don't own this game theory!
Pushy Broad From The Bronx
Dating Later In Life Synopsis: Are you single or recently divorced and looking to get back into dating? Are you in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or 60s, and wondering what to do? Are you nervous or frustrated about dating later in life? I have all of the answers in my latest episode! Highlights Of The Show: Everybody Needs A Little Push: Putting sex on t ...…
Welcome to season 3 of Play Dead, the first and only podcast that looks exclusively at death in video games! Hosted by Gabby DaRienzo, Play Dead explores the different ways that death is used in video games and the meanings it has for both players and developers. In this episode, Gabby talks with Dan Salvato, the creator of the critically-accla ...…
2018 has just begun and DOKK1 has a lot of options for international students living in Aarhus. Listen to know more about this year's programme and find activities that may suit you! Author: Pia Behme,
Jelani, Jon, Pat and Special Guest Amy! Join us on a journey, As we discuss the Video Game "Doki Doki Literature Club"
Fairfield Foursquare Podcast
Our Filters Matthew 6:22-23 22 “Your eye [filter] is like a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye [filter] is healthy, your whole body is filled with light. 23 But when your eye [filter] is unhealthy, your whole body is filled with darkness. And if the light you think you have is actually darkness, how deep that darkness is! Eye ...…
Get the featured cocktail recipe: Odds & Ends On this episode, we take a journey into the past with Designated Drinker, Scott Williams to met Odd McIntyre, possibly our nation’s first preeminent pop culture writer. Williams is the author of “An Odd Book, How the First Modern Pop Culture Reporter Conquered New York.” Like Odd, Scott also has led ...…
Time to get out our Oscars bingo cards, and The Post is this week's full review. Does the movie live up to the cast? Will it be one of OUR favs come Oscars time? Bob mini reviews Black Mirror and Bright. Logan mini reviews Doki Doki Literature Club. In weekend picks, Logan talks about The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, T ...…
Three universal reminders for faithful Christian living: 1 – Do what God has told you to do (35:1-5) 2 – Revisit what God has promised you (35:6-15) 3 – Endure what God has allotted for you (35:16-37:2) The post Keep Going Because God Keeps His Word appeared first on Emmaus Bible Church.
Good Food Pittsburgh Radio
In this episode, Emily and Madeline talk about 'Cheap Eats' lists, and why media should think twice before running them, the best hot chocolate in Pittsburgh, and our favorite downtown spots.
Featuring: Michael "Boston" Hannon, and Paul “Moonpir” Carver-Smith Running Time: 32:23 Livestream Archive: YouTube It’s been a while, but we convene to spoil the hell out of Doki Doki Literature Club!
Greg and Parker travel the lands in search of the world's greatest karate champion... What they discovered would change the course of history. THE KARATE DOG! There is also some talk about some new possibilities for Christmas songs.
Chaudhry sahaab presents Song Autopsy/ Zip it and concentrate
I agree with the white guy alot more than the black guy. The white guys points were more true than the black guys. People liked 2pac because he didnt give a flip not because he was fighting for his life. That was the reason people of all cultures admired him.He definitly added things in there just to increase the length of the song, same way I ...…
In today's episode, I had the honor to speak with dorie clark. And I’m also very excited about the fact that she is the first woman I get to interview! She broke the 31 men record finally for god sake lol Dorie Clark is a marketing strategy consultant, professional speaker and the author of Entrepreneurial You, ReinventingYou and Stand Out, whi ...…
Teeg & Cory took a trip to waifu land and played quite possibly the weirdest game of 2017. If you're interested in playing Doki Doki Literature Club then you should avoid listening to this weeks episode.
For this episode of Bits we cover your free Playstation and Xbox games for the month of December, discover same interesting announcements including Galgun 2 for the Nintendo Switch and Valkyria Chronicles 4 for the Playstation. In your news EA is finding new ways to anger its player base, Minecraft gets some long awaited water physics and Titan ...…
Dialogue Options-A Video Games Podcast
Greetings Listeners! We are back with a fresh episode of the Dialogue Options Podcast! This week is a SPOILER FILLED episode, as we talk Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and get rather wild with a discussion of the amazing Doki Doki Literature Club. Seriously though, full of spoilers, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! Plus Kyran talks about his adventures in ...…
Thoughts from Player One
YURI sure to love this extra special episode. You'll want to SAYORI how much fun it was to listen to, and don't forget your MONIKA-le for the extra intelligent discussions we have. Natsuki. This week Duncan, Alex, and special guest Michael talk about Doki Doki Litetature Club. A free visual novel by Team Salvato. Intro Music: Such Heights by Bj ...…
Oko Bortei-Doku's Podcast
Preached at Second Service, The Qodesh - Qodesh Family Church
This week on The Free Cheese, lean on me when you're not strong. We have a big episode this week. As the end of the year approaches, we have all been catching up on a lot of games. Along the way, Ben finishes Stories Untold, Marc gets not too specific about his horrific encounter with a visual novel, Joe hears voices in his head (in more ways t ...…
Rice In My Lunchbox
This week on the pod the guys spend their Sunday morning at DC's annual food showcase, The Emporiyum. Starting in 2014, The Emporiyum brings together artisans and creators of quality products under one tent. This pop up marketplace hosts 70+ vendors from around the area offering a broad spectrum of food products ranging from South African style ...…
In the sixth episode of the series, Theo Davies-Lewis interviews Amatey Doku, the NUS Vice President for Higher Education. Among the topics discussed are Oxbridge admissions, how the NUS is dealing with demands placed on it by the government, and post-Brexit life for students.
The boys put their detective shoes and sunday best to court Doki Doki literature club! Listen as the dumpster detectives dive right into this FREE dating sim and experience new vistas of horrible revelation! Michael reveals why you dont give women your blood, Mark talks about setting a scene, the boys get more than they bargain for in this anim ...…
That Demm Music Show - from Rock92
Wildfire - Michael Martin Murphey Just Remember I Love You - Firefall Nice To Be With You - Gallery Kiss You All Over - Exile Here You Come Again - Dolly Parton She Believes In Me - Kenny Rogers Blue Bayou - Linda Ronstadt My Angel Baby - Toby Beau Magnet And Steel - Walter Egan Shower The People - James Taylor So You Are A Star - Hudson Brothe ...…
Man Points!
This week’s episode we find out just how far Leland will have to go to get the guys a television show in the wake of all the Hollywood scandals. What do 15 young men have in common? HINT: It involves livestock and shots. By the end they come to a quick agreement in deciding Sally of the Week. Possibly one of the Salliest of Sallies. So crawl in ...…
We talk about upcoming UFC 217 and the return of GSP after 4 years!
(Qoobo) Follow RimcastES At the beginning of this episode, Stat Boy's whereabouts were unknown. Did the boys file a missing persons report by the end of the show? You'll have to listen to find out!!! (That's called a tease, little industry jargon for you.) Stat Boy is missing (3:00); Robot cat tails/the perils of cleaning up after your dog (5:4 ...…
(Qoobo) Follow RimcastES At the beginning of this episode, Stat Boy's whereabouts were unknown. Did the boys file a missing persons report by the end of the show? You'll have to listen to find out!!! (That's called a tease, little industry jargon for you.) Stat Boy is missing (3:00); Robot cat tails/the perils of cleaning up after your dog (5:4 ...…
Micah Kurtz, Director of Strength and Conditioning at AC Flora High School talks to the NSCA Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Scott Caulfield, about high school strength and conditioning, and how to break into the field. Micah Kurtz is in his eighth year as Director of Strength and Conditioning at AC Flora High School, which has won 14 sta ...…
All kinds of business is addressed this week. Rocky is mourning for an anime fan that preferred colder climates. The ethics of zoos are discussed and dismantled. A Russian cyberattack is examined and the team comes to the conclusion that Psyduck's loyalties cannot be swayed. Tegan plays Shadow of War and the team breaks down the current rash of ...…
Part 2 of our most recent episode (it was originally going to be uploaded all as one thing, but it would have been WAY too long) Austin and Tori are joined in this episode by fellow fan-panelist and otaku trivia brain spewer, Reverend Tobias to discuss his and Austin's favorite anime thing ever; TRIGGER AND TRIGGER THINGS! We discuss more about ...…
I interview Matt Herron of The Debt Doctors at Quatrini Rafferty, a bankruptcy attorney in Pittsburgh.Some of the highlights in this interview include:* Exactly how to retain more clients using the "minimum retainer" strategy he learned from a high-volume bankruptcy firm* How to "turn around" clients who want a refund and get them to actually f ...…
Today women earn 45% of the undergraduate degrees in mathematics (NSF, 2008a), but women make up only 17% of university faculty in mathematics (NSF, 2008b). What causes this decline? In this episode we talk about the article Mathletes: Only for boys? One of the main topics that ...…
In Episode 010 we talk about Ryan’s New York Adventure, Hey Vern…Ernest’s A Murderer, Choosing Your Battles, Nuclear North Korea, Politics & B.S., Civil Rights in Europe, Scientology, The Dr. Phil Okey Doke, Money Cant Fix Crazy
Hosted by David and Nycci Nellis. Today’s topics include: · James McWhorter is back on Foodie And The Beast to fill us in on what is happening with the annual FreshFarm Feast gala on October 17th at Dock 5 at Union Market and he has brought in with him famed chef, Nora Pouillon; · Michael Rafidi is the executive chef of Arroz, a Mike Isabella C ...…
Downtown Soulville with Mr. Fine Wine | WFMU
Chuck Edwards - "Downtown Soulville" - 45 Music behind DJ: Lala Wilson Band - "Flea Pot" - 45 Miss LaVell - "Teen-Age Love" - 45 Chico Leverett - "Work Work" - 45 Marv Johnson - "That's How Bad" - 45 Mickey & Sylvia - "No Good Lover" - 45 Music behind DJ: The Crume Brothers - "Lost Bandit" - 45 Nathaniel Mayer - "I Had a Dream" - 45 Jame T. Hor ...…
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