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We Do Movies Podcast
From the mind of Kelvin Wilson comes We Do Movies. Based from his popular group page on Facebook. Kelvin gives you his reviews and thoughts about movies, tv, and all things Entertainment
I Do Movies Badly
Join amateur film critic, Jim Rohner, and guests (but mainly Jim) on a journey to explore the most important films and filmmakers in an attempt to remedy his own cinematic ignorance
Big Eventure Podcast
Comedy Podcast with two friends. We tell stories, do movie reviews, give out college advice, and even do debates some times.
Oscar Geek Movie Cast
A discussion of movies and t.v from a more mainstream view point. I'll go over movie news of the week, do movie reviews, talk about award shows like The Oscars, and make up movie top ten lists.
Lens: Film + Theology
How do movies present ultimate reality, and how does that compare and contrast with a Biblical worldview and the Christian Gospel? Friends Brad and Pip talk about current and classic films, pointing out ways they seem to reflect Biblical themes and ways they seem to tell a different story.
We Don't Go Outside
Welcome to We Don't Go Outside a place where two or more friends celebrate the things that keeps us inside. We do podcasts where we talk about tech, movies, comic books, videos, manga, anime and more. We also do movie reviews on movies on that we find interesting. So whatever you are doing take a moment hit that play button and gives us a listen. Lets have some fun.You can like us on Facebook and watch us on YouTube.
Librivox Multilingual Short Works Collection 006 by VARIOUS
This is a collection of short pieces, poetry or prose, fiction and non-fiction, in several different languages. All chosen and recorded by Librivox volunteers. Brief description of the contributions: 01 Tagalog - ¡Ang Reyna Elena.....! by Pascual de Leon (1893-1958) [1915] - Key words: poetry, The Queen Elena 02 Polish - Pieśń o mowie naszej by Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński (1874-1941) [1913] - Key words: poetry, poezja, język, pruderia 03 Japanese - Tebukuro wo kaini by Niimi Nankichi (1913-1943) [1 ...
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We Do Movies Podcast
Kelvin finally gives his review of the new Thor film.
Movie theater owners that want to show Star Wars: The Last Jedi at their theaters are facing some steep demands from Disney. They'll have to hand over 65% of ticket sales and dedicate their largest auditoriums for an extended run. How do movie theater economics work?By (HowStuffWorks).
Transcript: Organizational transitions and what organizationally and as your church grows, complexities and things happen, [inaudible 00:00:20] and you're going to have plans, and those plans are going to change, because you're not in control. The faster you realize that the better it's going to be for the church. [inaudible 00:00:30] I'm going ...…
Changing the game of basketball. Eric welcomes Dominique Lawrence to this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. In this episode they talk about building a ref business, the value of 1, and the game of basketball. Dominique Lawrence is the owner of Always Official and CSO at Reach Socks. He goes by the name Domo and lives in Salem, Oregon. Domo ...…
We Do Movies Podcast
Introdellic • Justice League • The Punisher • Black Panther/ Outro • Water No Enemy
We Do Movies Podcast
In this episode Kelvin talks about Jackie Chan. As Jackie Chan's new movie The foreigner comes out this weekend.
We Do Movies Podcast
Kelvin talks about hip hop movies and gives his critique
We Do Movies Podcast
Kelvin discusses That Black people love comic books
We Do Movies Podcast
Kelvin discusses the Blerds movement and why he's a blerd
Kelvin gives his review of the ABC network tv show "The Mayor"
We Do Movies Podcast
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Interview with Thelma Trey curator and performer of a performance called "Oceanic Rhythms - Sounds of the Pacific". Music from Samoa, Fiji and Tonga. - Veitalanoa kei Thelma Trey na curator ka na lagasere talega e na vakatasuasua na yacana na "Oceanic Rhythms- Sounds of the Pacific". Vakatagi mai Samoa, Viti kei Toga.…
It seems like forever since the last Ian Hates Movies, but never fear, this is going to be a special one. For the first time ever, a past Ian Hates Music guest crosses over to Ian Hates Movies! That's right, Grey Sorenson, the lead vocalist of Charlatan joins Ian to talk everything The Dark Tower and Ian Hates Movies and Music tangents of cours ...…
I Do Movies Badly
In which Jim apologizes for many things including: episode delays, continuously apologizing for episode delays, and the next episode delay as he announces - for many reasons - a hiatus for the rest of the month of July.
Today We are talking about…..NewsMan has surprise guest show up at weddingYou won't believe what this old man still has the energy to do!!Movie Madness MondayBox officePokemon is ditching the main companions from the series.Thank you for listening to the show. His us up on Social Media!Facebook( (htt ...…
Rock Talk: A Guide to the Films of Dwayne Johnson
Another Disney movie?? IT DOESN'T MATTER.The jabronis take a look at the beginning of Rocky's family-friendly era, 2007's The Game Plan. As always, they'll answer some pressing questions: Can The Rock throw a football? What do Bostonians wear in January? Why do movie football teams always have lame names?Also!!Neve Campbell joins the cast of Sk ...…
With Mystery Train, Jim says goodbye to June and Jim Jarmusch, which is fitting for a filmmaker whose elegiac work seems to deal with traveling, transitions, and hanging onto a pride from times and places that once were.
All the quirks and indie filmmaking tropes that made Paterson work seem not to make Dead Man work.
Why is it when nothing supposedly happens (during the mundane, the routine, the regular), we assume that art can't be found? Paterson - both the film and the man in the film - are able to find the poetry in the mundane and value it just for being.
The Nerdologists are back! After a few weeks for Memorial day, your two favorite nerds are back, this time to discuss all the things they love about DC right now. Jamie and Ryan discuss everything from the Wonder Woman movie, all the way down the Titans comic series, no DC stone is left unturned. Before all this happened though, Jamie and Ryan ...…
You know what's cool? Rock and roll music. Sloths. Jim Jarmusch. Kristen Sales espouses the coolness of all of these things, but it is primarily with Jim Jarmusch, the New York City-based musician/filmmaker with whom she is concerned during her second appearance on IDMB. She discusses how he's a dying breed of indie filmmaker, whether he's real ...…
A documentary about some of the world's most famous fakers from one of cinema's greatest fakers. I mean that as a compliment.
DC Daily Drop - DC Movies, TV, and Comics News
On today's show, we talk the final marketing push of Wonder Woman, where James Wan's Aquaman could fit in the DCEU timeline, and DC TV news for Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.Wonder Woman news Director Patty Jenkins says there are no deleted scenes, little has changed since first cut - Collider Tracking bumped to $111 million domestic openin ...…
Shakespeare isn't Jim's forte. But it was Welles's forte and when one is so passionate about a subject and so immensely talented when it comes to conveying it, then some of that passion and appreciation is going to translate no matter what.
Another week, another episode brought to you by your favorite Nerdologists. Jamie and Ryan got together to host a Q&A session! What Q’s? Viewer Q’s!!!! Some of our friends and fans joined us on Facebook live to ask us some questions ranging from comics to movies to video games!!! Before the Q&A sesh, Jamie and Ryan discussed #Nerdlife Jamie has ...…
General Snobbery | Film and Philosophy
Your daily life is simple. It is idealistic. Your values are strong and your morals are sound. There is no reason, you think, that you and everything you know should be wiped out in a matter of seconds. Too fucking bad asshole. You're going to die! UNLESS! Here's Bruce Willis (aka Michael Bay) hitting golf balls at liberals Harry Stamper was ju ...…
Buried somewhere within The Stranger is a great film. Unfortunately, due to the meddling of editor Ernest J. Nims we'll only ever get to see this pretty good version of The Stranger. Still, "pretty good" Orson Welles leaves gives us a lot to admire and appreciate, like how so many long takes actually adds value and importance to editing.…
BO MASZYNY JUŻ PRZEJĘŁY ŚWIAT No dobra, maszyny nie przejęły świata. Zresztą ktoś mi (Domkowi) ostatnio napisał w komentarzu pod tekstem, że sugerowanie buntu maszyn świadczy o całkowitej niewiedzy na temat sztucznej inteligencji i aktualnych postępów w jej dziedzinie. Ale ja oglądałem Blade Runnera i wiem, że jeżeli świadoma istota pragnie cze ...…
This week on the Unleashing podcast, your Nerdologists sat down and discussed all things Star Wars. By the way, May the Fourth with be with you! That’s right this podcast is coming to you for Star Wars Day! Jamie started of the discussion with some questions about Star Wars The Last Jedi, and he and Ryan extrapolated on what they had seen in th ...…
Tyler Smith rejoins IDMB to discuss the films of Orson Welles, who was actually quite a famous filmmaker (Citizen Kane, Touch Evil) before he voiced Unicron and was parodied on The Critic. Tyler makes the case for why Welles is and was an essential and path-paving filmmaker, hypothesizes why studio interference makes it difficult to define what ...…
Sam Bashor and DJ Wooldridge see a lot of movies so that they can discuss them on the podcast. Not all of those theater experiences are great. Now Sam and DJ vent their worst movie theater experiences while diving into other cinematic debacles shared by you, the fans! Movies are the best, but sometimes audiences that go to see them… not so much ...…
As McNalu is MIA, Kevie is joined by Dave Lee from the Bugcast music podcast for the 57th episode of TuxJam. But the change doesn’t alter the show content with a review of the Ubuntu based disrto LXLE. Along with some software KISS Launcher (Android) and Synapse Launcher (Linux, shown below). We have some feedback to discuss and we announce Pod ...…
In this week’s episode the Nerdologists return to the MCU. To the far reaches of said universe to be exact. To the very edge of the galaxy even, to talk some Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Don’t fret if you haven’t seen the first one either, they’ll fill you in. They start of the discussion recapping the first movie and reintroducing the major ...…
So, Starship Troopers is a satire, right? But what if it wasn't meant to be? What if Verhoeven tried to make a serious movie but what he gave us was satire instead? How much does the intent matter vs. the interpretation? Can I fit one more question into this summary?
In this week’s episode the Nerdologists shed some light on the crossover phenomenon. This kinda thing is here to stay, and so they decided to talk about some of the ones over the last 21 years that they’ve actually liked. The crossover event is an annual tradition, not only in the big two, but in a lot of the smaller publishers too. In recent y ...…
On one hand, Basic Instinct is a morally bankrupt film that has no illusions about being anything more than a trashy, titillating murder mystery attempting to flaunt sex during a time of repression and conservatism. On the other hand, I understand a lot of the jokes in National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1 now.…
Season 2 Episode 8 of The Size Game Podcast. We do movie reviews, talk about holidays, squat variation, clients from hell, deadlift and rack pulls, life without bodybuilding, movies that make us cry and listener questions.. Bodybuilding, training, motivation, muscle, fitness
In this week’s episode the Nerdologists celebrate a couple milestones. Firstly, 50 EPISODES!!!!!!!!!!! Nextly, 1 year (more or less) of providing you all with wonderful weekly episodes! Jamie and Ryan switched it up, this week there wasn’t really a conversation based around any one specific topic. Rather they took some time out to talk about th ...…
Katie Tippel - Verhoeven's only Dutch film of this month - may be a little too conveniently coincidental of a narrative, but it does lay down the 3 themes on which Jim will be keeping an eye as the month goes along: the separation and clash between social classes, the usage of sex as an exploration of power dynamics, and (sigh) an inability to ...…
Carlos Redlich is a life-long martial artist turned copywriting and marketing black belt. Carlos and I (David Allan) once did a podcast together before he landed a massive retainer client. He has continued with his freelance copy career since last we spoke… BUT he has some new experiences to share. From in the copy trenches. This one strategy I ...…
Carlos Redlich is a life-long martial artist turned copywriting and marketing black belt. Carlos and I (David Allan) once did a podcast together before he landed a massive retainer client. He has continued with his freelance copy career since last we spoke… BUT he has some new experiences to share. From in the copy trenches. This one strategy I ...…
The Horrible Movie Podcast
Why do movies seem to come out in pairs? Jared, Producer Phil and Jack try to figure it out by talking over some examples. You'll also hear our ideas about who would win in a Disney fight as well as the trailer for this week's horrible movie, Armageddon!
In this week's episode, we dip back into the John Carpenter well with his 1980 film "The Fog." Special topics for your consideration include: our future careers as copyright-free jazz radio hosts, the questionable allure of Tom Atkins: why do movies seem to think that young women are gaga for him?, the predictive powers of one Jamie Lee Curtis, ...…
In this week’s episode the Nerdologists take a trip through a zombie apocalypse. We discuss the most reason of The Walking Dead. Negan! King Ezekiel!! SHIVA!!! Did our heroes Jamie and Ryan like the season? Was it too violent? Or was it just right? How are the walkers? How are the characters dealing with the fallout from the deaths during the p ...…
Mat Bradley-Tschirgi Part 2: Verhoeven Buggaloo. Yes, Mat returns to IDMB after the relaunch of Sequelcast to discuss the sexy, violent, and quite often satirical films of Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven. In addition, the boys also explore what it would look like if Verhoeven had directed Man on of Steel before moving on to the recommendations: ...…
In this week’s episode the Nerdologists revisit Angel Grove High and bring the stories of the random breakfast club motley crew who are the Power Ranger! Be prepared, we are spoiling this movie. So go see it if you haven’t! The consensus around the water cooler is that this was a delightful film! Tune in to find out who the best ranger was, whi ...…
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