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Donal Sheil's Podcast
Gotham Talk Podcast - GOTHAMTALK
A place to discuss Fox's hit television show GOTHAM. Visit our Twitter feed: @GothamTalk
Do And Co Show
A comedy podcast in which a great bunch of lads from Dublin Ireland talk randomly and openly about all manner of subjects from 80s,Sci-Fi to News etc. NSFW and Not for the easily offended.
Murderers and Their Mothers: The Debrief
Everyone is someone's child, even a serial killer. In each episode, Donal MacIntyre and a team of experts examine the complex stories of serial killers' family relationships and on a case by case basis looks at the vital role played by their mothers.This Podcast is the companion series to the CBS Reality show ”Murderers and Their Mothers”.#MurdererMums
Born Optimistic
Every week we glean life lessons from an inspirational artist. New episode every Monday. Presented by Donal Scannell.
SoUL Ministries' podcast
We seek to promote understanding, harmony and love among people by emphasizing what is universal in the teachings of the many paths and faith traditions. We have chosen to learn about, respect and appreciate the diversity paths to Oneness, and to look for the universal truth contained in each one.We are dedicated to serving the spiritual needs of all those who seek our guidance, counsel, and assistance, without regard to race, religion, socio economic status, sexual orientation, ethnic backg ...
The Gotham Podcast - Dark Night
The Gotham Podcast - Dark Night, is a fan forum dedicated to the FOX television network show Gotham, starring Ben McKenzie, Jada Pinkett Smith and Donal Logue.
We've Got No Fans
We’ve Got No Fans Podcast is a weekly football podcast brought to you from the same heads that gave you Anticdotes: Another Pop Culture Podcast. Stephen and Donal are football fans. Which means they’re opinionated, belligerent, antagonistic and always always right. Listen to them make their way through the highlights and lowlights of the Premier League. Get your season ticket by subscribing.
The Gareth Stack Show Live, Featuring Gareth Stack
A live comedy talk show. The Gareth Stack Show Live is an occasional programme featuring writers, musicians and artists, interviewed, indulged, and provoked by Irish writer and comedian Gareth Stack. Guests have included David Turpin, Mongoose, Donal Foreman, Bobby Ahern (No Monster Club), Tom Rowley, Myles Manley, Andrew Philip Smith, Patrick O’Flaherty, Graham Tugwell, Caoimhe Lavelle, Jonah King, James Moran, Darragh McCausland, Siam Collective and Gordon Rochford.
Gotham Review and After Show
Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @theStreamtv and the Gotham After Show hosts! David Fichtenmayer - @fichtenmayerTommy Bechtold - @tommybechtoldDevon Stewart - @DevonDStewartVi Flaten - Fan Show Network presents the Gotham After Show. Tune in each week, live or on demand, for review and conversation about Bruno Heller's new television series 'Gotham', which airs Mondays on FOX. Gotham features characters in DC's Batman franchise created by Bob Kane. The series will ...
Robin by BURNETT, Frances Hodgson
Starting with a summary of the 1922 novel The Head of the House of Coombe, which followed the relationships between a group of pre-WWI English nobles and commoners, this sequel, called Robin, completes the story of Robin, Lord Coombe, Donal and Feather. (Introduction by Linda Andrus)
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Kitchen Party Ceilidh
Our 237th episode, which aired on February 4, 2018.Donal O’Connor John McSherry & Sean Og Graham – The Ramblers, UlaidRon Kavana – Reconciliation, Home FiresJoe Burke – The Connaughtman’s Rambles/The Cat in the Corner, The Big Squeeze: Masters of Celtic AccordionMairtin de Cogain Project – Holding an Eye, From Cork with LoveEileen Ivers – St. E ...…
Donal O'Lionsigh On Irish In Schools by Clare FM - Podcasts
There are enough nuclear bombs in the arsenals of the world to blow us all up several times over. And hovering over the buttons that can launch them are the fingers of Donal Trump, Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin. Steve takes Richie on a journey through the woeful world of Weapons of Mass Destruction and explains how we’re all probably doomed. W ...…
Welcome to Kill Shuffle! An album review and retrospective podcast for those who like their music in twelve-song, forty-minute chunks. THIS WEEK: Pinewood Smile by The Darkness / Guppy by Charly Bliss / Art in the Age of Automation by Portico Quartet / Strength in Numbers by The Haunted / The Majority by Mammal Hosts: Dónal Kennedy and Dylan O’ ...…
Transcript: Why? Why was this happening? So, I traveled around the country, talked with dozens and dozens of people. I'll never forget one pastor in particular who just said, confidently, because it's true, cause Calvinism is true. That doesn't work for a journalist or a sociologist. You have to know these other answers of why. After all, Calvi ...…
A talk programme dedicated to films and television shows, presented by Marcus Ako and Laura Sampson, with special guest, Michael Amariah on Resonance 104.4 FM at 9pm (UK) on Tuesdays (with repeats on Fri at 6am). Podcast episodes available from Thursday morning at 00:30 (UK) Reach us on Twitter, on Facebook @ ...…
County Club finals with Donal Barry of the Tralee Outlook & John Kennedy, Compromise Rules Series – Is it dead? - Aidan O'Mahony. Interviews from Player of the championship, Shane Murphy, and top scorer, Sean O’Shea. Devotion to a club - Michael Hurley, Nottingham Forest supporter & rowing with Sean Casey…
The merging of two neutron stars was detected by gravitational waves and then by telescopes in all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is a historic detection as it demonstrates:- the first gravitational waves detected from inspiraling neutron stars- the first joint observation by gravitational wave and electromagnetic wave astronomy- i ...…
Michael Wallace and Donal Ware share the best and worst of HBCU football at season's midway point, and discuss coaching controversies at Alabama State and North Carolina A&T.
Michael Wallace and Donal Ware discuss the best and worst from HBCU football, whether NBA will follow NFL's "protest" lead and more.
As part of the nationwide Criunniu Na Casca event, we spoke to the one and only Fachtna O Ceallaigh, one of the few no-nonsense, straight shooting managers left in the game who still has loads to say and do. There’s lots to dig into here from this encounter in Dublin Castle, from his days writing about music for The Evening Press to managing ac ...…
How Schlieren imaging works in color, black and white and slow-mo.Get a free audiobook with a 30 day free trial at thanks to Patreon supporters:Tony Fadell, Donal Botkin, Curational, Jeff Straathof, Zach Mueller, Ron Neal, Nathan Hansen, CorviSupport Veritasium on Patreon: b ...…
Techno Delight series
This weeks episode 51 of the techno delight series is all about last weeks releases, some promos and some older tracks all in all good music...Thomas Evans - In The Soup (Original Mix)Anthony Castaldo​ - Many ReasonsThomas Evans - Dark Love (Original Mix)Alex Alben​ - Onza (Rekord 61 Remix)Tom Gatley​ - Kontrol (Original Mix)G8 - Indecent Spank ...…
Out Of The Box - Jimmy Donal Wales (Wikipédia) - 20/09/2017By (Rim Saaidia).
Bonus Podcast - Fox Sports Radio's Clay Travis Shows What Stupidity Looks LikeI’m doing this bonus podcast because I’m mad – really mad – and this is my chance to rant a bit and release some steam.I’ll let you know this is about Fox Sports radio host Clay Travis’ appearance on CNN this past Friday – but first a little backstory to set the stage ...…
Dr John Cronin (IAPH) at the 2017 Tudor and Stuart Ireland Conference: 'Donal Cam O'Sullivan Beare and the first battle of Aughrim, 1603'.By (Tudor and Stuart Ireland in assocation with History Hub.).
Donal McPartland joins Ben and Al to talk about why studied an MBA, diversifying his business and editing our podcast. We also discuss how we make our podcast at great length. Finally, Al is now settled into his garden office or Lunar Excursion Module as he describes it and is almost ready to ditch his power and internet umbilical.Show notes an ...…
Dublin City Public Libraries' Podcasts
Seán Connolly was in command of the City Hall garrison on Easter Monday 1916. Hear the story of this Dublin Corporation employee, Irish Citizen Army captain and the first rebel to die in the Rising.Donal Fallon is a historian with a particular interest in the history of Dublin. He is one of the founders and contributors to the “Come Here To Me” ...…
Dave speaks to Donal McAnallan on his new book, which documents the life of his brother Cormac McAnallan, an All-Ireland football winner with Tyrone.
'Donal Og', translated by Lady Augusta Gregory read by Alex Kennedy. 'Donal Og' is an 8th century Irish ballad. A transcript of Lady Augusta's translation can be found at More from Alex Kennedy can be found at
Techno Delight series
This friday its on, sometimes you come across a label that is consistent in what it releases and it keeps showing up in your playlists all the time. So this techno delight episode will be a tribute to this label, Naked Lunch Records. Anyone who knows this label will know that this mix will be go time from the first track until the last... Track ...…
The Tinker Men
Gameweek 2 is over, how did you get on? Alan's team rocketed to almost top of the league this week. Don't worry, he doesn't talk about it that much. Dara and Donal join the almost league leader to discuss what was good and bad in the fantasy world this week. They try to make sense of Pep Guardiola's team selections, try to find sleepers in the ...…
The total solar eclipse from Madras, Oregon on August 21, 2017. As the moon passed in front of the sun turning day to night and revealing the sun's corona, apparently all I could think to say was 'Oh my goodness!'Special thanks to Patreon Supporters:Nathan Hansen, Donal Botkin, Ron Neal, Zach Mueller, Jeff Straathof, Curational, Tony FadellEver ...…
In episode 6 of the EdTech Bites podcast, I sit down and have a chat (via Google Hangouts) with Jaime Donally (@JaimeDonally) to discuss AR, VR, and MR. For those of you who don't know, Jaime is known worldwide for her expertise in these three tools and shares her knowledge using #ARVRinEDU. I munch on some Carne Asada Fries, and Jaime...well l ...…
RIP Joan Lee, Wife of Stan Lee, passes away at 93 DC Drake Bell is… Nightwing? Hug me, brother!‘The Batman’ will be a “noir driven, detective version of Batman”, says director Matt ReevesAlicia Silverstone, clueless again…'Gotham' actor Donal Logue asks public for help finding missing daughter Marvel Spider-Man: Homecoming is at 93% on Rotten T ...…
RIP Joan Lee, Wife of Stan Lee, passes away at 93 DC Drake Bell is… Nightwing? Hug me, brother!‘The Batman’ will be a “noir driven, detective version of Batman”, says director Matt ReevesAlicia Silverstone, clueless again…'Gotham' actor Donal Logue asks public for help finding missing daughter Marvel Spider-Man: Homecoming is at 93% on Rotten T ...…
Quinn & Cantara
Life!Line with Craig Roberts
GUESTSSegment 1: The conversation continues with Pastor Chip Ingraham of Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, discussing issue about Culture Shock.Segment 2 - 4: Donal Johnson joins the program discussing insights on How To Talk To A Skeptic.
Hey guys on this episode we discussing Donal Trump Jr's email scandal, women paying child support and alimony, marriage and divorce, pre nuptial agreements, revenge porn, double standards and more!
Donal O’Leary tells us about his self-build in Ireland and shares advice for a successful project. Check out the show notes for more information.
On this week's episode of this week's episode the gang hangs out with some old Friends, finds out what Hodors' been up to, tries to figure out how long we need to wait for the new who and curbs their enthusiasm. Show Notes Useful Links Every Single Friends Episode Ranked Hodor Relives His GOT Trauma Castlevania Gets A Season 2 Good Omens Heads ...…
This Week in Global Health
Donal Trump is president of the USA. What does this mean for global health and public health? In this video Dr Greg Martin explores the potential impact of Trump foreign policy on health security, pandemics, climate change and the economy. He also talks about the continued potential for the US to be a force for good in the global health landscape.…
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