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In each episode, comedians and real-life couple Giulia Rozzi and Will Miles welcome another couple onto the show to have an honest, humorous and thought-provoking conversation about love, relationships and how to make it all work.
Charlie Don’t Podcast! is hosted by Bret Banta and Jeff Roe. Each week these two #Vietclowns bring on an additional guest and review a 1980’s Vietnam War based film. You know, classics like Rambo: First Blood II, Platoon, and Full Metal Jacket. Honestly, there is no point to this exercise, we just like yapping about these films. Oh, and Bret has a thing for ladies of the Asian persuasion.
The average guy doesn't know the rules of texting a girl,so we go about it the wrong way(most times).There's an art to it,and that's what we teach in the Seduction Community.In this podcast,I highlight the classical mistakes guys make,and how to correct them in order to seduce the girl or get her more attracted to you.
Hosted by Lou / Produced by Stephen.
Two friends and the occasional guest look back on the films of our youth to see if they hold up or emotionally devastate us
Donte Bryant
A World of Warcraft podcast discussing the topics that mean the most to the players. Ben (AltheMage) and Jon (Revendawn) bring you news, discussion, and guests from all over the world of Azeroth.
horror movie podcast, and a paranormal podcast with a comedic bent. Like weekly world news
Get the latest in sports news all over but mostly in Cleveland
DJ Don T. is a live club DJ featuring house, dance, electronic music. DJ Don T. produces a podcast containing excerpts from his live sets which is available at as well as being available in the iTunes Store.
Comedy, Food, Relationships, Social Media. 3 friends, share their thoughts and conversations on a multitude of topics, in their own unique styles to bring you weekly laughs and maybe even make you think.
You Dont Say
A progressive live podcast where anything goes.
Harness the power of SEO and Digital marketing for your small and medium business
Boyf Ya-Dont
Boyf Ya-Dont is a podcast about coping in this white-ass world!!!!
Josh bought a cardboard time machine from a boy genius, then they accidentally caused the big bang, and now they're are podcasting through time from the distant past to the far out future and all the weird places in between. Join Tim and Josh (and all their time traveling buddies) as they carelessly disregard the consequences of altering the timeline all for the sake of creating a dumb conversation show about debating the existence of mythological creatures, making up fantasy bobsled teams a ...
God Dont Need You
Dare we discuss Taylor's reputation. Taylor Talk is the biggest, baddest, most AWESOME Taylor Swift Podcast in the world!! Listen as our expert team of hosts, made up of fans like you, take you through the latest Taylor Swift news, tour discussions and more!! Our song analyses look deep into some of Taylor Swift's songs off of reputation, including End Game feat. Ed Sheeran, Look What You Made Me Do, and ...Ready For It?, as well as her greatest hits including: Shake It Off, Blank Space, You ...
Pieces of Life / Improvised Music / Philosophy and Antropology ... ALL MIXED UP TOGETHER
Assorted stories from WCBU-FM
This podcast gives you a peek into the lives of creators and artist in the south Florida Miami area
Seriously, you'll regret it if you do!
Pod about music. Music we like. Music we hate. All categories. All times. Every other Friday.
I Don't Know w/ Leotho n Co is a podcast that features LeoTho(Local Entertainment Personality) and Cory Chapman(Local Actor: Stranger Things 2,I’m Not Ashamed,I,Tonya). Each week they explore issues of the day and ranging topics in a style that is extremely open, unapologetic, sometimes genius and always comical. They often invite guest who are popular or offer a new view on trending topics.
Sports Arena: Monday 7pm ESTBattle Rap Arena: Tues & Thursday 8pm ESTThe Cornermen: Friday, 10PM ESTTune in to chop it up with your hosts Jesserican and Hip Hop Syko as they sit down with the hottest battle rappers in the world, Discuss Sports with your Crazy Sports Host Syko who touches on Hot Sports Topics.and also Hear and Talk the Sweet Science with Boxing Expert Jesserican.
It started out as two anonymous guys having barbershop/locker room talk and conversations that the average person won't talk about, to an entire anonymous group! We've chosen to be anonymous because we want to be judged solely off of the content displayed. Maybe we will reveal our identities one day, but in the mean time we are going to have fun with this!Reach out to us at #Life #Conversation #Podcast #SelfHelp #Music #Sports #Relationships #Travel #Curren ...
Welcome to the I Dont Know What I Wil Do With Out podcast, where amazing things happen.
Sharing God's Love To World
Don't Have Cows
A podcast by Luke Hand. Subscribe in iTunes. RSS. Or search for Don’t Have Cows in your podcast app of choice. Thank you.
ACTION NOT WORDS--NOW !!!!!MOTORCYCLE RIDERS Organizing to Support and Defend This CountryWe Believe: Freedom and Liberty from More Government Intrusion, Spending, and Taxes. ALL People are created Free and Equal No Colors NON-Territorial Not a M/C ALL Patriots Welcome
"Don't Hijack My Thread" is an interactive discussion on today's hot political topics with a progressive slant. Join "rapid fire" hosts Adam Lambert (clammyc) and David Atkins (thereisnospoon) as they take your calls and opinions!Shows are generally scheduled for Wednesday nights at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific. Call in number is 718-508-9410.
With all these comics released nowadays, how can you know what's worth buying and what isn't without a little guide? Why read real books when Real Books Don't Have Batman? The New 52, the movies, there's plenty to talk about. On Wednesday and Saturday there is Real Books Don't Have Batman where Frank Duran and Deshawn Vasquez take a look at current comics or just discuss General Superhero and Nerd-like topics. On Wednesday there is also Coulson & Friends, a companion show to Marvel's Agents ...
No Rubber
Hey World! This is Kay and A coming to you with "No Rubber." Just like the title of our show, we're giving it to you Raw! We are two friends with sometimes conflicting perspectives on a multitude of topics that will most certainly be talked about on our show with No filter. From Life to Education to Politics and Music, and definitely love, hate, and relationships!! ENJOY!!
Who Said It? Trivia
Listen to a famous quote, then a backstory giving clues to the identity of the speaker. Play along by trying to guess who said the quote before the name is revealed at the end of the segment! New episodes of this fun and informative podcast are added weekly.
Don't Have Cows
A podcast by Luke Hand. Subscribe in iTunes. RSS. Or search for Don’t Have Cows in your podcast app of choice. Thank you.
Ask Don't Panic
Bad Advice for your Everyday Life
Chasing Purpose
Welcome to Chasing Your Purpose with Pastor Donte Banks. Chasing Your Purpose is the weekly podcast audio from Pastor Donte Banks and the GodChasers Community Church here in beautiful San Antonio Texas.
Nobody Cares
Dans Nobody Cares, l'émission culturelle des gens qui prennent très au sérieux des sujets dont tout le monde se fout, Aïcha et Antoine discutent films, séries ou comics en se querellant. Voici leurs histoires.
On Duty Podcast
SLDN is a national, non-profit legal services, watchdog and policy organization dedicated to ending discrimination against and harassment of military personnel affected by "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and related forms of intolerance.
Listen To A New Indie Artist Every Friday (we dont play the same artist twice)
Short cuts from the Coffee & Beer Podcast Network's roster of shows including Don't Panic, Game Nights and Up For Debate.
Under Boss Radio
A variety show touching on music, relationships, life, from a comical and open minded outlook. Supporting the underground scene
Mindful In Minutes
You might be short on time but you don\'t need to be short on midfulness
The only ALL David Hasselhoff podcast! Discussing the latest in the career of the one and only Hoff! Music, movies, television, and making a difference. Hosted by Robert Knight
Don't Panic Radio
Dont Panic Radio is the first freestyle motocross podcast show that features top athletes from all over the world.
Learn chinese with our podcast the easy way! Dont forget to visit our learning center at There you will find exercises for all levels and material to prepare you for the HSK exam.
Podcast by Dont Loose Your Head Podcast
Learn chinese with our podcast the easy way! Dont forget to visit our learning center at There you will find exercises for all levels and material to prepare you for the HSK exam.
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How to listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Play | SoundCloud | TuneIn Mike Tiemann, large group director for 252 Kids at The reThink Group, joins host, Kristen Ivy, to talk about how to instill confidence — yet maintain humility — in kids in today’s episode of the Parent Cue Live podcast. YOUR CUE Reinforce to your kids that they matter. ...…
Dustin’ off the Degree - Cults NEWS Spain’s new atheist Prime Minister spells trouble for the Church Ireland to vote on removing blasphemy as an offence Boy Scouts still won't accept atheists Congressional Leaders Aim To Slip Johnson Amendment Repeal Into 'Must-Pass' Bill This Year Politics hijacked the SBC DISCUSSION - Think of the children US ...…
Sean McCabe, Nathan Adams - I Wonder (Sean's Nostalgic Dub)Reelsoul - Spend My Life (Reelsoul Original Mix)Elements of Life - You Came Into My Life (Sean McCabe Remix) [feat. Anane]Brian Power, Marc Avon Evans, Opolopo - You Mean the World to Me (Opolopo Remix)Craig C, Brian Alexander Morgan, DeejayKul - This I Know (DeejayKul meets Soultechnic ...…
Brittney daCosta with Tiny Buddha shares 5 signs you don't know what your body needs. This is Part 2 of 2. Episode 503: [Part 2] 5 Signs You Don't Know What Your Body Needs by Brittney daCosta with (Stop Craving Junk Food). Lori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha and Recreate Your Life Story, an online course that helps you l ...…
Newlyweds David and Ally Brown uncover the naked truth about Love, Sex, and Relationships...God's way. How is it that 69% of people don't actually know they are on a date when they're out with someone they like!? What is on David and Ally's short list of "1st date Do's and Don'ts"?! When is it acceptable to go through a marital SEPARATION? And ...…
“Flint is a story about what happens when the very people that are charged with keeping us safe care more about money or power than they do about you or your children,” says Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha. Known as “Dr. Mona,” the pediatrician came to national prominence for exposing the water crisis in Flint, Mich., caused by high lead levels, and sta ...…
Everyone has at least one person who has... and dont be fooled women snatch souls too!!!
I dont know about you, but Id rather have Gods grace than Gods resistance.Hello, Im Brian Davis,thanks for stopping by for this Wednesday edition of Something Good with Dr. Ron Jones,lead Pastor at Atlantic Shores Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia.Well, were four weeks in to a month-long journey through the book of James.…
Kristin and Jess revisit Kalamata olives, this time in the context of what they believe is possibly the most underrepresented frozen pizza in the vegan pizza discussion.
Wednesday Week 16- Taylor Rearick We captured another music junkie this week and had then share a playlist. My buddy Taylor Rearick joined us and handed over his Tone playlist. This Is a fun one, no one real genre, a very eclectic mix of rock, country, and folk if you will. Taylor is a ripping guitarist and killer drummer too. Dont forget to se ...…
This week we’re talking about knowing when to apply to a job. Do you need to have all of the experience and listed requirements? How do you know you’re ready? We’ve all seen job descriptions with a long laundry list of technology requirements. What if you don’t meet all of these? Should you still apply? Is it okay to exaggerate or fudge your ex ...…
Don't know what to upload 😅
Curious on why you should take #prenatalvitamins? Learn about the benefits and what can happen if you dont take them. #pregnancy #pregnant #prenatalvitamin #health #medical #podcast #simplehealthradio
Welcome back to another episode of All Things Business for Physicians. In this episode, we speak with Atlanta-based ophthalmologist Dr. Tom Harbin, MD, MBA. Tune in to hear Dr. Harbin’s take on: What doctors can do to prepare themselves for running a business, given the dearth of business training currently available in medical school The impor ...…
On today's show: Chris talks about the NBA Draft article he did for The Ringer and a trade rumor involving the Grizzlies and Cavs (2:45). Sam Vecenie covers the NBA Draft for The Athletic and he joins the show to talk about which guy taken outside the lottery could wind up being a big star, Miles Bridges, Melvin Frazier, Collin Sexton, Jacob Ev ...…
FatFly's House is brought to you each & every Saturday 4-6pm by FatFly on 2hrs of quality upfront house music. In The HOTSEAT this week i bring you Italy's Finest duo ALAIA & GALLO.1. Wild House - Peverell & Paco Caniza2. Boys On Girls (Illyus & Barrientos Remix) - Sannie3. Break 4 Love (Archie B Remix) - Raze4. Grooves ...…
“There’s a way that seems right unto a man, but the end of it is destruction.” In our podcast, Cring exposes an approach to life that quietly dismantles all of our desire to participate.
Needing validation from others in order to feel fulfilled is problematic, but let’s be real receiving validation for ones art is a good feeling. There is this myth that has been floating around that as black people we do not support one another. One Black Nova Scotian man is proving that is all hot air. Host, Jayde Symone, opens the show by sha ...…
Timeline References Guest(s) Quotes Conversations Ideas Hosts As church and ministry leaders, we know that we need to partner with parents to better influence the life of a child. But where we sometimes miss the mark: There’s a difference between including parents, and making them feel invited and welcome to the party. On today’s episode of the ...…
The lull in between can be nostalgic, but dont let it stop you.
Subscribe to never miss an episode: iTunes | Android | RSS Hi everyone, I am so excited to connect you with this weeks guest on the Mystics On A Mission Show! Her name is Julie Wolk and she's a nature freak + business coach. Julie has been inspiring me to align my business with the cycles of nature more and more the past couple of months and I ...…
Judgmental waitresses, new music, and Fashion Nova for men: all this week on Don’t Be Like That Podcast with Joy and Bre. Meet Three Fifs […] The post Don’t Be Like That – We Expected More appeared first on Three Fifs Podcast.
Stephen Is The Producer Of This Show & 'Jew' Isnt 'Jew's Real Name. Lou Goes Over The June Challenge For 2018 Plus A Whole Lot More! Youll Want To Tune Into The Youtube For This One. Make Sure To Be Following The Twitter @DTTPpodcast And And Like Our Page @ SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CH ...…
This really killed my vibe today finding out this young Star being gun down today. Even I dont know him for his music I know he had a big heart and he had a huge positive message for the youth of hip-hop.
Ah man, still on a bit of a vintage afro kick, but within this episode you'll dive a bit deeper as I've got a new one from Spiritualized strung in there with some olde folk and ah yes, The Black Pumas, a new band that you'd better keep your ears peeled for. Cuz if one thing is certain, it's that I'll bring you the goods when I find them, before ...…
In depth review of the hottest new adjustable cordless clipperBy (Maurice Simmons).
Hosts Peter Kennedy and Gabe Allen prep you on Thursday's 2018 NBA Draft. From the top prospects to the best sleepers, we have all the takes and the insight you need to own NBA Draft night.(1:00 - 7:00) Kawhi Leonard Draft Night Trade?(7:00 - 25:00) The Top Bigs, DeAndre Ayton, Marvin Bagley, Jaren Jackson Jr., and Mo Bamba(25:00 - 31:00) Luka ...…
Andy and Jose share their stories while traveling. Andy went to Los Angeles for E3 and Jose was in Denver for Pride. Jose and Andy are new dads and share thier adventures as dads. Dont forget to subscribe and share the podcast. Send us an email to
It's okay to take time to work on you. Dont be so wrapped up in working. Take time for yourself and work on your mental and physical well being. Thank you for listening. Feel free to leave a comment and make sure you to give this podcast 5 stars for more. Follow my IG @IambrandyJ
eremy Jennings, The Debate About Luxury in French Philosophical thinking The Journal of the history of Ideas. Ask Her More campaign Met Ball- dress code white tie and decorations Marie Kondo The Life changing power of tidying up Dan Foxx, Guardian excerpt on pretensions RHA Taste tapestries ‘The Vanity of Small Differences’ Grayson Perry Beau B ...…
On today’s Burn Down the Sandcast, we talk about Chappie, The Room, Smash Brothers, Billy Mitchell’s fall from grace, XTREME Early Access, Far Cry 5, Kirby, and the snowstorm that destroyed New Jersey. DVS Grillz The Zuck Dont watch this one its the Russian Homonculus and is gross Dragonball Super in Mexico Sora's sick grind Shadow the Hedgehog ...…
Kanye is back with the 3rd album promised to be released through June. Kanye and Kid Cudi team up as the duo Kids See Ghosts. 7 Songs, 23 minutes; Lets Get It! Come for the comedy, Stay for the discussion! If you enjoy this podcast please dont forget to subscribe, rate us, leave a comment and share this shit! Peace!! Instagram ...…
On today's episode we discuss the pressure of your late twenties and hitting that magical 30 year milestone, we delve into our dads, how they raised and and how we are trying to be better than they were. We give our two cents on the over politicization of Hollywood movies, then end the podcast with our thoughts on the current state of hip hop. ...…
'some girls get sent flowers, I get sent beats' is what Maiday's email signature says and its for good reason... Maiday is an amazing Artist and songwriter with various hits to her name, including 'Don't Go' by Wretch 32, 'Fade' with Jakwob and 'At My Best' with Machine Gun Kelly and Hailee Stainsfield. Ryan and Maiday explore the reality behin ...…
Geoff began a short series on money by talking about how God wants to set us free from worrying about money. The post Don’t Worry appeared first on The Lakes Church Cairns.
In season 2 we explored why we’re scared of ambitious women, and talked to one of our co-producers Sam, and heard from a teacher about the roots of this problem. It was an episode which really resonated with so many women who listen to this show and a dilemma we just had to revisit. Mark Pagan has talked about his mixed attitudes to dating ambi ...…
mitch and jon talk about every event. its e3 you dont need notes
This week Dez is joined by old friend of the podcast Chad anderson of Helion prime to talk about his favorite artist on part 2 of our 3 part series on Devin Townsend . we give you the skinny on all things Hevy devy before the formation of The Devin Townsend project and if we dont give you enough you can go even further into the hole at Hevydevy ...…
The latest upfront soulful house mixtape. Your weekly one-stop shop for all that's new and good for you! This week's hot new cuts presented by DJ Simon Andrews of Troubled Soul, including the weekly time machine slot where we turn the clock back to a random year and play a classic, yet possibly unheard? This week plays Shay Jones - Are You Gonn ...…
Rapper Killin Motives joins the shows to play three his tracks .This 6"8 tall Mc has a crazy stlye and flow you dont want to miss .Reppin Tennessee he bringing hip hop back to his state and the south .
Enjoy this powerful message by Elder Donte Brown as he continues addressing the "Addiction" series. Elder Brown speaks, "I'm in Love with a Stripper," so be sure to listen in and capture the spirit of the message. Reinforce the message with scriptures, Judges 16:6-7.
Don’t Be Evil The New China - Long Now talk on power shifting from the West to the East Something Ventured - Venture capital documentary r/prequelmemes r/freefolk Prequelmemes and freefolk form an alliance The Jar Jar Binks Conspiracy Theory - Put on your tin foil hats for this one, folks. 7 Million views, it must be true. Harmontown - Document ...…
Hey Knuckleheads! We saved our episode 200 episode for this! Years ago we reviewed The Shepherd for episode 100 So we really wanted to review the next volume for episode 200. We talk about issues 1-3 It was worth the wait. The book The Shepherd ...…
Hey Knuckleheads! We saved our episode 200 episode for this! Years ago we reviewed The Shepherd for episode 100 So we really wanted to review the next volume for episode 200. We talk about issues 1-3 It was worth the wait. The book The Shepherd ...…
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