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The Daily Dose
Every morning, we profile the people, places, trends and technology that are ahead of their time and worthy of yours. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
Small Doses
Some people can’t handle the truth but not one to keep the goodness to myself I, comedian, and professional gem dropper Amanda Seales, am sharing what I’ve learned (and am learning) in my podcast, Small Doses. Every episode I break down the side effects of a theme that all of us can relate to from Insecurity, to Haters, to the Hoe Phase and more. With stories to tell, Q&A, guests, and my trademark self help from the hip, I’ll have you, yo’ momma, and your cousin too, laughing and living your ...
Not for ickle Firsties! This definitely-adult Harry Potter podcast is full of spoilers, wild theories, nerdy insights, and plenty of mischief. Mischief Managed is refreshingly irreverent while maintaining a loving connection with the books, movies, and all things J.K. Rowling. We solemnly swear that we are up to no good, so adult language and content is to be expected.
The Dose of Leadership Podcast is the ultimate resource of inspiring and educational interviews with relevant and motivating leaders; real-life leadership and influence experts who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of the truth, common sense, & courageous leadership. This podcast interviews leaders from all aspects of life; business leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, military heroes, faith based leaders—all will be highlighted on the Dose of Leadership Podcast.
Dose of Leadership
Interviews with Leadership Experts
Every weekday Darren Marlar comes to you with a new episode highlighting some of the stories you may not have heard, and a few you have heard - with his own comedic twist mixed in!
Highly Researched Natural Testosterone Optimization
#PODCAST - DOSES DE AUTOCONFIANÇA: Ajudando Empreendedores e Executivos a Transformarem Ansiedade Em Autoconfiança E Motivação Definitiva Para Fazerem Muito Mais Negócios ,Se Potencializarem Financeiramente e a Terem Paz de Espírito.
Morning Short brings you one amazing short story every morning, chosen with care by our curators then recorded by our soothing professional narrators. Your Daily Dose Of Fiction.
A show that bridges the gap between natural and traditional medicine with Dr. Len Brancewicz, RPh, Board Certified CCN, NMD with 30 years experience.
Walt and Friends ask, "When was the last time you had FUN listening to a radio program or podcast?"
A Healthy Dose
A podcast from Steve Kraus, Healthcare Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners and Trevor Price, Founder and CEO of Oxeon Partners.
The Daily Dose
Every morning, we profile the people, places, trends and technology that are ahead of their time and worthy of yours. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
Poetry Dose
A brief, weekly dose of poetry for humans of all ages.Produced by Atticus Allen & Tina Cane
A three cut collision to the avant extremes of sound.
Rap Dose Radio
Rap Dose Radio showcases new Rap music. New installment every other Friday.
On The Daily Dose, The Insomnia Radio Network brings you daily mp3s, legally and with permission from the artists. One excellent song per day delivered directly to your iPod or PC. DJ Chatter and socks not included. The socks would be rocked off anyway. And the DJs? They're busy with all the other podcasts around here.
Daily Dose of Hope
Daily Dose of Hope is inspiration and empowerment for wholehearted living. Always operate from hope and love. Sign up for daily reminders of hope at:
TNW Daily Dose
TNW's Daily Dose is 24 hours of tech news broken down to a 5 minute podcast. Load it up as you walk out the door and you'll be caught up before you get to work.
An Extra Dose
An Extra Dose podcast featuring Samantha Belbel and Alexis Belbel, of a, where we talk about entrepreneurship, fashion, travel, and everyday life. Send your questions via message on Instagram to: @samanthabelbel and @alexis.belbel
The Daily Dose of Slay is a comedic podcast that discusses millennial, female, and urban issues, as well as hip-hop culture.
Daly Dose Sports
The Daly Dose Sports Podcast is a look at the world of sports through the eyes of sports writer Clint Daly. A former basketball coach and host of the Daly Dose radio show heard in Denver, CO, Clint will guide you through the latest sports news and give you his unique opinion on today’s top stories. Sarcastic, irreverent, and insightful, the Daly Dose Sports Podcast will inform and entertain you with every episode.
Health is wealth.
Bass Junkies brings you the best EDM tracks of the month along with exclusive Bass Junkies remixes and original tracks!
Hosted by acclaimed journalist and health researcher Dr Ray Moynihan, The Recommended Dose tackles the big questions in health and explores the insights, evidence and ideas of extraordinary researchers, thinkers, writers and health professionals from around the globe.
Advice for Fathers (and all parents) on raising sons.
Your Weekly Dose
Hosted by singer-songwriter/guitarist Sean Roberts, Your Weekly Dose brings you fresh talk while paying homage to LA's famed Mark & Brian Show, The Brian & Jill Show and Mark in the Morning Show. Along with actor/writer Steve Silva and writer/actress Phoebe Lim, they quip on current events, interview a wide range of guests, throw in comedy sketches and perform regular features that'll leave you in stitches. They'll also take your questions via Phone, Twitter and Facebook not to mention your ...
Daily Dose
Sharing daily experiences and giving daily boosts to get you going. Raw, unscripted and unrehearsed. Real emotions, real talk, real moments.
Brief Perspective. Listen -> Pause -> ReflectGo to for more.
15 Minutes of Daily Motivation, Inspiration & Education
Weekly Dose of Wellness! - MemorialCare Health System is a not-for-profit integrated delivery system that includes six top hospitals – Long Beach Memorial, Miller Children's Hospital Long Beach, Community Hospital Long Beach, Orange Coast Memorial, and Saddleback Memorial Laguna Hills and San Clemente; Medical groups – MemorialCare Medical Group and Memorial Prompt Care; an Independent Practice Association (IPA) – Greater Newport Physicians; MemorialCare HealthExpress retail clinics; and num ...
Mornings With Mike is a 7-day a week Personal Development Podcast where Mike Goncalves, otherwise known as “Mike G”, provides daily motivation and accountability for those looking to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life. His actionable ideas and practical advice stems from the teachings of many greats such as Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Wayne Dyer, and Zig Ziglar. If limiting beliefs of not being good enough, smart enough, or worthy enough have held you back from creating t ...
The Dose Podcast
Comedians Isom McGowan and Kingsley Amukamara give you news, insights, and lessons. Produced by Nolan Ross.
Listen for words of growth, meaning, and encouragement. LIVEJN or Justin Casquejo is a millennial human who's mission is to encourage himself to reach his full potential, live the most meaningful/adventurous life he possibly can, and inspire the world to do the same.The usual content consists first of Justin's daily mindset priming routine:3 Gratitudes and why1 Recent positive experienceA list of today's action's and the meaning behind themAnd often a relevant audio byte taken from the daily ...
Dee Silkie is a fashion designer located in Toronto Ontario. With an education and background in Surface Design and Textiles Dee hand dyes and prints her fabrics by hand before they are cut and sewn into beautiful creations, the majority of which are made in Toronto.Dee has a great sense of humour, a philosophical side and a passion for realness. On the Dose of Dee podcast you will hear nothing but true authentic stories from Dee and other creatives about how they got started, struggles in t ...
Podcast by Daily Dose of Randomness
Love Dose Podcast
Genre-hopping record label and events collective - Manchester and worldwide.From back street basements to loft galleries to an array of disused industrial warehouses - Love Dose is bringing a touch of sunshine to the UK's rainy city. Procurers of electronic music with feeling; road tested on our dance floors and ready to share with lovers around the globe.Residents and label artists include; Josimar, Motif, Seelie, Wokeye, HoLD, Lewi Scandal, Kerouac, Rabbithole, Dematae, Bail and Efenar.
Welcome to the new & official HearThis channel of BOOSTA !! We are presenting great & awesome music on Youtube, etc. If you like Party Mixes, Best Mashup Mixes, Chill, Ambient or Relaxing Music, Dance Sounds, Workout Mixes, Best of Mixes, Best Remixes Mixes, Club Dance Mixes, EDM Mixes or anything else electronic music related? Then you should subscribe to BOOSTA right now !!
Australian Conservatives founder and South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi takes a weekly look at politics from a conservative perspective
CTO Dose
Small doses of commentary about enterprise IT for the CTO and Sr. Architect
Join Nick Dougherty (aka Nick D) in his podcast where he drops his VIDEO DAILY DOSE to entrepreneurs who are looking to improve mentally, physically, and in their business.
Healing in Doses
Shavon, owner of HealingView Wellness talks transformation, truth and getting in touch with one’s self. Join her as she explores healing beyond the norm and the novelty!
Daily Dose
Conspiracies/ Crimes/ Life/ Storytimes/ Your Stories
Inspiration With Val is the podcast you've been waiting for! Full of inspirational interviews from individuals ranging from successful entrepreneurs to actors and athletes to award winning authors, this podcast will leave you inspired and ready to take action. Inspiration With Val discusses happiness, overcoming obstacles, success stories, and everything in between. Each interview delves deep into the habits of successful individuals, and closes with specific and actionable advice for the li ...
Tune Dose
Weekly podcasting a dose of wonderful music
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Thursday on the Daly Dose, we look at some breaking sports news, including a story that is breaking our will to watch any more boxing.Plus, we have our weekly sports media overreactions! Could Tom Brady really be done? Now that they got a win, and LeBron James looked so good, are the Cleveland Cavaliers back on track? Are the Philadelphia 76ers ...…
Are you hungry for a TARANTULA BURGER? *And MORE in this DAILY DOSE OF WEIRD NEWS! #DDWNWould you eat a tarantula burger? * Exorcism by telephone?!? * Lyrica can make you gay? * Psycho arrested at Taylor Swift’s home! * Tom Cruise hates John Travolta! * Bacon is bad for baby-making! * And MORE in this DAILY DOSE OF WEIRD NEWS! #DDWN BECOME A PA ...…
Why is it that everything that's healthy for us is portrayed as a "punishment" (exercise) or as some form of deprivation (healthy food)? Think about it! In this model, if you're "doing it right" you're walking around as a deprived, punished person. Who wants that?! That being said, we all know how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. Th ...…
You used to do well on your personal development and leadership growth, but you've gotten sidetracked, you're a back-slider, and you need to get it in gear. But where do you start? Beating up on yourself doesn't work--here is what does... Leaders get the resources they need Get Specific if you need to get going again Discipline is far better th ...…
You used to do well on your personal development and leadership growth, but you've gotten sidetracked, you're a back-slider, and you need to get it in gear. But where do you start? Beating up on yourself doesn't work--here is what does... Leaders get the resources they need Get Specific if you need to get going again Discipline is far better th ...…
“Perfecting Prayer” -- Daily Dose of R' Nachman: Kitzur Likutei Moharan 4/17/18 - Iyar 2, 5778
Daily Dose of Goodness- Soul Food Serving #62
Weird news stories from around the world… with a healthy dose of LASERS added in. Does it make sense? No not really, but it doesn’t HAVE TO… it’s “Laser Stories”!By
Iconic disc jockey, Eddie Winters does his best to deliver you from the days of old with this brand new episode! Make sure to grab a glass of hot liquids and start banging on your tambourine because this is one show that can’t be beat! Take a deep dive into history with “This Day in Rock” as Eddie swings from vine to vine through the annals of ...…
My friend Jason in Chicago is an outstanding younger leader. He cares about people, he wants to do a good job, and his efforts have been recognized with promotions. At the same time, he understands that there are some politics in most organizations and he wants to be viewed favorably by those over him--but sometimes he feels intimidated. We rev ...…
Kirby Star Allies is the first “first-party” Nintendo game of the year. Does it deliver strong for 2018? We talk about whether or not it is a worthwhile first party title. It features 4 player co-op and beautiful 3D platforming worlds. We also dive into Ni no Kuni II; a much-anticipated sequel to the JRPG Ni no Kuni. Brett and Austin also try o ...…
When corn producers apply nitrogen into the soil at the beginning of the season, it’s at the maximum dose. Environmental actions such as temperature, moisture, and soil conditions cause some of it to be lost or immobilized. This means nitrogen may not be immediately available to the crop when it needs it later in the season, especially if your ...…
Love books? GozenGirls is the online bookclub for women. The GozenGirls podcast includes a weekly dose of the latest non-fiction books, with reviews and chat about our favourite books that inspire us, with a few special guests along the way.Visit us ...…
Mike from NYC sends in a challenge--his boss (the owner) constantly runs late. First we discuss what Mike shouldn't do, then what he should do, and finally, how to do it (very important!). When Should You Lead and When Should You Follow? When You Have to Carry Out a Decision You Disagree With The Science of Sounding Smart…
Great conversation about fitness with Dave who works in the marketing department at Anchor. Is manual labour better or worse then an actual in gym workout? You decide? Let me know if you agree or disagree.
Looking for people to collaborate with on any topics or just a cool relaxed conversation 😎 Message me!
After a week of looking at FORGIVENESS from the Harvard Business Review perspective on my "Daily Dose of Growth" podcast, we look at the truth of God's word on the same subject. I also talk about the way that forgiveness set me free. See below for the verses, an HBR article and an awesome 2-minute video. Matthew 18:21-35, Ephesians 4:32, Mark 1 ...…
In this episode, Fee and I talked about: How her family inspired her to "be the boss". How being the first-born gave her the mentality to help her in competitive sports. Fee's 'genius zone'' - helping multi-cultural women reach their business goals through training, coaching and consulting. What she does to market her business. Who she channels ...…
Medicine loves guidelines. But everywhere else, guidelines are still underappreciated. Consider a recommendation, like “Try Lexapro!” Even if Lexapro is a good medication, it might not be a good medication for your situation. And even if it’s a good medication for your situation, it might fail for unpredictable reasons involving genetics and in ...…
On this episode I dish on Mark Zukerberg, Tristan third trimester cheating Thompson, and Michael Brown the AMAZING teen who got accepted into 20 colleges and the three stank women on the news that had somethin negative to say about it.
A Daily Dose of Chassidus with Rabbi Shmuel BraunA theological debate has much relevance to our service of God today.
“041118”. Released: 0. Track 1.By Joe Matekovich.
Badr, pigeon keeperTamesloht, MoroccoMy name is Badr, and I am 15 years old and from Morocco. I live in a place called Fiers et Forts, which means Proud and Strong, with 89 other children. It is in a small village called Tamesloht in Morocco near Marrakech. I was brought here when I was 3 years old by my grandmother, Madou, and my mother, Dorin ...…
....without burning out or losing yourself in the process. Do you consider yourself a professional entrepreneur? Then this episode of the daily dose of awesome may interest. And it has nothing to do with the "time" you dedicate to your business. It's all about your attitude. Start learning how to attract leads and sales into your business.http: ...…
What is the driving factor for your business. This episode of the Daily Dose of Awesome breaks down which side are you functioning on motivation or inspiration. Not that one side is right or wrong but here's a different way of thinking about how motivation and inspiration affect your day to day actions. Learn more about what Elite Marketing Pro ...…
This episode of the Daily Dose of Awesome really helping network marketers learn different ways of building your network marketing business. A lot of this starts with attraction marketing.
Have you ever found yourself always looking at other people, what they are doing, where they are at and wondering why you're not there?They actually possess something that we all possess! Start learning the principles of attraction marketing right here.…
Web developer and first time delegate Nick Janetakis shares his impression of Cloud Field Day 3 and which presenter made the biggest impression. Application delivery company Droplet Computing stood out to Nick. You can find Nick's courseware here. Audio Podcast - Subscribe iTunes | RSS
Welcome to the seventh episode of the Two Girls And Nothing To Wear podcast, brought to you by Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. This week, we hang out with Rugby Union star and fashion lover, Quade Cooper, to chat all things streetwear and how to wear it well, personal style icons, Instagram inspiration, fashion hacks and more! Quade also gives us ...…
MP3 Audio [27 MB]DownloadShow URL Abraham says that the key to achieving a better body weight is to see it differently from the way it is. It’s your vibration that counts, not what you eat. David and Walt discuss. Click for live broadcast Talk with our hosts live Subscribe and share
Is it realistic to expect a 10 win season in the near future for BYU Football? Why or why not? Jarom and Jason discuss. Editor of Yahoo Sports' Dr. Saturday, Nick Bromberg calls in to talk about the impact of Gonzaga staying in the WCC. Men's volleyball Head Coach, Shawn Olmstead calls in to talk about last night's sweep over #4 Pepperdine. Plu ...…
Tom Ward shares a story about a man with a passion in the Daily Dose of Design for April 6, 2017.
Social Immune Systems The Hidden Psychology of High-Stakes Organizational Decisions Some of the very best critical thinking research in the world has been done with flight crews and medical teams. There is an almost endless number of fascinating cases to explore. There’s one, though, that I’ve become more obsessed with than others. It happened ...…
Daily Dose of Goodness-Soul Food Serving #54
Trifecta 1. The Gathering of Knowledge and Theory 2. The Application of Knowledge and Theory 3. The Application though Communication
In episode 2, we give you another healthy dose of Neosoul on this week’s Soulfood! We start with an appetizer of Tiffany Gouche’s Dive. For our main course we have the review of PJ Morton’s album “Gumbo Unplugged”. Plus, a dessert of FunKay ‘s Virtual Insanity. All this and more on #Soulfood!
In episode 2, we give you another healthy dose of Neosoul on this week’s Soulfood! We start with an appetizer of Tiffany Gouche’s Dive. For our main course we have the review of PJ Morton’s album “Gumbo Unplugged”. Plus, a dessert of FunKay ‘s Virtual Insanity. All this and more on #Soulfood!
“Faulty Faith” -- Daily Dose of R' Nachman: Kitzur Likutei Moharan 4/2/18 - Nisan 17, 5778
On this episode, Mich Hancock and Steve Sommers join us to discuss the upcoming TEDx GatewayArch event Think Well: Healthcare Out Loud! Join our Private Facebook Group Today! Mich Hancock Review this Podcast | Subscribe to our Newsletter Steve is the current Executive Director of TEDxGatewayArch, while Mich is the Co-Founder of TEDxGatewayArch. ...…
TRACKLIST: 01. Maitika - Cross The Border (Original Mix) 02. Relativ & Yestermorrow - Galactic Riders (Original Mix) 03. X-NoiZe & Rexalted - Follow The Light (Original Mix) 04. Sean Tyas - People (Extended Mix) 05. Coming Soon - African Jungle (Original Mix) 06. Kalki - Japan (Original Mix) 07. Ajja - The Other Side (Original Mix) 08. Modus & ...…
Another week another dose another day another dollar another day another night and in it all you have to keep yourself burning
Number Nyne (#Nyne) The rapper and his fellow Laregis are upcoming rappers, check out dose’ fly & lit words they rappin’ out. #Youtube Nyne Renditions
This week Lauren discusses updates in the latest Alo/Cody app vs. Dana Falsetti lawsuit. Mostly she talks about money and yoga. Does yoga and capitalism mix? Does the world owe you a living wage as a yoga teacher? Is a yoga sponsorship the end all be all of yogic success? Should yoga teachers live in caves? Are we all just jealous yoga bullies? ...…
Welcome to the show notes! I usually like to open with a snarky comment, but let’s face it, not even I can be on all the time. Let’s keep this one serious. Jeremy is somewhere in the Mediterranean, soaking up the sun and speaking Greek while James, Rob, and Kevin work away in the podcast mine. Fittingly, rather than being a meandering discussio ...…
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