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Your Working Life with Caroline Dowd-Higgins
Caroline Dowd-Higgins, nationally renowned career and professional development expert hosts, Your Working Life, a podcast series featuring thought leaders and influencers in the career and personal growth arena. Enjoy Your Career. Love Your Life!
America's Evolutionary Evangelists
CONNIE BARLOW and MICHAEL DOWD explore evolution sciences for inspiration and action,,
Inspiring Naturalism podcast
Inspiring Naturalism Podcast: science-based worldviews and wonders for our evolving culture
Laura Palmer Is Dead - A Twin Peaks Podcast
Podcast by Melissa Kriha, Kelly Dowd, & Patrick Dowd
Religion that's not afraid of science
Three recent books take seriously the story science tells us about where we are and how we got here on Earth. NCR columnist Rich Heffern talks with the authors to discuss the implications for religion of modern science's account of an unimaginably vast universe of 500 billion galaxies and the evolution of humans that took place over millions of years.
The Podcast Dude
Are you interested in starting a podcast? Do you want to make your podcast better? This show is all about podcasting. Professional podcast editor Aaron Dowd shares everything he’s learned about making great podcasts. Get answers you common questions on everything relating to podcasting; gear, recording, content, editing, interviewing, mixing, mastering, and more. To stand out from thousands of other podcasts, you have to produce a high quality show. The Podcast Dude will help you get there. ...
Evolving Faith
Michael Dowd interviews leaders in progressive Christianity and other faiths who are evolving their traditions toward a deep-time spirituality, thus encouraging meaningful and inspiring interpretations of science-based knowing.
Powerhouse Politics
Headliner interviews and in-depth looks at the people and events shaping U.S. politics. Hosted by ABC News' Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl, Political Director Rick Klein and Chief Political Analyst Matthew Dowd.
Solomon Success » Podcast
The Solomon Success podcast is dedicated to the timeless wisdom of King Solomon and the Book of Proverbs in order to maximize one’s business and life. To our advantage, we can find King Solomon’s financial strategies in addition to many life philosophies documented in biblical scriptures. Focusing on these enduring fundamentals of success allows us to bypass the “get-rich-quick” schemes that cause many to stumble on their journey toward success. Our concern is not only spiritual in nature, b ...
16-year-old entrepreneur Henry Dowding interviews some of the biggest movers and shakers in London's tech scene. We're talking to everyone from VCs to Founders as well as covering everything from health-tech to Bitcoin. Plus, we might have a laugh along the way.
TFP Today
TFP Today brings hockey news, rumors and commentary, delivered by industry professionals. Featuring the cast of the syndicated Fourth Period Radio Show, including Dave Pagnotta, TFP Today also boasts former Tampa GM Jay Feaster, Stanley Cup winner Jim Dowd, NHL journeyman Sean Pronger and Yahoo! Sports blogger, Greg "Puck Daddy" Wyshynski. TFP Today is also proud to introduce new host, Francis Anzalone.
Personal Training Specialization Exercise Videos
These videos teach the fundamentals of a dynamic warm up. Dynamic Warm Ups involve movement, rather than static stretching, to prepare your body for what you will actually do in the upcoming workout, utilizing activity or sport specific movements. Dynamic warm ups also target areas of the body that tend to be tight or locked down: the goal is to open them up so they are able to load and unload your body weight safely and efficiently. Because life and sport happen in all three planes, we need ...
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As word of the kidnapping hit the media, it became a nationwide sensation. Kansas City was already a city famous for crime ever since the Union Station Massacre. The Greenlease ransom of $600,00.00 was the largest ever paid in the history of the nation. Carl Hall and Bonnie Heady drove to St. Louis after they buried the child’s body. Once the a ...…
Butterflies of Wisdom
Butterflies of Wisdom is a podcast where we want to share your story. We want to share your knowledge if you have a small business if you are an author or a Doctor, or whatever you are. With a disability or not, we want to share your story to inspire others. To learn more about Butterflies of Wisdom visit ...…
Central Baptist Church Podcast
Happy Sunday and welcome to digital worship! Our musical offering this week is a nice rendition of El Shaddai featuring Laura Dowding on vocals and Lynn Dowding on piano. Enjoy!
Pete Rose is suing longtime detractor, John Dowd for defamation of character. In this case, Dowd turned the tables on Rose and introduced a witness who claims she was with the Hit King as a minor, although Rose says she was of legal age which in Ohio is 16.All of this occured the week before the Phillies were supposed to be honoring Pete Rose i ...…
Writer/co-director Elizabeth Dowd; co-director John Oglevee; and composer/actor David Crandall talk about "Gettysburg," a Noh play in English, that will have its premiere at 3 p.m. Aug. 6 at the Alvina Krause Theatre, 226 Center St., Bloomsburg. It is hosted by Theatre Nohgaku. It's free. More information at…
The Cleveland Indians have won 9 of their last 11. The Cincinnati Reds have lost almost as many. The trade deadline has come and gone and John Dowd is after Pete Rose again. All this and more on this edition of the Ohio Baseball Weekly show with Mark Donahue and Dave Mitchell.
When you accept diversity in others you grow and develop. We are all different in some way. We often use global labeling, a form of stereotyping, and think that one person who has “wronged” us is the representative of that particular group. This can happen via religion, sexuality, gender, race, age, nationality, and in many other ways. In think ...…
The Future Is A Mixtape
Gentrification. Housing Bubbles. Developers & Their “Pay 2 Play” Campaign Donations (Bribes) to City Council Members. And then there’s the needless cruelty of permanent homelessness. On this episode, Jesse & Matt ratchet-up their manifesto on their Mixtape for the Future by talking about the second-most important cornerstone of The Golden Squar ...…
In this hour Chad talked to ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd about the President's trip to Europe, the meeting between Trump, Jr. and Russians and more!
In this hour Chad talked to ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd about the President's trip to Europe, the meeting between Trump, Jr. and Russians and more!
Influenced by bands such as Neko Case and Sera Cahoone, local folk artist Josaleigh Pollett mixes Pacific Northwest vibes with raw, Utah talent in her upcoming album, Strangers, which releases July 8. Strangers is a revival of Pollett’s 2014 EP, this time with new tracks, a local record label and a troupe of talented musicians (Carson Wolfe, Ge ...…
on Trump/ Putin meeting
Laura Palmer Is Dead - A Twin Peaks Podcast
Holy Zombie Coal Miner Dugpas Batman!!! This week we discuss why the atomic bomb was the origin of Bob, what happened the last time Diane and Coop saw each other, and a LOT of Black Lodge Theory. Meanwhile...
The Mike O'Meara Show
Today, we are joined by amazing Ann Dowd from "The Handmaid's Tale". Plus, an international edition of Wide Open Wednesday that involves dental implants and a visit to India.
Fat Barry's Best of Today Radio 4 Nutty Brexit Log
Austerity, austerity, austerity on today's show. Also discussing the issue of efficiency and doing the bloody job you're paid for. This includes G4S which seems to be overseeing the transformation of prisons into Crack Houses and Spice Dens, where violence and depravity are the order of the day. Just as the fire service should aspire to do its ...…
Topics: Reports from Staples Center / The Ball Family Values / Enzo and Cass: Still Real to Dowd / Nobody likes the Loserweights / Joe the Samoan v Brock Balls of Fire / Ms. Money in the Bank, Again Twitter: @FacesHeelsPodWebsite:
On this Sunday’s episode of “At Home with Roby”, Trent and Patrick are joined by Dan Morrill from the Historic Landmarks Commission and Bryan Butler from Coldwell Banker Commercial MECA to talk about the upcoming Camp Greene Centennial Celebration that will honor all men and women who served during WWI. The weekend celebration starts on Saturda ...…
Laura Palmer Is Dead - A Twin Peaks Podcast
Toad got skinny! It's a battle of the Douche bags this week with three, new Lynchian Villians: In this corner Stephen Burnett - the most aggressively Ginger adult male you'll ever meet with a coke habit and a super dumb ponytail to boot. In this corner RICHARD HORNE (yes Kelly went nuts over his last name) the Twin Peaks Joffery who targets wom ...…
Combining the atmospheres of dreampop, post-punk and art-rock, local band Indigo Plateau are preparing to drop their EP, The Heights, with a flurry of symphonic soundscapes. Indigo Plateau comprises members Evan Pack (guitar, vocals, keys), Michael Paulsen (guitar, noise, vocals), Andres Escobar (bass) and Ian Francis (drums, drum machine), who ...…
That Newport Show: A podcast about love, life, and adventure in Newport, Rhode Island
Salvation Cafe General Manager, Kyle Dowding, joins us in this episode to tell his story. It’s a pretty neat one. From Dick’s Last Resort, to Vegas, and a return to Newport; Kyle talks about the career of a cocktail master and restaurateur. Plus, Buck and Helena dish on some Little Compton country drama. Why are the folks in LC bummed about con ...…
As one of several side hustles, Ryan Dowd runs, a training program that teaches librarians how to confidently and compassionately deal with their homeless patrons. It’s something a little different from the business-to-consumer model we usually see with online course sales and comes with some advantages over the B2C market — ...…
“The Handmaid’s Tale” is based on the 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood, and stars Elisabeth Moss as an enslaved ‘handmaid’ forced to give birth for the barren ruling class in a near-future dystopia where the authoritarian theocracy has replaced America as we know it. Dowd plays the cruel Aunt Lydia, a zealot who oversees the handmaids by any means ...…
Cold Waves Soundcheck
Interview with Keely Dowd and Jesse Pollock / Music from GRÜN WASSERSongs:1) Out to Lunch2) Trace It Back3) Saying Silence4) White Into The Bluehttps://grunwasser.infohttps://grunwasser.bandcamp.com Waves to Cold W ...…
Episode 7: Colin interviews stage and screen actor, Jason LeighfieldJason Leighfield is an actor on stage and screen. He’s best known for his recurring role on Haunted Case Files. He also appeared in season 2 and 3 of Paranormal Survivor. Currently, Jason is on the web series Swerve, which is starting its second season on Youtube. Mr. Leighfiel ...…
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