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Dr. Leigh-Davis hosts "This Month in History;" telling listeners about historical events which occurred in the present month. Dr. Leigh-Davis is a law professor, retired attorney, anthropologist and media personality. Dr. Leigh-Davis has taught at Cal State University and is a native of Beverly Hills, California. Previously, Dr. Leigh-Davis was Editor-in-Chief of Malibu Magazine; an attorney; an actress; a model; host of the Court TV television show "The Court is in Session;" and a winner of ...
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I'm about to wrap up the year and I couldn't do it without giving a bit of history to how and why the podcast started, what it's been like and where it's heading. Tune in to hear about the Top 5 most downloaded episodes and two honorable mentions because they got so close to the Top 5. If you're a fan of Sarah Campbell, Evelyn Carbsane, Danny L ...…
Premiere. Veteran radio producer Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev) has added a 16th show to his Waterlogg Productions podcast lineup and has tapped Bryan Hendrickson hosts. This time, Bryan presents "It Happened One Night" with Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable as it was originally broadcast on The Lux Radio Theater over the CBS Radio Network on Mar 20, ...…
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