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Your Dunamas Life
Your Dunamas Life is a production of Dunamas Center Ministries for Marriage, Birthing, and Family Studies in Colorado Springs, CO. The roundtable format of this show features Dr. Pauline Dillard and Catherine Pearson of the Dunamas Center Ministries. Interesting and engaging discussions surrounding timely and controversial topics regarding marriage, birthing, mental and physical health from a Christ-centered point of view. Our goal is to challenge and provoke you to walk out a life of faith ...
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Join Stephanie as she interviews Elizabeth Quinn, mom of four and ICAN chapter leader, to discuss vaginal birth after cesearan (VBACs). You'll be inspired by Elizabeth's story and learn about VBAC safety, concerns, preparation, and strategies for healing physically and emotionally from your past birth(s). She also shares her favorite resources ...…
Dr Pauline Dillard in beginning a series that she will be presenting on week 1 and 2 of the next couple months. The overall focus of the series will be in Proverbs (6:23-34 and 7:7-27). There are many consequences of adultery, and God has a lot to say about it in His Word. Tune in to hear the beginning of the series!…
Dr Pauline Dillard has been traveling the country talking to churches, pastors, birthing organizations, midwives, and other birthing professionals for years. Her message has been clear: Birth Traumatomology Symdrome (BTS) is a huge problem in our country and churches are not faring any better than the world outside the church. We believe that ( ...…
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