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Convert to Raid Presents: The podcast for World of Warcraft and other Blizzard Games!
Convert to Raid has the latest news from World of Warcraft and other games from Blizzard Entertainment. From noob to pro, our players keep you in the loop on all the latest additions and changes that affect you most!
Convert to Raid Too: Encounter and Class Guides for Raiders in World of Warcraft
Convert to Raid is getting too big for a single podcast! Make sure you're always playing at the top of your game with CtR Too, featuring our ongoing encounter and class guides for raiders in WoW.
Couch Talk – Dr. Anna
Designed to Connect
Dreena Drops
Hear more from Dreena everyday from 10a-3p on Wild 94.9 San Francisco...only on the iHeart Radio App!
Dr. Dena Churchill: Envision Your Best
Dena Churchill - Chiropractor, speaker, author and consultant…Dr. Dena Churchill is a Chiropractic Doctor and dynamic keynote speaker remembered for her ability to deeply connect with audiences with clarity, wisdom and humour. With a humble confidence she draws on a wealth of real-life experiences to help you envision your best and illustrate ideas in a way that is both entertaining and informative, offering ageless wisdom of the trillium of mind, body, spirit balance in healing and transfor ...
Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast
What do you get when you invite a nationally known comedian into your living room every week? The Daren Streblow Comedy Show. Streblow, who has been a frequent performer on Disney Cruises as well as the Bananas comedy show, is the entertaining host of this fun-filled program. Each week Daren will host a featured guest such as Jeff Allen, Ken Davis, Tim Hawkins, in addition to several other comedians. Daren’s good friends and fellow comedians David Pendleton and Riley Armstrong will show up r ...
The List Game
A diverse panel of nerdiacs engages in a conversational improve game. Each episode begins with a topic question that puts our eccentric cast in a hypothetical situation. They have each drawn a List of topics and/or phrases from a hat that they try to fit into the conversation.
Nocturne of Remembered Spring, and Other Poems by AIKEN, Conrad
Written at the height of the Great War, the poems of this volume are suffused with a sense of melancholy and tragedy. Some of the poems (such as "1915: The Trenches") speak directly of war-time scenes and images, but even those which don't do so are permeated with a feeling of loss and desolation occasioned by the War. In spite of this pervading pathos, however, these poems are also filled with haunting beauty of imagery, drawn as Aiken so often does from natural images of wind, sea, and wea ...
Rockpointe Community Church
A place to know and be known. Love and be loved. Serve and be served. Rockpointe Community Church is a place to feel to explore your faith and ask tough questions.Don't expect to find a stiff collection of plastic saints with painted smiles and neon halos here. Our community is made up of a diverse blend of people from all walks of life with a wide variety of backgrounds. We are real people with real problems who have discovered an exceedingly real God. This discovery has drawn a ...
Episode 19 - CEO OF DESTINY
I got laid off. Walter spoke with such despondency as he announced to his group of peers how he was in disbelief over the situation. 27 hard years of my life just gone down the drain. A TON OF BRICKS Every person in the room could feel the somber reality of how crushing and demoralizing it must have been for him as a man to now face this fact. HEY KID: SHUT YOUR TRAP! I was younger at the time probably like 22 years old. Freshly apprehended into the LORD's love, I had witnessed not only Walt ...
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As was the practice in a time (14th Century) before the delineation between poet and composer was as sharply drawn as today, Guillaume de Machaut set his own texts to music. "Je vivroie liement" for solo soprano, solo violin, and chamber orchestra is an homage to courtly love set to a lively fiddle dance tune that evokes both Celtic & Gypsy sty ...…
How to motivate millennials
do you struggle with high employee turnover? Are you watching your money being flushed down the drain as you see employee after employee walking through the revolving door?As someone who consults business in helping them cope with this issue, I will be doing multiple podcasts on WHAT to do with high employee turnover. Employee turnover is expen ...…
Johnnie and Dr. Eric Gentry discuss how valuable it is to find your voice to share with others. "Bring forth that which is in you and that which is in you will save you. Fail to bring forth that which is in you and that which is in you will destroy you." In this discussion we will learn to identify the reasons we 'fail''' to open up and what ha ...…
In this episode of Scratch Your Own Itch I talk with Anna Yusim, MD about her incredible work in psychiatry and new book 'Fulfilled: How the Science of Spirituality Can Help You Live A Happier, More Meaningful Life'. Anna has an amazing story of living a life that on the outside appeared perfect by societal standards yet she still felt a sense ...…
The Berkshire Edge LLC is a locally owned, regional publication. Our goal is to provide – regularly and in depth – content that truly reflects the life, interests and aspirations of this unusually rich and vibrant community. Guided by respected journalistic standards, the principle of fairness, the quest for truth, a commitment to social, econo ...…
Dr. Anna Shields is now a Clinical Pharmacist in Seattle, Washington working for Kaiser who completed her PGY-1 at Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group One of the reasons she chose her site was the progressive nature of the state that now offers provider status for pharmacists. She was an entrepreneurial pharmacy intern at NuCara Pharmacy in Pleasant Hil ...…
Dr. Zena Gabriel sat down with the New Theory podcast as she shares her truly unique process towards maintaining beautiful skin through a no nonsense. I spoke with 1,000s of Aesthetic professionals over the years and Dr. Gabriel is the real deal.This podcast was sponsored by The Plastic Surgery Network, check out Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics ...…
In this talk, Dr. Ross Arena, Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Illinois at Chicago emphasizes how the healthy lifestyle is a vital medicine to patients. He also presents creative methods on how to present patients with gradual changes in their lifestyle to better prevent chronic diseases. Dr. Arena is a world ren ...…
↑ In the fourth episode of the Voices of Veterinary Medicine podcast, Dr. Ana Schreiner talks about her love for emergency medicine, and how she was able to pay off her student loan debt in just five years. She also talks about the circuitous route she took to veterinary medicine, and how one old […] The post Ep 4 – Dr. Ana Schreiner – Emergenc ...…
Lindsay seems to be calling out J.Lo on Twitter, petty or ballsy? Plus, Khloe's baby bump reappears! For more follow Dreena and Rico on Twitter: @dreenagonzalez & @ricardodeltoro
Who: RITA -winning fantasy author Jeffe Kennedy Topics Discussed: How Jeffe got started writing, fantasy romance, contemporary romance, fantasy, nonfiction, boy fantasy, judging reader preferences, popcorn flicks, science fiction, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association, SFWA, diversity. Nebula awards, Hugo awards, Game of Thrones, HBO, ...…
Bible Belt Skeptics Podcast
Pastor blames secret gay Nazi death squads for Vegas mass shooting - Pastor Rick Wiles is a certified Grade-A conspiracy nut and End Times evangelist. He’s never met a kooky theory he can’t latch on to in order justify his worldview. Jesus Campos ...…
WoW! Talk! – Warcraft News and Community
Blizzcon week is here!!! Feel the hype! But first, the gang talks about what they've been up to in game. Rei and Eric have Kil'jaeden down to 2% on heroic. They've also been running Mythic +12 dungeons. Nick meanwhile finally has his Blood DK hidden artifact appearance and started a monk which he is finding to be underwhelming. His damage seems ...…
Michael Stumo joined us today to discuss the ongoing NAFTA negotiations with Canada and Mexico. The US is taking a much harder stance than Michael expected. Trade Representative Lightziger has drawn a line in the sand and Mexico and Canada are up in arms. How will it end? Let's see what happens next.…
LISTEN ABOVE AS WARREN GATLAND SPOKE TO THE RADIO SPORT BREAKFASTWarren Gatland "hated" the Lions tour of New Zealand and blames what he claims was an orchestrated campaign by local media to unsettle him.The coach has revealed he was especially unhappy at coverage surrounding the British and Irish Lions' clash against his son Bryn's side.He pin ...…
Did Kylie reveal her babies gender?! Maybe. Dreena and producer Rico are NOT down with the latest fashion trend.Follow Dreena and Rico on Twitter!: @dreenagonzalez @ricardodeltoro
Dr. Anna Cabeca is an internationally recognized gynecologist and obstetrician specializing in holistic anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She uses a functional medicine approach and tools like bioidentical hormone therapy, diet, and superfood supplements to help women solve their hormonal health problems. Click here to check out the show notes.…
Dr. Anna Cabeca is an internationally recognized gynecologist and obstetrician specializing in holistic anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She uses a functional medicine approach and tools like bioidentical hormone therapy, diet, and superfood supplements to help women solve their hormonal health problems. Click here to check out the show notes.…
On September 12th, ten years after the debut of the first iPhone, Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook took center stage at a meticulously rehearsed event to present the newest iPhone models. While millions of Apple users remain glued to the screens, most will actually admit that they are not yet done exploring their more than desirable, but slightly older ...…
Beyonce's new song is out and a mom's solo vacation plans.
Introducing Alison Knott Growing up as an extroverted nerd has paid off. Alison is a community leader and artist with a passion for WordPress. Her mission is to delight and engage people through raising the bar on web literacy. She is controlled by two tiny parrots. Show Notes Website | Twitter | @Eraserheader Instagram ...…
Dreena Drops
The Kardashians have baby fever!Follow Dreena on Twitter!: @dreenagonzalez
In this week’s #YAFPNW we’ll be working with FPA’s Journal in the Round podcast to discuss changes in the financial planning industry for planners and clients alike. We sit in with Yusuf Abugideiri, Russel Kroeger, Lisa Kirchenbauer, and Andrew Mehari to discuss how millennials are changing financial planning, different job roles in the industr ...…
Today we’ll start our road trip in Jackson for the LeFleur Museum District MS Science Fest. Next we’ll head to Jackson for the 37th Annual Farish Street Heritage Festival. Then we’ll stroll by Brain Drain, a Mississippi Panel discussion at Millsaps College, Bank Plus International Gumbo Festival in Jackson, Sam Chatmon’s Blues fest in Hollandal ...…
Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and weasel enthusiasts. Chapter 41 is here and it is jammed packed, I discuss all the events and things that have happened in the last month. Things such as SummerSlam, Mayweather vs McGregor, GGG vs Canelo, It, Game of Thrones and so much more. I then look to the future and make my predictions for ROH, UFC ...…
NO DREENA IS NOT GETTING DIVORCED! Audrina Patridge Calls It Quits On Her Marriage and an update on Fergie's divorce.Follow Dreena on Twitter!: @dreenagonzalez
Dreena Drops info on Kevin Hart's possible side piece and talks about a creeper hanging in a family's attic.Follow Dreena on Twitter!: @dreenagonzalez
Sermons – Covenant Grace Baptist Church
Introduction A few weeks ago a number of conservative evangelical leaders came up with the Nashville statement. It is a manifesto intended to summarise the traditional, biblical view on sexual identity. About 150 prominent evangelicals signed it, such names as R. C. Sproul; John Macarthur; Al Mohler; Rosaria Butterfield; John Piper; Wayne Grude ...…
The Compassion Fatigue Podcast with Jennifer Blough, LPC
In this episode, we cover: Coming to terms with euthanasia The power of teamwork and looking out for one another Dealing with misguided anger and bullying from the public How Dr. Dena manages compassion fatigue Stray: A Shelter Veterinarian’s Reflection on Triumph and Tragedy Dena’s thank you to shelter staff…
House of Rossi Radio
4th Ave Mural Project Interviews with Kelly, Paloma Priest, The owner of Royal Hookah Lounge, and a short Wise Wed with Dr. Anna Nordin.
Dr. Hamrick discusses the rise in Hepatitis C cases.
Dreena talks about MTV's Hurricane Relief telethon that will feature appearances from Beyonce, Diddy and many many more.Follow Dreena on Twitter!: @dreenagonzalez
The very first segment of Wise Wednesdays with Dr. Anna hosted by Stells of house Rossi radio.
Today, I spot selfishness in two media powerhouses: the long-running reality TV show The Bachelor, and the outspoken digital-media entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk.I was in a supermarket a few months back, and the cover of US Magazine (not a rag I read) caught my eye. On the cover was a photo of The Bachelor, Nick Viall, with a large quote that rea ...…
House of Rossi Radio
Catching up with Stells, Call to Artist for local mural project and the new segment announcement for Wednesday Wisdom with Dr Anna.
Taylor Swift and Kim and Kanye are at war!! At least with words.Follow Dreena on Twitter!: @dreenagonzalez
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