Best dragonica podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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Dragonica Insider
A podcast for everything Dragonica hosted by Joey, Jason and Danelie.
Dragonica Insider's Agent discusses Dragonica, glasses of water and the importance of not being a warrior.
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Regressing to childhood is no difficult task for the playful bards! In this episode, Syl, Steff, and Syp examine choice selections from kid MMOs to see if the music is just as good to adult ears as it is to the wee 'uns. Warning: If you're allergic to bright, happy, and cheerful tunes, this show will probably make you die. Follow Battle Bards o ...…
Jason and Danelie talk about the tastiest mission map in Dragonica, give ideas, talk about Drakos weapons, create a new section, and wish that we recorded sooner.By (Hippie).
The following episode is dedicated to our contact at Gpotato code named J. Jason and Joey start of the new year talking about technical problems, the water temple, our need for new content, and review Nightlord. Happy Listening Edit: Ok I have to give DerangedXI his props not even a day after episode 20 was released and he did this:…
Jason, Joey, and Danelie make up an entire episode on the spot, they talk about a bad patch in another version of Dragonica, the upcoming new year, try to find out what the heck we meant for ideas of improvement, and wish everybody a happy new year! (Edit) Request by Hifumi to see the ninjas weapon on THQ*ICE…
Jason, Joey, and Danelie talk about the lack of new content, the fixed bugged EXP that was supposedly fixed, read some good emails, and make fun of each other big time!By (Hippie).
Jason, Joey, Danelie, and Dakota (guest) talk about the wrong doings of the new EXP rates, how the Dragonica economy works, Christmas ideas, Toto mission map, and a soon to be new Dragonica Insider member!By (Hippie).
Episode 1 - LOL!Yay, my first episode! There's no real content as of yet, as this is just a little "Hello World!" episode. I do have content set up for the next four episodes, so don't worry.If you... Dragonica Insider's Agent discusses Dragonica, glasses of water and the importance of not being a warrior. dra ...…
The crew took some time out this Fourth of July in order to bring you their thoughts of Aion and Dragonica. They also react to the latest PS3 emulation rumors, Fable 3, and Sony's recent retcon. Beware the Dire Lamb.By (RPGamer).
eS best line contest in de Hal in Nijmegen. Damiaan Winkelman organiseerde afgelopen zondag een best line contest. Een nieuw wedstrijd formaat waar ik nog nooit van gehoord had. Ik ging even kijken en vroeg Damiaan om uitleg. Ook Sneep was in Nijmegen. Hij heeft de eS sponsor me tape wedstrijd gewonen. Hoe voelt dat nu, een van de beste videogr ...…
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