Best dreamware podcasts we could find (Updated July 2017)
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Dreamware Studios
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Dream Career Podcast
Go from contemplating your next career move, to making your next career move by listening to the Dream Career Podcast. Our 12 Steps to Career Change break down the career change process into four categories: Realization that it is time to make the change, Exploring career options, Preparing for your new career, and finally completing the Search and Networking to find the career that fits you. Each episode features a subject area expert that will help you land your dream job.
Aeonism - Dreamwaves
Aeonism (DJ and Producer) bringing the very best in uplifting and melodic electronic music to the fore monthly through the podcast, Dreamwaves
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Rhythm and Pixels Video Game Music Podcast
Classic Japanese computer systems? We can do that! This week your hosts go on an adventure into awesome FM synth music and a surprising amount of risque RPGs! The NEC PC-98 series of computers were also the birth-place of Touhou Project, so you know there’s going to be some great shmup style tracks too! Let’s do this! Track list: To Believe is ...…
Altitude - Closer Need for Mirrors - Chariot Scar - Caged Digital,Spirit - Original Rockers DJ Madd - Duppy Moresounds - Gwan Fire Release - Pinhead Mikal - Spiritual PLK - Dreamware War - 7th Circle Ulterior Motive - MIR Kodo The Jackal (dBridge remix) Yong G - Run (feat Ragga Twins) Antagonist - Default Artificial Intelligence - Dillirious VI ...…
1. Actress - X22RME - Ninja Tune2. Will Spitwell - Cowgirl (ft Speek Eazy)3. Secret Heart - Sunrise4. Forest Swords - Arms Out - Ninja Tune5. Dario Zenker - Tilian - Ilian Tape Recordings6. Skee Mask - Excess Signal - Ilian Tape Recordings7. Roger 23 - Of Poor Quality And Communication - Ilian Tape Recordings8. Downbeat - I & I - Dubphonic9. Ch ...…
1 Player Podcast
The year of wargaming continues, with our second game of the year. Granted, we're almost halfway through the year, but at least we got another one. Albert and Julius discuss Conflict of Heroes Awakening the Bear and its solo expansion this episode as well as talking about other games and topics. Show notes: Opening Chatter Flash PointAJ’s threa ...…
慢速中文 Slow Chinese
前阵子,新浪微博上有一个名叫王源宗的自由摄影师发了一条微博,说他拍摄的西藏风景录像被中央电视台盗用了。他打电话联系电视台,但是对方却以各种理由推卸责任,甚至不承认盗用的事实。后来,他只好把电话录音放到了网上,很多人关注和转发,大家都表示支持他维护自己的权利。最后,电视台栏目组向他道了歉,并支付了一笔费用。 这样的结局已经很难得,大部分人即使把事情发布在网络上也很难得到很多人的关注,因为这种事情太常见了。阅读过他的微博之后,我了解到,这不是他第一次被别人盗用素材了。而且在此之前他尝试维权都很少成功。在中国,知识产权的保护意识还很薄弱。不只是照片、录像,原创的音乐和书籍被盗用也很常见。你可以在网络上下载到免费的音乐,免费的图片,甚至书籍,你写的文章可能被别人直接拿去用,对方可能不会注明出 ...…
慢速中文 Slow Chinese
前阵子,新浪微博上有一个名叫王源宗的自由摄影师发了一条微博,说他拍摄的西藏风景录像被中央电视台盗用了。他打电话联系电视台,但是对方却以各种理由推卸责任,甚至不承认盗用的事实。后来,他只好把电话录音放到了网上,很多人关注和转发,大家都表示支持他维护自己的权利。最后,电视台栏目组向他道了歉,并支付了一笔费用。 这样的结局已经很难得,大部分人即使把事情发布在网络上也很难得到很多人的关注,因为这种事情太常见了。阅读过他的微博之后,我了解到,这不是他第一次被别人盗用素材了。而且在此之前他尝试维权都很少成功。在中国,知识产权的保护意识还很薄弱。不只是照片、录像,原创的音乐和书籍被盗用也很常见。你可以在网络上下载到免费的音乐,免费的图片,甚至书籍,你写的文章可能被别人直接拿去用,对方可能不会注明出 ...…
Cutworx: 1. Subtension - Fairlady 2. Sunchase & I Wannabe - Top Spin 3. S.P.Y - Stand Alone feat. Drs 4. Tom Small - Formal 5. Minor Rain - Villain 6. Handra - Coat Of Dust (Eastcolors Remix) 7. Plk - Dreamware Paperclip: 01. Sesterce - Empire Oublie + Symptom - Giardia 02. Encode - Aught (Paperclip remix) + Bowsar & Distant Future - Pneumatic ...…
Noemauk & Fearful Present: The ExtraSolar Podcast #18 [XTRSLRP018]1. Arkaik - Doppelgänger [Flexout Audio]2. Taelimb & Conscience - Chasing [Forthcoming on Flexout Audio]3. Anile - Between The Sides (feat. Inja) [Medschool]4. Conscience - Without Sleep [Flexout Audio]5. Mystic State - Submerge [Nurtured Beatz]6. Homemade Weapons - Mileena (MVP) ...…
In which our heroes defend Crystal Lake, wage a Dream War, aim our missiles at a Godzilla and decide which movie monsters they could take in a fight. We look at the ideal ways to grapple with a gremlin, crush a cave creep, kill a Cujo, and get rid of a Grundlefly. Jackson defends his home against the notorious toilet ghoul, Zoe just straight up ...…
Whitechapel Road authoe Wayne Mallows, and Dream War and Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum author Stephen Prosapio discuss their books, current and future, writing in general, and the paranormal!
Dream War was released as an eBook in July of 2010. Articles about him and his writing have been featured in the San Diego Union Tribune, The North County Times, Today’s Local News, San Diego Magazine and the DePaul University Alumni magazine. Stephen’s second novel Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum is scheduled for publication June 2011. Ghosts of Ros ...…
PSI-FI Radio Network
Stephen Prosapio received his Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science from DePaul University in Chicago. He’s reported for one of the nation’s largest fantasy football websites,, and wrote a previous novel which, competing against 2,676 other novels, won a Top Five Finalist award in’s 2007 First Chapters contes ...…
Kongkast - Hong Kong's Drum and Bass / Bass Music Podcast - Weekly Podcast with the best DnB tunes from around the world!TRACKLIST//KONGKAST #102 – feat. Utopia Music / Mako (UK)(artist – title – label)1. PLK – DREAMWARE (Renegage Hardware dub)2. MUTE AND MAKO – CONNEXION (LINDEN REMIX) (Utopia Music dub)3. VILLEM – RED MATTER (dub)4. VILLEM – PROVIDE (longed-out cheese mission mix) ...…
Cassie, from the USA, has known and loved JP2 all her life, thanks to her mother's trip to WYD Denver in 1993. JPII: "Peace is not a utopia nor an inaccessible ideal nor an unrealisable dream. War is not an inevitable calamity. Peace is possible." Music by Mike Mangione. Visit for much more. Totus Tuus (All Yours) was Pope John Pau ...…
Dreamware Studios
Andy & Luke talk about Steve Jobs, Microsoft, Transformers, Operation Flashpoint & More.
Andy and Luke talk about the new iPhone 3.0 firmware, Microsoft's Anti-virus, Prototype & more
Andy & Luke talk about E3 '09.
This week Andy and Luke talk about the iPhone update and some news on Dreamwarez. There's enough cookies for everyone.
This week Andy & Luke are going to be focusing on Apple's new generation of Mac Books Pros & more.
Luke and Andy talk about Netbooks and other recent news. This is the actual 4th podcast as the other podcast had technical difficulties and had to be abandoned.
Andy & Luke talk about Google's new G1 phone & the iPhone, in addition to some recent patents (Including Microsoft surface technology).
Andy and Kyle talk about Blogging & Making Podcasts.
Andy and Luke discuss Dreamwarez. They'll be covering the "Who What and Why" factors of the site. They'll discuss the future of the site and mention the forum too. In addition to this they'll be discussing their opinions and ideas about different topics.
11 O'Clock Comics Podcast
Sitting in for a vacationing Jason Wood, Derek (Comic Book Noise) Coward and Chris (Collected Comics Library) Marshall help us talk about Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D, Humberto Ramos, Lucha Libre, collecting Final Crisis, DC/Wildstorm: Dream War, Jason Aaron's Ghost Rider, Marvel's X-books, Punisher Max, Library Binding, the Monster Times, ...…
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