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Each week we look at what matters to you the World of Warcraft Player player. And we do it ALL in 30 min or less.
DreaMore Podcast
It is a list for DreaMore that how and why we Help people to Chase their Dream.
Merely a Setback is a show dedicated to the story of World of Warcraft. Join us weekly for a panel discussion about our favourite game, from the finer points of lore to the way in which Blizzard tells the story of Azeroth.
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On this weeks show we have : Crafting Changes Event Bonus Ashran Changes Poke takes on PVE Mages Kadgar VH1 popup video What is wrong with Dreanor Warcraft off THe [...] The post Warcraft off The Record Ep 31 Ashran Changes appeared first on Quest Gaming Network.
John, Mel & Brandie discuss: 12-year-old shot by police over toy gun; Government vs. Childhood; Taxes go up in Japan. Sales go down; Shirt scientist wore more important than huge scientific achievement; Black Friday part nine hundred and forty-two - Parental responsibility; Spirit vs. Led Zeppelin. Intellectual property & the creative process i ...…
John & Scott discuss: Strokin' it with Scott McDonnell; Gruber the Goober tells the truth about Obamacare; Detroit databases held hostage, nothing valuable enough to save; Elections as a national holiday; Gooberment a-hole smashing homeless people's shopping carts with a sledgehammer; Welcome our robot security overlords; Swatting; Warlords of ...…
On this weeks show we’ve got: Alliance gets their chopper, Blood Elves will not be looking so fresh and new at Launch, Blizzard will be at Gamescom, Tanks in PvP, [...] The post Warcraft Off the Record: Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That! appeared first on Quest Gaming Network.
Meeting Stones: Taking away the Meeting Stone, instead putting more in. The Stone is being removed because it was too congested for any conversation so they are encouraging people to set up meetings on their own. Could it be that they’re summoning in too many people in without tickets? Mike Morhaime is sorry: Do you think there is equal represe ...…
Coming up on episode 27 of The Meeting Stone! Warlords closed Beta begins today! Beating Mario 1 faster than it takes to read this headline. Dreanor perks, one per level, what’s not to like? Hearthstone prepares for a Naxxaramas upgrade… Read more ›
Joey and Casey mostly talk about Warlords of DreanorBut there's Heroes of the Swarm and Reaper of Souls stuff too!@joseph_lfrog @Casey484 @TheToonwerks www.legendaryfrog.com Joseph Blanchette "LegendaryFrog".
Rho's thoughts on experiencing Blizzcon What no movie trailer?! Garrisons Will people want one account wide Garrison or one per alt character? No patch 5.5. With new changes comes the removal of reforging. Raid Changes Flexible will be no longer and Mythic will be added Offspecs - Will there be a lot of tanks and healers now?? No flying in Drea ...…
Lots to talk about on the first day of Blizzcon 2013 New expansion announced - Warlords of Dreanor Plenty of new and exciting things with the expansion. One thing that is very unclear is whether the past comes to the present or if you have to go to the past. Characters get a facelift Blizzard received a lot of comments about how Pandas' looked ...…
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