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Drudge Report Report
Monday - Friday 9pm NYT.
Drudge Retort Report
"A serving of red meat for yellow dogs"
Hello and welcome to The Unavoidable Drudge. We are a podcast dealing in music, artists, comics, religion, pop culture and anything else that can be praised, argued or discussed. We encourage conversation and guests to the show. Enjoy.
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The guys are out on the road at the San Antonio Vintage Expo & Sports Show. Jason gets mad with a customer. Danny talks about horror movies. We talk about depression and the sad passing of Anthony Bourdain.If you or a loved one is depressed, please reach out to a friend or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.…
After another long break, the guys sit back (mic-less, thanks Jason) and talk about what has happened. We also open our podcast to cast calls. Texas is a burning state, please send drinking water and rain.
The guys talk about do's and don'ts of comic cons. Danny talks about his phone art. Jason professes his undying love to a certain celebrity (it's creepy). The guys plan a trip to Seattle. We'll be back in another 2 weeks. Thanks for listening.
The guys let out some bathroom humor due to Danny's double "dooty" on the show. Jason rants about plot holes in commercials. The guys speak about gun control again and the Austin bombings.
The guys continue their conversation with Knight Watch Games owners, Brenda and Paraic. Please visit their FB page and go to the store for your gaming needs.
The guys sit down with Knight Watch Game owners, Brenda and Paraic Mulgrew to get an in depth story on their successful gaming store. We also get a feel of exactly what KWG has to offer it's loving community and new comers alike. Stick around for PT 2 of our interview.
The guys talk about the new trailers coming out: Venom and Solo. Danny gives us a rundown in the Venom Universe. We get a peek at the Oscar multi-nominated movie of the year: Woody Woodpecker. Plus the guys speak about Fan Expo Dallas and Dallas Frightmare Weekend. Happy trails, Drudgies.
The guys talk about the government lock-out. Danny gives us more insight to his time in the army. We speak about Trump's women of choice. Plus, Jason gives tips on how to survive with no government. See you on the other side.
Jason forgets the mic cables so he resorts to a new surround mic. The guys tackle allegations towards celebrities and the sexual harassment in general. We also find out about Barbie's history and it isn't very squeaky clean.
The guys talk about what's wrong with the world, Fire and Fury, Rick and Morty, and an abundant of important stuff. Please excuse the sniffling, we has allergies, y'all. Music: Ashtar Command featuring Joshua Radin - Mark IV
Happy Holidays from all of us at The Unavoidable Drudge. Please be safe celebrating and hope you all take care.
Jason And Danny nerd out over Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We also try to pronounce The Hulk's actor Mark's last name: Ruffalo, Rufflo, Ruffelo. Jason reveals comic book store secrets and the guys talk about local comic book stores they like and dislike. Hey gots the spider-mans?
Danny and Jason flashback to their childhoods and reminisce on cartoons, tv shows, movies, and of course, the toys. As a special treat, the guys sing some of their favorite theme songs. Show me that smile and thanks for listen.
The guys talk about Marvel and DC shows. We go around the U.S. reporting on strange stories. What more could you want?
The guys talk about the recent elections. We speak up on gun control and the upcoming holiday madness. Plus, Jason and Danny try to one up each other on the art of being asses.
The guys talk about childhood memories of Halloween. Best and worst costumes and halloween decorations. They also take a look a costumes nowadays and how everything has to be sexy or slutty. Jason as describes his adventure to a local haunted house.Send your sexy/slutty halloween photos…
The Guys have a special guest, Justin aka Derrick, on the show to talk horror movies. We go through the Netflix gauntlet searching for gems and spout our favorite movies. Sorry for the echo folks...the ghosts did it.
Grab your blanket, turn out the lights, and listen to the guys tell some ghosts stories. As a bonus, the Drudge gets off track just for you. See, you're special. You're welcome.
The guys share and compare stories of urban legends and lore stories. Danny tells his El Paso stories as well as some personal accounts. Happy October!
The guys sit down with local San Antonio pop culture designers, BarbacoApparel. We cover Mexican culture, old school ways, best hamburgers, Kevin Bacon, and of course t-shirts. Pop a Topo Chico (or Fanta), grab that carne guisada taco and tune in. Send feedback to Check us out on Facebook: ...…
The Unavoidable Drudge welcomes a new co-host, Danny Sanchez. Danny shares his experiences of army bootcamp and his life now. Plus, the Drudge speaks a bit on race, FB, and the Misfits. Thank you and enjoy. Send feedback to Check us out on Facebook:…
The guys sit down with Sgt. Ron Stallworth Ret., author of Black Klansman, as he talks about the book, his investigation, and becoming a member of the Ku Klux Klan. The Drudge would like to thank Police & Fire Publishing, Mr. Ron Stallworth, and Mr. Robert Vaughan. us on Twit ...…
1. The Obamas head to Africa! 2. Information for a dollar. 3. Sesame street parenting framework for retards. 4. WAR: American/Syrian proxy war. 5. School is a bitch. 6. Genes not to be patented. YAY! 7. I love white people. and more.
1. Scandal is a four letter word. 2. Hillary Clinton Twitter. 3. Syria. Turkey. Joke. 4. U.S. military gotta love Bam-dog. 5. Sue. Threat. Saudi. 6. Acupuncture is a tiger's best friend. 7. 1984 is 60% of 3306. and more.
1. Hilarious Hillary. 2. Politics is a dick joke n' a half. 3. Turkey: The dictator gone retard. 4. Lungs are overrated. 5. Hotel for a Motel. 6. Bullet train gains speed. 7. Israeli women are hot. and more.
1. Oklahoma tears a new one. 2. Apple avoiding taxes. But wait, is that a cute little dog I see!? 3. IRS accountability issues. 4. The Exorcist. 5. We must bomb Iraq for some reason. 6. Sex slaves are the new Sex slaves. 7. Cannes as troubled as Lindsay Lohan. and more.
1. Celebrities cry tonight! 2. Bacon you sexy thang. 3. Obama can't subtract. 4. Stockton Total War Zero. 5. Howard Stern is my role model. 6. Phily, you child molesting freak. 7. Food. Food. Starvation. and more.
1. President Obama: The Official Blame Game TM. 2. Pope Francis condemns himself. 3. Accessorize bitch. 4. Ammunition shortages rock fed. 5. What witness? 6. Venezuela toilet paper shortage. 7. Warren Buffet cries. and more.
1. Seven people caught trespassing... terrorist! 2. Seattle man = U.S. Government. 3. Eric Holder. No comment. 4. Detroit mayor has enough. 5. IRS cannot contain it's excitement. 6. Obama too big. 7. Solar Flares speak truth. and more.
1. Justice De-what? 2. I exclusively hit gay people. 3. Samsung > Apple. 4. President Obama is a top down, bottom up kinda guy. 5. Russia is boiling. 6. SARS: Delicious. 7. Nuclear. and more.
1. Green jobs are expensive things. 2. Russian 'victory' parade. 3. Syria is a bitch. 4. Get a pet. NOW. 5. Colorado does weed. 6. The Iranian hang glider. 7. American man cover up. and more.
1. Benghazi hearings. RUSE. 2. Top 100 Trusted People in America. 3. 105 Texan HOE. 4. Putin is not a happy camper. 5. Teacher fails to master the deep throat. 6. Giant African land snails. Sexy. 7. Nuclear what? and more.
1. The Cicada strikes back! 2. Rush Limbaugh is not faulty LOL. 3. The Chinese white/pink dolphin. Who knows!? 4. Foreign hackers plan attack. Note: Foreign. 5. California: Fire season a bitch. 6. Food stamps for pets. 7. Al Gore is rich. and more.
1. Far OUT Golden Dawn party. 2. Obama, you're the devil. Cute~~. 3. Chinese Scientists create new strain of mutant influenza virus. 4. More China, with a bite of rat. 5. Fire. Fire! Ages away. 6. Defense department does stuff. 7. Ex-speaker, please stop speaking. and more.
1. Obamacare: The consequential disaster. 2. Golden Dawn Greek only Soup Kitchen. 3. Al Jazeera Detroit. 4. 25th person dies from Chinese bird flu. 5. Google glass. 6. Philadelphia advertising rein. 7. Syria? Where art thou chemical might? and more.
1. Massacre in Newtown, Connecticut... 2. Airplane news. 3. Chavez. You have been terminated (cancer). 4. Obama is cool about weed. Though war still be hip #YOLO. 5. Beiber castration plot. 6. The Chinese are doomsday CRAZY! 7. Midget porn breaks records. 8. Black + News = Views.
1. I'm so pumped to start being crazy again! 2. Did the doctor say not to smoke meth? Because I can't help but feel my addiction is more honest.
1. France, you're an even more failed Venezuela. 2. Obama's do-or-die. 3. Lying is what Biden was built to do. 4. Amtrak, you're an even more failed France. 5. Mice sing. 6. Clinton takes responsibility for something that means nothing. 7. Sports enthusiasts disappointed by a lack of death.
1. Muslims get angry outside Google HQ. Use Google maps to find way. 2. Man jumps. Real high. 3. Turkey and Syria. Seriously, cut it out. 4. Michelle Obama. You are the queen of disgrace. 5. Pension funds, severely lacking. Hooray! 6. People murdered in Chicago. Black people doing what they excel at. 7. To restore the balance. I'm Asian and my ...…
1. Chinese Yuan at an all-time high. It's funny because it's true. 2. J.P. Morgan record profit. Wish he didn't die. 3. EU peace prize award. 4. Tim defends Obama. I no like either. 5. Glass dies. 6. No one cares about Joe Biden. 7. A couple more ill-timed jokes.
1. Samantha: Romney's American Sweet-heart. Please say hello to the crew of Cheaters! 2. Meningitis is a real killer. 3. Washington could legalize weed. The Reade is officially immigrating. 4. Coke leaves Greece. Misinterpreted. 5. Carlos Fat is Carlos Rich. 6. Romney, meet religion. 7. Muslim brotherhood act like a bunch of Muslims.…
1. Merkel: The deadly witch from up north. 2. Obama cries himself to sleep. 3. North Korea: Missile can reach U.S. LOL. 4. Central planning FAIL! 5. Man who plans crazy thing, does sane thing. 6. Michelle Obama: No politics. Only suckie, suckie. 7. AP. Even you put me to shame!…
1. Romney dishes Obama some hurt in the polls. 2. Iran perhaps close to A-bomb, maybe, probably, certainly! 3. Chavez, that sly dog won. 4. NY times about time. 5. Market looks itself in the mirror. LOL jks. 6. Obama hit hard by his own performance. Go figure. 7. Twitter explodes.
1. The Afghanistan war prolongs 12 long years. 2. 91 people infected by meningitis outbreak. 3. Biden vs Paul. Retard vs Model. 4. Californian gas goes woop-woop! 5. Snooooopdooooog. Slow down there, buddy. 6. NY air is very NY. 7. Lybia is a mess. 8. Venezuela. Elections. Chavez is fat. 9. Turkey (L) Syria. 10. $500 million in oil loans. 11. I ...…
1. Romney, meet Obama... TALK! Y U NO TALK!? 2. Adele is fat. 3. Recorded late at night, moments before falling asleep. I can't tell you how out of it I am. All I wanted to do, is finish this sucker off and shoot myself in the head with a 12 guage shotgun: The world's most effective narcotic. Enjoy!
1. Late. Brash. Upskirt. I was never very good at describing myself, but I feel these three words capture the essence of the Reade.
1. France to ban words "mother" and "father" for gay marriage. 2. Japan VS China. All I see is Asian man attacking his Shadow. 3. Clearly: Israel (L) Iran. 4. Facebook gaff, gets gaff. 5. Danish Sperm donor passes genetic disorder to 5 kids. Please don't tell the wife! 6. I can't take it Michelle! Give me back my North Korean dirt! 7. Obama is ...…
1. I'm a desperate man with a lonely voice. Someone please love me, I'll even give you my government welfare!? 2. The Reade cries tonight. This is the Drudge Report Report.
1. Pakistani protester dies from flag burning. LOL. 2. Mexican prisoners on the run. Kill Pitbull. 3. Obama is a socialist. Duh. 4. Dark energy camera. Spooky. 5. Homeland security purchases 200 million bullets. 6. America is one fat bastard. 7. America is broke. 8. Russia 3000 years worth of diamonds discovered. 9. Chinese general warms of war ...…
1. Why am I not wearing pants!? 2. CNN release photo of anti-Islam creator. 3. Netanyahu is Ya-hoo. 4. Professor forces Obama onto students. 5. India space mission to mars; 2013. 6. Surf Australia: drones save lives. 7. GM bites hand. 8. DC police racist. 9. Occupy Wall Street anniversary. 10. Istanbul bank center shines. 11. $7 million gold.…
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