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The Ignorance Equation
Speak Now: Consequences Later, The Ignorance Equation seeks to educate, to inform, to enlighten.
Badger Podcast 115
The Badger Podcast 115 features 115 seconds of news and information, highlighting the 115th Fighter Wing's dual-role mission.
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Did the moon landing really happen or was it filmed on a secret soundstage out in the desert somewhere? Did Obama have the CIA kill Robin Williams? Are Bigfoot and our Secret Lizard Overloards controlling our minds with Subliminal Messages broadcast during American Idol? Find out this Sunday as we talk to Author A. Alexander Stella, about his b ...…
This week a special "Kings of The Political Roundtable" episode. I invite some of the smartest people I know to wax political on this open forum episode that will leave you wondering...why didn't I think of that? So join our Host: Nick "TheSaucey One" Katsouros, Our Mountain Fabulous Producer: Dee, Pissed of News Anchor: Duane "The Honey Badger ...…
Sunday we will be talking to author Mike Bushman about his book Melting Point 2040. What the future may hold for us, and how we as Americans see our future. Also The Pissed Off News with Duane the Honey Badger, and all the life lessons and nonsense we can cram in an hour and a half of internet radio!…
The Ignorance Equation
This week's episode will be the follow up to last week's episode that was Filibusted by Duane the Honey Badger. Going to talk with him about his famous radio Filibuster and why he did it. Also The Pissed off News, we talk Government shut down and who is really to blame, and taking calls from YOU. Call In and Be heard. Silence equals Compliance!!!…
This Episode we discuss Ted Cruz and his Cruzade to defund Obamacare, the looming Government shut down, and Ted Talks and Talks and Talks the 21 hour 19 minute filibuster heard around the world!!! Also The Pissed off News with Duane the Honey Badger! Dont forget to call in and let your voice be heard.…
That's right folks I am finally doing an episode on race, who it helps, who it hurts. Real numbers on how we are divided up by race in this country, all that and The Pissed off News with Duane the Honey Badger.By The Ignorance Equation.
The Ignorance Equation
Land of the Free, or Totalitarian Regime? Land of Opportunity, or A Nation in Decline? Leaders of the Free World, or Violent Narcissistic Sycophants on the World Stage? Is America still Number 1? Are we still a beacon of morality to other, less fortunate countries, or a morally bankrupt cesspool? Do Americans still have any faith and hope in ou ...…
Lux Radio Theater
The Lux Radio Theatre. June 12, 1944. CBS net. "Naughty Marietta". Sponsored by: Lux. Nelson Eddy, Jeanette MacDonald, Cecil B. DeMille, Howard McNear, Jack Mather (doubles), Jay Novello (doubles), Verna Felton, Virginia Gregg (doubles), Charles Seel (doubles), Joseph Du Val (doubles), Ferdinand Munier, Norman Field, Cliff Clark, Betty Moran, A ...…
Duane Barry - Cosmic Refractions @ DanceRadioGlobal [Breaks/Progressive Breaks]
Hey everyone, I don't know whether it's the nights drawing in or winter calling but this month there's quite a dark side to the show! We begin with wonderful melodic, progressive breaks tracks which make way for a middle section of twisted technology and fat dark bass. The energy is then increased with some great track guaranteed to get your gr ...…
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