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Pirate radio is a feed that contains unedited audio versions of the interviews we use in our Noclip documentary features on
One driver's insights and sometimes humorous views of truck driving and the trucking industry… and anything else he feels like dumpin' on ya
Subscribing to this podcast feed is like inviting a garbage truck to back up to your porch and dump its entire load on your steps. You won't know exactly when the truck will arrive, but once you hear the beeps you'll know that it is far too late to do anything about it.
Brain Dump
Welcome to the "Brain Dump" podcast where we talk about what ever we want or would like to talk about. make yourself feel welcomed, because we do.
Ore Dump Podcast
A salty, free-form weekly audio roundtable conversation on the adventures of gold prospecting and the great outdoors hosted by Don Deuce Gill.
Brain Dump
Welcome to the show about discovery, science and natural history. Each week Elyse and Andrew bring you the newest science in fun and often quirky ways.
Enter the mind of the comedian and host as he dumps his thoughts out weekly. Whether it be his personal life, sport, music, entertainment, news or observation of others, he'll have an irreverent and irrelevant view. Follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @griffthejoker and check out
Dump Stat Radio
Four guys inherit their uncle’s haunted tabletop gaming podcast. Can they save it with a trucker arm wrestling competition? Join us as we discuss the finer points of the Roleplaying hobby with the deftness of an Owlbear performing in the Bolshoi.
Dump Stats
Four friends embark on a journey of escapism.
Pocket Dump
A show about everything you cannot be without.
Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura are comedians who are also married. They are the Mommies and they welcome you to join them. Dental updates! Dudes! Stories! Wiping!
Real hockey fans with real hockey opinions. Your home of unfiltered hockey talk.
Core Dump
Core Dump programming podcast
Rita’s Dump
Welcome to the Rita’s Dump. We shovel a lot of nonsense here. And sometimes amazing things happen. Unicorn costumes, optional. But fair warning, often, we find a rainbow in the dump.
Dump Stats
Four friends embark on a journey of escapism.
Issue Dump
A Socialist, a Monarchist and a guy who hates tolls attempt to answer your questions, while also trying desperately to stay on topic and not kill each other. No topic is too sacred or too trivial! Three friends of vastly different viewpoints examine issues raised by the audience in a very chaotic, rambling, and free-form manner. Typically 1-2 issues are examined at length during an episode, with random recurring segments interspersed throughout. Audience "call-ins", special guests and family ...
Podcast by Corpsealot's Mind Dump
Dump And Chaser
Weekly sports podcast, based on hockey but covering all things sports and pop culture. One man show, with guests dropping in weekly.
Dump On The Ump
Jesse, Joel, and Sam discuss baseball and other sports happening, as well as their bright ideas on how to make sports better, why we love sports, and why we love to hate sports teams and of course, the umps.
The Sports Dump
The Sports Dump is a sports/comedy podcast for people who may or may not like sports, but definitely like comedy. We don't take it seriously.
Artie's Daily Dump
Despite his low position in life, Artie has a very high opinion of himself. One might even say that he greatly overestimates his competence and abilities. Regardless, Artie is ready to turn it all around, and taste the sweet life! Money, fame, and sexual action are all things Artie wishes to obtain—and this podcast will help him do it! (Artie's Daily Dump is a charmingly crude and immature comedy podcast told through Artie’s short audio entries.)
Game Dump Podcast
The Way Back When of Gaming! Each episode we jump in our time machine and take a look back at a retro classic. Some you may never have heard of, some you might know very well, but each one gets the breakdown on what made it the game it is today!
The podcast that makes pooping fun
archived broadcasts from the imaginary radio station in my mind...
Recording God's Work
Dump N' Chase Podcast
Podcast by Dump N' Chase Podcast
Dump The Magic 8 Ball
We ask questions, answer them and then laugh
Join us as we pull down our digital underwears, and download our digital thoughts to the toilet that is the internet.
Join Lou for a 45-minute adventure through techno, dub, hip-hop, electronica and other sounds guaranteed to get your booty twitching. Your host will spin all sorts of beat-related music under the Creative Commons license, with a special nod to tracks that come from the almighty Free Music Archive.
Podcast by Cara
Each show we dump on the wonderful world of digital content
The name of my show is "My RV Life" where I discuss topics pertaining to full time living on the road in an RV (Class A, B or C), 5th Wheel, Travel Trailer, etc.
Hot or not? Pitch or ditch? Deal or dump? The Fantasy 411 crew has the answer. Whether you play daily fantasy, rotisserie, head-to-head, league-specific or mixed, keeper or non-keeper, the MLB Fantasy crew has "been there, won that" and they'll help you win, too.
The Johnjay & Rich Show is a non-stop blend of pop culture, music news and events, and relationship advice, in addition to appearances by a wide range of music artists, newsmakers and celebrities. The show is a special brand of "reality radio," where you're able to interact with the crew from morning to night via every form of social media - Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, email and text messaging. There is never a dull moment for this show with dating segments such as "Second Date U ...
For the love of big iron
Chat Very Good
A podcast brought to you by a few clowns from London town. We talk about anything and everything ranging from obscure television shows and video games, to what to do if you run out of toilet paper after taking a dump. We're also on iTunes. Subscribe for fun times.
The show that's by you, for you. Have you been dumped? Are you living with a loser that you can't let go? I want to hear from you! Relationship expert with over 10 years experience. Don't waste another day wondering if he or she is the one. Maybe you have the perfect relationship or you want advice on how to get the dream guy or gal. Don't be shy! This is your chance to be heard!
Every week, The Fantasy Football Champs highlight who to Sit & Start, who to pick up off the waiver wire, & who you should try to acquire or dump via trade. Follow The Champs and you may become a fantasy football champion yourself.
Self appointed "funny people" dump on CBS's SEAL Team. New episodes the Tuesday after airing.
Jason Cobb
My random audio dump
Tune in to on Tuesday to catch the podcast LIVE!LINK DUMPSocial Media (twitter):Mrcreepy Pasta - - -
Trudging through the garbage dump that is The Bachelor ep by ep with your unwilling host Kerri Foxx.
Da 420 Show
K.W.E.E.D Underground RadioHosted by DJ RoC and DJ Big FLIPInternet Radio,Hip Hop,Rap, Mega Mixes,Artist Interviews.**DONT MISS BUMP IT OR DUMP IT**Want your music played on the Da 420 Show send music and bio to kweedda420show@yahoo.comAvailable on Itunes Podcast
From the law of attraction, to the power of the ukulele, and even some photography and computer animation thrown in, this is Bob Doyle's mental dumping ground.
A biweekly brain dump of inspiration and ideas
Keeping up with the Friday night news dumps
Just the mental dumping ground of a very stable genius.
B-Sides For X-Mas
Part advent calendar, part dumping ground for all the weird and wonderful Christmas music I have accumulated. 100% Celine Dion-free, and that is a promise.
Ruji C.'s "The Meta-Podcast" is an experimental, low-budget podcast featuring discussions on topics ranging from Linux to sex work to first drug experiences. Ruji C. (a.k.a. Ruji Chapnik) is a freelance creator of miscellanea, including but not limited to webcomics, books, experimental/artsy/comedy videos, operating systems, personality tests, and bad decisions. "The Meta-Podcast" is her brain's dumping ground. Official page:
Parklife is a podcast about the people that make the parks we visit what they are. The first series visits a busy suburban park in Hanoi, Vietnam. It has been used as a dump, outlived a name change to honour Vladimir Lenin and survived a major redevelopment scam. We follow the characters that tread its leafy paths. Dancers and young lovers, gamblers and prostitutes reveal their lives in an evolving one-party state.
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Ronald Dominique is an American serial killer, who confessed to murdering 23 men over a nine year span and dumping their bodies in sugarcane fields, ditches and small bayous in various southeast Louisiana parishes. His reason he gave for killing? He did not want to return to jail after raping the men. Sources: Murderpedia Telegraph Article Crim ...…
Ronald Dominique is an American serial killer, who confessed to murdering 23 men over a nine year span and dumping their bodies in sugarcane fields, ditches and small bayous in various southeast Louisiana parishes. His reason he gave for killing? He did not want to return to jail after raping the men. Sources: Murderpedia Telegraph Article Crim ...…
Nobody wants to hear about the things they’re doing wrong. For many youth workers, that’s exactly what a performance review sounds like—a chance to get dumped on. In this episode, Bryan, Erik, and special guest, Pr. Eric Carlson, discuss why performance reviews are critical to ministry success, how to get them started in your context, and who s ...…
Warren Buffett famously said that he would go out and purchase a few hundred thousand single family homes if he had the ability to manage them. One company that took his advice was the Blackstone Group private equity firm. They aggressively went on a buying spree across the nation. The problem with buying is that you also need to sell in order ...…
Polystyrene is the protective packaging material that encases many parts of our consumer lives. Packed safely and soundly within it, everything from TVs, ovens, computers and even meat arrive safely at our doors protected for our use. But it's a problematic byproduct of modern life: in many places around New Zealand you can't recycle it, so it ...…
Ry Cooder - "Taxes on the Farmer Feeds Us All" Samri Brar - "PETERBILT" []
Donalds trumps stupid decisions, juvie cook steals fajitas, bees dying
The warmongers are now meeting in secure bunkers in Jerusalem and Trump dumps N. Korea peace process. Also an update on Hawaii.
Date or Dump: He said he didn't want to have kids & she JUST found out he had a vasectomy. by Ken Evans & Rachael Gray
This week we get into some recent things that get our goat, pull our pud etc. John and Bret take it in a political direction covering a shady plan to build a dump across from a school in Gary IN and the Iran deal. They talk about Nu Metal for way longer tho. Ed comes in halfway and we talk about Hilary Clinton's numerous similarities to Roman R ...…
When a satellite catches Red October in Polijarny inlet, Jack Ryan starts earning Sky Miles faster than he can spend them. But when he upstages the overhead projector guy in a high level briefing, he gets stuck trying to figure out exactly how the Soviet sub captain plans to ‘dump’ his crew. Why is Admiral Greer handcuffed to that creep? Will S ...…
Farmer's improperly disposing carcasses from dairy cattle are causing major changes in the regular diets of wolf packs. We talk to the researcher who has been tracking wolves to these various dump sites used by farmers. We also talk about making bike rides safe and enjoyable and discuss the week's top national stories.…
Part 2 of me talking about my being sick. Also, an embarrassing incident in my hospital room.
Warning: This is an especially explicit episode. Blame Denver Fenton Allen. Brandi starts us off with an absolutely insane pre-trial hearing unlike anything you’ve ever heard of. Denver Fenton Allen’s went a little nuts in his pre-trial hearing. He accused everyone of wanting to “suck his dick.” Then, when it was clear things weren’t going his ...…
SC is an asshole... Katie explains memes... Why would the cats care where I put my dick... Man dumped $25k in poo on his boss's lawn after winning the lottery... Move another women in when your wife is tired of you, just don't fall in love... The best skin flix on Netflix... Why hate fucking or grudge fucking can be soo much fun... Episode of " ...…
Welcome to Finance & Fury, Say ‘What’ Wednesdays! where we answer your questions on finance and economy. Today’s question comes from Mike – ‘Hey mate, loving the show, what’s your view on Private health insurances, I keep seeing my premiums going up and am wondering if you think it is worth having or not’. Thanks Mike! Hikes in premiums over th ...…
God Of War, Halo, Bill Murray Vs. Harold Ramis, Tremors TV servies, Magnum P.U., Rambo 5, Bill and Ted: Face the Music, Halloween, Lethal Weapon 5, Murphy Brown, Shelf Cast Underground, Sloan
In Episode 486 I discuss: *learning to trust *dumping the past into your present, and letting it affect your future *addressing what you need to address in your marriage, and healing what needs to be healed Listen to the latest Women Wanting More episode on iTunes here. MORE TIP What are you holding onto in your life right now that you need to ...…
El Pres is taking on Shinnecock Hills with unlimited mulligans, so that inspires Chaps and Kayce to discuss what sports they just couldn't do no matter how easy it was made for them. Mark Zuckerberg is being weird about his meat. We pull another letter from Dear Abbey about shooting rats at the dump.…
Been a long time... So here is a nice fat jawn... We cover how men should just look for partners, not maids or moms or robots that we dump our emotional baggage on. We go back to our discussion about Wokeness. Also Fuk R Kelly and WaffleHouse. We discuss how mad disrespectful we be to our ancestors. Yeah I cuss alot on this one. We shout the la ...…
Scott Neeson was a highly paid Hollywood executive, when a visit to Phnom Penh in Cambodia changed his life. Witnessing the abject poverty of children living in an abandoned rubbish dump, he decided to give up the big salary and fancy home, and set up the Cambodian Children's Fund. The CCF now operates education, childcare, community and health ...…
Join George and Stephen as they do a giant news dump to catch you up on the latest geek happenings!
News Topics Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Info Dump Battlefield V (not 5) Skull & Bones People Can Fly Opening New Studio For Square Enix Shooter Boss Key Locks Their Doors Cliff Bleszinski's Ambitious Dragon Game Fake Release Date For Final Fantasy 7 Announced. (It's here so Justin can dunk on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake) STALKER 2 Announced For 202 ...…
After their battle with Shardoq 2.0, the Bad Humanoids take a break. Bob, John, Rob and Mike record their voicemail greeting. Nero gets a message from Aleis. Jurm and Nate contemplate the impossible. Thanks for listening!!
At Wit Without Wisdom we’re all about interesting facts and getting to the truth. In fact, one might even say that we are a bit too obsessive in our pursuit of interesting knowledge. And based on this episode it is kind of hard to argue such an observation. Because we’re doing a brain dump episode where we’re sharing a plethora of tidbits, snip ...…
I talk about being sick, and being in the hospital last week.
First, the guys want to send their sincerest and deepest condolences to the children who were murdered, the families who lost someone and to the students who had to be apart of such a traumatizing experience in the recent school shooting. This should never be normal. On this call, the guys talk about Jeff Van Gundy and how strange he seems to b ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Calvary Baptist Church (Reformed) is now available on with the following details: Title: What to Do in the Dumps Subtitle: Psalms Speaker: D. Scott Meadows Broadcaster: Calvary Baptist Church (Reformed) Event: Sunday Service Date: 5/20/2018 Bible: Psalm 60 Length: 58 min.…
Let's dig around our dump and look for something a little different. Past the discarded NES consoles, past the buried 2600s, to the section marked Coin-Op. It is here that we find the discarded cabinets of yesteryear. Once these machines would have brought joy to those who played them with a simple coin put into the coin slot. Now they sit dorm ...…
What Is This Episode: 89 Air Date: 05/18/18 Duration:301:04 Size: 293mb Summary: * What will replace the Podtrash chatroom? Join our Discord! * Do we need a Podtrash People’s Court to solve conflicts? * Woman takes a dump at Tim Horton’s and throws it at the employees! * Who was Tim Horton? Wush knows because he’s a real Canadian now. * MTV’s C ...…
Welcome to Finance and fury Financial-Crash proof your investments This is a flow on from the last Say What Wednesday, this episode talks about how to get yourself into a position to survive any market correction. We’ll cover off on the two types of volatile investments – Property and Shares; today’s episode will focus on Property, and in the n ...…
In Episode 2, I continue the interview with Mark Allen. Episode 2 Notes Starting out as a systems administrator and working for Southwestern Bell Working in Silicon Valley during the dot-com boom, and then surviving the following crash Open Source origins and projects at work Mark is maintaining kerl, an Erlang installation manager at https://g ...…
Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to another episode of TIHYW Radio! The one thing that comes to mind after all the shit that went down this week…WHAT THE FUCK AMERICA?! We got an FBI informant that apparently tried to get information from the Trump campaign in 2016! Steve Bannon also alledgedly tried to help suppress the black vote for Trump’s ...…
EMP Madness, Dump truck loads of skittles to pay Felipe, and luring a Per Bear out of Hibernation with an Apache mounted Skittle launcher! This episode is a turn from normal, no doubt. Buckle up as we have fun sharing the origin of the EMP question and the never released before Mike Riggs EMP response.…
Thoughts can come and go.. and it's sad when they go and you cant remember them. Heres a quick tip on brain dumping or think tank sessions as i like to call them. Lets go from from "busy" to productive!
The royal wedding celebration is just one day away, and we've got big news this morning about who will walk Meghan Markle down the aisle. Kilauea could blow again at any time in Hawaii, after a massive eruption sent ash flying miles into the sky, leaving thousands more people on alert. Police shoot a man overnight inside President Trump's Doral ...…
Slow news week so I cover some random topics. Pitt Baseball is in the ACC tournament. Does Lyke stick with Jordano? Also talking Pitt Hoops and Pitt Football. I talk about the Pirates and their attendance issue along with the Pens' fans conflict of rooting for Marc Andre-Fleury. I talk NBA playoffs and could Mark Cuban go after Jamie Dixon next?… Everyone is playing God of War! Mike finally started it, Ben finished the story, and Jake has acquired the Platinum. A dump truck of news has arrived, giving us the announcement of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on the Switch, the retu ...…
Happy 100th show! Lakey has a mate who hates using condoms, and instead presents potential partners with a very recent STI check certificate. Genius move or absolute dick? Ken is looking for love and there are three lovely ladies vying for his choice in Radio Tinder. Finally, in celebration of show numero unero-hundredo (?), we celebrate with t ...…
Has anyone else seen the story of the guy that hit the lottery and then dumped a butt load of manure on his boss’s yard? Unfortunately it’s a fake story, but that’s not stopping AJ & McCall from giving out more metaphorical money. If you hit it rich what petty thing would you do? A couple of days ago we asked when you shower, day or night, so t ...…
Date or Dump: She grinds on dudes on the dance floor by Ken Evans & Rachael Gray
Did Ichiro rat out Robinson Cano in order to get a cushy desk job with the Mariners? Does LeBron just expect the Boston Celtics to let him win? Why do we keep playing "God Bless America" at baseball games? And what will LeBron do after he retires? These are important questions that need answering!
Continuing our season long re-evaluation of Paul W.S. Anderson's filmography on this episode now moves onto possibly one of his least known films which seemingly disappeared from the conscious of the movie going public shortly after it appeared. Here Kurt Russell plays Todd 3465, an emotionless soldier trained from birth only to now find himsel ...…
Danielle has worked to serve the Pittsburgh environmental community for over 15 years. She has served as Tree Pittsburgh’s Executive Director for 10 years where she has led the organization through significant growth. Prior to joining Tree Pittsburgh in 2007, she was the founding Board President and Executive Director of Allegheny CleanWays, a ...…
Newly appointed Fairview Area Historical Society genealogist Bill "Rocky" Rzodkiewicz talks about his interest in history in this Q and A with Erie Times-News writer, Lisa Thompson. It all started with a bottle dump in his backyard in Fairview.
One of the top questions that I’m asked is “How do I start a blog?”. In today’s episode, I’m sharing with you what I consider to be the 8 most essential steps to starting a successful blog. These are the steps that I use myself when I launch a new blog and they are the steps that I coach others through when I am assisting them to start a new bl ...…
What words is it best to remove from our vocabulary? In this episode, Jay continues his discussion with author Apostle Copeland by addressing this question and so much more. Follow Us: @RTRLRadio Contact Us: Show Notes: Sign Up for Right to R.E.A.L. Love Premium: D ...…
Jen, Annie and Lauren sit down with Jacqueline Stickle, a registered dietitian with expertise in the area of school nutrition and community health. They discuss nutrition education for kids, how to evaluate how good it is and how to help foster healthy relationships with foods for our kids. Listen in and learn about: What to look for in your ch ...…
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