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Where Evil Grows
Where Evil Grows: Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll... from Hell. It's 1976. The rock group KISS is cool. Every teenager alive wishes they could be so cool. So what would you be willing to do to hang around with the cool kids? Pretty much anything.... Justin Foley has cool new friends; they smoke dope and everything. And now that Justin is just as cool as his friends, an evil and malignant entity as old as time and space also wants to be his friend. And more than that, while it gestates in the s ...
If ever there was an internationally renowned D.J. with a prolific pedigree it is Leomeo, a well established talent who, from his base in Paris, has touched virtually every continent in the world, destinations including Montreal, New York, Sydney, Shanghai, Istanbul, Rome, London & many in between. With roots firmly in Asia, but with Europe being his first real playground, making Paris his home saw his early steps in D.J.'ing inspired & encouraged by his then mentor, Claude Challe of Buddha ...
Lives of the Mind
“Lives of the Mind” explores the passions and pursuits of liberal arts professors. It is sponsored by Augustana’s Austin E. Knowlton Honors Program, which aims to enhance the college’s mission as a liberal arts institution through an interdisciplinary course of study as well as by cultivating intellectual curiosity and encouraging lifelong learning.
DJ Tristan Jaxx | JAXX TRAXX
DJ Tristan Jaxx’s hard-hitting signature brand of visceral house music commands an enthralling blend of deep, pounding sound, larger-than-life vocals and vast & voluminous instrumentals. These elements combine to form an aural orgasm of consistently elevated energy that is truly unique. With an obvious finger on the pulse of what is fresh, energetic and exciting, his hunger for compositions and sets that one can completely get lost inside is sweeping the world. His chart-topping podcast seri ...
Washington Square by Henry James
First appearing as a serial in Cornhill Magazine in 1880, Washington Square focuses on the strained relationship between father and daughter, which is instigated as a result of opposing personalities, viewpoints, and lack of affection. At the same time, James presents an insidious father, who would rather sacrifice his daughter’s happiness and condemn her to a lifetime of misery, simply to prove the accuracy of his prediction. Essentially a tragicomedy, the novel focuses on themes including ...
Idris Elba, Naomie Harris, and Justin Chadwick: Meet the Filmmaker
Actors Idris Elba (“Prometheus”) and Naomie Harris (“Skyfall”), along with director Justin Chadwick discuss their new film, “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,” based on South African President Nelson Mandela’s autobiography of the same name. Starring Elba and Harris as Nelson and Winnie Mandela, the movie chronicles Mandela’s early life, as well as his anti-apartheid struggle, his imprisonment, and his efforts to rebuild the country’s once segregated society.
NYFU Podcast Series by Mike Negron
New York City underground legend, Selective Music’s own Mike Negron has been turning the house scene on its ear since the 1990’s with his thrilling signature private sets and secret afterhours parties, wildly popular in the New York underground and which he has recently brought to the Bay Area. While Mike enjoys a rich solo career as a producer and deejay, he has also developed spectacular chemistry with rising Tech/Prog masters Human Traffik (Selective Music), and often delights crowds by p ...
Masspike Miles
Miles Wheeler, named by his father and extremely talented jazz musician, after the musically inclined great Miles Davis, need I say more, but its only fair to the world that Masspike Miles’ history become exposed. Miles was born into a family of true talent from every aspect of the entertainment industry, early into his childhood, consistancy from the family tree, showed up again and that is when the birth of Masspike Miles came into play.. Miles born December 31, 1980, in Sacramento,Califor ...
Castwave Studios
In 2009, longtime friends Justin Eisenstadt and Colin Caccamise began collaborating on a podcast called "Boldly Going Nowhere". In the beginning, they mused about society, college life and the general minutia of the twenty-something. Sean Holmes, who joined in 2010, brought a fresh new sense of humor, as well as some newer equipment and insane attention to audio detail that was lacking in the early episodes. Sean was moonlighting as a host on BGN as well as his own show, B & S Reviews, with ...
Lays of Ancient Rome, The by MACAULAY, Thomas Babington
The Lays of Ancient Rome comprise four narrative poems comprised by Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay: recalling popular episodes from Roman historical-legends that were strongly moral in tone: exemplifying Roman virtue against Latine perfidy. The four poems are: - Horatius - Horatius and two companions seek to hold back a large invading Etruscan force at the far end of a bridge over the Tiber River. The trio are willing to lay down their lives so as to prevent the Etruscans crossing and sackin ...
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Active Listener Podcast
Track list 1. GetUp & Go by Will Brennan 2. LikeWhaaat by Problem 3.Champion by Pigeon Hole 4. WhatWe Hope For by Juliette Ashby 5. FED UP by Jamel Castro 6.Make-Out King by The Hood Internet 7. IBreak Stereotypes by HeeSun Lee 8.Zenith (Clean Version) by Grayskul 9. Amdam IV by FKi 10. WENEVER GON DIE by Dustin Cavazos 11.Burn It Down by The C ...…
Active Listener Podcast
Track list 1. GetUp & Go by Will Brennan 2. LikeWhaaat by Problem 3.Champion by Pigeon Hole 4. WhatWe Hope For by Juliette Ashby 5. FED UP by Jamel Castro 6.Make-Out King by The Hood Internet 7. IBreak Stereotypes by HeeSun Lee 8.Zenith (Clean Version) by Grayskul 9. Amdam IV by FKi 10. WENEVER GON DIE by Dustin Cavazos 11.Burn It Down by The C ...…
Welcome back listeners! Team HJU Radio take up their changers to transformer into audio action to finish off Kamen Rider Wizard and to jump into action with the all new KAMEN RIDER GAIM! As a heads up though, there’s a Skype-splosion at: 42:06 where we all lose track of each other and are blasted to different cyber-pockets where we continue con ...…
The PRE-SEASON is here!! Join Scott and Mike as they break down the FPC draft from last weekend and all the action that is the Pre-season. Who looks good? Griffin to Garcon Ryan to Julio Ridley & Vereen Peyton to Decker Tebow to Hill?? lol... Injuries - Mathews, Vick, Richardson, Dickson, Torrey Smith, Tonights Rapid Fire: Wayne, Torrey Smith, ...…
Dustin Ashby, the owner of the World Championship of Fantasy Football will be our guest this week! Black Friday is here which means Week 12 is here, which means the League Playoffs have begun! Hakeem Nicks, a top 5 WR in the league, is now OUT for several weeks. Where does that leave his owners? PLUS, Mike Williams will be OUT, is there anybody ...…
Dustin Ashby is joined by top fantasy football players in the world to discuss their status in the World Championship of Fantasy Football High Stakes Events.
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