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We interview cast members from reality TV shows, such as the ones that air on VH1 or other networks. We also discuss the music and entertainment industry & occasionally have debates on current issues in our society. Co-Host: GAM.
ABC News' Sunday morning discussion program, featuring newsmaker interviews, panel discussions and debates on a wide range of global issues and commentary. Brought to you by George Stephanopoulos and the ABC News team.
ABC News' Sunday morning discussion program, featuring newsmaker interviews, panel discussions and debates on a wide range of global issues and commentary. Brought to you by George Stephanopoulos and the ABC News team.
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FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul J. Kreuger, Jeffrey K. Howard, Mike Ficke and Ron Mader. Vegas OBSERVATIONS There is no Sunday talk show like OBSERVATIONS in Las Vegas. Hall of Fame Broadcaster Bob Fisher asks the tough questions with a diverse panel of in-studio guests each week. Today’s program covered four different topics: THE IMPLICATION AND IMPA ...…
Learn About How To Be A Successful Leader From The Business Coach : Podcast Transcript Clay Clark: All right green country Oklahomies, T town. How we doing? Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show. This is the show where you go to experience your daily audio, dojo of mojo foshow. My name is Clay Clark and I am a business coach. I’m the SBA entrepr ...…
This birthday themed episode features wide-ranging topics, many based on listener feedback. We briefly touch on election results, and then move (almost) right into food safety. Thanks to everyone for listening and for your feedback. Mac - Apple HoudahSpot software First Dubai International Conference on Applied Nutrition - DIFSC Manpreet Singh ...…
Grace Helbig returned to the Pointless studio to talk to Kevin about her new talk show, snapchat etiquette, and to answer your most pressing questions.
Robert Camp is an author, teacher & master astrologer. Among his clients, many of whom are well known names in Hollywood, he is known for the accuracy & insight of his personal readings. Robert has performed readings for Glenn Close, Rae Dawn Chong, Woody Harrelson, Mrs. Robin Williams, Aimee Osbourne, Mrs. Dick Van Patten, & Mrs. Merv Griffin ...…
Show Notes: Episode LX (October 17th, 2010) Hosts: Joe Stevenson (TA-6064), Nicky Blum (DZ-8397) and Adam Scott (RC-6124) Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397), Adam Scott (RC-6124) and Dean Plantamura (TK-899) Post-Production: Andy Fairbanks (ID-8169) Recent News A Stormtrooper for Halloween Fandomania Interview 501st Shout-Outs in the Clo ...…
Was Houston truly prepared for Hurricane Ike? The Aftermath!!! Co-host for today, Sunnyside’s Mayor, Ms. Sandra Massie Hines. Join GenXTalksUrNews Radio & Talk Show, as Houston sounds off in the lieu of "RECOVERY". The fabric holding Houston together is nothing short of divine intervention. WATER, ICE, LIGHTS ... HOUSTONIANS, NO WHERE TO RUN!!! ...…
Punk (David) from "I Love New York 2" stops by for an interview. Call in and ask him what to expect from the reunion and any other questions you may have.
Racism - noun. A belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement. Do you think racism still exists in America today? Call in and revisit the events in our American history and recent stories that lead to this question of diverse opinions.…
Sammie Spades from VH1's 'Rock of Love' calls in for a rock out interview!
Lacey from VH1's 'Rock of Love' calls in for an interview with "D".
Heather from VH1's 'Rock of Love', also known as 'The Captain' of the A-Team joins us for an interview.
Call in with me and my Co-Host Aurelius to debate and back-up your favorite Rock of Love or Flavor of Love 1 or 2 girl.
Recap the show with us and have a bunch of fun with many callers!
Brandi M. from VH1's "Rock of Love" calls in for an interview you don't want to miss!
Persia from "EgoTrip's The (White) Rapper Show" comes thru to answer a few questions!
Talk about the second episode of "Rock of Love", "Talk Dirty To Me"!
Trends from ILNY season 1 comes thru to talk to us and answer a few fan questions as well as tells us what he's been up to since the show has ended!
Call in to talk about what you thought about the Rock Of Love: with Bret Michaels premiere!
Come call in and talk about Bootz and her mom and what you think of them.
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