Best earworm podcasts we could find (Updated January 2018)
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Earbuds And Earworms
Two friends with opposite tastes in music come together to bond over music and discuss what they learn that week. A weekly music show for the everyday listener.
Newradio Earworm
The Dutchman and Mr. Winterbottom bring you all the mind numbing, explosive nose bleeding, and taint tickling tracks your body never wanted.
Dissecting Ear Worms
Pop Scholars, Jerome and Thomas, host Dissecting Ear Worms, a comedy podcast that digs deep into music's biggest hits. They take popular songs on the radio and try to figure out what a Hollaback Girl is, Katy Perry's female advances and why Beyonce loves surfboards so much.
Earworms or Songs I Sing To Myself
Podcast by Earworms
I Hate You But I Can't Stop Listening
I Hate You But I Can't Stop Listening is a podcast about two old friends breaking down the songs that get stuck on repeat in the crevices of your brain. We crush earworms wherever they can found.DISCLAIMER: the podcasters assume no responsibility for driving you crazy by getting a song restuck in your head, nor will you be compensated for the associated psychiatry bills.
The Koncast
THIS IS THE KONCAST. The Koncast is the podcast of Jon Konrath, author of underground classics Rumored to Exist, Atmospheres, The Earworm Inception, and Sleep Has No Master. We talk with other writers and bloggers about absurdist and experimental writing, publishing, zines, cough medicine, UFOs, and Mariah Carey.
Make it Stop
Make it Stop is a Podcast dedicated to unearthing and dissecting disgusting earworms that should have stayed long buried. Hosted by local musicians and tastemakers of trash Heather Mack and Mike Dunn, they guarantee to take you on an audio journey you never wanted to go on, exploring the dank depths of the worst albums ever made. By the end, you'll be begging them for more...while screaming "make it stop!"
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Greg and Ben are joined by Brandon to discuss Dolores O’Riordan, concerts for Michael Jackson and Prince, Migos new national anthem, producers selling their beats, Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic, and our Earworms of the Week!Bruno Mars - 24K Magic (R3hab Remix)Justin Timberlake - Supplies Neon Indian - SlumlordBruno Mars vs. David Guetta - Versace On th ...…
Luke Buck is a multi-instrumental singer/songwriter from the ‘sticks’ in northeastern Pennsylvania. “My mother loved Kenny G., I didn’t!” he recalls. Still, he learned saxophone in fourth grade, followed by guitar and piano, resulting in a life­long love of music and an unquenchable desire to learn every instrument he can get his hands on. Luke ...…
How do you free yourself of an ear-worm?By (Craig Damlo).
What's She On About?
Laissez les bon temps manger! In our latest, Kat tells us all about her gourmet girl's trip to New Orleans - from alligator cheesecake to the best beignet - try not to listen on an empty stomach! An unexpected trip down soap opera lane leads to a silver fox for the Idris rival, a blackcard is suspended and of course the usual Pophorn and Ghetto ...…
List of nominees and earworms of the year!
Early Morning Release, sounds from all across this great nation, we support original and independent since 2010..Share the show with a friend..This edition we find some earworms or Involuntary Musical Imagery for your Morning at Work..or whatever..ok papa
George and Tony Entertainment Show
Deck The Halls With Kevin Starkey You have heard his name mentioned on the show for no reason whatsoever over the past few weeks. It has been a mysterious ear worm, a curious subplot, a question you didn't even know you wanted answered. Well, get ready everybody, because this week you meet Kevin Starkey at last! George introduces you to his gue ...…
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What's She On About?
We're back and we're chatting that genius ginge Van Gogh, the breakup that wasn't and Sonequa Martin-Green's bad hair days. No luck finding Idris Elba in London with "Lil Idris" so the rival is desperately needed - we found one!Earworm - Love by Kendrick Lamar ft ZacariFollow on Instagram and Twitter: @thewsoashow…
Finally made it to the third country - DUBAI. Amazing skyline, posh hotels and the gold souk - hear the final adventure!Opening song: Shape of You Carnatic Mix ft Aditya Rao Travel Earworm: Redbone by Childish Gambino
Ladies and Gentleman it was one hella bumpy ride! More Amsterdam and boozy canal tours then on to the third and final country before home - DUBAI.Travel Earworm: Comfort of Strangers by Bastille
What's She On Abroad continues in amsterDAM! Stroopwafels, canal tours, bier and xxx! Also made it the Van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank Huis. Travel Earworm - Heartline by Craig David
Heights Beats: The Podcast
This week I play you some weird music that gets stuck in my head. Warning, it’s weird.
Carrie & Tommy Catchup - Hit Network - Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little
Joined by Guy Sebastian for an in-depth chat, the guys also play Same Same But Backwards, talk 'earworms' with Dr Tim Byron and reflect on the week.
Download Best_Ep_S8_E13_-_Dick_Gravy_and_the_Versatile_Meat_Presents.mp3 A discussion on some of the hookiest earworms from our formative years.By Anthony Marco.
It Shouldnt Be This Hard Podcast
This week we talk about the shows that we have been watching. Auston tells us his thoughts on Atlanta. We talk about The Orville and Star Trek Discovery and the fact that you have to pay for cbs all access just to watch it. Josh talks about the new service MoviePass and neither of us think that the company can be making any money with the way t ...…
I’ve had Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet running through my head all weekend. I finally found an outlet for my earworm in the public piano in Confederation Landing Park. It’s impossible not to hear this without thinking of the last episode of M*A*S*H.By (Peter Rukavina).
Dan Croll is a Liverpool-based musician with a knack for super catchy, hooky pop songs. He stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn to give us this exclusive solo take on his tasty earworms! Dan Croll’s sophomore album, Emerging Adulthood, is available now.00:00 - Dan Croll00:46 - Bad Boy04:10 - Interview - Dan Croll07:58 - From Now ...…
"This is a thing!" In our latest episode, we chat with Conscious Designer and Author Magalie René-Hayes about her new book, schools, the King of the North and Lady Gaga! The Idris rival may be familiar and as always we have the Pophorn and Ghetto Action News™Earworm: What About Us by P!nkBook: "Kid Smart Spaces: Decorating a Classroom That Chan ...…
A podcast with no strings attached. In this episode, the controversial topic of medial marijuana and its applications will be discussed. The newly launched Coffee And A Joint launched by Christopher Fernandez aims to raise awareness to this useful medicine.
Welcome to EarWormS, a show celebrating Video Game Music. This week Joe, Dave and Alan talk about music from Deus Ex, Resident Evil and Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner. Song List and Time Codes Below ⇓Video: Spector Inspectors: Music Edited From:Katamari on the Rocks by Yuu Mi ...…
Again, we apologize for the oversight. This episode features an angel going to extreme lengths to get rid of a song running through his head, or so he says. This leaves Sam and Dean hanging in the crosshairs of Fate. Maybe only Castiel can intervene to save them, but is he also responsible for the whole situation in the first place? This is the ...…
What's She On About?
"What's She On About??" Insecure on HBO! In our latest episode, we chat about the season finale watch party hosted by Issa Rae, an awkward black girl and that longer-but-felt-shorter final episode! We need an Idris rival MORE. THAN. EVER. with this Canadian invasion and naturally we have the Pophorn and Ghetto Action News™ Earworm: Bodak Yellow ...…
What do Vivian Vachon and The Sheik have in common besides being wrestlers featured in documentaries? Well...that's about it, really. What they don't have in common is equal screen time, as Vivian takes a backseat to many male talents in "The Wrestling Queen," because apparently the director didn't get the memo on the title. At least The Sheik ...…
Welcome back, you masochists. We're What Was The Question, your background earworm lovingly licking your earhole. This week we spend plenty of time talking about advertising, but there are a few other tidbits and topics in there as well. Enjoy! DownloadBy (Faust and Tom).
Ongoing History of New Music
Here are a couple of musical terms you may have heard of… Earworm: that’s when a clip of a song keeps running through your head on a loop over and over and over again. Mondegreen: a misheard lyric…a great example is in Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze”…he sings “’scuse me while i kiss the sky”…some people hear that as “’scuse me while i kiss this gu ...…
Welcome to EarWormS, a show celebrating Video Game Music. This week Joe, Dave and Alan talk about music from Jet Set Radio, The Last of Us and New Ghostbusters II. Song list and time codes below ⇓Video:Intro Music Edited From:Katamari on the Rocks by Yuu Miyake & Keita Takahashi from Katamari Damacy00:45 - Dave's Song: Funky Radio by B B Rights ...…
Summer Jam season continues, late into the summer, with this undeniable ear worm from the golden age of west coast gangsta rap. Dig it.By
Our favorite guest, and Kelly’s favorite podcast co-host (until this show) Mel returns to the Cobblerplex! Recommendations Kelly – Because Geek YouTube channel Val rocks it with loads of Game of Thrones materials… fan theories, trailer breakdowns, episode reviews and live chats. She is smart and engaging. Check her channel out! Mel – Rare Breed ...…
Welcome to EarWormS, a show celebrating Video Game Music. This week Joe, Dave and Alan talk about music from Shovel Knight, Portal and Red Alert 2.Video: Music Edited From:Katamari on the Rocks by Yuu Miyake & Keita Takahashi from Katamari Damacy00:42 - Joe's Song: La Danse Macabre by Jake Kaufma ...…
What's She On About?
In this episode we chat about a Summer classic - the family reunion! There's also Titos, Insecure and the farkakte mess that is now the United States. A little worried about Idris but his rival is ridiculously adorable with those dimples and of course we have the Pophorn and Ghetto Action News™.Earworm: Your Number by Ayo Jay…
Anyone know which end of a microphone you speak into to do a podcast? We've been a way for a while. However now that the summer shows have ended, we're back to recording shows in the studio and not in a hotel. And it seems like some big news was waiting for us to talk about. News so big that we thought Chancey Fleet should join us to discuss th ...…
School bells are ringing and all the kids are trudging back to class with their newly sharpened Ticonderoga pencils. Instead of that silly dirge music, Jason and Amy take Timothy’s theme suggestion and play songs about the long hot free days of summer coming to an end. Plenty of feedback from the Earbuddies and a special announcement from inter ...…
Welcome to EarWormS, a new show from Taste My Game Face celebrating Video Game Music. This week Joe, Dave and Alan talk about music from Red Dead Redemption, Assassin's Creed 3 and Vib-Ribbon. Time codes Below ↓Video: Music Edited From:Katamari on the Rocks by Yuu Miyake & Keita Takahashi from Katamari Damacy01 ...…
Jason and Amy tackle the theme suggested on Earbuddy Chris’s drunk dial. Remember those songs from 30 years ago? The podcasters try to find covers of those hits and are helped by the Earbuddies! In the final days of Summer break, Amy has decided to be the true Jane Fonda that she is to Jason’s straight-up Lily Tomlin. Email: ...…
What's She On About?
It's been a MINUTE! We're back with an all-new episode chatting about summer vacations, reclaiming our time (and body), marriage-related reality shows and why NO, you can't use it. Naturally we have Idris, his rival, the Pophorn and Ghetto Action News™ too.We also had to take a moment to remember Chester Bennington. Rest In Peace ChesterOpening ...…
Pyre, Ready Player One, Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, Black The Fall and Go 8 Bit discussed by Alan, Waine and Zi. Time codes Below ↓Video: music:- Intro by JP Wolfgang-Outro: Path to Glory by Darren Korb from Pyre0:02:12 - Pokemon Go Fanfest0:13:01 - Pyre0:28:48 - Black The Fall0:43:51 - EarWormS0:46:58 - ...…
Earbuds And Earworms
Jason and Amy Explore the questioning world with this mysterious episode. They also wonder what it is about. Email: Website: Phone: 731-400-2837 Music: Elvis Costello - Mystery Dance Dan Croll - Do you Have To? Sarah McLachlan - Building a Mystery Bobbie Gentry - Ode to Billy Joe Whitehorse - Baby, What's Wro ...…
Welcome to EarWormS, a new show from Taste My Game Face celebrating Video Game Music. This week Alan, Dave and Joe talk about music from Silent Hill 3, Valiant Hearts and Super Hexagon. Time codes Below ↓Video: Music Edited From:Katamari on the Rocks by Yuu Miyake & Keita Takahashi from Katamari Damacy01:04 - D ...…
Hey, what did you think of the Game of Thrones season premier? We recorded our podcast before the show aired but we try to guess what happened. SPOILER ALERT: We're horrible guessers. Rick is preparing for all the remodeling construction that will be happening in his new house. Hmm... maybe it's a good time to start his Alaska adventure. A disc ...…
Returning pod friends Amy and Jason from Earbuds and Earworms make their epic return. We listen to some of the weirdest stuff on Spotify AND play some games!
MediaVillage's Insider InSites podcast on Media, Marketing and Advertising
I recently had the good fortune to interview Joe Baratelli – who knows a little something about evolving creative and agency offerings to keep pace with the times, and keeping accounts for the long haul! Joe is Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of RPA, where he has worked since the agency launched as Rubin Postaer 30-plus year ...…
Dolphin Kidnapper Podcast
Nathan, Garett, and Matt talk about their favorite One-Hit Wonders: those artists who created earworms and then disappeared forever.
In which Jeff does a hangout with Ryan Boyd of the Rank & Vile Podcast; Jeff shouts out Amy Sheppard of Earbuds and Earworms; Ryan describes Rank & Vile; Jeff reveals that he's kind of freaked out by horror movies; Ryan's girlfriend is not a fan of scares; we cover all sorts of fascinating topics, including: Halloween Horror Nights; moving to t ...…
Jason and Amy build the summer reading list according to Sean’s specifications. Jason is back from his Florida journey to the Fountain of Youth. For a random reason, many impressions are made but probably because they recorded right after an appearance on The Game Show Podcast. Enjoy this Cliff’s Notes version of many very long books. Email: ea ...…
A cowrite with my boyfriend Ryan. He took my somewhat creepy concept and made it into something bright and earworm-y.They removed our humanityNow we're as productive as we can beJust be a good little automatonbeep beep beep beep boop automatongood automatonDon't even try to thinkThey will dismember you in the kitchen sinkJust be a good little a ...…
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