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Strategic Econ - Game Theory 07
Archive of 21 lectures in introductory game theory, from a course I delivered in semester 1 down under here in NZ Feb to June 2007 . I suggest you click on the "Reverse Sort Order " text/link in blue in the right hand menu bar (top right) to see clips in chronological) orderEach clip is about 50 minutes. Downloadable versions (see mov or mp4 link just under the on screen viewer) usually have a menu; these are mostly screen capture and coordinated audio, with some overlays of class interactio ...
Econ Duel (Audio)
This is the audio from Marginal Revolution University’s Econ Duel video series. Economics can explain many of life’s big questions. Problem is, it can sometimes provide multiple, even conflicting, answers. So which answers are the “right” ones? There’s only one way to find out: Econ Duel! In this series, you’ll find engaging debates between prominent economists on questions like: When it comes to where you live, is it better to rent or buy? Is education primarily for skill-building or signal ...
Econ Minute Podcast
Econ Minute covers real world economics that can affect you, your family, and your work. The podcast is more than a minute and covers much more than just economics. For more, visit
Teach Me Econ
A podcast exploring different methods of teaching economics at the HS and university level.
Econs for the Ipod
Podcasts for my Year 12 IB Economics class.
Podcast will be a blend of class lectures and interviews with finance/Econ professors and professionals.
SilverFarm: Liberty, Metals and Austrian Economics
Here at SilverFarm, we bring together the best, most honest and reliable content from the top new media producers. No hype, not hyperbole, no tin foil hats.
EconPop Podcast
EconPop is the show that sifts through the haystack of popular culture to find the needle of economics within... and then stabs you with it! Starring comedian Andrew Heaton economist Steven Horwitz and professor of literature Paul Cantor, EconPop takes a surprisingly deep look at the economic themes running through classic films, new releases, tv shows and more from the best of pop culture and entertainment. The EconPop Podcast brings a unique mix of dry wit and whimsy to bear on the dismal ...
International Trade (Audio)
This is the audio from the Marginal Revolution University video course on International Trade taught by economists Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok. This course takes a look at the basic theories of international trade and the consequences of trade in today's global economy. Interested in learning more econ? Visit
Great Economists (Audio)
This is the audio from the Marginal Revolution University video course on the Great Economists taught by professors Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok. In this course, you’ll find answers to questions like: Who were the first economic thinkers? What did early economists understand that has been lost to the modern world? You’ll also find a chapter-by-chapter overview of Adam Smith’s foundational work, The Wealth of Nations. For more econ knowledge, visit
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Galicia por diante28/06/2017 O programa preséntase como o gran vehículo das mañás na Radio Galega, con letras maiúsculas, con pluralidade e con vocación de servizo. MEDALLAS CASTELAO 2017
Galicia por diante28/06/2017 O programa preséntase como o gran vehículo das mañás na Radio Galega, con letras maiúsculas, con pluralidade e con vocación de servizo. Os Almorzos: �ngeles Cuña, deputada de En Marea no Parlamento de Galicia.
Dis comme cela, c'est un peu abrupt comme résumé, mais c'est ce que pense un célèbre économiste américain de son pays. Il a rédigé un livre choc et qui secoue les Américains car il leur démontre qu'ils sont passé d'une culture de la contestation à une culture du Prozac, et une culture de tranquillisants. Amid Faljaoui, notre chroniqueur éco nou ...…
In our first Summer 2017 edtech episode, we talk about classroom response systems, aka clickers. We’re joined by three guests who have each used a different product extensively in their classes. First, Jenny Wissink (Cornell) shares how she uses iClicker to assess students’ understanding of pre-class video. Next, Bonni Stachowiak (Vanguard and ...…
Josh Gwyther (@joshuagwyther) Google Cloud Platform Agent of Innovation for Google (@google) joins us this week on The Hot Aisle to talk about hyperscale public clouds and how GCP’s technology is keenly positioned to support their customer’s line of business applications. Your hosts Brent Piatti (@BrentPiatti) and Brian Carpenter (@intheDC) bre ...…
In questo Nono episodio io e Stefano Picchio parliamo senza peli sulla lingua della situazione delle Opzioni Binarie nel mondo. Cosa sta succedendo veramente e cosa ne sarà di questo strumento? — In questo podcast ripercorreremo insieme tutta la cronostoria delle Opzioni Binarie, da quando sono nate ed erano jungla pura, all’arrivo delle prime ...…
Part 1 of this weeks podcast! Nugi and I talk about SSF, Week races and Econ.
Part 1 of this weeks podcast! Nugi and I talk about SSF, Week races and Econ. Mauro MalatestaConcerto di Ottoni e BargaJazz Big BandDomenica 18 giugno alle ore 21:00 presso il Teatro dei Differenti di Barga si terrà un concerto a scopo benefico dedicato a Mauro Malatesta. Trombonista storico della Barga Jazz Big ...…
Steve Scalise, Nancy Pelosi, & a return to Civility.3 Easy Pieces: biz tax cut attached to health reconciliation. If not. no summer (recess) vacation.Trump: no charge on Russian collusion. So how can you obstruct something that doesn't exist. Attack Mueller? Tweets? Leave to defense team? Off front pages, better chance to get growth policy done ...…
My guest on this episode is Kevin B. Grier of the University of Oklahoma. Our topic for today is a paper Kevin wrote on the economic consequences of Hugo Chavez along with coauthor Norman Maynard. I had Francisco Toro on the show last year to discuss Venezuela's economic history, so you can listen to that episode if you want a refresher on Chav ...…
SAfm News Bulletins
SABC News and Current Affairs — The Chamber of Mines has vowed to take legal action against the Mineral Resources Department to force it to suspend the implementation of the new mining charter. This after the department gazetted the third version of the charter. It calls for black ownership levels of 30 per cent for mining rights and 50 per cen ...…
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