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#EdTech Chat Radio
EdTechChat Radio is a weekly roundtable discussion between education tech integrators, teachers and administrators covering highlights and amplifications from the Twitter discussion of the week on #EdTechChat. The show offers expanded insights and commentary on the topics of the week.
EdTech Banter, Interviews with Great Thinkers and Tech Tips in a Digestible Format
Ed Tech Crew Podcast
House of #EdTech
House of #EdTech, hosted by Christopher J. Nesi, explores how technology is changing the way teachers teach and the impact that technology is having in education. Whether you use it or not, technology is changing the way we teach and how our students learn.
The Edtech Podcast gets behind the personalities in global education innovation & edtech. Join 1500+ listeners each week, from 141 countries, to hear from educators across early years, schools, higher & further education, plus investors, startups, bluechips, Government and students. Also, regular insights from interviews, events, and LIVE podcasts.
EdTech Times
EdTech Times is a digital media company sharing untold stories from the intersection of education, technology, innovation, and work. Through our podcast, we’re passing the microphone to those improving the world through education.
#EdTech Minute
#EdTech Minute is an educator's guide to education apps, teaching tools and digital resources. The show is hosted by Michael Boll, Jamie Wilett and Chris Carter.
The EdTech Take Out
The edtech podcast that serves up a buffet of bite-sized technology tips for teachers!
EdTech Rewind
Clint Winter (@clintwinter), Lee Green (@itsleegreen), and friends (@friends) get together to discuss what's going on in the world of EdTech and beyond.
EdTech Sauce
A pedagogy podcast on all things EdTech by Tips, ideas, and discussions for today’s teachers. Join the conversation on Twitter at #EdTechSauce.
EdTech Bites is a Podcast about all things EdTech and Food hosted by Gabriel Carrillo. I sit down with educators and innovators and we chat while we break bread together. Sometimes, it's in person and others, it's virtual. Either way, the most important conversations happen at the table around good people and good food. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @EdTechBites. You can also check out my blog at Enjoy!
Sometimes we are embarrassed to admit we don't know how to do something. That's what Ed Tech Confessions is all about, asking questions and exploring answers. We’re here to help! See resources for each episode at
EdTech Shorts
Join Randall Black every Tuesday and Saturday as he shares quick and simple EdTech tips for educators to make their job easier. It's because we should all be working smarter; not harder.
Helping you teach with less reliance on the textbook through technology, creativity and innovation. Hosted by Ditch That Textbook author Matt Miller.
Discussion, Articles, and Podcasts about Instructional Technology
Ed Tech Weekly
Ed tech news of the week. Boom!
where technology news meets educational analysis
Lansing EdTech
This bi-monthly podcast series is designed to offer quick, short, and easy technology integration tips and tricks to support teachers. We discuss various education technology tools, share resources, recap conferences, and share other pertinent ideas for teachers.Contact Info:Allison Keskimaki - Spicer - EdTech -
EdTech Podcasting
Podcasts on this Blog will focus on educational technology.
EdTech Banter, Interviews with Great Thinkers and Tech Tips in a Digestible Format
Where Free Culture and Open Ideas meet Education Technology
EdTech: Well Done
Discussing EdTech with industry leaders, CTO's, campus techs, teachers, and policy makers with the ultimate goal of helping students.
Ed Tech Matters
Discussions, news, review and opinions on technology in education
Listen to Brad Vargyas, Google Certified Educator, 1-1 teacher, and tall guy discuss the changing landscape of educational technology with friends and colleagues.
Coach's Corner delves into academic coaching, edtech integration, and beyond.This series is based on Levi's Valdois' (@teachoklahoma) idea of 51 Flavors" or that great ideas can be found from those around us!!! Therefore who better to ask about academic coaching and edtech integration than those in the trenches.Visit the original Coach's Corner on Youtube @:
EdTech Greatest Hits is a round up of the most popular education technology segments on BAM Radio Network based on audience ratings. These are the shows that people really found most interesting and useful. For more follow us on Twitter: @bamradionetwork
Edtech Rewind
Podcast by Clint Winter and Lee Green are Instructional Technology Specialist in Georgia who are the host of this monthly podcast. They also Keep it real
News, views, research and resources you can use are featured in every episode of The Teachers' Podcast. The popular podcasting team of Mark Gura and Dr. Kathy King are teachers, ed tech experts, authors and professors. Note that this is not your usual podcast, nor PD experience. Instead it includes fun, abundant resources and crisp insight from the perspective of what you can use today and tomorrow. Make your new home for educational resources and professional learnin ...
I am an educator who loves trying out new technology in the classroom. Over my 25 years in the classroom, I have been lucky enough to attend some premier conferences around California. I decided to start a podcast that will showcase these conferences all around the state of California.
West Texas edTech
Welcome to West Texas edTech, where amazing things happen.
Ideas to help your students be incredible delivered in bite sized episodes, perfect for your lunch break. Each week we'll share stories of some incredible things going on in schools all over the country and ideas for helping empower students in the 21st C
Recordings of various talks and presentations given by Jason Rhode concerning educational technology and instructional design for online learning (enhanced)
Ed Tech Co-Op
Xaverian High School, one of Brooklyn's finest college preparatory academies, is best known as the borough's first iPad one-to-one school. Here you will find the school's principal (Kevin McCormack) and its Instructional Technology leader (Patrick Fogarty) discuss the perils and triumphs inherent in being one of New York's only iPad 1:1 school.
Podcast by Keith Onstot
The EdTech Sandbox
The EdTech Sandbox is a an podcast about experimenting with educational technology at Westfield Washington Schools.
Join the TeacherCast Educational Network for interviews with educational technology companies to help educators best to use edtech in the classroom.
A free, weekly podcast by the Grant MacEwan University Faculty Commons Educational Technology staff. Topics will educate and inform MacEwan faculty with the aim of supporting the integration of technology into teaching and learning at MacEwan.
EdTech PodSquad
EdTech coaches sharing and discussing EdTech content within our schools and districts.
EdTech Magecast
Technology for Education and Life Explained
Your place for news, reviews, and interviews with Hawthorn teachers
The Getting Smart Podcast covers topics in K-12, HigherEd and lifelong learning. Episodes cover developments in research, technology, entrepreneurs, methods and more to bring listeners some of the most informing, insightful and innovative strategies around education today.
Reporting to you from the frontlines of building and leading edtech innovation.
Welcome to the DigiTech Learning, Ed-Tech Podcast. The show for busy teachers who want to upgrade their digital skills and find smarter ways to harness digital technology to inspire and innovate in their classrooms.
EdTech: Well Done
Discussing EdTech with industry leaders, CTO's, campus techs, teachers, and policy makers with the ultimate goal of helping students.
New podcast weblog
The TeachThought Podcast delivers an insightful exploration of how teaching and learning are changing in a connected world, from the rise of project-based learning, to technology-driven inquiry, and the new possibility of personalized learning. Our mission is to grow teachers.
EduAllStars is a podcast dedicated to interviewing the difference makers in the field of education. Todd Nesloney (@techninjatodd), Stacey Huffine (@techninjastacey) and Chris Kesler (@iamkesler) are the hosts of the show. They have a strong interest in educational technology as well as learning from leaders in the field of education. Todd and Chris are classroom teachers, and Stacey is a campus technologist. Continue the disucssion on the blog at
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It's job season! If you are looking to find your first job or seeking a new home this is the time of year to get busy. This episode is sponsored by Layer 8 Education. For yall your edtech and STEM needs check out Layer 8 Education. Layer8Education.comWe can also be found at:Twitter: @TeachersGetRealFacebook: ...…
Dante Higher ED Domain EDTech 60: Audinate has released their new Dante Domain manager. With this software, tech managers are able to determine who has access to all of the audio that lives on their network. Read moreDaily Download April 10, 2018
Keith Schacht is the cofounder of Mystery Science, which makes lessons that inspire kids to love science. They were part of the Summer 2017 YC batch.Avichal Garg is an Expert at YC and prior to that he was the Director of Product Management at Facebook.Geoff Ralston is a Partner at YC and before that he cofounded Imagine K12, an edtech accelera ...…
In our fourth episode of the Teachers on Fire podcast, we chat with Adam Stefiuk, high school teacher and acting vice principal at the Energetic Learning Campus, part of the North Peace Secondary School in Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada. In this interview, Adam shares his solution to the challenges he faced with classroom management ea ...…
Join us as we discuss the importance of an Innovation Class. Learn how our districts are bringing innovation opportunities to our students. We also share our thoughts on an article from Jennifer Gonzales on this topic. All information on the article and all podcasts we shared can be located within the show notes link below.Show notes - ...…
Microsoft Office is the most widely used productivity suite in the world. This episode is the first of three looking at some great shortcut keys available in the office suite. Today we are looking at Microsoft Word. You can find a list of great shortcut keys for Microsoft Word at…
In this interview from the 2018 LearnLaunch conference, we speak to Paul Fama, Global Learning Leader at GE, about how the multinational company and others are starting to accept these alternative credentials and the push for skill-based learning. Listen in to the podcast above, or watch the video below to learn more.…
If you're an educator on Twitter, hashtags can help you to find content to push forward your professional growth.
Recorded live at the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology (UCET) Conference at the University of Utah. Quin and Matt sit down with Chris Nesi of the House of #EdTech podcast and Elikqitie of the Travel Gluten Free podcast. We talk about the nature of podcasting, why it is an important medium for students to engage with in classrooms, and h ...…
ChromeOS and Chromebooks have become extremely popular over in education over the past few years as more and more schools and districts implement 1:1 programs. This episode of EdTech Shorts shares some of the popular keyboard shortcuts for ChromeOS and the Chrome web browser. You can find a list of all shortcuts available at https://randallblac ...…
Show notes are at Ben and Dan interview Matt Miller from Ditch that Textbook ( and the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast ( about his latest book "Ditch that Homework". Ben and Dan also discuss updates from the world of EdTech, the tech tool Trello ( ...…
Description I screen, you screen, we all screen, so today we’re gonna talk about screen time. Look around you. At home, at the restaurant, on the subway. Our faces are turned down, looking at screens. Join us today as we take a look at good screen time, bad screen time, how much is too much, and when to turn it off. Lessons Learned Dennis – Tak ...…
What is Domain of One’s Own? What tools do we use/recommend and why? Registrars: Google Domains / Hover Checking for domain names before purchasing dangers? Reclaim Hosting Squarespace The Tech Bar at St. Norbert College What is the Tech Bar???? Student Domain Success Stories Podcasting Final Thoughts Taylor: Apple Watch Ben: We ...…
VR Quick Overview Vive/Oculus, Cardboard, Daydream/Gear VR VR uses in education and at SNC VR experiences in NYC, Florida, Dells Future of VR and predictions? Final Thoughts Mr. Robot Taylor’s Google Home Voice Verification Fix/Hack? Reduce the amount of times you need verified voice! Cooperative Games we need more of them! Link for Ghostbuster ...…
Taylor and I have both cut the cord and we also discuss the pain points of cable on a college campus in today’s world. We give an overview of cable on campus at SNC and our thoughts on how to fix it. The we switch to our experience with cutting the cord and answer: What do we each use for content? What would we recommend to others? How did we g ...…
BeED specialises in an experiential learning mobile app which combines education with travel to make learning more relevant and engaging. Co-founder Michael Chian explains how BeED works, why edtech will change learning, and what we can emulate from the Finnish system.
Quizizz, similarly to Kahoot, is an easy, free assessment tool for educators to assess their students live in class or for homework.
EdTech Shorts with Randall Black - Coming Soon!
In our last episode, we talked with Vanderbilt librarian and Leading Lines co-producer Melissa Mallon about her new book on digital literacy. As a follow up to that, this episode is an audio segment from a panel on teaching with podcasts that the Vanderbilt CFT hosted last fall. The focus of the panel was student-produced podcasts, that is, pod ...…
We spend so much time helping students with their writing skills. Giving them some guidance on speaking can have huge benefits. Here's a model for it, and it works GREAT with Flipgrid.
How to Fix the Future is a book by Andrew Keen, a self-proclaimed Internet pessimist. He's written five books about how destructive technology has been to our lives, but this book is an optimistic one about how we can act more responsibly for a brighter digital future. It's a great fit if you use or talk about technology in your classroom and/o ...…
Highlight from the EdTech Session at Social Media Week Lagos 2018
I believe in voice typing! Also called dictation, it's when you speak and your device converts it to text. It's SO much faster than typing with your fingers (or thumbs). Imagine what you could do if you got through your emails or other work just a little faster ...
Description If you’re here hoping to learn about the newest coolest new app – stop listening, because today we’re going to take a look back at some tried and true apps and tools you might have forgotten about. Sure they may have lost that new app smell, but these are still some solid tools for student learning, creativity, and collaboration. Jo ...…
Description As you remember from last week’s podcast we spoke to our Third Culture Coffee students who shared their Applied Learning experience. Today we shift our focus from coffee to cardio-vascular – Applied Anatomy and Physiology as we welcome certified Athletic Trainer Jared Maizel from our Sports Medicine program with another amazing exam ...…
Just testing out the Anchor.Fm app to create podcasts on the fly
In this inaugural episode, I introduce you to the structure of the podcast and also share some edtech tips for the Jewish Studies classroom. Stick around for the ending to find out how to get in contact and also please let me know if you like the final piece of music that ends the podcast.
EDTech 58: Bill O’Donnell talks with UAMS and East Carolina University about how best to get faculty, staff, and technology managers to work together. Read moreDaily Download March 7, 2018
Twitter is the BEST thing that happened to my teaching career. It really saved it. However, there's a balance to be maintained, and if we're careful, Twitter (and other social media) can consume our lives instead of help them.
Podcast highlights: 11:00 The pharmaceutical companies are unavoidably wasteful in their R&D because there are countless variables and you're also dealing with human beings. How can AI be used to help reduce that waste in the drug discovery process? 49:30 Can centralized governments have an active role in innovating technologies and ideas in th ...…
GIFs are super fun. They're those moving image files you see all over social media. There's this fun tool you can use to record your own animated GIFs with your webcam. Add them to student work for feedback, to a class website, to Google files ... almost anywhere!
GotTechED Episode 1 Intro Music (Artist:The Degs Album: Cliff Rocket Track: 8 Song Title: Shotgun Intro: Nick introduces the PodCast (GotTechED, the podcast, Episode #1) Segments in this episode: Teacher Tech Question of the Day, Tech Battle Royale, Tech Barrier discussion Johnson’s Intro Teacher, 9 years Science teacher uses lots of tech, simu ...…
So often, we encourage students to study by putting info into their brains by re-reading notes and chapters. But brain science tells us it's more effective if we study by pulling info FROM our brains. A great strategy for this is the digital brain dump.
Welcome to Episode 3 of the ICT Evangelist Podcast! Recorded in Stamford, Lincs prior to filming the second instalment of the NetSupport 'Big Edtech Debate'. This episode features an extended interview with Al Kingsley, Chair of a Multi Academy Trust, Governor, Edu Speaker, Dad & MD of @NetSupportGroup and Henry Platten, founder of @ecadets & @ ...…
There's a button we use in many digital learning tools to keep kids from cheating. But it can do more than that! Learn how it can be used to help kids learn too.
In this episode, Ricky and Kristy talk about the ed tech news of the week and how for IT administrators can deal with Spring Break woes. @mytechtoolbelt #MyTechToolbelt You can listen to our podcast on: Apple Podcasts Google Play Music Spotify or listen here The My Tech Toolbelt Podcast, hosted by Shannon Tabaldo and Brenda Argano, is an Ed Tech podcast where we highlight teachers using education technology in Innovating, Engaging and Inspiring ways. Don't ...…
TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 40...EdTech for the Little's iTunes Google Play SoundCloud Stitcher It's a special TechTool episode of the pod. Danelle references the Liz Kolb Book "Learning First, Technology Second" which uses the "Triple E" framework to help a teacher choose edtech which will be a value to student learning. Using the framework, Dane ...…
Podcasting is a growing medium. It let's you learn by listening -- consume content -- while doing something else. Students can share learning with an authentic audience by creating a free podcast. Learn how!
Description Applied Learning sounds intriguing in concept, but what does it look like on the ground? … brass tacks? Is it applicable to the classroom, really? Well, today we talk with students of Concordia’s Social Entrepreneurship Applied Learning class. These students run a business, from product development and design, to financials, to mark ...…
How can we encourage students to use their voice -- in learning, in positive ways, to make a change -- in class and throughout our lives?
Google Drawings is a great tool to help teachers and students create eye catching images digitally. There are some cool tricks to it that you might not know. In this episode, we cover some of them. You won't want to miss it!
Topics: Taylor tries an iPhone X Good things? Apple ecosystem benefits Build quality Battery life consistency?? Maybe? speed Bad things? notifications Google Inbox app Battery life indicator Test Flight Is it worth it$$$$$$$$ Ben gets and iPad Pro Good Split Screen Keyboard Hardware Battery Life pretty Good Airplay is nice at work, Chromecast s ...…
CA Edtech Conference Podcast - 8 - Affiliates Meetup & Karaoke by Corey Coble
“Why am I learning this? When will I ever need to know this information in the real world?” Teachers, please pause for a moment while these all too familiar phrases wash over you for the millionth time. Whether your speciality is science, math, or history, you’ve undoubtedly heard these questions time and again. While some students might throw ...… @mytechtoolbelt #MyTechToolbelt You can listen to our podcast on: Apple Podcasts Google Play Music Spotify or listen here Welcome to the My Tech Toolbelt Podcast. We are your hosts, Shannon Tabaldo and Brenda Argano. We would like to introduce you to the My Tech Toolbelt Podcast, where we highlight teachers that are using ...…
Story Speaker lets you create interactive "stories" or interactions with your Google Home. Learn how you can create them with NO CODING ... just a Google Doc and this add-on!
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