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1870 Biblestudy
a personal bible study that is broadcasted publicly.
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the north star during the Days of Noah, assuming a perfect zero degree tilt as specified in episide 024. the cats eye nebula in the constellation Draco What was happening in the heavens while jesus was on the cross. Why was there darkness over all the land? it wasnt a solar eclipse as they say, so why did it happen, and why was it left in the s ...…
a biblical look into facts and theories of how different the world was in the days of Noah genesis ch 1-8 did it rain? heb 11:7 , gen 2:4-6 , gen 7:4-5 , gen 9:11 were there seasons? Gen 8:22 how long was the year? gen 7:11 , 7:24, 8:4 how long did people live? genesis ch5 were we alone? how did it go wrong?…
in 2014 i went into a deep study of the devil, the beast, and the false prophet. spending months digging through every reference, reading them in context, and formulating my own theology. along the way i noticed several odd things about the seraphim. this episode is an update and a challenge to my theories on the seraphim. the 2 main references ...…
coming out of the revelation 18 harlot. as a christian we want no part of her sins. how do we seperate from her. how does this apply to our lives today?
A study of Babylons application in todays world. Focusing in Rev ch 18 and cross referencing many other chapters. ezekiel 13 ezekiel 16 ezekiel 23 ezekiel 28 isaiah 47 Jeremiah 51
starting in revelation 17, we will point out the differences between revelation 17 and 18. Ch 17 being the Mother of Harlots and occuring during the time of the great tribulation, the final 3 and onehalf years. Ch 18 being the the Daughter Harlot, also Babylon the Great. This is Babylon of the world we live in today. The harlot that has existed ...…
the slaughter of children from the biblical stories of the birth of Jesus Christ (matthew 2:16) the birth of Moses (exodus 1:22) the birth of Joash (2 kings 11:1-2) planned parenthood and the 144,000 (rev 14:4) also draw comparisons to rev 18, and mark 6
why do we celebrate the happy new year? what is it really all about?
the 2 geneologys from matthew ch 1 and luke ch 2 also a quick look at the number 18
finishing up where i got cut off in epsidoe 014, the birth of Jesus.
Luke ch 1 gives you all the key points to calculate the birth of Christ, the only problem is that mist christians know very little of what the bible actually says.
we will look at the royal preisthood and the birth of john the baptist. we will compare both the gregorian calender and the Hebrew calender. study scriptures include exodus 12:2, Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 9:6, 1 chronicles 24, luke 1
Its about time for a new topic but i cant leave this one hanging. just a chat tonight, concluding several months of deepstudy the beast, the devil, the church, the cherub, the seraphim, angels of fire, the scapegoat, azazel, morning and evening stars
The root of the 4 riders of the book of revelation. it goes back much further than the book of Zecheriah
uncovering the origins of the beast from the abyss, who he was, where he is, and how he got there.
did you know that you were told in the book of revelation the number of his mark and that this chapter will send you to its origins? did you know that this chapter is about the beast from the abyss ? did you know that this chapter is also about the spirit of Jezebel? there are atleast 6 diferent verses in this chapter that take you back to the ...…
searching the occurances ot the seraphim in the Greek Bible. the Lxx and the 1550 TR G4585, G4586, G4587
we're going to riddle the word in 2 verses to see what we find. just what is the great red dragon and the angel of light? what does it mean. where does the rabbit hole lead? 2 corinthians 11:14 - an angel of light light is g 5457 and is the light from a fire, and it can mean fire revelation 12:3 a great red dragon red is g4450 and means fiery r ...…
finishing revelation 13, we will look the 3rd of the 3 big enemies of the book of revelation. the rise of the false prophet. aka the beast from the earth, aka the man of perdition, aka little horn also compare to daniel 7 and daniel 8
An introduction to the devil study. The devil study will be premiering soon on the Acts 1711 radio network on btr. removing the lens of church tradition and letting the scriptures interpret the scriptures. church tradition says that Lucifer is Satan. the bible offers no other verse with the name Luc ...…
a quick walk through revelation ch 12. Is it historic? does it tell the birth of Christ? or is this something new. We will compare the birth of Moses and the Birth of Christ to this event
the host of heaven, generally regarded to be all the stars in the sky. also known to be all the angels in heaven. we know that one third of them will be cast to the ground. allthough not necesarily lterally. all of the stars represent an angel in heaven. Per NASA star charts it is estimated that at a magnitutde of 9.5 theyre are approximatly 21 ...…
A ministudy into the beginning of the day of the lord. This is the event that sets the book of revelation into motion. From this point there is no return. Revelation ch 6:12-17 Isaiah ch 24 Book of Zephaniah
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