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My Two Cents Radio Show
An African-American Hillary Clinton Democrat talks politics in an "left" and "right" political world!
Religion Classes
Recording of LDS Religion Skype classes given over the internet. When you download the class quotes from the links given be sure to open your download folder on your computer to view them. Contact Mike Stroud at (928) 551-1380 or macocks@yahoo.comClasses beginning with a title are from 2016 to 2017.Classes beginning with the title: OLD BOOK of MORMON are classes from 2012 that were taught in the Philippines in a live class. Both are mixed in the index as they can not be separated unless a wh ...
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In this week's news: Consider me stimulated, Rebublicans on Twitter-- yur doin it wrong, and if Michael Phelps can do it, why can't I? With news of Governor Granholm, Peter Hoekstra, Facebook, Ann Coulter And a special segment from the MSU College Democrats, and MDP Chair Mark Brewer. Read our blog!! Download our podc ...…
In this week's news: Michigan's unemployment hits double digits, Student government resolves the crisis in Gaza, and America swears in a new Democratic president...twice. With news of Kwame Kilpatrick, Rod Blagojevich, Sarah Palin, and other complete idiots. And a new segment from Mark Chou: "It's Not BARACKet Science!" Read our blog!! http://u ...…
SPECIAL VIRTUAL NEW YEAR'S EDITION!! In this week's news: Boycotting the South, the Economic Recession hits Ann Arbor, and as the ball drops, a look back. With news of Governor Granholm, NYCLU, Hamsters, the Auto Industry, and the Detroit Lions. Happy New Year! Read our blog!! Download our podcast. Search "DEMTV" in t ...…
Provost Distinguished Lectures - Video
Renowned University of Washington Professors David Domke and Mark Smith made bold presidential predictions last spring during the widely popular Faith and Finance series. Now it's time to find out what these experts say about the 2008 election and what really happened. This is a lively discussion of how 2008 paralleled other elections in the in ...…
In this weeks news: A democratic president? Yes, we can! Jenny from the block travels to the middle east, and California passes Prop 8, then catches on fire. With news of Condoleezza Rice, your political forecast from Dan Villamarin, Tom Duvall's beastly knowledge, guest anchor Ariel Kaye, and a brand new News Ticker. Edited by Ashley Harrison. ...…
We showed this video at our rally on the eve of the election. Governor Granholm was in attendance, as well as hundreds of students as we rallied together one last time before the historic day. Edited by Ashley Harrison and Barbara Twist Read our blog!! Download our podcast. Search "DEMTV" in the iTunes music store, or ...…
Tonight a short election reap then about things in the NFL, NBA And MLB! So come and listen!
Nerraux flies solo again while KSweeney welcomes some new folks to the neighborhood. Election '08 and religious undergarments are the main topics of discussion.By
DEMTV Special YOOPER edition, broadcasting from Marquette, MI. In this week's news: It's all about the Benjamins, How did the Moose cross the road?, and Say Yah to the UP, eh. Plus: news from the campaign trail, political forecast with Dan Villamarin, a field report from Yooper Zach Bennett, special guest Justin from Northern Michigan Dems, Mic ...…
With just one week left before Election '08 David brings you the first night of his election updates! Tonight's focus will be on how close the Presidential Race really is, despite what the media tells you.
In this week's news: The economy falls, hard, An exclusive interview with actors ADAM BRODY and RACHEL LEIGH COOK, and updates from the campaign trail. Plus: Sarah Palin and Carey Torrice: really, America? And some pretty hilarious bloopers. Read our blog!! Download our podcast. Search "DEMTV" in the iTunes music stor ...…
Today's show we'll talk about the voting process and making sure your vote counts. In the news - tainted milk story, Melamine found in other food products. Is Senator Barack Obama really going to be the first President of Color?
Kia Speaks
Discussion includeds all things presidential. Four special guests share their perspectives on the important issues surrounding the upcoming Presidential election
The Debate We All REALLY Want to See!!!
Atlas On the Air
Presidential election 08. Discussing the changing political landscape.
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