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On election night, two-term president Oliver Pierce watches in disbelief from the White House as Charles Dunwalke wins a controversial electoral college victory. With only 73 days before Dunwalke’s inauguration, president Pierce makes a secret decision to act, with historic and possibly catastrophic consequences.
Civics 101
Why does the U.S. have an Electoral College? How do congressional investigations work? What does the minority whip actually do? Civics 101 is the podcast refresher course on some basics you may have forgotten, or slept through, in school.
Covering politics from a unique perspective. We discuss elections/ current events and other interesting stories. We will always have a good time and provide some comedic relief.
Everything Explained
Everything Explained is a podcast about uncovering the basic fundamentals and structure behind what makes what we talk about in the news important. Whether it be GMOs, Social Security, or what even is the Electoral College, Everything Explained is here to help you decipher what we talk about constantly in the news.
Keeping Democracy Alive with Burt Cohen
Keeping democracy alive Democracy is not a spectator sport, it requires informed participating citizens. On Keeping Democracy Alive, we delve into dynamics that both inhibit democracy and reinvigorate it. looking into issues from: domestic economic issues to foreign, labor, trade, and education policy, NSA spying, the drug war, prison, police, and judicial issues, electoral and protest politics, middle east realities, right and left wing populism, environmental and energy issues, the wealth ...
James Whale's Manifesto
James Whale’s ManifestoThe UK is going to hell in a handcart. At least, that’s what James Whale thinks, so he’s taking matters into his own hands. Ladies and gentleman of the electorate, brace yourselves for James Whale’s Manifesto: Getting Britain Back on Track in 2012. In each episode, the outspoken broadcaster will be throwing down the gauntlet to a trio of opinionated guests to thrash out solutions to the country’s woes, from healthcare to housing, from economics to unemployment. An audi ...
Michael and Justin discuss current events and key topics they find pertinent to help build an informed electorate and try to cut through the vitriol.
Committee To Elect
“Committee to Elect” is the podcast that drops you in the think-tank with three certified politics geniuses. Join us – Audrey, Alex, and Mark – week to week as we walk our high-profile clients through the wild, sex-positive world of electoral politics. Follow us on Twitter: @comm2elect
Post Election and other observations
Greg and I break down some 2016 post election thoughts, the electoral college and it's relevancy and discuss some behavior that a former US Representative and a Hall of Fame Quarterback have in common. Only one of those people may have cost Hillary the election.
History of England, from the Accession of James II - (Volume 5, Chapter 24), The by MACAULAY, Thomas Babington
This is volume 5 chapter 24 of a series of books written by the Baron Macaulay (1800-1859). Volume 5 was published after his death.. Chapter 24 begins with the change in parliament with the 1698 elections. The death of the Electoral Prince of Bavaria obviates the first partition treaty and William and Lewis must try again. A good telling to the Darien bubble.
Redesigning Society w Powerhouse Guests
The 'Redesigning Society Podcast' includes guests such as Gregg Braden, Geoff Lawton, Rupert Sheldrake, Michael Tellinger, Fred Alan Wolf, Ellen Brown, Greg Carlwood and Max Igan. It captures expert perspectives on the current state of societal affairs, as well as the collective change we desperately need both philosophically and practically. It also aims to amplify mainstream engagement in how we should globally move forward for ourselves and our future generations.Whilst Season 2 is curren ...
Election 2016
The 2016 presidential election season has been anything but ordinary. So much in the Democratic and Republican primaries consistently defied conventional wisdom and upended the predictions of experts. It seems that the usual rules don’t apply this year. Are we seeing a fundamental shift in American politics, or at least in the Republican Party? How do these new electoral dynamics relate to a host of profound and ongoing changes in the country—deep-seated political polarization, a fragmented ...
Smalcald Articles, The by LUTHER, Martin
A summary of Lutheran doctrine, written by Martin Luther in 1537 for a meeting of the Schmalkaldic League in preparation for an intended ecumenical Council of the Church. Luther's patron, Elector John Frederick of Saxony, asked him to prepare these articles for the League's meeting in 1537, held again in Schmalkalden. Though they were not adopted at the meeting of the Schmalkaldic League in 1537, they were widely used and were incorporated into the Book of Concord in 1580 as one of the Luthe ...
I Read Manifestos Podcast
Manifestos are the set menus from which the electorate choose the political meal that they will be eating for years at a time. I go back through time and have a look at the manifestos of elections gone by to explore what might have been, or what should have been.I also take a look at the news of the day from the perspective of "what was promised". I'll do this with a particular focus on The United Kingdom, England, and Leicestershire in particular, where local issues crop up.
Ralph the Heir by TROLLOPE, Anthony
As usual, Trollope creates a nice variety of characters of different English classes, sentiments and positions. The primary themes are the inheritance of property, extravagance or reason in the spending of assets, the mating of young people, and the electoral practices of the time. The election chapters are based on Trollope's own experiences when he ran for Parliament. There are, of course, many subplots which allow Trollope to express, through dialog, his opinions about greed, snobbery, wo ...
Great South Coast Today with Denis Napthine - 882 3YB
'Great South Coast' Today welcomes former Premier and Member for Southwest Coast Denis Napthine to the ON AIR team at 3YB. Each Friday at noon, Denis will feature special guests who work hard to make our region a better place to live. ' Each week the show will feature special guests who shape the Southwest; people who work hard to make our region a better place. It's your chance to raise your concerns about local issues, celebrate successes within the community, or raise awareness about impo ...
Free & Equal Network Podcast with Christina Tobin
As a 501c3 non-profit, non-partisan organization, the Free and Equal Election Foundation’s mission is primarily educational. We work to give all ballot-qualified candidates the opportunity to debate important political issues in public forums. We want to help level the political playing field and to inspire more independents and alternative party candidates to run for office. We want to empower and encourage more people, especially young people, to get involved in the discussion, participate ...
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It was certainly no surprise that Republican Sara Walsh won Tuesday’s special election in the legislative district that covers southern Boone County and parts of Cole, Cooper and Moniteau counties. The surprise was that Michela Skelton came within 300 votes of taking the seat for the Democrats. After all, Ms. Skelton was the first Democrat to e ...…
As part of the countdown to the 2017 election, we'll look at the very latest in New Zealand politics every Monday morning.Former Porirua mayor and Executive Director of the Porirua Chamber of Commerce Nick Leggett joins us alongside PSA National Secretary Erin Polaczuk to run an eye over all the current issues.Today, we look at National's propo ...…
MONDAYYYY, you know what that means right? Yep, new Utah Outcasts for you all to enjoy! Join X, Kyle, and our special guest Marissa Alexa McCool as we talk about the following subjects. NEWS/REAL AUDIO There’s an electoral map of the US that show’s how many states “not voting” won in 2016 Dave Daubenmire hates paying taxes Pat Robertson and dic ...…
The incumbent took 54.3% of the vote, the electoral commission says. The opposition has rejected the result, complaining of fraud.Also, Trump warns N Korea: US is 'locked and loaded', and the man who was once the voice of Bambi.
This week Alice and Mark get the lowdown on what’s happening with the same-sex marriage postal survey (plebiscite) from the minister in charge, Mathias Cormann. Lane chats to Liberal MP Andrew Laming, who holds a postal vote in his electorate each year. Also - Australian Financial Review journo Phil Coorey serves a warning from the 1999 Republi ...…
President Trump to North Korea: be "very, very nervous". Also, Kenyan electoral commission says hacking claims are baseless and an Icelandic murder mystery.
Labour is being told not to get too big for its boots, following the latest poll results.The party has jumped nine points to 33.1 percent in the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll.New leader Jacinda Ardern has also had a whopping lift in support, increasing 17.6 points as preferred Prime Minister to 26.3 percent.Former Labour President Mike Will ...…
In news, the 24th of August is set to be the final day you can register to vote in the same sex marrriage postal plebiscite. The Bureau of Statistics will be in charge, posting out ballot papers for those on the Electoral Role in September. The Federal Member for Robertson is encouraging locals to have their say, despite it costing $122 million ...…
Battlecry For Freedom Podcast
We discuss how even important topics distract us from other, even more important political problems and how making the electorate weary is likely intentional and should be resisted. Picks: Paul: [Yankee Doodle Dandy]( [The Quiet Man]( The God Father 1 Pa ...…
The Reluctant Human
Waiting For The Bombs To Drop • Electoral College Fight Song • Mama, I Shot One of the Babies Again • Fill Out This Form, Please • Trumpcare Turtleman • The Sound of Butthurt • Introduction • Trump's IT Guy • It's Deplorable • Hookers Pee Pee on the Mattress • We Both Know That We're Screwed • Come And Get It Pizza • The Wrap • What's the Progr ...…
We are back! After a brief work vacation, we’re back at it jumping into all the important stories around Orange County and California. We have an update on the latest news concerning the recall of State Sen. Josh Newman. We also dive into some economic news about California’s future. The common man is a big topic of interest for our own Jerry B ...…
Donald Trump did not win the presidency by the standard measures of democracy.Fifty-four percent of the Americans who cast ballots on November 8, 2016 favored someone else, and Hillary Clinton won almost 3 million more votes than Trump. Only an antiquated remnant of an 18th-century instinct toward oligarchy—an Electoral College designed by slav ...…
There's pressure on Metiria Turei to quit, this time from the former boss of Work and Income.In her latest revelation about her benefit fraud, the Greens co-leader has admitted lying about where she lived - in order to vote for a friend who was a candidate in a different electorate.It has also been revealed she lived with her mother for a perio ...…
RNZ: Custom Podcast - panel
The Green's co-leader Metiria Turei won't resign her leadership despite benefit and electoral deception. RNZ political reporter Chris Bramwell and constitutional law expert Andrew Geddis join the discussion.
The Green's co-leader Metiria Turei won't resign her leadership despite benefit and electoral deception. RNZ political reporter Chris Bramwell and constitutional law expert Andrew Geddis join the discussion. The Labour party's new slogan is "let's do this" what do you think? The Labour party's new slogan is "let's do this" what do you think? Ma ...…
Luisa Ortega - a prominent critic of President Nicolas Maduro - said she has appointed two prosecutors to investigate the directors of the National Electoral Council. Also, Russia agrees to third 'de-escalation zone' in Syria, and NASA planet protector vacancy.
THE BEST BITS IN A SILLIER PACKAGE (from Monday's Mike Hosking Breakfast) Leader of Nothing Left to Lose/Little Mix Review/Clarkson on Car Ban
Christchurch City Councillor Raf Manji talks to Chris Lynch about his plan for a $1-billion boost for Christchurch if he wins the Ilam electorate seat in September.
United Future leader and Ohariu MP Peter Dunne spoke to Rachel Smalley about synthetic cannabis and the Ohariu election announcement.National's confirmed it'll work alongside United Future and Act in the upcoming election.The party's urging supporters in Ohariu and Epsom to back Mr Dunne and David Seymour.Mr Dunne faces a serious challenge in h ...…
Shane Jones, Whangarei New Zealand First candidate, speaks to Rachel Smalley about the continuation of fight clubs in the electorate."The notion that Whangarei should become an annual gang capital so these guys can have a fight, while at the same time they're peddling P, sorry, I'm just not going to back down on that."…
Two writers, Salam Morcos and Andre Roberge, debate what progressives must do to win. Should progressives stay with the Democratic Party and seek to move it to the left from within? Or should they leave the Party and help build a viable third party that would compete, if not replace, the world’s oldest active party? Salam Morcos: Before we deba ...…
Africa Rise and Shine
Channel Africa — TOP STORIES ON AFRICA RISE AND SHINE THIS HOUR:* Concerns over violence against children in Central African Republic* Calls for South African President Jacob Zuma to step down intensify * Zimbabwean opposition party slams the country's electoral commission* In Economics: South Africa's power utility Eskom to release its financi ...…
What Russia may lack in modern traditional military assets, it more than compensates through its ability to wage tactical cyberattacks and ultimately the potential for cyberwarfare. That’s the opinion of Dr. Steven Miner, professor and Director of the Contemporary History Institute at Ohio University. Russia’s military hardware is deteriorating ...…
The Informer for Tuesday the 18th of July hosted by Dean Arcuri. We cross to Canberra where today Deputy Greens Senator Larissa Waters has resigned from the Senate after realising she holds dual citizenship and should […] Pod ...…
The etiology of our civic illness looks a lot like the dysfunctions of a family divided by addiction. The vector of this illness is the view that elections are games with rules to guard against unfairness, and with resignation to game-playing and manipulation. We need to find a way to realign the incentives and rewards of electoral politics so ...…
Todd Barclay is still working, he's just not fronting up to the media.This from Acting Prime Minister Paula Bennett despite the Clutha Southland MP, barely being sighted since his fall from grace.He is no long seeking a second term following the controversy surrounding his falling out with his electorate staff.Paula Bennett told Larry Williams ...…
Do we still need Maori electorate seats in Parliament? Don Brash, a spokesperson for the Hobson's Pledge Trust which wants a referendum on the seats and Marama Fox, co-leader of the Maori Party, which holds one of the Maori seats debate the issue.
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