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The latest ecig news, reviews, coupons and information in the electronic cigarette industry all summed up into an ecig podcast. From ecig brands and product reviews to the latest technology, we cover it all. If you smoke or vape, this is must-listen to ecig podcast!
VP Live
VapersPlace Radio, live radio shows for the vaping community.
We highlight current public health topics in our community.
with A Clean Cigarette
If you have been wanting to quit smoking, but are among the millions who struggle to kick the habit? If so, then listen in to find out how you can quit once and for all.
Smoking is prohibited in public places in virtually every state. If this has you down, find out how you can smoke anywhere.
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One Health: The Intersection of Human Health, Animal and Environmental Health
A Brief History of Chemical Warfare Agents, Challenges in Response, and Lessons Learned.
Rachael Lee, MD, Assistant Professor in the UAB Division of Infectious Diseases, talks about the seasonal flu and flu pandemic.
Alan Weil, Editor-In-Chief with Health Affairs, gives a talk titled "The End of US Health Policy."
Amy Miskimon Goss, PhD, Assistant Professor, UAB Department of Nutrition Sciences, talks about the Keto Diet.
Caitlin Wessel, who is with the NOAA Marine Debris Program, Genwest Systems, joins us to talk about the microplastics and pollution along the Gulf Coast.
Vaping and electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are battery-operated devices which produce an aerosolized mixture from a solution of concentrated nicotine, flavoring chemicals, and other substances to be inhaled by the user. These devices have exploded in popularity over the last several years, largely due to aggressive marketing and advertisin ...…
Learn more about ADPH, its structure and their recent PHAB accreditation from the Chief of Staff at ADPH, Michele Jones.
Innovate Birmingham: Fueling Education and Training in the IT Sector Among Birmingham’s Youth
Medical Advocacy and Outreach: Using Telemedicine to Improve Rural Access to Medical Care.
Long time no see! We apologize on the hiatus, but we were able to get together again and we have LOADS of new information! We come to you live from the Health and Wellness Expo at the Flint Farmer’s Market. Dawn every and Eddie Switek discuss what’s been happening over the last year in the ecig and A Clean Cigarette industry. https://acleanciga ...…
Hello all! So, due to some legal issues we’ve had to change our name. No worries! Still the same great podcast! This time we’re in the famous Blue House in Michigan’s Capitol city Lansing! Joining me is our medical/events/everything person Dawn Every and our lobbyist Scott Everett. ...…
This is our special guest and wonderful friend Ron Mann who has used our product to get off tobacco and better his life. This is his testimonial.
In Episode #7 of our ECCR Live eCig news podcast we're discussing the recent FDA workshop that took place online discussing the current regulatory affairs concerning ecigs. For the past few months, electronic cigarettes have recieved tons of negative reports and make to doubt about it there's someone out there just waiting for the right moment ...…
In todays ecig news podcast episode, we're discussing the interest Big Tobacco has in the electronic cigarette industry. In the past, all three of the big tobacco companies were oppossed to ecigarettes because of they feared that the product would hurt their company profits. Now though, years later, the situation has changed quite a bit. All th ...…
In todays ecig news podcast episode, we're discussing the wide spread claim that electronic cigarettes have Formaldehyde in them. Most media outlets that are reporting that there's 'Formaldehyde In eCigs’ haven't tested the ecigs themselves, instead they're relying on 3rd party documentation to form and spread their mis-informing "facts" and cl ...…
In todays ecig news podcast episode, we're discussing a report today (March 11th, 2015) by NBC Los Angeles about a Southern Californian man whose modified ecig exploded in his hands. We also discuss some ecig safety tips to keep in mind when charging your devices and what you can do to prevent a tragedy from an exploding ecig. Most important ta ...…
In this ecig news podcast episode, we discuss the FAA informing airlines of ecig safety and the concern of ecig batteries exploding causing a fire in the plane. Many believe that if you're traveling with a reputable ecig brand, your ecig exploding should be the least of your worries, especially if it's in your carry-on, however the FAA warns th ...…
In this ecig news podcast episode, we reveal a grassroots ecig organization who's fed up and ready to take a stand against ecig myths, propaganda and misinformation. Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) - People want to know if electronic cigarettes are safe, and all that the provocative conclusions and negative reports are doing i ...…
In this ecig news podcast episode, we reveal that ECCR sources have learned that Big Tobacco company Altria has been secretly negotiating to purchase what the FDA has referred to as the ‘predicate product’, meaning an e-cigarette device that was sold in the United States before February 15, 2007. Read this ecig news article by clicking here > B ...…
At the moment, we're just getting started with our new eCig news podcast that we'll also be broadcasting LIVE on YouTube in the coming months. Our goal is to be your #1 source for ecig industry news. This particular episode we discuss the brand new ECCR ecig review website design, an ongoing political debate about the facts of electronic cigare ...…
Welcome back! This week is myself, Eddie, with Matt from Mt. Pleasant again AND the wonderful Mr. Scott Everett. We discuss what’s happening now and what’s been happening down in Lansing with the lawmakers! Tune in for some special deals and promotions as well Kickin’ The Habit Episode – 3
We apologize for our delay in getting another episode up. It’s very busy at A Clean Cigarette and trying to get everyone’s schedule to sync is rather difficult…BUT HERE IT IS!! The second installment of Kickin’ The Habit! We meet today in the Mount Pleasant location with Eddie and Dawn as your hosts. Joining in also are Matt Trombley, Ben Patte ...…
Join us for our very first episode recorded right inside the Yellow Building in Bay City, MI! Episode 1: KTH-Episode 1
Paul and Ray discuss the features and coolness of the new ecig review website, White Cloud Fling disposables, the future of Vaping and much more. If you're doing research on electronic cigarettes and you're wondering which brand to buy, this is your podcast... ECCR is your website. Connect with ECCR via So ...…
Paul and Ray discuss Lorillard buying Blu Cigs electronic cigarettes and Philip Morris' announcement that they too are entering the electronic cigarette arena. News and updates on the Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews web site progress. What's coming soon and what is planned for the ECCR community! Other interesting conversation and a tad b ...…
Paul Rucci and Raymond Polidori discuss White Cloud's new stealth e-cigarette dubbed the Phantom and why this may just be a really great idea! Also covered is why you should stay away from 3 piece electronic cigarettes. Tune in to see what kind of huge surprise was awaiting Ray. Links: - White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes - Electronic Cigarette ...…
Listen in to a roundtable discussion covering a mish-mash of issues related to the electronic cigarette industry. Guests include the founder of TheVaporRevolution, Raymond Polidori (co-founder of ECCR) and other avid electronic cigarette users. Topics include: - What to look for when you're buying an electronic cigarette - Struggles the Electro ...…
CEO and Founder of launches the first MetroVapor Podcast. See what is coming soon from ECCR! - Vaping community Social Hub with live chat and discussion forum and more - Up to date reviews, specials and information - Live podcast with live chat event! Good stuff is coming. Make sure you subscribe to the po ...…
We say goodbye to Blogtalkradio and hello to VP Live HD. You can go to to listen to the show in stereo sound or the VP Live Blogtalkradio page.By kevbow.
Some product reviews... T-shirt contest winners! We begin to take a look at Whole Tobacco Alkaloids with Jerry from A bit of a tiff happened when Ethan called in and much drama was the result... The News With JacindaBy kevbow.
My original guest has no power due to Hurricane Irene so I put together a last minute show. I will also be announcing a new contest.By kevbow.
Russ talks about what happens when he hits the sauce a bit too hard... Also, Hanna calls in to talk about new .357 atomizer innovations And of course, The News With JacindaBy kevbow.
My guest will be David from Super T Manufacturing, the creator of the T1. I will also be talking with Col. Gaunt who owns just about every mod in existence.By kevbow.
Holy shit! An episode of Click, Bang! that is all about vaping stuffs! Russ takes a week off from side topics and concentrates on vaping news and technology! (Except for a NEW reverse prank call!!) We will talk about and review Mike from digitalciggz calls in about the EQ recall The Darwin Dual Coil Cartomizers A new youtube reviewer is out the ...…
My guest will be Sir Lawrence, the creator of The Saber Touch.By kevbow.
Russ talks about how God kills everything good. Also, Jacinda turns British!!By kevbow.
A CASAA update, we will pay tribute the worlds worst mod and a couple of guests will join me.By kevbow.
From a BluCigs starter kit to a HH .357...from VapeTV to VPLive - I talk about my first year of vaping and involvement with the Vaping community. ....and nonsense! a classic reverse prank is dug up... ....and The News With JacindaBy kevbow.
Russ chats with legal activist Jan Johnson about fighting for freedom everywhere. Russ reviews cookies. Recap of the drama of the week. Lisa M. Uppet calls in!! The News With Jacinda is in full effect yo. Partial nonsense shortage.By kevbow.
The current status of the IVAQS study.By kevbow.
A review of the Hybrid atomizer from Russ reviews a personal vaporizer used for marijuana. Also, a review of an eliquid that is said to have caffeine and other stimulants that is supposed to give you energy when you vape it. And returning to Click, Bang! - The News With Jacinda!By kevbow.
My guest will be Rob, the creator of the Reos Mods.By kevbow.
A Few Very Important HH .357 announcements! New reverse prank call thanks to @JonnGawlt The debut of "The News With Jacinda"By kevbow.
An interview with Jeff, the creator of The Chuck.By kevbow.
Our guest will be Mike, the creator of "The Buzz"By kevbow.
Russ chats with special guest dumwaldo and gives a rundown of all the events of the NYC and CT meetups. Also, an important HH .357 atomizer update! And bitcoins!!By kevbow.
Our guest will be Chad, the creator of the silver bullet.By kevbow.
An update on the HH .357 Atomizer, dumwaldo and JKBonin go at it live on the air, chaos and New York City go hand in hand....I'll talk about bitcoins and ecigs next week.By kevbow.
A tribute to The Phidias with the creator fonosmoakBy kevbow.
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