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Elegantly Edwyth
Elegantly Edwyth is a part of the Limit Break Radio Network, offering a series of shows dedicated to Final Fantasy XI, available at
Limit Break Radio
Limit Break Radio is a Final Fantasy XI talk show that examines different aspects of Vana'diel. From jobs to events to helpful hints and strategies and in depth discussions of community issues, Limit Break Radio covers it all. Join hosts Aniero, Kallo, Sayl, and Gamer as they discuss the important Final Fantasy XI information you want to hear. The Limit Break Radio Network offers a series of shows available at
Limit Breaking News
Limit Breaking News is dedicated to bringing you the latest in breaking news from the world of Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV. Limit Breaking News is a part of the Limit Break Radio Network, offering a series of shows dedicated to Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV, available at
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Edwyth along with elegant assasin Jesterking and returning guest Squigglicious delve into the open waters of the new world order, where 80 reigns supreme and 75 is passe. Joining in their deep sea adventures, Staren and Anexia of the mighty ship Leviathan illuminate the untold treasures that live beyond the June update bringing their knowledge ...…
Edwyth along with a myriad of guests including returning elegant assassin Berndherbert, also joined by Kyonleingod, Baha, Iphigenia, and the pet food alpha songstress herself, Chinchilla, explore the depths of job expectations of all 20 jobs in the world of Vanadiel.
Take a look back into a simpler time in Vanadiel, way before Aht Urghan or any of her majesty ever existed. Join guests Angeladark, Danta, Djplaeskool, Kiamoko, and Steak as they parade through the history books of Vanadiel from 2003 until present day.
Join hosts Edwyth and Jesterking as they turn this circus of notorious monsters into a dancefloor. Acrobatics, knowledge and various beastial knowledge is provided by the ever lovely Jeminijem, Tigerfury, Kenjimasuda, Carletta, and Berndherbert. Feel the adrenanline move through your veins as we put the spotlight on our prey, low level NMs.…
Join Edwyth along with Djplaeskool, Krut, and Kyle Wynen of, in a discussion about the most important people in campaign. No, no, not you silly, were talking about Maat, Titania, Lewenhart, and the plethora of nasty anti-shadowhand defense people that are freelancers. Gain their and our influence by listening to this episo ...…
Hosts, Edwyth and Jesterking, delve into the deep mystery of Vanadiel, that is Puppetmaster. Along with guests Bsphilar, and JP Button Founder, Elmerthepointy, we swim the deep ocean of attachments and maneuvers. Now the only question remaining is: will you come build sandcastles on the beach with us?…
Warning: Do not listen in a zone where there are mobs agroable by laughter. Join Hosts Edwyth and Feofi as they "discuss," in detail, Treasure Caskets with returning guest Berndherbert and Maxx-V.
Join hosts Edwyth, Feofi and Jesterking for an in-depth journey about the weapon of choice of Dragoons, Polearm, joined by DRG experts Viceroy and Fusionx. Discussing the most basic polearm to the best, leaving many dragoon's with only one simple question:" Odin, I can haz fork, prease?"
The most useless 2 hour as voted by, you, the fans of Limit Break Radio is...BLUE MAGE!!!! Come on down and discuss the epicness of Azure Lore with host Edwyth and guests Jesterking, Mattr, Squigglicious, and Vlorsutes. I bet as you read this you had one question running through your brain, "Blue Mage has a 2 hour?' I know it suprised me to.…
So you think you can level dancer? Join hosts Feofi and Edwyth as they are joined by Talint, Kaitlin, and Jesterking, in an in-depth discussion about Dancer, before and after its addition to the game, and several discussions of job abilities that will most likely never be added to the game, lol Ed. Listen to the hilarity and join in the dancing ...…
Join Hosts Edwyth and Feofi, along with guests Fabrezzio and Berndherbert, as they take you along with them on their magical journey about mog house exit quests, and various places to store your booty that you attain on your adventures in Vanadiel.
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