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Radio X is the ONLY station that can put up with their weirdness. Elis: Welsh, Swansea City fan. John: Bristolian, Queen fan. Who will triumph in this battle of wits? Place your bets and tune in to Radio X at 1pm on Saturdays to hear the outcome. Radio X is available across the UK on digital radio, 104.9 FM in London, 97.7 FM in Manchester, on your mobile or via
Elis James looks at what’s been happening in Welsh Football this week, in the company of former Wales internationals Danny Gabbidon and Iwan Roberts.
CBC Radio Film Reviewer Eli Glasner shares his big screen thoughts on the latest and greatest movies appearing at theatre near you. Some cinema smarts (and snark) to go with your popcorn.
Eli Bosnick Blog
Podcast by Eli Bosnick
Radio X is the ONLY station that can put up with their weirdness. Elis: Welsh, Swansea City fan. John: Bristolian, Queen fan. Who will triumph in this battle of wits? Place your bets and tune in to Radio X at 1pm on Saturdays to hear the outcome. Radio X is available across the UK on digital radio, 104.9 FM in London, 97.7 FM in Manchester, on your mobile or via
Hottest Urban Gospel Countdown On The Planet
Host of Reloaded mainly covering sport with the bits from Radio Sport and the latest sport news from around the world. Premier League wrap show features every Tuesday with Miles Blumson, but I also like to explore other areas in life like politics, culture and why people think the way they do. Listen live on iHeart Radio Mon-Fri 8pm-10pm. You can also follow me on Twitter: @Eli_Mwaijumba and NB: also known as "The Zambian Prince".
Eli Reads...
Salammbô, Gustave Flaubert's sensuously grisly retelling of The Mercenary War in ancient Carthage gets read to you, one chapter at a time. With some bonus episodes chucked in.
Spanish with Eli
Welcome to Spanish with Eli. Here, you will find useful lessons to improve your Spanish for beginners, kids and advanced.
🅰️Ⓜ️👁 Zonly ① here from the future❓MusiCureSanity music piaNOwarist piano
Eli World Harlem
Eli World Harlem
Spotted in Ely
Podcast by Mark Cooney
Elie Wiesel
Elie Wiesel
This page is dedicated to all who find a deep yearning in their hearts to be finally home and free. Sudden Awakening is possible for everyone. By simple, direct self-examination we stop giving our attention to what is fleeting and focus on what is true and unchanging. In giving ourselves fully to the direct discovery of who we truly are, we have a supreme opportunity to awaken and know ourselves beyond belief. This realization is the true beginning of a life of endless love.
The trials and tribulations of a lawyer turned comedian
Eli medina
Welcome to the Eli medina podcast, where amazing things happen.
A penetrating exploration into the human mind, both its genius and madness, by Dr. Eli Zufrain, a man who isn’t a doctor, but is planning on purchasing his degree very soon. Early episodes include how Serena Williams' multiple personality disorder helps her dominate white European women, and a provocative comparison between the seductive narcissists Kayne West and the Prophet Mohammad.
Stephen Ely
How to be a happy/unhappy human being.
Arash Keshmirian and Eli Hodapp come together to bring you a bi-weekly look at the games industry from an insider perspective.
Eli Whitney
Learn about why this site was so important in American history. From Eli Whitney’s muskets, to fire fighting in New Haven, the water at this location has served many purposes. We talk with Bill Brown of the Eli Whitney Museum and Lisa DiFrancesco of the Whitney Water Center. We also look into the plants and animals that live here.
For your quick fix of Soulful House, Old School, R&B Mixes, look no further!! Dee El aka "Dick Da Bruiser" puts it down right here for you. Bangin mixes to keep your head bobbin' and your hips movin'!! Fellas let em know, ladies will attest: Dick Is Good!!!
ELI's Podcast
Full array of health topics, discussions, and global perspectives involving individuals from around the world. Brought to you by the High-Intermediate / Advanced English class at The City of New York.
Benjamin Ely
Creative and somewhat nerdy discussions about pretty much anything. 📼
Welcome to the Eli Marshall - Lion Chaser Podcast - Let’s be the CHANGE starting today!
Ely's Podcast
Good Christian Fun is a podcast delving into the strange upside-down world of Christian pop culture. Hosts Kevin T. Porter and Caroline Ely are your tour guides through the weird and hilarious world of faith-based entertainment. GCF is a show for skeptics and believers alike, all are welcome. Don’t worry, they won’t make you go to church ;)
Eli Salomons his monthly podcast where he covers the hottest progressive and electro tunes at the moment!
Welcome to the Eli Sanchez (Oficial) podcast, where amazing things happen.
KetoTalk with Eli
I'm a casual YouTuber, Snapchatter and Instagramer who is trying his hand at Podcasting. My focus is to educate and teach people about the ketogenic way of life. I recently started doing it, and I have learned a lot about it. I am not a nutritionist, but this is based on pure experience and what I’ve learned and what I’ve been taught
Eli & Frank discuss the latest episodes of Star Trek Discovery in a park.
Director Eli Roth and actor Lorenza Izzo talk about two of their recent films. Knock Knock stars Keanu Reeves as a husband and father who's home alone for a weekend and offers to help two stranded young women—with dangerous results. Green Inferno centers on a group of college students who go on a protest trip to the Amazon and discover they're not alone in the jungle.
Join director Kristin Hanggi and actors Victoria Justice and Pierson Fode for a discussion and Q&A about Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List. The romantic comedy follows incoming NYU freshmen and childhood neighbors Naomi and Ely. When they fall for the same guy, their bond is tested and they must come together to repair their lifelong friendship.
Late entry in the Boy Chums series set in WWI-era Florida focuses on four working-class adventurers: young adults Charley & Walter, manservant Chris, and man of the world, Captain Westfield. Has the distinction of Chris being black; he's a stereotype for sure but is pretty much treated as an equal, like a grown-up Buckwheat -- with a dry sense of humor -- from the Our Gang comedies.. - Summary by BellonaTimes
God Awful Movies
Eli Bosnick, Heath Enwright, and Noah Lugeons team up for a weekly attempt to prove that if god existed, his PR couldn't possibly be this bad.
A weekly look at religion and the stupidity that breeds it. Hosts Noah Lugeons, Heath Enwright, and Eli Bosnick delve into theistic attempts to intrude on the secular world in an unflinching expose on just how juvenile the whole god thing is.
Official podcast for Doug "Doog" Bresler's original animation, funny cartoons, music videos & comedy shorts! Episodes feature "Weird Al" Yankovic, Todd's Blog, Eli's Dirty Jokes, James Rolfe (AVGN), Smosh, and other personalities from around the web!
The KUDZOO Radio is brought to you by by KUDZOO Magazine, the Digital Magazine of the South. Your host is Michael Buffalo Smith ("The Ambassador of Southern Rock") Author, Musician and Publisher of KUDZOO Magazine. Smith has been writing about music and performing for over 30 years, interviewing everyone from The Allman Brothers Band to Delaney & Bonnie to George Harrison, from Billy Bob Thornton to Charlie Daniels. He has written countless feature articles, review and interviews in magazine ...
An SNY audio stream dedicated to the New York Giants.
The Line
Each episode, join Eli Sussman as he hosts a one-on-one conversation with a chef or restaurateur about his/her childhood, first jobs in food, and the path they chose that led them to become the chef or restaurateur they are today. From how it all began, to where they are now and everything in between. This is The Line.
The Stranger's week-in-review podcast, in which Eli Sanders, Dan Savage and a group of "experts" explain what just happened in the news, and what it all means. A wide-ranging discussion of everything you need to know in order to pose as an informed, productive member of society!
Comedians Patrick Monahan, Kath Barbadoro and Eli Yudin discuss the things this week that best summed up the weird and dumb world we live in
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Welcome to Orbital Teledynamics — as far from Guymon as you can get without actually leaving Guymon. Directed by Sebastian Silva; written by Kevin Moffett and Matthew Derby; executive produced by Mimi O'Donnell; produced by April Lamb, Katie Pastore and Matthew Boll; associate produced by MR Daniel; sound design and editing by Ryan Billia; mixe ...…
Yoshitoshi Radio, the new radio show from Sharam, puts a strong emphasis on Yoshitoshi, the label that Sharam has helmed for over twenty years and which to this day operates on the cutting edge of dance music. Comprised of live DJ sets, studio mixes, and guest mixes from Yoshitoshi artists, the program serves up underground house and techno mix ...…
The Shulhan Aruch in Siman 421 presents the Halachot of the Melacha of “Tohen”-grinding- on Shabbat. Maran rules that slicing vegetables thinly is prohibited as Tohen. From this it seems that it would be problematic to cut an Israeli salad on Shabbat, since the vegetables are cut in small pieces. However, Hacham Ovadia explains this ruling base ...…
For our first episode, Regg, FunnyJulius, and Taurian B. are joined by A Brooklyn Cab Ride's Elie P, as they formally introduce themselves and the premise of the show. First on the stand? Kanye West's sixth studio album "Yeezus." Though hit with mix reviews when it was first released, the album, track by track, is taken to trial to finally deci ...…
Cam Dupre joins us today to talk about his time in the Marine Corps and his work with Ayahuasca. Cam was a participant in the VET (Veterans for Entheogenic Therapy) program, and has greatly benefited from his experience. Big thanks to Cam for coming on the podcast and talking about his work with Ayahuasca and the benefits he received. Ayahuasca ...…
Eli joins us to share his experiences as a Puerto Rican living in America.
Mick talks about – and plays – his Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature. He got the amp part way through 2017 following a very long journey, much soul searching and a little bit of luck here and there! This episode originally aired on YouTube as a video, January 16 2018, as part of the Our Guitars & Gear playlist. It’a ...…
The weekly Soul Clap Records Show live from The Lot Radio in Brooklyn with your host Eli aka Bamboozle. Tracklist: Kashif – The mood Womack & the Womack – Night Rider Cherelle – High Priority Dennis Edwards – Don’t Look Any Further Dazz band – I’m the one for fun Gap get – Get loose, Get funky Morris Day – The Oak Tree Colonial Abraham’s – Runn ...…
BROKEN FUNNY BONE PODCAST EP2 "PETA HAD PROBLEMS" BROKENFUNNYBONEPODCAST.COM * BROKENFUNNYBONEPODCAST@GMAIL.COM Starring: Jason, Blake, Rob, and Big E Hangover Remedies Stoner Stories The Importance of Seeing Ernest Promo An interview with Spuds Mackenzie Thank You, Plugs, Goodbye
In this episode, we kick off the Zero Knowledge Proof series with our very own 'Intro to Zero Knowledge' in which we go through a couple examples that describe the underlying concept of this important field of research. Basically, the Zero Knowledge hosts are talking about Zero Knowledge Proofs on the Zero Knowledge Podcast. It promises to get ...…
Joel, Sam, and Eli discuss the Red Sox best start in franchise history, the U.S. Quidditch Cup on Quidditch Qorner, the implications of Shohei Ohtani for the future of the DH, whether or not the Mets are for real, and they welcome Bartolo Colon to the Dump On The Ump All-Stars!
Real Deal of Sports Season 2 Ep.7 by DMV native podcaster, Eli Da Don, give real perspectives and quick sport updates daily to keep you in focus on your favorite teams. Follow Instagram: Realdealofsports18 and Twitter: realdeal0618 Big Haundo keeps it real and if you keep listening i might t
Join John Clayton as he talks with Eli Hirtzel about his multiple mission trip adventures with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. What was it that caused Eli to go without sleep for 50 hours and what is the best advice Eli has for those who want to start preparing for mission trips abroad? Find out these answers and much more on this intriguind ...…
As a business owner I feel that there is another business inside of me that I haven’t found yet. Other Entrepreneurs find a solution for a struggle within their own business and create a business around that solution to help others like them. To watch this episode go to Please like us and share! Facebook YouTube Instagra ...…
BECOME A FAN DJ Brian Maier is on FaceBook, TwitterSOUNDCLOUD Stream to mobile devicesITUNES Podcast downloads available post release date1. Mark Jenkyns, Mizbee - Heated2. Claus Casper - Philly Sound3. Dosem - Do It Anyway4. Claptone - In the Night (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)5. Michel De Hey - Enough Isn't Enough6. Antic - Succession7. Sam Shu ...…
Episode 270 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast. Download MP3 - Subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, email or RSS! Featured: Street photographer, Eli Wohl In This Episode If you subscribe to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast in iTunes, please take a moment to rate and review us and help us move up in the rankings so others interested in photogra ...…
Extra content from the 2017 episode with Elis James.By (Stuart Goldsmith).
Podcast - April 9th 2018 by Mark Cooney
Call in from Bernie in Ireland on version two echoing here on version three with commentaryIf you’re not familiar with Steemit or DTube, here’s a good place to start. @Allowisticartist Vincent @unityeagle Sylvia @topgold Bernie @gregDickson @zeitgeist Michael Please post relevant material by calling in or creating an episode we can echo. If eve ...…
Looking at the various versions available for anchor and other audio platforms.Discussion about attributions and the illumination of certain features such as echoes.The elegance of anchors new website and the potential power being given to people to create killer content.
ThankQ VickiGot your call in/message. Definitely let’s talk.
Anchorの日本語バージョンゎどこですか⁉️ • xPLainng 日本語バージョン Japanese version This is an episode devoted to my introducing the app of Anchor here in Japan to both users and possible investorsThe first segment is some Chopin followed by a Japanese conversation with two Japanese guys one who’s my friend the other is his friend 1+1 = 3The last part is my explainin ...…
This Week in Mobile is a weekly podcast produced by Atherton Research where we bring you up to speed on the top mobile news stories of the week. Joining me this week to discuss these top mobile news stories is tech veteran Eric Leandri, the co-founder and CEO of search-engine Qwant. Here's the summary for Week 14 (April 7, 2018): Huawei's new f ...…
Echoing workAround & Shoutouts • Contest 💡 Ideas❣️⁉️ 📝 🗣speak UP. Make 💰 on Anchor⁉️ Stay tuned for episodes called evolve or dissolve; discussions with Bernie about the potential of profitability utilizing anchor or possibly buying out the old version of Anchor…Contractual relationships for solid performanceShout out to many anchor three conte ...…
One week ahead of the release of the ENRGY EP, Styline’s back with another can’t miss episode of Power House Radio. Expect many of his favorite tracks from Miami including cuts from Space Jump Salute, Eli Brown, MANT, and David Tort, a first listen to his brand new Chemical Brothers remix, and a massive guest mix from WILL K!! 01. Space Jump Sa ...…
Daddy's home. Presented and produced by Eli Sessions. Music: Damiano Baldoni & Lobo Loco
Real Deal of Sports Season 2 Ep. 5 by DMV native podcaster, Eli Da Don, give real perspectives and quick sport updates daily to keep you in focus on your favorite teams. Follow Instagram: Realdealofsports18 and Twitter: realdeal0618 Big Haundo keeps it real and if you keep listening i might t
Rant about laziness, being kick ass, how unneeded stuff has made us shitty as people.
Marvin Musquin is running in second place in the Monster Energy Supercross 450 class. At the Indy Round he picked up his second win of the season after a battle with Eli Tomac. Musquin grabbed the holeshot but was unable to pull away from Tomac. The battle continued until Tomac crashed after that Musquin cruised to the win with a lead of 29.439 ...…
Greg and Eli discuss Villanova's dominance, talk to Ole Miss baseball coach Mike Bianco, and more.
News out of Magaluf. Apexape, Luxxury, Jonestown, Dusky, DJ Zinc, Tessela & Miike Snow grace the playlist, we also play a little homage to the newly reformed Swedish House Mafia & new music from Risk Assessment, Peter Brown, Change, Hatiras, Niko The Kid, Green Velvet & Eli Brown & Mant get flexes in the show.…
Hi this is eLiThis is a performance sort of/a run through ~ of Bach’s (📦?) Prelude in C minor Followed by Chopin’s Étude revolutionaryI’ve got to go out and do chores now some of them seem trivial and maybe perhaps I don’t want to do them but we need to be done so I’ll be back laterLove 💕 Earth 🌏 Hope 👁🕳👁Peace ✌️ 🅿︎e♠️…
The amazing role model, mental health campaigner and all round great guy, Jonny Benjamin MBE drops by MTH Towers to share his experiences living with Schizoaffective disorder and the voices inside his head. With no question out of bounds, or any joke too far over the line, serious talk turns to serious laughter as once again Davey, Damian & Eli ...…
Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel said that the opposite of love isn’t hate, but apathy – just not caring. Do you see thattruth in this passage? God’s love is so real and true for His children that He loves in a way that keeps our attention even if it isthrough hardship. What if God saw us drifting and just didn’t care? What kind of God woul ...…
LoVeARThOpeACE 🎧 ON air 📻 • Why not echo a few from the Board? • Absolutely gr8 💡 idea ~ echo echoes • SimpLoL quest i ON. • Weird AF News shoutout well hello I’m trying to engage more with people from around the planet who are interested in imparting knowledge and trying to make the world a better place one thing at a timeLove 💕 Earth 🌏 Hope 👁 ...…
On this episode we talk about Eli's favorite film of the 2018 so far, Annihilation. There is a lot to discuss as the film leaves much open to interpretation. Jeremy talks about the book and Eli relates it to Stalker. What does the ending mean? What is Area X? What happens inside? Of course there will be spoilers!…
Hi. My name is eLi. I’m wondering why Anchor’s v3 is missing echoes and text comments and why the website works like shit 💩 from iOS. It’s Friday night hereWhat time is it where you are?Can you call into my stationDid you know that on version two there are text comments and echoes and that you could leave very very very long description of your ...…
A Facebook “Live” podcast where we took questions, comments and even critiques!
"God knows what it feels like to lose a child, God knows what it feels like to suffer the execution of a cross, and God knows what it feels to be born a refugee"//Matthew 27:46And about three o’clock Jesus cried with a loud voice, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” that is, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”My God, my God, why have you fors ...…
For the finale of Women's History Month, we bring you "Women of the Resistance". We are a little more political than usual, just to warn ya. We broadly define resistance as those standing for what is right against those who oppose them up to and including the law. First, Rebecca covers the life and death of Marsha P. Johnson, a transwoman who h ...…
For the finale of Women's History Month, we bring you "Women of the Resistance". We are a little more political than usual, just to warn ya. We broadly define resistance as those standing for what is right against those who oppose them up to and including the law. First, Rebecca covers the life and death of Marsha P. Johnson, a transwoman who h ...…
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