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Where wellness & personal development meet: feel better, look better, live better & have some fun on the way. Ella interviews experts on wellness, relationships, motivation, real food nutrition, mindset, personal growth, confidence...anything to help us get more out of life...NOW. She keeps it simple, slightly cheeky & never preachy. Start where YOU are. ||
Ella McSweeney's recent posts to
Fitness, Nutrition, & Mindset Podcast
Ella's Podcast
Stuff Grace and Ella like is a Podcast run by Grace, Ella, and Ben where Grace and Ella talk about things they like. In short, you are going to hear a lot of Office references.
This is a volume of poems by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, published in 1919. - Summary by Carolin
The BAN Radio Literary Program aims to support the African American community and to show people, through the radio show, that African American writers are more than just a niche. We bring wonderful stories to the minds and imaginations of everyone! We have stories to tell, using our voice and our experiences, that cross all races and cultures. Join us on Monday and Wednesday Nights, 8-10 pm EST. BECOME A GUEST ON THE SHOW. Go here to sign up today:
This is a volume in a series of books of poetry by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. This time, the theme is "Power". - Summary by Carolin
"Laugh, and the world laughs with you;. . Weep, and you weep alone;For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth,. . But has trouble enough of its own."Librivox volunteers bring you sixteen readings of Solitude by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. This was the weekly poetry project for November 2, 2014.
LibriVox volunteers bring you 13 recordings of The Age of the Motored Things by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for October 6, 2013.Ella Wheeler Wilcox was an American author and poet. Her best-known work was Poems of Passion. Her most enduring work was " Solitude", which contains the lines: "Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone". Her autobiography, The Worlds and I, was published in 1918, a year before her death.A popular poet rather tha ...
Ella Plays What
'Ella Plays What' is a comedy podcast hosted by Ella Woods (BBC Radio New Comedy Awards, Soho Theatre Comedy Lab). Join Ella and her guests from the comedy world as they explore a new theme each week, with chat about creative beginnings, anecdotes galore, and occasionally shambolic features. Phwoar.'Ella Plays What' is broadcast in full on Fridays at 12pm on
A weekly podcast about creativity, motivation and being a little bit mad. Hosted by Ella Morton with special guests.
A charming collection of 14 short American history plays for the very young - ranging from Christopher Columbus to George Washington to Susan B Anthony. (Summary by Maria Therese)Cast:Narrator; First Maid of Honor; Second Woman: AvailleNarrator; Queen Isabella; Pocohantus: CaprishaPageColumbus; First Merchant; Blount; Squanto; Robert E. Lee: Tom CausbyWise Man; Captain Newport; King; Court; People; Richard Henry Lee; Californians; Auctioneer; Union Soldier: Libby GohnLuis; John Smith; Willia ...
The entertaining side of relationships. We give it to you straight... with a chaser.
This is a collection of six short stories, each of them illustrating that even a marriage which looks perfect from the outside can be sabotaged quite easily by the two people involved. - Summary by Carolin
LibriVox volunteers bring you 14 recordings of True Culture by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. This was the Weekly Poetry project for December 16, 2012. Ella Wheeler Wilcox was an American author and poet. Her best-known work was Poems of Passion. Her most enduring work was "Solitude", which contains the lines: "Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone". Her autobiography, The Worlds and I, was published in 1918, a year before her death. ( Summary from Wikipedia )
A collection of love poems. (Summary by Joy Chan)
LibriVox volunteers offer you 17 different recordings of Hidden Gems by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. This was the weekly poetry project for the week of May 9nd, 2010.
This special poetry collection was assembled to celebrate the first anniversary of the creation of LibriVox. LibriVox volunteers bring you 38 different recordings of Art and Heart, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. This poem, originally suggested by Betsie Bush, was chosen for this special collection due to a general concensus that the message of the poem corresponds with the spirit of LibriVox.The poem asserts that, “It is not art, but heart, that wins the wide world over.” And so it is with LibriVox ...
LibriVox volunteers offer you 15 different recordings of Worth While, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. This was the weekly poetry project for the week of March 28, 2010.
LibriVox volunteers bring you 21 recordings of The Past by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. This was the Weekly Poetry project for February 20, 2011.Ella Wheeler Wilcox was an American author and poet. Her best-known work was Poems of Passion. Her most enduring work was "Solitude", which contains the lines: "Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone". Her autobiography, The Worlds and I, was published in 1918, a year before her death. (summary by Wikipedia)
LibriVox volunteers bring you 14 recordings of In The Long Run by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. This was the Weekly Poetry project for July 11th, 2010.
Dimple, the nine-year-old little girl is accustomed to being always the first. She has Bubbles, a little coloured girl as playmate and servant. One day Dimple’s cousin, Florence comes to visit her and they have a wonderful time together. But then come the rainy days and the two children easily get bored in the house… and that’s how the adventures and troubles begin. (Summary by Diana Majlinger)
In this political thriller set at the turn of the 20th century, several lives, both of Washington insiders and those on the periphery, intersect over the issue of some stolen diplomatic papers. And what hidden secrets bind Mrs. Redmond, the wife of the Secretary of State, to the unscrupulous Count Valdmir, the Russian ambassador? Politics, power, and intrigue combine in this novel, first published in 1905. (Summary by Nullifidian)Book coordinated by Nullifidian & M Z Spark.
Dimitri's Greek Radio Show is a show for music, news and entertainment from Greece. In addition everyweek we look at the news and entertainment from the Hellenic Communities in Cleveland and across the USA. Look for our Podcast in the Zune Marketplace and the iTunes Music Store
Indie music for indie kids, distributed by PRX.
Celebrating the greatest jazz singer of all time - Ms. Ella Fitzgerald. Join Phil Ramone, Lizz Wright, Dave Koz, Ruben Studdard, Monica Mancini, Take 6, Jon Faddis and George Duke as they share their experiences with Ella.
An ongoing collection of radio shows hosted by Bill Chambless on WVUD-FM in Newark, Delaware. From the first program in 1984 to the last one about 19 years later, he explored the music and sounds of yesteryear (1900 to 1940), "scratches and all." The program was a labor of love for him, and he was delighted by all the people who supported the show over the years. These files are free for your use. He would have wanted it that way! Enjoy.
Horizon Line
A new adventure story every week from Atlas Obscura and Filson. Hosted by Dylan Thuras and Ella Morton.
Ella McSweeney looks at the workings of the human brain.
Movada vidpunkto
Podkasto el la movada vidpunkto
HankyPankyHours from
Join us for a moderated discussion with cast members of the new NBC show, "Deception." In this suspenseful drama, Vivian Bowers, heir to the Bowers’ pharmaceutical empire, has been tabloid fodder for years. She’s wild, pretty, privileged—and now dead of an overdose at 32. No one is surprised, but for FBI agent Will Moreno (Alonzo), things don’t add up. He has a clever plan to get to the truth: her name is detective Joanna Locasto (Good), Vivian’s former best friend. It doesn’t take long befo ...
Movada vidpunkto
Podkasto el la movada vidpunkto
Marketing personal es un programa diseñado para las personas que quieren entender un poco su vida, identificar como mejorarla y sentirse feliz con los cambios efectuados en ella.
Made in Ireland is a 13 part radio series, presented by Ella McSweeney, which tells the stories of what we used to make in this country, and how such traditions and skills are continuing today. It is an Athena Media production, presented by Ella McSweeney and funded through the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound and Vision scheme.
Reformados es un podcast dedicado principalmente a las Escrituras y ser afectados por ella
Movada vidpunkto
Podkasto el la movada vidpunkto
Gankeados es un podcast de League of Legends en español donde tratamos la actualidad, el la historia del juego y los eSports de este enorme videojuego
Movada vidpunkto
Podkasto el la movada vidpunkto
Period 5 : Ella, Kaleb, Gabe, and Iseyda
Po unu poemo
Ĉiutage, mi laŭtlegas po unu poemon el la riĉa sortimento de poemoj verkitaj en la internacia lingvo Esperanto.Every day, I read one poem from the rich assortment of poetry written in the international language Esperanto.
Einstakar sendingar, sum ikki eru partur av eini sendirøð ella sum ikki eru regluliga á skránni í Kringvarpinum.
He's been a gorilla. a werewolf, Elastic Lad, and the Red Headed Beatle of 1,000 B.C.; he's Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen. Join Gary Rolin and his teenage daughter, Ella Plum Rolin, as they explore the amazing, the absurd and the literally unbelievable adventures of The Daily Planet's favorite cub reporter.
RTÉ - Into the Deep
4-part science series, presented by Ella McSweeney, which gives listeners a window on marine biology and oceanography in Irish seas.
Podcast Cuatrox4
En pocos minutos comentamos series de televisión y películas mas o menos recientes musicalizadas por el soundtrack original de cada una de ellas.
Soy tu guia, tu yoda personal que te ayudará a sobrepasar los obstáculos que han impedido transformar tu vida y tener control sobre
Teen plus Mum
A teenager in conversation with her mother. Ella and Anne talk about things that are important. They live in Melbourne, Australia.
Take Fountain
A podcast of passionate people working on their dreams. Compelling stories from Hollywood with Ella James.
Grazia’s editor at large Angela Buttolph is joined by Emily from Fashion Foie Gras, Ella from La Petite Anglaise and Ella from Coco’s Tea Party for a masterclass in street style, London Fashion Week, Instagram and more at the Apple Store Regent Street in London. The School of Grazia masterclass series is an unmissable opportunity to see Grazia Daily interrogate a super-group of bloggers for all their web knowledge, lightbulb moments and must- know methods they’ve used to become some of blogg ...
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A new MP3 sermon from Ella Grove Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Kingdom Life 2: The Serious Life Subtitle: Behold Your King Speaker: Pastor Tom Horn Broadcaster: Ella Grove Baptist Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 4/8/2018 Length: 4 min.
Hello & welcome to Endurance Horse Podcast! I’m so glad you could join us. How was your holiday weekend? Ours was pretty laid back, though I have to say, for some reason my husband, Jim, really spoiled me starting on Thursday. He showed up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, made sure I had time to ride that night and then on Friday morning he ...…
On this episode Grace and Ella talk all things SNL, discuss their non-existent basketball bracket, and struggle to figure out audio without Ben.
Tracking Listing for A Taste of 7th Heaven: 1. Love Is Alive (Extended Mix) – 7th Heaven feat. Katherine Ellis 2. Never (7th Heaven Remix) – Kristine W 3. Dream Of Me (7th Heaven Club Mix) – Matt Consola feat. Brenda Reed 4. Backtrack (7th Heaven Club Mix) – Rebecca Ferguson 5. Stronger (7th Heaven Remix) – Kelly Clarkson 6. Shine On (7th Heave ...…
After a bit of a delay, episode 2 is here! And it's a corker! I'm joined by two brilliant comedy gals - the amazing Amanda Litherland (also host of Radio 4 Extra's The Podcast pressure), and incredible Madi Maxwell-Libby (also poet extraordinaire and winner of the Roundhouse Poetry Slam) for a pre-Christmas catch up about Mooncups, co ...…
Oak Middle School students James Luyben, Dillon Luyben and Ella Ries are making a name for themselves in Orange County, California. Recently taking home 5 choir championships, these youngsters are anything but ordinary.
Éxodo 35:1 Entonces Moisés reunió a toda la congregación de los Israelitas, y les dijo: "Estas son las cosas que el SEÑOR les ha mandado hacer.Éxodo 20:19 19 Entonces dijeron a Moisés: "Habla tú con nosotros y escucharemos, pero que no hable Dios con nosotros, no sea que muramos."Deuteronomio 18:16-18 Esto es conforme a todo lo que pediste al S ...…
On this episode of Stuff Grace and Ella Like, Grace and Ella discuss A personal favorite of theirs "The Office", by playing f**k, marry, kill and would you rather. As always there are plenty of tangents and a quick Peltack Corner. All this and more on Episode 4!
Because all attempts at recording other discussions fell through, WtF Dragon decided instead, and then at the last minute, to sit down with his eldest daughter, Ella, in order to introduce her to Ultima 6: The False Prophet. They walk through the character creation sequence, and then explore Lord British's Castle and the City of Britain, discus ...…
Delores King Williams discusses Ella Fitzgerald and her 100th anniversary celebration at the Hillman Center for the performing Arts with the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra April 14, 2018 at 7:30pm.
FGB interview with Saasha Celestial-One, Co-Founder of OLIO, tells the story of how OLIO grew from an idea into a marketplace saving thousands of food items every week. Saasha talks to Ella about how she and Tessa created a business plan out of a shared passion for tackling the food waste problem.
It's episode 20! And we've got words, raps, and some music for you, featuring the wonderful Ella Morgan. Support us on Patreon: us on Facebook: us: alexandalexpodcast@gmail.comAnd follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @AlexandAlexPodcastAnd check out Ella's music here: https: ...…
Welcome to the 12th episode of the Procrastinate or Write Podcast! Join Jenni and Marc in the same room - wowzers - as we talk about the tips and tricks to overcome writers block. Your whole life will be sorted and you will never suffer from writer's block again as a result of this podcast* What is writer's block? What's the definition of write ...…
En este Episodio te doy 3 simples PASOS Analizar tus competidoresEste punto es muy importante porque la competencia el la causa principal…Del porqué 8 de cada 10 negocio cierran antes de los 2 primeros añosSi quieres más Contenidos de Valor te dejo mis w ...…
Guests Amr Kotb (@amrqotb) • Instagram photos and videos 517 Followers, 328 Following, 314 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Amr Kotb (@amrqotb) Amr Kotb (@amrqotb) • Instagram photos and videos Ella Frances Sanders (@ellafsanders) • Instagram photos and videos 3,737 Followers, 260 Following, 738 Posts - See Instagram photos and vide ...…
March 25, 2018 Ella Verinder, Sari Mauro, Kelly Lynch, Beth Chandler, Ash Temin, Andreè Zaleska, Aimee Van Wagenen, Ben Perkins, Laura Ruth Jarrett, Kathy Bermingham, and Courtney Jones This week’s reading: Psalm 31:1-5, 9-16 and The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ According to St. Mark Beloved, Our Gospel and sermon is the readers theatre, th ...…
This week’s show we dig into new recordings from pianist Hal Galper, the Scott Reeves Jazz Orchestra, SF’s Electric Squeezebox Orchestra, an upcoming release from flutist Jamie Baum’s septet, and a new project from saxophonist Benjamin Boone & Pultizer Prize winning poet Philip Levine. Also older material from Hank Mobley, and Ella. Follow us o ...…
In this action packed episode of Get A Grip feat. Bria Janelle we discuss March Madness, as well as other topics affecting college basketball today. We also get into the ESPN 20 most dominant athletes over the last 20 years list. We introduce you to new music from Phonte, YFN Lucci, Ella Mai, and Drake. As usual, we get into entertainment, musi ...…
The world is falling apart and we're talking Killdozer, movies, people getting stomped out at strip clubs and more! Ella Gale (@hellakale) ( Katie Merriam (@katability) (Katie's Craic) Nathan Hurd (@thehurd) Rick Wood (@Rickw00d) ( Scott Luhrs (@luhrsman) See us live at The Chatterbox in Covina, CA! Chatterbox C ...…
We're on the fifth episode of the podcast, friends, and it's a fantastic one - Ella Maxwell, who's a master gardener, certified arborist, and frequent panelist on our TV show, joined host Victoria Shepherd in Studio A to talk about spring and to tackle some of the messages we’ve received in our voicemail inbox, including questions about pruning ...…
Welcome to the YA Cafe, where you’ll find conversations and reviews about Young Adult books for teachers, readers, and caffeine addicts everywhere. On today’s episode, we’ll be talking about The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert with our guest, Brynn Allison, The Literary Maven. Grab a mug of your favorite beverage, friends, and let’s talk books. In ...…
Soul Heaven Radio 021 with exclusive guest mix from Jon Cutler!2 Hours of house, hosted by Ollie Blackmore1st Hour: Ollie Blackmore01. Angelo Ferreri - I’m Talking To You02. Natasha Kitty Katt - Windy City 03. Mattei & Omich featuring Ella - Your World04. Eli Escobar - City Song Part 2 (Peace, Love and Harmony)05. Chrissy, Miles Bonny, Crackaza ...…
It's the last show before our Easter break (I know, how on earth are you going to find out about the biggest news stories of the week now?) and Abi and Ella are joined in the studio by token-male panellist, Jack Ellis. This week they address a diverse range of topics including the latest developments in the chemical nerve agent attack, the impe ...…
A finales de los 80’s, la forma en la que uno podía conocer nueva música, o alguna música, era escuchando la radio o yendo a las tiendas de discos. En mi caso, la radio era una gran compañía, una gran fuente de información. Primero, cuando solamente existían radios AM, escuchaba Radio Capital, 710AM en Caracas. Luego con el nacimiento de las FM ...…
In the third episode of Stuff Grace and Ella Like, Grace Ella (especially Ella), and Ben discuss Donald Glover, Donald Glover, and even more Donald Glover. From his Grammy-nominated music to his Emmy winning show "Atlanta" we discuss it all. There's even a quick game of Dealbreakers as well as Peltack corner and Dum-Dum of the Week.…
¡Bienvenidos una vez más al podcast para aprender español! En el episodio de hoy, os traigo material adecuado para seguir practicando la destreza auditiva. Todo esto que estáis haciendo, os ayudará en el futuro a entender mejor a los nativos cuando veáis una película, cuando escuchéis la radio o cuando os hablen directamente hablantes nativos. ...…
¡Buenos días! El cuento que os traigo hoy os trae una tremenda enseñanza. Os dejo la transcripción y, como siempre, espero que lo disfrutéis. EL NIÑO Y LA LUZ En un pequeño y lejano pueblo de China vivía un niño llamado Kang. Sus padres eran unos campesinos muy pobres así que los tres trataban de salir adelante como podían y sin poder permitirs ...…
Buenos días de nuevo, el podcast de hoy nos deja una moraleja muy interesante. Moraleja es la enseñanza que nos deja un cuento al final de su historia. Bien os dejo la transcripción y espero que os guste. LA ENSEÑANZA DEL AMOR Por todos es sabido que, hace muchos años, la tribu de indios Sioux habitaba las grandes praderas de Norteamérica. Segú ...…
En los 2 anteriores episodios os he estado poniendo cuentos para que entrenéis vuestro oído con material sencillo. El de hoy es un artículo de opinión, aunque no os preocupéis, es también sencillo de entender. Al igual que en los anteriores episodios, os dejo la transcripción para que podáis entender cada cosa que se dice. EL CAMBIO ES POSIBLE ...…
Bueno chicos, hoy os traigo otro cuento del mismo nivel que el de ayer. Quiero que escuchéis varios para que veáis que se puede aprender algo de cada cuento. Igual que en los anteriores episodios, tendréis la transcripción para que podáis seguir lo que voy diciendo. EL REY SABIO Hace muchos, muchos años en una ciudad de Irán llamada Wirani, hub ...…
In Episode 6 I chat with one of my best friends, Esma Ilyas (@esma). Esma, who is a mere 21 years old, is the co-founder of the famous company, Ivory Ella (@ivoryella) which has donated almost 2 million dollars to Save The Elephants and other charitable causes. She also is the founder of the online boutique Stargaze Jewelry (@stargazejewerly) w ...…
La 736-a E_elsendo el la 16.03.2018 ĉe – Nia felietono dediĉita al Koninda Polo proksimigas la silueton de Mieczysław Karłowicz, komponisto kaj direktisto, Tatry-monatara aktivulo, fotografiisto kaj publicisto. Ni prezentas fragmente lian Violonĉelan Konĉerton la maĵora opuso 8. – En la komenca kulturkroniko ni informas pr ...…
As a pastor's child, Amy Tindell knew everything she needed to do to be a "good Christian girl." She served others and poured herself into church, but her good intentions grew toxic when she began to believe everything depended on her. One day the anger came roaring to the surface as she realized nothing seemed to be working out as she planned. ...…
Honouring International Women's Day and Mother's Day the boys roll out an all female cast for show #27. It's a fantastic music day at SS Central, with a playlist testament to the influence, importance and power of women, many of whom had to overcome challenges most of us would fold like a cheap tenner in the face off. News! at Nearly 5 and the ...…
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