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BelPres Sermons
Sunday sermons from Bellevue Presbyterian Church.
European Parliament - EPRS Plenary podcasts
Listen to a selection of briefing material on the key issues in each month's EP Plenary. Written for Members and their staff by expert policy analysts, these podcasts capture the essence of upcoming business in a few minute's listening.
LPR Live, from New York
LPR Live brings the excitement of the live-concert experience back to life with recordings from Greenwich Village’s Le Poisson Rouge in New York City. Drawn from performances of the finest contemporary classical music alongside interviews with its composers and performers, LPR Live draws back the curtain on new music from this underground hotbed of creativity and experimentation.
European Parliament - EPRS Policy podcasts
Listen to a selection of EPRS policy podcasts here. An in-depth look at different topical EU policy areas based on objective authoritative and independent research.
European Parliament - EPRS Science and Technology podcasts
Listen to a selection of podcasts reporting on the latest science and technology developments, looking into the impact they will have on our lives and capturing their policy implications.
ELP Podcast
ELP (Extended Learning Period)Podcast is a conversational podcast about three best friends reconnecting with each other. The objective of this podcast is to reconnect through random conversational topics which each one of us brings to discuss. Whether its Mike's obsession with Anime, Brice's love of all things 90's, or Chris' crazy cats, every epic moment is a learning experience. Our podcast airs weekly on sound cloud. Hope you all enjoy!
The TV channel for East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group (ELR CCG)
ELR Sports Show
Bringing you a weekly look at sport across the country. We cover Football, Hockey, Basketball, Athletics, Tennis, Short Circuit Motor Racing, Boxing and much more....Based in East London, UK.
Elevator Pitch Review
Video game review podcast that brings you the essential positive and negative of a recently released game.
Danman's Music School
Go To and check out our video library of over 5000 songs and lessons for the guitar, bass, piano and more!
Act Like a DJ
DJ/Producer Interview Podcast hosted by LPR (UK) - Wanna hear your favourite DJ's talk about their lives on the road and share some Studio secrets??
Geek It Up Radio
The podcast that goes about talking about all things geek, from comics to TV, from movies to gaming, we cover it all!
Are You Sitting Comfortably? - Movie News and Reviews
Are You Sitting Comfortably? is East London Radio's award-winning movie review show. Recorded live on air every Saturday, hosts Roo, Scott, and Joe cover everything from trailers to soundtracks, classics, new releases and everything in between. Also, Farscape. These podcasts contain all of the chat, opinions and general tomfoolery, but none of the music (licencing issues - sorry). For the full experience, listen live on ELR every Saturday at midday.
Max Richter: Meet the Musician
Join award-winning composer Max Richter, celebrated British violinist Daniel Hope, and Ensemble LPR as they discuss the recomposing process for Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons." The recording is part of Deutsche Grammophon's Recomposed series that's bringing classical music to a wider audience. Then hear the group perform an excerpt from this exciting new recording.
Addicted To Rock
UFO, Montrose, Steve Miller Band, Yes and ELP, early PROG ROCK, Bad Company, badly underated bands like Camel, Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet, classic rock masters like Grand funk Railroad, Bachman Turner Overdrive and Thin Lizzy! WOW don’t these names remind you about that truly great period in music history. \r\nClassic Rock still lives today and here at FreeFM we are bringing back the memories and reminding those who listen, about music that blew genuine music fans away . Also we will share wit ...
Leadership Point Radio | Critical Thoughts for Today’s Leaders
Leadership Point Radio, LPR, is a new concept in radio charging ahead in raising the level of leadership in today’s corporate and nonprofit worlds. Offered through a simple format of interviews with leaders, folks who study leaders, and those who have been led by great leaders, bringing out the heart and soul of leadership working in today’s multitasking society. LPR is aimed at the rising stars. Individuals who recognize that new ideas and education are key to their personal and professiona ...
Critic's Carnival
The Dividing Line's "Live Critic's Carnival" is an outlet primarily for independent and unsigned progressive rock artists & bands. If you tune in for the "Live Critic's Carnival" weekly show you are certain to hear some really great prog-rock that you may have heard of, but really never actually had a chance to listen to before.As a secondary theme, your exposure to Fish-era Marillion & Fish's solo projects will be filled as well...let's not forget a dash of some classic prog from the big 5: ...
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Aunque no lo parezca a simple vista, el arco de 3D2Y es uno de los más importantes de la serie. ¿Recuerdas a Dadan, Sabo, Makino y el resto personajes de este arco? ¡Revive esta saga con nosotros! 3D2Y es el vigésimo tercer arco argumental de la serie y quinto y último saga de La guerra en la cumbre, también llamada la guerra contra Barbablanca ...…
This week's Best Of Barstool Radio kicks off from a remote location since the internet went out at Barstool HQ early Monday morning. The show includes a final Masters recap, talk about how Mark Wahlberg is actually not the greatest person ever, and the Riggs vs Lindsey Pelas twitter war. The Stanley Cup and it's keeper Mike Bolt stopped by the ...…
The Pat McAfee Show presented by Barstool Sports
Pat and the boys recap their quick trip to New York to party with "El Pres" and the gang. They absolutely killed themselves so they were still recovering from the damage of Saturday night. They talked a little sports, they talked a little world news and they caught up with their boy Kim Jong-Un.By
The Pat McAfee Show presented by Barstool Sports
This episode features interviews with ESPN analyst and radio host Dan Dakich and founder of Barstool Sports, Dave "El Pres" Portnoy. Dan Dakich breaks down his NCAA Men's Basketball bracket and Dave Portnoy breaks down his opinion of Soul Cycle instructors. The boys cover what's happening in the world with sports and other news, Uncle Todd answ ...…
You may know Blake Rice from tricking El Pres at Barstool Idol, but he's done much more than that. A model, actor and comedian, Blake is taking NYC by storm. JJ and Blake discuss the process at Barstool, having his own sketch show and his upcoming show January 28th in NYC.
Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy
Introducing Barstool Radio. The Dave Portnoy Show will now become a "Best Of" episode with all moments from Barstool Radio on SiriusXM Rush Ch. 93. On the first ever Barstool Radio; Dave, Rone and Caleb give an explanation as to what Barstool Sports is. They introduce a new segment called "Shit We Need To Talk About", El Pres tells stories of h ...…
Episodio número 18 de Jueces en Vivo! Y seguimos al aire!! Bienvenidos a un nuevo programa donde respondemos a las Continue Reading
Ten Forward: Episode 194 – Underrated Trek (Warning Adult Content) Usually Ten Forward is Family Friendly but be warned this episode is not! The Kat, El Pres and The Pinecone are joined by Positively Nerdy Ryan Porter to discuss an underrated episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Penises. But instead they get side tracked and talk about ...…
Ten Forward: Episode 192 – The Killing Joke The Pinecone and El Pres are left alone with the keys to the bar. So guess what…. Yep you guessed it… they don’t pull up a chair and talk Trek. This week’s diversion is all about BATMAN! With a new straight to Blu-Ray, animated version of the classic Batman, The Killing Joke the boys review the very g ...…
Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy
Todays guest on the Dave Portnoy Show is one of the four original Barstool writers and current WEEI radio talk show host Jerry Thornton. They discuss why Ron Borges & Dan Shaughnessy hate new media, the general landscape of the Boston media including why the WEEI morning show buries Jerry constantly. Jerry also answers what was the worst thing ...…
Rico Bosco and El Pres break down the 2016 Kentucky Derby
Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy
On this episode Dave interviews his boss Peter Chernin about being the "Big swinging dick at the cracker factory", being portrayed as a caveman for being involved with Barstool Sports, on if he got any blowback from Twitter for El Pres storming twitter demanding to be verified. They also get into how Peter Chernin got into the business includin ...…
This week on the Dave Portnoy Show he goes old school with a "Barstool Power Hour" esque show taking non stop phone calls and questions from Stoolies. He also provides updates on the NYC move, the ceo search, and what its like living in NYC.By
taped live from a cable car in San Fran, El Pres Big Cat and Caleb break down the top stories from the day.
Huge day for Barstool. We get attacked by Sports Illustrated and El Pres is no longer the majority owner of Barstool Sports.
El Pres, KFC, and Big Cat talk about Derek Jeter, the new Redsox mascot, Jim Tomsula, and more.
Sina made up some excuse about her daughter having a birthday party and handed over the keys to the bar to Firbob and El Galactico Presidente. Unfortunately she made us promise on pain of.. er… actual pain that we had to talk about Star Trek. So the boys contacted Histrionic Spock to make the show sound professional and we all talked about Guin ...…
recap game 3 of the NLCS with Big CAt, Kfc and El Pres
The Official Podcast of the Barstool Dixie Tour on KFC Radio
Section 10 Podcast
Dave Portnoy (El Pres of Barstool Sports) sits down with Jared & Pete to talk Red Sox and all things Barstool.
Deflategate, Angry rangers fan, nasty bike injury, soccer player getting drop kicked by a fan mid interview and El Pres defending the wall by barriling over NFL HQ security gaurds are today's topics.
Barstool Pick Em
El Pres returns after a 5 rundown break
En este podcast conversamos sobre la contratación del dirigente norteamericano Rick Pitino para dirigir los destinos del Equipo Nacional de Baloncesto de Puerto Rico durante los compromisos de este verano: los Juegos Panamericanos Toronto 2015 y el Pre-Olímpico de Monterrey, México. Al final escucharás nuestras predicciones para el BSN 2015. Pu ...…
Vegas Expert Todd Fuhrman fills in for El Pres and breaks down the Week 15 slate of games with BIg Cat
PLAYLIST1. Lord of the Isles - Stolen sleep / Firecracker / UNTHANK003 ++++++++ 2. Chet Faker- Lesson in Patience/ FCL107 ++++++3. Vakula - Intro / LELEKA 001++++++++ 4.Trevor Deep Jr.- Dancin’ feat. Teddyrok & jazzy Doc / HPTY003++++++++ 5. Sorceress - Te Kano / STAMP THE WAX++++++++ 6. Stump Valley - DS 23 Pallas / OMR04++++++++ 7. Terranova ...…
Estudio Biblico del Martes 17 de Enero Por el Pr. Ernan Castillo
Sermon del Domingo 15 de Enero Por el Pr. Ricardo Nunez
Iglesia Bautista Central
Estudio Biblico del Martes 10 de Enero del 2012 por el Pr. Luis Estevez
Estudio Biblico de los Martes por el Pr. Otto Sanchez
Estudio Biblico del Martes 13 de Diciembre por el Pr. Otto Sanchez
Estudio Biblico del martes 8 de Sep por el Pr. Otto Sanchez
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