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Sermon audio from Emergence, a church with multiple locations in Northern New Jersey
Emerge Church
This is the official podcast of Emerge Church in Tallahassee, FL.
This is a program that defends the Christian Faith from attacks from both inside and outside of the visible Church. Think of this program as theology on roller blades. We name names as well as expose errors and heresies. We also try to have a little fun along the way. Topics include, apologetics, doctrine, and the Good News that Jesus Christ is God in Human Flesh and that He Died for the Sins of the World.
Our goal is to get you the best audiological ingredients so you can brew your own faith. Each episode centers around an interview with a different thinker, theologian, or philosopher.
The sermon podcast of Emerge Church - Brisbane
Welcome to the podcast of Emerge Youth Church, the youth ministry of Crown Pointe Church in the Kansas City area. We hope this podcast inspires you and challenges you to grow closer to Christ.
Nomad Podcast
Stumbling through the post-Christendom wilderness, looking for signs of hope.
The Bible Podcast
Michael Lee reads a chapter a day from the New English Translation
The Theology Nerd podcast is a chance for Tripp Fuller, host of the Homebrewed Christianity Podcast, to answer questions, talk to his friends, and nerd out without the confines of an interview. Enjoy.
This is a recording of the weekly Sunday Message presented by Friends Church, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Live weekly teaching on God & life, culture & faith from! Liquid Church is a creative, contemporary Christian church - find out more at
The debate about Heaven & Hell is hotter than ever. Does Hell even exist? Does everybody make it to Heaven eventually? Beyond scare tactics or soothing answers, this eye-opening series goes straight to the source—the words of Jesus to determine once-and-for-all what we can expect in the afterlife!
Murder. Betrayal. Time behind bars. And now a gangsta living for the glory of God? Come hear the incredible story of Michael Franzese - a former Mob Boss for the Colombo crime family and learn how this "Goodfella" became a "Godfella" and now a man with a mission.
Notoriously Episcopalian is a podcast that looks at those things that make us peculiarly and particularly Episcopalian.
Sojourn Grace Collective is San Diego's Progressive Christian Church. A grace-filled space for those looking to walk their spiritual journey with others in community. We believe you are a loved child of God, called to love yourself in a healthy way so that you may give that love away freely.
Heaven is for Real
The movie Heaven is for Real brings to the screen the true story of a small-town father who must find the courage to share his son's visit to Heaven during a near death experience. This Spring we'll show clips from this movie and see what the Bible says about life after death.
TechMission's and partners present sermons and talks by Brian McLaren. Please visit for a listing of ministry and volunteer opportunities in your area.
Exodus Unlocked
Modern minds dismiss Bible stories as ancient myths. But what if Science & Scripture agree? What if a pivotal story like The Exodus-- a flashpoint event in Judaism, Christianity, & Islam-- was scientifically proved true? This groundbreaking series will give you fresh eyes to see God’s power behind earth-changing events! Move your Faith from Fiction... to Fact!
The weekly services of Nexus United Church of Christ- Butler County, OH
Live weekly teaching on God & life, culture & faith from! Liquid Church is a creative, contemporary Christian church - find out more at
Each week, in our gathering, we discuss what it means to follow Jesus while living in a real world.
Relevant & dynamic messages about culture and faith, God and life from Pastor Tim Lucas of
Let’s be honest. Most of us carry baggage wherever we go. Whether its past hurts, worry, anger, or addictions... we schlep around burdens we were never meant to bear. Ready to live lighter in the new year? God’s ready to check your baggage if you’ll let Him. Join us for “Baggage” and learn a lighter way to live!
Mad Man
Dysfunctional family. Sold into slavery. Accused of rape. Incarcerated and forgotten. Itʼs enough to drive anyone MAD. But Joseph takes it to a whole new level. Join us as we learn how CRAZY can be the new NORMAL when God grabs hold of a manʼs heart.
Progressive Pod
Space to break open sacred story.Follow the lectionary, find a meaning for today.Rev Alexandra Sangster invites you to listen in with her UCA community on a weekly reflection on god, spirit, politics and soul.
sermons from New Community Covenant Church in Logan Square in Chicago, IL
From those who brought you over a decade ago, comes an engaging, viral video internet channel that offers progressive and emerging church content distribution. Featuring on-demand viewing, podcasting through RSS and even High Def syndication, TheOOZE.TV will add a new dimension to the CONVERSATION IN MOTION
Pop God
From Adele to Foo Fighters to Bruno Mars, today's music captures the hopes & heartache of a new generation. Join us this for a musical journey through the book of Hosea... and discover God behind the music!
Call of Duty
Duty. Honor. Sacrifice. Join the greatest mission we've ever been given.
a community where grace happens and where seekers, doubters, and the formerly certain find hope and a new kind of faith
WikiGod Podcast
Our stories. Shaping God. Mark Groleau sits down in Toronto with fellow Toronto Jesus-followers - artists, pastors, authors, professors, musicians, and executives like Tim Day, Brian Walsh, Greg Paul, Rick Tobias, Alice Vander Vennen, Carolyn Weber, Helen Noh, Arnold Neufeldt-Fast, and John Suk - who tell their stories and help us wiki God for a better way. 'Wanna find out how Christians in Toronto are living out the Jesus-ethic in this city? WikiGod is the place to find out - and to wiki Go ...
Welcome to the Inversion Podcast. Here you'll find messages from our gatherings and the occasional lectio divina exercise.
The Place is our attempt to live as a community of Christ- followers, where love for God and neighbour is lived out together.
We are Christ City Church. We exist to join God in the renewal of Memphis by remembering the grace of Christ & reimagining the church as one built & unified by love.
A panel-discussion with Frances Swaggart covering current events in the world and the Church alike as heard on the SonLife Radio network. The panel holds no punches when it comes to dealing with the issues affecting the Church, the United States and the globe. You will be enlightened as you hear interviews with other Christian leaders and Governmental leaders alike. This program has dealt with issues such as Islam, Mormonism, the Emerging Church, the Seeker-Sensitive Movment, and the Governm ...
sermons from new community covenant church logan square in chicago, il
Engaging the depths of God and life in the Kingdom
This is the official podcast of Grindstone Valley Bible Church in Waterdown, Ontario.
Greg Fisher and John Rusk are two guys who have traveled the world sharing the Christian Gospel. They tend to view things through a prophetic lens and have no fear of offending anyone with their insights. They bring to the show 40+ years of Christian ministry and leadership experience, and a firm understanding the importance of the Bible. They tackle the thorny issues facing Christians learning to live in a post-Christian world. The dynamic duo does this with humor, serious reflection, and t ...
Have you ever felt like there is more to Jesus than Christianity is willing to admit? Or that Christian thinking and practice tends to obscure or distract from Jesus more often than not? "Transmissions" are an extension of This AudioBlog/Podcast focuses on common issues of faith and spirituality, and re-imagines them in new light. Jesus takes shape as a radical and revolutionary figure who poses a threat to the status quo, calling to question the entrenched views of r ...
Emmaus Way Podcast
Podcast of the weekly worship gathering of Emmaus Way
Andrew Root liveBlog
theological discussions on culture, church, and youth ministry
By the power of His touch, eyes were opened. Cripples walked, the bleeding stopped. When Jesus touches our lives, we're never the same. Come close & experience the awesome power of God's healing touch.
Taxes. Immigration. Foreign Policy. The stakes are high this election season, but many of us are tired of the partisan politics of Washington. In a toxic climate like ours, how are Christians to engage in politics & the public square?
In our fast-food world, fasting is needed more than ever. This Spring, learn how to detox your soul & unleash God's power!
When God moves, He’s unstoppable! Tune in as we unveil Liquid’s vision for 2009... and beyond!
Adam's podcast
Emerge Student Ministry is the youth ministry of Harvest Ministries Church in Farmington Hills, Michigan. High school students from all over metro-Detroit visit Emerge each week to encounter God and worship together.
For Bikers By Bikers
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We live like Jesus did when we are intentional about the people and relationships in our life.
Mistakes Veterinarians Make As hard as it may be to believe, doctors are human too. An anonymous veterinarian confesses to the mistakes he/she made in their practice. Common errors include forgetting to take out an IV catheter to leaving a thermometer in. Listen as Dr. Debbie comments on these FAILS. How Much Does A Vet Visit Really Cost Resear ...…
Transcript …there. How are you doing? All right. I am talking about, “A Theory of Functional Programming,” which is a book that I’m working on, and this is actually me working on it right now. I am going to talk about the topic, and hopefully, the transcript will turn into my book. I talked about a lot of things last time. That was last Friday, ...…
Welcome to our 18th episode! Thanks for hanging with us! In this week's episode: Shout out to some boys in blue!Last episode's WOW (Word of the Week) OSTRICHThe boys differ, OSTRICH like Australia? Doesn’t matter, haha!Celebrating life down the shore, have to plan an on-location podcastVisiting Uncle Giuseppe’s@dajerseyboys welcomes Johnny Terr ...…
Disarm The Disturber 25/3/18 AM Ps Nina Elmendorp
7 People Who Will Keep Your World Small 23/3/18 youth Ps Joseph Funnell
Von Won Interview at KE 2018 SXSW in Austin, TX!Exclusive interview with your hosts Dre Coop!!! and Shemaiah Reed Won BioVon Won was born in St.Croix of the US Virgin Islands and raised on the Southeast side of Houston,TX. His illustrious ministry and music career h ...…
Julian Awari, Roy Moye III, and Corey "Young C" Dolfe Interview at KE 2018 SXSW in Austin, TX!Exclusive interview with your hosts Dre Coop!!! and Shemaiah Reed Awari BioBorn in Virginia Beach, VA as Creston Julian Awari, Julian grew up in a single-parent home wit ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Beacon Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: An Emerging God Consciousness - 14 Subtitle: The Life of Joseph Speaker: Michael R. Karns Broadcaster: Beacon Baptist Church Event: Sunday - PM Date: 3/18/2018 Bible: Genesis 42:25-38 Length: 44 min. Overview: Pastor Mike Karns con ...…
Who is Satan? Who is Satan? Two Men and a Mic Podcast research this very question. Comments: Riley Pearson Hey Erik and Seany-Mac. Erik, I prefer my phone bible over the physical bible. It helps me to remember to read it because it has my notification. Therefore it puts that reminder in my head. I have all my highlights and can look them up eas ...…
Night 3 of our March Revival Series featuring former pastor of the FIrst Baptist Church of Charlotte, NC and congressional candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, Dr. Mark Harris. To have a spiritual awakening, you must recognize the emergency, rely on God, and have relentless obedience to God.
Leaders and Volunteer meeting 18/3/18 PM Ps Julius Suubi
Leaders and Volunteer meeting 18/3/18 PM Ps Julius Suubi
Three Levels of Prayer 18/3/18 AM Ps Julius Suubi
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Faith in Real LifeSubtitle: Creating Community in the Park, Coffee Shop, and Living RoomAuthor: Mike TatlockNarrator: Kelly Ryan DolanFormat: UnabridgedLength: 6 hrs and 9 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-03-11Publisher: ZondervanGenres: Religion ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Harvest Leaves and RosesAuthor: Don Peavy SrNarrator: A. T. Al BenelliFormat: UnabridgedLength: 1 hr and 16 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 03-11-16Publisher: Don E Peavy SrRatings: 5 of 5 out of 2 votesGenres: Religion & Spirituality, Religious Th ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The Nuns of Sant'AmbrogioSubtitle: The True Story of a Convent in ScandalAuthor: Hubert WolfNarrator: Paul BoehmerFormat: UnabridgedLength: 15 hrs and 37 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 02-04-15Publisher: Tantor AudioRatings: 3.5 of 5 out of 26 votes ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The Gospel of Mary MagdaleneAuthor: Jean-Yves LeloupNarrator: Jacob Needleman, Gabrielle de Cuir, Stephen Hoye, Stefan RudnickiFormat: UnabridgedLength: 6 hrs and 20 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 04-15-10Publisher: Phoenix BooksRatings: 4.5 of 5 ou ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Boy ErasedSubtitle: A MemoirAuthor: Garrard ConleyNarrator: Michael CrouchFormat: UnabridgedLength: 8 hrs and 13 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 05-10-16Publisher: Penguin AudioRatings: 4 of 5 out of 98 votesGenres: Bios & Memoirs, Personal MemoirsPu ...…
Show #6 Notes News Star Wars 9 begins shooting in July. Netflix to spend 8 billion $$ on 700 original shows and movies in 2018 Wreck-It Ralph 2, Ralph Breaks the Internet trailer. Captain Marvel casts Fantastic Beasts actress Gemma Chan in the role of Minn-Erva. It turns out Baby Groot is the Son of the OG Groot. Fans try to raise money for a d ...…
This is part two of a two-part episode in which we interview two female administrators about their leadership roles in Christian organizations. With our interviewees we discuss what female leadership looks like in the Church and in Christian schools through both the egalitarian (this episode) and complementarian lens. In this episode, Wayne int ...…
You know we people we human beings we like to categorize everything right you're either in this category or that category and I was thinking of some of some categories maybe we all will find ourselves in and so all just say the names and you can put yourself in whatever category was right so some of us are optimists and some of us are pessimist ...…
Listen in as Brad catches up with an old friend, worship leader and recording artist Corey Voss. Corey's newest live album, Songs of Heaven & Earth is available on all digital platforms and wherever music is sold. In This Episode: 1:00 - Introduction 3:08 - Corey's formative years 9:40 - Writing from a personal place 12:26 - Leading worship in ...…
(0-5 minutes) Jeremy relates his story of becoming a multi-millionaire by the time he is 25. He looks up to his mentors who were all far wealthier than him and he sees that they are unhappy and unfulfilled. He knows in his heart that there must be a better way to live life. (5-10 minutes) He gives up his first religion which is Baptists and con ...…
We’re all storytellers, and we capture so much of our life experiences in stories. Comedian Emmett Montgomery & I journey down a trail of stories that have become religions, Star Trek, Star Wars, the Marvel Universe, and The Matrix? Meanwhile, a thread from Emmett’s exmormon tale emerges making us think we could start cults. JOIN THE MONDAY MEL ...…
Ann Voskamp is a New York Times best-selling author with a large following among Christians, particularly Christian women. Many have said her books about pain and brokenness have helped them connect in a deeper way with God. But Voskamp is not without her critics. Some believe her writings promote unbiblical mysticism and emergent theology. Pas ...…
Paul Young joins us to chat about his life experience and gives us some insight for what inspired the writing of "The Shack" and his other great books. “I thought the way I grew up was ‘normal’ but I think most would probably agree that my history and journey have been a bit unusual.” We live in a world where ‘normal’ do ...…
Reset Series Return - Part 4 January 21, 2018 Gen 26:23-25 23 From there he went up to Beersheba. 24 That night the Lord appeared to him and said, "I am the God of your father Abraham. Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bless you and will increase the number of your descendants for the sake of my servant Abraham." 25 Isaac built an alt ...…
A Kiwi in Tonga expects the nation's poorly constructed homes to be devastated by Cyclone Gita.Joanna Burke says people are now hunkering down as wind and rain picks up.Gita's expected to hit the capital Nuku'alofa in force around midnight.Ms Burke says the majority of Tongan houses are made of blocks, corrugated iron and wood, and doesn't expe ...…
Calling of the Apostles, Domenico Ghirlandaio World Missions Sunday 2018 Matthew 28:16-20 (Gen 12:1-3, Ps 86:8-13, Rev 7:9-17) Rev. Doug Floyd Now the Lord says to Abram, Go. And he goes. He doesn’t have any idea where he is going. He wandered around the far side of nowhere with a blessing. The Lord said that he would bless all families of the ...…
In this episode Brother Jonathan talks about the atonement, Christ's death, what the atonement consisted of, who is accountable for Christ's death, the dual aspect of Christ's death, the idea of imputation, and faith. The Atonement: What was involved? S2EP2 Remnant Bible Fellowship Introduction Comments I will openly state at the beginning of t ...…
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